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Disclaimer: I don't own the pretender or its character but I do own Aphrael for it seems that Angelo and I share the same guardian angel its easier that way.

Guardian Angel Series
by Trisha

"I should really introduce myself. My name is Aphrael. I am an angel. Not just any angel but a guardian angel, second class. The only reason that I'm second class and not first class is that I let Raines succeed and hurt my charge Timmy otherwise known as Angelo. He's my precious angel. Always as been and always will be. Now there is something that you need to understand about me. I am Angelo's light and his voice in his dark world at the Centre. He is a sweet soul. Pure and gentle. No one understands him the way I do. . .no, I take that back, there is one other that understands Angelo. Yet he no longer resides in the Centre. Jarod. Angelo is Jarod's shadow. Without his shadow, Jarod would never be able to get under Parker's skin. Without his shadow, Jarod would never have been able to find his father. You see Angelo hides in the darkened shadows of the Centre, but oh what the shadow knows. Excuse me a moment. . ."

"Sorry, Angelo was watching from the vents again. It's seems that Lyle is. . . Yes, Angelo, I'll try to tell David that Parker shouldn't trust him. No, Jarod's fine. Chloe is watching over him. Hush, there's nothing to worry about. I'm here.

Of course you were right about that. Angelo was refering to the time when they both needed Faith. He's afraid that Lyle is going to hurt Parker, again. Locking her up after being shot, trying to blow her to kingdom come. Now that was a good one, since she's not due in this kingdom for a while. . . I know I'm ruffling David's wings revealing that one but she's not. . not that I can say the same for Lyle but I digress. Angelo is worried about his friend. . .he'll warn Jarod, who in turn will warn Parker with cryptic little messages. Not that Angelo's messages to Sydney aren't cryptic. He's smarter than he lets on. . .but sometimes having the ability to feel what others do, hurts, so I take that hurt from him when he sleeps. That is why my wings are various shades of purple. . . that is Angelo's color for hurt. The only time that I had white wings was when Sydney gave Angelo the serum and he was whole again. I keep that part of Angelo in my heart, yes we angels have hearts. Not like you humans, but there is this steady glow of gold that burns within me . . .that is Timmy. Someday there will come a day when Angelo will know that person again, be able to talk, to full his heart with music. . .music a gift that was taken from him . I ramble and I shouldn't. I must tend to Angelo, he's worried and to tell you the truth I'm worried. Mutumbo is coming to the Centre and I have a bad feeling that Parker's in trouble. Serious trouble. So I must find David and warn him and Chloe, as well.

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