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Title: The fairy tale
By: Chris
Rated: G
Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: I don't own them and I never will. Just borrowing them for my fic and I will give them back relatively unharmed (I promise!!) Please don't sue.

The fairy tale

Once upon a time...
...there was a little PRINCESS who lived in a shining castle. The castle was supposed to be the CENTRE of the world and everybody in the castle adored the little princess. She was an adventure-loving girl and she loved to wander through the nearby forest all on her own.
Once when she was walking through the woods she lost her way. She wasn't afraid but feared that her father would send a SWEEPER team to search for her and that would be really embarrassing. Something white was shining through some bushes and when she got there she saw a huge white RABBIT sitting there. She looked into its big blue eyes and the rabbit seemed to know a way home and she followed it without hesitation. She didn't see the little boy huddled behind a bush, watching her. He followed them in a safe distance.
When she came back to castle, the white rabbit in her arms, her father, the king, nearly fainted DEAD. He kissed her all over and thanked the rabbit that it had brought his daughter back.
"You are my daughter's SAVIOUR, you shall be rewarded."
The rabbit only looked at the king and his daughter, bowed before the princess and vanished in a flash. The princess was shocked that her rabbit just vanished and looked at her father with piercing blue eyes.
"It was a rabbit, father. Rabbits shall not be rewarded. I wanted to keep it!!"
"Rabbits are not allowed inside the castle, now go to your room."
She obeyed like she had learned to do. She walked up the stairs into her room. There she laid down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. How she wished to have a mother who cared for her. Her father was far too occupied with being the king to look after her. She had to rely on her nanny and her DREAMS. In her dreams she was a grown up woman and a handsome man was at her side. Together they were ruling the land as king and queen.
She was sitting in front of her huge MIRROR, combing her hair when she saw a movement behind her. She turned around and looked into a pair of dark brown eyes.
"Who are you?" she demanded.
The little boy just took her by the wrist and pulled her towards the window. She was curious even though she had no idea what this ordinary little boy was doing in her room. When she looked down she saw the rabbit sitting in front of the castle. She heard a female voice inside her head.
"Make a wish, quickly!"
She didn't know what to wish so she just thought of her dreams and the rabbit vanished in a bright flash once more. The world seemed to be tumbling down, walls seemed to disappear and reappear and the little boy was gone. She found herself sitting in front of the mirror again and when she looked up she shrieked. She was looking at herself but her reflection was the way she had imagined in her dreams. She looked around the room. It was still the same room but it looked different. More grown-up. The door opened and the man of her dreams entered. He smiled and walked towards her.
"You and me we are the only ones who know what has happened. For the others time has been normal. To us, time has run faster. The last thing you remember right now is me as a little boy and the rabbit, right?"
She only nodded.
"With the time the memories will come back and you'll remember that you have become the queen of this land and that you fell in love with me and made me your king."
"What was this rabbit?"
"The rabbit was a fairy and she made the only wish you ever had come true."
She kissed him and together they walked out into the sunlight....they lived happily ever after.

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