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Disclaimer: "The Pretender" and it's characters do not belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don't sue because I have no money.

Copyright 2003 Neopets, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

For a challenge on Pretender Challenges group.

Neopets on parade.
By: 24

Jarod was in front of the classroom, he was once again pretending to be a teacher. He had been here for two days already, yet he wasn't here to put the bad guy away. This time it was just for fun and was the teacher in the sixth grade. The bell rang and it was time for the students to go home.

"Okay, remember to do your homework. Have a nice day." He said as he dismissed his students.

He opened his backpack to put his things in when there was a tiny voice that interrupted his thoughts. "Mr. Tenor."

"Yes, Danny. What is it?"

"I was wondering do you know about a site called neopets? It's a site not only for children, but for adults too. What you do when you sign up is get a virtual pet; you can get up to four of them and each different pet if you want to. You can also adopt a pet or put it up for adoption if you don't want it anymore. You play games to gather points and with those points you can buy things for your pet like, food, books, a pet and other stuff. You can also create a guild or join a guild. You can even do your pet’s page, so that everyone can see it. You can read your pet a book so that it can get smarter. You feed your pet and buy toys for it so you can play with your pet too. It's very fun."

"Sounds like lots of fun. Thank you Danny. I'll look at it tonight."


At Jarod's lair.

Jarod walked to where his laptop was at and switched it on. He waited it for it to load and quickly hooked up to the Internet. He found the site and signed it. Humm, what should my user name be? I know. Chameleon. Now what pet should I have? I've never had a cat before, so how about a Wocky. What about a Korbat too because sometimes I am a night person. After he was sent his conformation code in his e-mail he quickly traveled the site and got a look at the games. He played a few of them and then went into his items and found that he had gotten a newbie pack. Having decided that he wanted to know more about the site he went into yahoo groups and signed on one of the many neopets groups. He had found out about the free jelly and the omelet. Going back onto neopets he went to the guild page and quickly searched through the guilds to see what there was. Maybe I should start my own guild he thought. He hit the start new guild link and called it Refuge, a safe word that he used with Sydney when things got too rough in his Sims.

He found the referral page and wondered what kind of pets to send to his hunters. A smile graced his features as he went through the list.

"A Kougra for Miss Parker. A Blumaroo for Mr. Broots. A Nimmo for Sydney. I wonder what they would think of this?"

He played some more on the site and tried the Tombola to see what he would get, and the fruit machine. He found out that it did say fruit machine that is not what you got sometimes. He had won a petpet and gave it to his pet.

He grabbed the phone and called Sydney.

"This is Sydney."

"Did you get my referral?"

"Yes, Jarod I did."

"So did you sign up?"

"Yes, just to see what you are doing on a site like this."

"I never got to have a childhood Sydney. I never got to play games or have a pet, so now I have a virtual pet and I'm playing games to get points to feed my pet and get it things. I'm not the only adult on it you know. Anyways, its fun."

"Okay, Jarod."

"What is your username Sydney?"

"It's Psyche."

"I've got to go now. Bye."

"Goodbye Jarod."

He dialed Miss Parker next.


"Hello Miss Parker did you get my referral?"

"Yes, I did. What is that about Jarod?"

"Did you sign up?"

"What do I need to sign up for that?"

"Because its fun."

"Why did you sign up for it Jarod?"

"Someone told me about it and I checked it out. I never got to have a childhood, have a pet or play games."

"Whatever, Jarod."

"You should try it, Miss Parker. It's fun."

"What is the point to this Jarod?"

"Thought that maybe you might like to have some fun on the site. Goodbye Miss Parker."

"Bye Jarod."

They both hung up. Miss Parker looked at Jarod's e-mail again and looked into the site. Maybe I'll just try it to see what monkey boy is doing. She smiled as she picked out her user name it read Ice queen. She waited until she was sent her conformation code and went to the site. Let's see what kind of pet the lab rat picked she typed in Chameleon in the find area. Humm, a cat and a bat, Jarod. Really. In charge of the guild called Refuge. She sent Jarod a neomail

Back at Jarod's lair

Jarod was still on the neopets site when he got a neomail from Ice queen. He clicked on it wondering who it would be.


Didn't know that you liked cats or bats. Why a cat and bat? Refuge as a name of your guild. You better not tell anyone about you know what.


He grinned as he read Miss Parker's mail. He hit the reply button.

Don't worry, I won't want anyone to get into trouble knowing about you know what. A cat because as you know I never got to have a pet and it sounded nice. A bat because I am mostly a night person. Refuge because it's my safe word. You probably heard it being used. I know your brother did when he caught up with me.


He continued playing on the site and then decided that he needed to grade his student’s papers, so he quickly logged off and got the papers and started grading them.

The End.

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