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Disclaimer: I don't own them, by now you know who does ... ;o)

Author's Note: Lyle/JD Fans of the world, believe me, I've nothing against Jamie Denton, or
Lyle. I was just venting my anger at my own brother... And trust me, there's no significance to
my life here except that I could've killed my brother today, really, nothing sub-conscious like
I don't like my dad or anything, just my brother.
Anyway, let me know what you think, even if it is to tell me this fic sucks.
Enjoy :o)

Two Cartridges and a Lyle

She'd had enough. Today was the last straw, she told herself, remembering the cretin's pretty-boy smile when Daddy praised his retrieval of the DSA's while she'd missed Jarod because of her broken shoe.

No matter that the shoe had caused a fall which broke her leg. A fairly good excuse
for missing him she'd thought. But not good enough for Daddy. He'd come to the infirmary, boasting about his son, how proud he was. Then turned to her and blasted her for being weak. The whole time Lyle had stood behind him with that smile. That 'you'll never live up to me' smile.

She couldn't wait to wipe it off his face. She just hoped that he would stay dead this time.

As inconspicuously as one could possibly be when walking on crutches with a huge white cast on her leg, Miss Parker made her way to the Tower and her little brother's office.

On the way up in the elevator she lightly touched the small of her back, making sure that the comfortable lump of her gun was still present.

Confidently exiting the elevator when the doors opened, she rounded the last corner before Lyle's office. Miss Parker ignored the secretaries protests as she pushed open the double doors, coming face to face with her father and Lyle shaking hands.

Calmly she reached behind herself and pulled out the 9mm that had been her weapon since she began at the Centre as a cleaner, screwing on the silencer she took from her pocket.

Her father turned to face her and frowned; "Angel, you don't have clearance to- ah!"

She silenced him with a bullet, swinging the gun across to aim at Lyle who stood, still, withthat smile. "Now, sis, you've tried this before and couldn't do it. What makes you think you cannow?"

"I just killed my father and you're doubting that I can kill you?" she asked with a trace of humour.

He laughed "good poin-"

She silenced him too. Emptying the cartridge into his body, reloading and emptying the gun again. Smiling as he fell to the floor, a bloody mess on the white carpeting.

The smile gone.

She pulled out her cigarettes, fingers trembling a little with adrenalin as she placed onebetween her lips, lighting it, Parker inhaled deeply.

Turning, she hobbled out of the office hearing the secretaries scream when she entered theelevator. She rode to the ground level and walked out of the Centre for the last time.

***The End***

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