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Okay this was written very early this morning after I got the email from KB regarding the cancellation of the show. . . . . it was not a good day yesterday and it was one piece of news that I didn't need to know. . . .I have to thank Niceole for giving me permission to use a line from her newest story Afterglow. . . . .

by Trish

Sleep would not come, so she rose from her bed, warmed and than poured herself a glass of milk with a dash of nutmeg, and curled up with an old good book in her favorite chair.

But despite the scent of nutmeg and the intrigue of the plot, she found herself unable to relax. She considered taking a long, hot bath, and then thought, no, something more was needed to calm her restless mind.

So at last, she decided to use the remedy for sleepless nights that had served her so well over the past months: she walked into the darkened den and flicked on the switch that caused the computer to come to life. Within moments of the screen coming alive, she called up the URL and quickly scrolled down the screen and found that which she needed: a line written in her favorite fan ficition story by her favorite author that summed up all that she felt since reading the news in the early pre-dawn hours and finally warm wetness ran down her cheeks which blurred the words, somewhat :

„You watch the fireworks, and they seem like they'll burn forever. Butafter a second, it's only the glow that’s left, and then it's gone." (nrlevy, afterglow)

There is no more that's all I wrote

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