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Disclaimer: “The Pretender” and its characters do not belong to me they belong to TNT and NBC and are being used without permission. Please don’t sue because I don’t have any money.

By: 24

She watched as the woman paced around the room and then suddenly stop and walk to the desk again. When she reached it the phone rang and she snatched it up.


“Why hello Miss Parker. How is your day today?”

“It would be better if you told me where you were, so I could go and get you to return you back where you belong.”

“Miss Parker, you know that’s not where I belong. I belong out here where I can find my family and put them back together.”

“Jarod, you belong to the Centre and you always will.”

“I don’t belong to anyone. I am my own person. I am not going back to the same place that stole me from my parents and held me prisoner to exploit my talents. I know what they did with my work now and I’m not going to hurt and kill people anymore.”

She heard the pain in his voice coming through the phone. She shook her head at what happened to him and his family. How the Centre took him when he was four and he never truly got to know his parents. She remembered going to Harriet’s house to talk to her, so she could hide his family after Jarod and Kyle were taken. She remembered that Margaret was pregnant with another child. She knew that when Jarod was inside the Centre he was isolated and the only people that he talked to was Sydney, her and her daughter, but then after she died her father turned her daughter against her best friend. Jarod was luckier than Timmy who was now Angelo and even Kyle, but that didn’t make it less painful for him. She remembered the pain that she would see on his face when she went to go see him and the only thing that would light his face up was her daughter. She was also there when they stopped his heart, but she couldn’t do anything. All she could do was watch as her son and Mr. Raines killed him and brought him back.

Her son. Her firstborn. The one that was taken from her when he was not even an hour old. She never knew that he wasn’t stillborn and he was alive. She couldn’t believe that he was taken to a family that was so cruel to him. Her baby boy was now a vicious and cruel man. He not only killed and ate people, but he tortured Jarod when he was brought back when her daughter was shot. Her beautiful baby boy was gone and was replaced by something entirely different. He learned from Mr. Raines and for that she was angry with him. Mr. Raines was also responsible for what Ethan went through. He treated both of her boys almost the same way. Both taken away from her and taken to families. Ethan was luckier because his family loved him, but Bobby, or Lyle he was now called was not so lucky.

She listened as the call ended and she shook her head. Where did it all go wrong? She thought that their friendship would stand the test of time. She saw it once in a while like when Jarod’s life was in danger and when Jarod called to ask Sydney about women. Oh, that was a sight to see. My daughter was so jealous and she was so angry. You would of thought that she loved him. She paused in her thinking. Maybe, just maybe she was. She smiled to herself. Maybe she might do something and then she was gone from the room.

The End.

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