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"A Not-So-Storybook Ending" (1/1)
By Mme Fleiss

Rating: PG
Keywords: Ms. Parker/Thomas Romance.
Timeline: During one of the MP/Jarod conversations in "'Til Death Do Us Part."
Summary: What goes through your mind when you find out that something you held dear was a lie?

Disclaimer: The characters of this story belong to "The Pretender," a protected trademark of MTM Television and NBC. They have been used without permission for the purpose of fan fiction and not for any type of compensation. The events are my invention and any resemblance to real events is purely coincidental.


When I was growing up, I clung to this belief that I would someday meet my Prince Charming: the man who was going to sweep me off my feet and away from the cold walls of the Centre forever. But then I grew up and learned the painful lesson that loving people only got you hurt. So I stopped.

I slowly distanced myself-physically and emotionally-from everyone Iknew, because I realized that they couldn't hurt me if I kept them there. Not if I didn't let them. And I learned that not loving someone, and not being loved in return, didn't hurt so much when you simply stopped waiting for it to happen.

But then one day, when I least expected it, I met Tommy. I saw my life literally change before my eyes. It was as if everything in my life until that point had been in black and white, and someone had waved a magic wand, giving me the privilege of seeing colors for the first time. Suddenly it was possible again for me to hope that I could be rescued from the Centre and my self-imposed castle.

You see, he was The One. He was the person I waited for all my life and. . . I just looked at him and knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I just knew.

I wish you could understand what I'm talking about, Jarod. I really do. Then maybe you'd understand why I'm so angry at you.

It wasn't the fact that you never shared that you knew Tommy. It's not even because you had turned my search for his killer into some game.

It's because with a few words, you revealed that my Prince Charming was nothing more than a frog in disguise.

You turned the happiest moment of my life into a lie. It wasn't fate that brought me and Tommy together, but you and your devious machinations. How can I ever be sure that everything that happened between Tommy and me was because of love and not because you instructed them to be that way?

I hang up and stare at my haggard reflection on the mirror, asking aloud if Tommy ever loved me at all. The only answer I get is the sound of frogs croaking in the distance.

End (1/1)
Author's Notes: Just a possible reaction that came to mind while I was watching "'Til Death Do Us Part."

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