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The characters are owned by MTM and NBC. I just want to play.Copyrighted 1999. Takes place after Wake up in the third season.Those who have not seen the episode may not wish to read it.

Heart's Desire
part I
By Trisha


Jarod sat silently, staring at the TV screen that was in front of him. Uncomprehending. He was numb all over. He literally couldn't feel a thing. Couldn't see a thing. Except the one scene that had been seared into his brain. It was a picture that wouldn't go away, no matter how hard he tried to shake it. And he'd been trying to shake it for the past few hours now.

Parker and Thomas. A murder. One dead, the other wounded. Mentally.There were no suspects. He watched the news footage over and over in his mind. The body bag. Her forlorn look. Hell, shattered lives. Parker's.

He felt a tear slid down his cheek. He cringed just thinking about it. He refused to acknowleged the thought of Parker alone. Again. The pain that image brought was too deep. He needed to talk. To seek his own comfort. Reasurrance, that she was alright.

Reaching out.....

A voice. Sydney's, fatherly. Upset. Thomas was dead. Murdered. Jarod only hoped he'd hidden his disbelief and pain. Parker would heal.
Emotionally it would take time. He breathed deeply. He had been holding his

The last thing he wanted was for Sydney to be worried about him. Worried about the fact that he cared deeply for Parker. He did. He'd only just realized just how much, himself. He wasn't really sure what made him finally accept it. Maybe it was the emotional toll of a near death experience that opened that door.

Jarod finally realized that she meant more to him than just being his huntress. Maybe it was the sound he could have sworn he heard in her voice when she talked to him about her sister, Faith. Just talked. No sarcasm. Maybe it was knowing that Sydney and Nicholas were learning to be a family. He realized that's what he wanted in his life. Wanted it badly. And Parker was the only family he knew, along with Sydney.

He wanted to be with her. To hold her. To tell her it was going to be okay. To comfort her. To help her grieve. To tell her not to shut herself off again. He justed wanted to show her he cared. Hell! He wanted to show her he loved her. Protect her. Forever.

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