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Disclaimer: The characters Miss Parker, Sydney, Jarod, Broots etc. and the fictional Centre, are all property of MTM and NBC Productions and used without permission. I'm not making any money out of this and no infringement is intended.

This story was partly inspired by 'Beloved Spirit' a story written by Apollo's Girl and partly by The Cardigans' song 'Nil'. Major character death ahead so considered yourself warned.


by Zanna

Denial. No, it couldn't be. Heavens above, how could this happened ? They were supposed to be together forever, they promised. The look on his face when she, she ...

Jarod sobbed. It was a solitary one, for one was the only amount needed to express his sorrow. He stood there, looking like his world had ended, and in a way it had. She lay there, innocent and sweet and all the hardness that life had forced upon her was gone. For the first time Sydney could truly see how beautiful she was. For the first time he could see that Jarod's love for this woman wasn't just a childhood infatuation, but a love born out of hardship and leaps of faith made by both parties.

As she lay in the alley with her life bleeding out of her, none of the sweepers dared to make a move when Jarod approached her. His scream of rage when the bullet hit her, had made every one freeze. Brigitte's smirk was still plastered on her face, but Sydney knew that she wouldn't last long. Every sweeper and every person who marginally knew Jarod could have told her that. By killing Miss Parker, Brigitte had removed the last object that had grounded Jarod's quest for vengeance. Now, there would be no stopping him.

He lightly cradled her now lifeless body in his hands and Jarod let out an inhuman howl of rage and pain and then, almost as if to apologise to her, started whispering to atone for his loudness and expression of his rage. Sydney slowly walked up behind Jarod and could faintly hear the reassuring tone of Jarod's voice, talking about families and happiness and all the things that she never knew and now could never experience. Sydney heard his voice crack and watched Jarod slump over her, a broken man.

And then - for an instant - her eyes fluttered and her lips moved. Sydney saw Jarod smile and lightly brush her lips with his own and then she was gone. The sweepers tensed up, they had no idea what Jarod was going to do. Daddy was also there, but he had no remorse over his Angel's death. Jarod stood slowly up, calmly, almost as if ... He grinned at Brigitte and before anyone could stop him, shot her in the head. Guns went up, but didn't fire, they didn't know of Mr. Parker wanted Jarod alive. Their hesitancy cost them two more lives; Mr. Parker fell shortly after Brigitte and no one was really sad to see him go, but Jarod died in such a manner that it was unforgettable. He went down on his knees again, and spoke to her again:

"Maybe now you will know some peace. Good bye, my love"

With that, he blew his head off and for those who were present of the scene, it's intensity could not make them react to anything for the next few minutes. Sydney turned around and walked away from the ally, away from the Centre, knowing that in this last act of creation, he had been redeemed. He whistled while he walked.

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