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Your daughter's laughter once rang out like bells. She was an innocent, so unaffected by the horrors that surrounded her. It gave hope, knowing that a flower of such beauty could exist in the centre of such an evil forest of lies.
It's not the same any more - you can't seek her out when you feel the need to see a happy face. She's out of your sight; you can no longer protect her from all the darkness of the world, and it saddens you to think that you will never hear her laughter again.
Your husband has changed, and you fear the ramifications of his increasing obsession with his work. Once upon a time, there had been more to life. He doesn’t seem to care about much else these days and you’re practically estranged – from the outside world and reality. Now you’re left standing in a shadow that may never be chased away, filled with sorrow for how it has all turned out. You’re trapped inside of yourself, and when others talk, you can only offer up a faraway look or a melancholy smile.
Family gatherings will never be the same without Annie.

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