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Beneath The Mask
by Leni Ba

Jarod knows that she's found him again. He can almost feel the air sizzle at her presence. He sees her finally, running across the street for a trace of him. She won't find it. He can love her but he is not a fool.

Finally she stops, talks to her men and Jarod watches in fascination as they seem stuck into place. Deadly Medusa, he thinks, men will turn into stone before you.

Of course, Medusa had been a woman once, so beautiful that Hera had sent her into exile and marked her with snakes and scales forever. Perseus had hesitated before decapitating her, in the mirror of his shield he'd seen the fine lines of the monster's face, he'd seen how the sleeping snakes looked more like fine, exotic hair than a mortal weapon. But he had had no option, it'd been either the Gorgon or himself.

Either... or...

Jarod fists his hand. He won't let that happen to them.


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