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Familiar Faces

Author: Trisha
Rating: G, Adult situations
Category: Drama, Mild angst (J/MP)
Archived on: November 1, 2000
Timeline: Mid-season four
Spoilers: "Giggalo Jarod"
Summary: A trip to the bookstore turns into a reacquaintance.

Author's Notes: I don't own them, they belong to Fox and for a while NBC still, this came about as my children and I waited for the newly published Harry Potter book . . . . I thank Niceole for giving it a read through and the better title . . . . The book title Valentine's Broken Heart is non-existant as far as I know . . . . and the dedication on the title page is courtesy of Jean Galbert de Campistron.

Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in this fan fiction belong to NBC and any other copyright holders. No infringement is intended.


The bookstore was crowded to say the least, and most of the patrons were those under the age of fourteen. A section of the store had been roped off and it was in this section that the crowd congregated, waiting. Waiting for what, the man thought as he made his way back toward the fiction section. He turned into one of the stacks and ran his finger across the alphabetized books, until he came to the H's. His hand came to rest on a paperback, 'Valentine's Broken Heart'. The cover of the book caused him to chuckle, softly.

Looking around, he spotted an empty chair over by a shaded window. Taking his selection, he made his way to the chair, settling himself in comfortablely. He lifted the cover and scanned the dedication. . . 'The heart seldom feels what the mouth expresses' . . . He then began the first chapter and was well into the fifth one, when a soft voice interrupted him.

"What are you reading?" the voice asked.

The reader looked up to find himself staring into the bright eyes of a young girl, about twelve years old. She was clutching a very thick book to her chest and was staring at the front cover of his book, quizzically.

"Pardon?" the reader asked, as he took in the girl's features, trying to understand why she looked familiar to him. There was something about her smile that made him think that he knew her but from where, he wasn't sure.

"I was wondering what you were reading, only because the picture in the cover looks like someone I know," she said as she pointed at the front picture stilling clutching her book tightly.

"Really?" the reader replied, as he closed the book but marked his spot with his forefinger to glance at the cover, "You know someone that looks like this woman?"

"Uh huh!"

"That's why I picked it off the shelf, she reminds me of someone I know too. Now, may I ask what the titile of the giant book you have clutched so tightly in your arms is?"

"This," she gave an excited squeal of delight," Why it's 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', that's why the store is so crowded today. I have been waiting for this book for months."

"Harry who?"

"You don't know who Harry Potter is? I take it that you don't have any kids?"

"I don't. Do I need them to read about Harry Potter?"

"No way, my best friend doesn't have any kids and she's reading them, but you can't read this one before the others. She says that Harry reminds her of someone she once knew as a little girl.

"Really! There are others?"

"The first three, 'Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone' , ' Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', and 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'." At that moment a very familiar voice called out from the other end of the aisle.

"That's my friend, the one that looks just like that picture," the girl smiled, again, "Want to meet her?"

"Debbie Broots, let's go." The reader looked at the young girl, and smiled as the gray fog that had dimmed his memory lifted. She was older, taller, her hair was shorter, in fact it skimmed her shoulders, similiar to someone else's, but it was that smile, he'd been right. The same one she flashed when the judge granted her father custody three years ago.

"One moment, Miss Parker, I was just telling someone about Harry Potter," she said as she turned to watch the tall leggy woman walk down the aisle. The young girl turned back to the reader in the chair to find it vacant, the only thing left was the book he'd been reading before she had interrupted him.

"He must have decided that my books were better this this one," she said as she reached a hand down and picked it up to show the woman that stood next to her, "I thought that he might want to meet you, when I told him you looked a lot like the woman on the cover."

"May I?" the raven-haired woman took the book from the young girl's hand. Her eyes widening at the sight.

"Are you all right, Miss Parker?"

"Fine. Are you ready to go pay for the book?"

"Yep. I can't wait to start it," the girl said as they headed toward the register, the crowd gone, "Why are you still holding that book, Miss Parker?"

"Let's just say that I've read this author's other novel and it seems that this is a sequel to it?"

"That's so cool."

Debbie placed her book on the countertop and Miss Parker placed her's on top of Debbie's. The cashier looked down and then looked up at the woman and then back down at the cover again.

"Is there a problem?" annoyance creeping into Miss Parker's tone.

"It's just that you look like . . . ." the cashier stopped as Miss Parker arched an eyebrow.


"Well, a . . . . he was here, purchased all of the Harry Potter Books because someone highly recommanded them. An old friend."

"Who was just here?" the hairs on the back of her neck starting to rise.

"Jarod Heart."

The End


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