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Disclaimer: Miss Parker, Bridget, Jarod, and anyone or thing else I used aren't mine.They belong to the important people at NBC.

Author's Note: This fic is a sequel to 'Hello?'I like to move it-Madagascar. Thank you Miss Houk for helpin me out with this :o)but ... *shrugs* sorry :o) enjoy anyway and Happy whatevers left of the Holidays

Bye, Bye, Lovie

By Ambrosia

3:50 PM, Saturday
Miss Parker's Home

'Finally I get to finish the bitch off,' thought Bridget as she made her way along the hedges in Miss Parker's back yard. She frowned, readjusting the unfamiliar weight of her Centre issue 9mm in her hands, 'could've let me use my own gun though!'.

11:00 am, Friday
The Tower, The Centre

"You asked to see me Mr Raines?"

Raines wheezed as he dragged his decaying body from the desk chair. "Yes, The Centre wants you to fix the leak in the search for Jarod."

"Who do I get to kill?" Bridget asked bluntly. Unless she was the one putting them to use, she had no time for the word games of The Centre.

 "Bridgette," he wheezed again. Speaking and breathing at the same time was getting to be a hassle these days. Actually, any kind of movement and breathing at the same time was becoming rather a problem. Taking a deep breath that he hoped would sustain him until he finished his sentence, Raines continued.

"The Centre recently monitored Miss Parker and Jarod together in her home over a period of approximately eight hours. Parker had found and removed all but one poorly placed microphone, so we were unable to hear what they were talking about," Rainesstopped again to catch his breath. Pausing a few moments while he breathed in the pure oxygen. "Mr Parker has been informed and the termination has been approved by The Tower Board of Directors. You were selected to carry it out."

Bridget stood in shock a moment before regaining her composure, "Any special requests, or should I go with my gut?"

"The Tower has no other wish then to fix the leak, how it is done is for you to determine. Though it must be done with a Centre gun for cleaning purposes, if you plan on shooting her that is. Do you have any further questions?" When Bridget didn't respond Raines walked slowly back behind the desk and sat heavily in his chair.

3:55 PM, Saturday

Jarod gasped softly at what he had seen, Bridget walking into Miss Parker's house with a gun drawn. 'Oh, this can *not* be good,' he thought, simming the possible outcome of a confrontation between the two women. Quickly he went to the back entrance of Miss Parker's house and peeked inside. Jerking back quickly when he heard a floorboard creak under Bridget's foot.

4:00 PM, Saturday

 'What was that?' Parker thought when she heard the creaking board in the back hall. 'Jarod? No, he wouldn't come, not this early.' Quickly, Parker shoved her gun under a couch cushion. She then turned towards the front window, waiting for who ever was in her house to find her, hoping that they wouldn't shoot her on sight.

3:59 PM, Saturday
"Einie, Mienie, Miney, Mo..." Bridget whispered under her breath, picking a direction to go in. There was, she noted, an open doorway with music flowing from the room on her right, or what appeared to be a kitchen on the left.

Picking the musical room, Bridget looked around again and shook her head, 'pink!'. Of all colours the sweeper thought the Ice Queen's home would be, the pinks and deep reds she saw, were *not* what she expected.

Bridget stopped short when creak sounded from under her foot, 'damn wooden floor!'. She took a breath and shrugged her shoulders, taking a careful step. When there wasn't a sound, she moved on, slowly advancing towards the open door.Looking in through the door, she saw Miss Parker looking out her front window, she didn't appear to have noticed the noise of her floor.

"'Allo luv," Bridget sang as she entered the room, clicking off the gun's safety.

Miss Parker turned around slowly, swallowing the urge to grab her own weapon from the couch. "New at this Bridget? Still gotta work out a few of those creaks?"

"I hope you've enjoyed the view, it'll be the last thing you see other than my bullet," Bridget taunted, wanting to make Parker angry. "Nice music though, you weren't expecting anyone today were you? Jarod perhaps?"

"Now why, Bridget, would I be expecting the Science Project?"

"Why would he be monitored in your house overnight?" Bridget asked ignoring her question. "As I'm sure you've heard before, 'it's dangerous to deceive The Centre Miss Parker'"

"And I thought I'd gotten rid of all Raines' little pests."

"'Oh, poor Darlin', don'cha just hate failure... But that's enough chitchat. Time for you to reunite with your Mama" Bridget cooed while she stepped forward and aimed a punch at Miss Parker's face. She smiled a little, 'he said they didn't care how it was done. As long as there's a bullet in her, they shouldn't mind a few extra bruises, after all I owe the bitch for that screwdriver.'

?I don't think so Bitch"

Jarod watched in partial shock as Bridget went to punch Miss Parker, only to be kicked savagely in the ribs. Mentally he ticked off her martial arts black belts, her hand-to-hand-combat training, kick boxing classes and every other lethal skill housed in the slim body. Bridget was in for quite a fight, but then so was Miss Parker.

As he watched the two women try to beat each other senseless, Jarod wondered if Mr Parker had approved his daughter's termination. 'Probably did, the cold hearted bastard' he thought when Bridget gained control again, practically throwing Miss Parker to the floor.

"Now, now, lovie. Play nice."

Bridget barely got the words out before Miss Parker threw her leg up and kicked the gun out of her hand. "Fair's fair, Bridge. And pointing guns at your superiors is nothow to get promoted."

"I thought you might enjoy complying with something your Daddy authorised Parker. Isn't that one of his departments, Terminations? He certainly authorised them in the seventies."

"My father never authorised my mothers murder," she thought for a moment, knowing what Jarod had hinted at was true. "But my Daddy probably did."

Miss Parker reached towards the couch and grabbed the gun there. Tripping and rolling the blond to the ground Parker pressed the gun to Bridget's heart, "see you in Hell, bitch." Miss Parker closed her eyes and pulled the triger, empting the cartridge into her chest.

Jarod stood, stunned into silence after watching Miss Parker kill Bridget. He shook his head and came back to himself, "Parker?" he called to her. "Parker, don't shoot me," Jarod spoke coming into the room. Parker sat, still straddling the dead woman, she seemed to have gone into shock.

"Melinda?" Jarod touched her shoulder, trying to get through to her.

"Jeeze, Jarod, I told you not to call me that!" she snapped turning towards him. Slowly, she looked down at her hands. "Ugh. Shit!" Parker cried dropping the gun and jumping up, holding a hand to her chest as if to keep her heart there.



She took a deep calming breath; "will you help me pack?"






"Jarod!" she took a deep calming breath. "I told you a thousand times! Two people are too easy to track. I am going *alone*!"

"Parker, I can help you. You've never had to hide from The Centre before, or from anyone else for that matter. Parker, please let me help you!"

"Jarod, I am not stupid and you managed to hide just fine and you'd never even been out of The Centre!"

"I know you're not stupid! You're the smartest women I know, but this is *not* smart! If you go alone from here, The Centre will find you and finish the job Bridget started!" he paused. "And I was only able to hide, because I had almost a day's head start on them, you have," he looked to his watch. "Maybe three hours!"

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