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Aldysgal aka Tiffany


I do not own the Pretender or any characters wherein. They are the property of
Craig and Steve, NBC, and TNT. I just took them down to play but promise to put
them back when I am done.

Note: This is in response to Ginger's challenge, "I smell Pez" This
is for all the mouseketeers and anyone who would like honorary status.

Downtown New York 

Miss Parker and Debbie strolled into Fred Segals
Essentials. It was the last stop on their shopping spree. Miss Parker had
decided to take Debbie out and purchase a few essentials for the teenager's
wardrobe. They had been to every designer shop in the city of New York. Miss
Parker was sure that Broots would have a stroke at their purchases. Not only
had she convinced the teen to be a little more stylish but they had also spent
a small fortune. As they passed the beauty counter, a stout short woman called
out to them.

"Care to try our new product line of Body
care products?" The woman asked holding out a tube.

Parker looked down at the container in the
woman’s hand. The label had a picture of a woman at the rear end of a car. She
wrinkled her nose and sneered "No thanks we aren't the mechanical

Debbie snickered and held out her hand for a sample.
"Come on Miss Parker. Aren't you the one who said to be a little more

Miss Parker picked up a few of the products on
display and read the labels allowed to Debbie. "Turbo Scrub? Motor wash?
Body Lube? Auto strip? Hand Gear? I meant for you to stop shopping at
Walmart, Deb, not get a tune up." She mocked placing the products back

"Awe come on Miss Parker. You said you were
looking from some good lotions." Debbie pleaded.

Parker looked down at her dry hands and sighed.
"Oh all right give me the damn sample."

The woman handed her a small tube. Miss Parker
looked down at it and then over at Debbie. Finally she squeezed the contents of
the tube into her hands and rubbed them together. Her hands instantly felt
softer. She read the label again Hand Gear by Heavy Duty. The more she rubbed
the better her hands felt.

"Well?" Debbie looked up at her
anxiously. "What do you think? Did you smell it? It smells so good."

" What scent is that?" Parker
asked. "It is oddly familiar but I can't place it."

"Well that one is a citrus vanilla
blend." The woman said reading the package. "But each product has
it's own distinct scent. For instance the Body scrub is peppermint orange and
the lip balm is tangerine vanilla bean."

"I'll take a few of all of them." Miss
Parker directed the woman as she inhaled again, smelling the hand cream. Then
she turned to Debbie, who was smiling triumphantly. "Not a word."
Miss Parker scoffed.

"Who me?" Debbie laughed. "I
didn't say anything."

The next day

 Miss Parker took a shower using all her
new products.  She applied the body lotion just before she got dressed
noting that it smelled like the hand cream but still not sure where she knew
the scent. Tossing the hand cream in her brief case, she headed out the door, dismissing
the thought all together.

The Center

Miss Parker sauntered into the building and made
her way upstairs to her office leaving behind a trail of men both mesmerized
and terrified in her wake. Just a few feet outside her office door she
spotted Sam, her ever-loyal sweeper. She made her way over to him.

"Well what do you have for me today,
Sam?" she asked taking the file he had held out to her.

"We got a few hits on Jarod." Sam
responded, a funny look falling over his face.

"Problem?" Miss Parker asked catching
his stare.

"No. It's just. . . This is going to sound
crazy, but I could swear I smell Pez." Sam said blushing.

"Right, sure you do. When was the last time
you had a day off?  Maybe you should go down and see Syd after lunch. The
last thing I need is a sweeper who thinks he is a bloodhound. " Miss
Parker sneered, pushing past him.

Once inside her office, she sat down at her desk
and reviewed the file Sam had given her. Sighing heavily, she tossed it amongst
the other files on her desk. She knew that wherever Jarod had be spotted,
he was long gone by now. She had been on enough wild goose chases to know which
were worth pursuing and which were simply useless pots of information. Hearing
the door open, she looked up to find Lyle making his way over to her.

"It’s called knocking Lyle. You should try
it sometime." she scoffed as he came to sit on the edge of her desk.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the
bed this morning." Lyle smiled, picking up the file she had just
discarded. "I see Jarod is up to his old tricks again."

"Do you have a point or are you just waxing
my desk with your ass for fun?" She said ripping the file from his hands.

"Mr. Raines wants to know why you haven't
been following up on the latest leads on Jarod. Your time on the Island didn't
make you go soft on the little lab rat did it?" Lyle smirked as he slid
off her desk to his feet.

" Do you have a death wish this
morning brother dear?  I mean if you do I'd be happy to oblige you are
family after all." Parker scoffed getting to her feet.

'Aren't we touchy this morning." He asked
as she came to stand beside him. " Damn Parker, what did you do eat a
pound of Pez this morning. I mean I've heard about thinking like your prey but
you did you really feel the need to bath in the stuff." Lyle mocked with a

"Get the hell out Lyle. Before you lose
another appendage, and this time it won't be thumb." She scoffed as
she pushed him out the door and slammed it closed behind him.

Walking over to her desk, she sat back down and
looked around the room. "Who the hell did Lyle think he was? Making the
comment that she had gone soft on Pez boy. She has been trying like hell to
find him since the Island. She was just tried of chasing after endless dead
ends. And what the hell was with the Pez comment? " She thought. She stood
up and decided to go pick on Broots for a while, that always seemed to make her
feel better.

Entering the computer lab, she found Broots
huddled over his laptop.

"On another stimulating cyber date?"
she snipped walking over to him.

" Oh un Miss. . .Miss Parker. Good morning.
Oh um. .  I was um. . . just checking the new tracking system I
installed this morning. It really is quite interesting, if I do say so myself.
 All we have to do is log in all of Jarod's past locations and pretends. 
With that information, it automatically scans all the newspapers for articles
that might be of interest to him. Then, and this is the best part, it searches
all flight lists for any passenger with the first name Jarod. Finally it cross
references all the flight information and the news paper articles to give us
the best possible location." Broots beamed proudly.

"Well haven't you been the busy
beaver." She said stopping before him. "And what has this little
wonder program of yours come up with?"

"Well I am still waiting for the results.
We should have them soon.  Miss Parker,  I just wanted to say thanks
for taking Debbie shopping yesterday. It really meant a lot to her. I'm not
sure I agree with all your um choices of clothing, but I know you spent a
fortune. She admires you and I am grateful that you make time for her."

"She's a good kid Broots. She is growing
up; you can't keep her in the overalls forever. Someone had to help her figure
out what to wear, lord knows you don't have the fashion sense a young girl
needs. An outfit like yours could ruin the girls high school career" she
remarked pointing to his current attire.

"Do you smell that?" Broots said
suddenly sniffing the air. "I could swear I smell Pez."

"Get dropped on your head recently?"
Parker smirked leaning over him to look at the computer. "Or have you and
Sam been smoking in the little boys room with Lyle again?"

"Excuse me?" Broots said confused.

"Never mind. What the hell does the damn
program say? Where the is Jarod?" She sneered still hovering.

"It's you." Broots said awed.

"What IS me?" she snapped

"YOU smell like Pez." Broots said
softly blushing.

"What the hell are you murmuring
about?" She scoffed standing back up.

"I just said that you smell like . . . um.
. . um . . . Pez." Broots stammered uneasily.

"It's official you have completely lost
your mind. If and when you find it and have some useful information, I'll be in
my office." she said walking out into the hall leaving the door to slam
shut behind her.

Entering her office a while later, she reached
for her brief case and pulled out the hand cream. As she reapplied it to her
newly washed hands, she suddenly realized why the scent was so familiar. It
smelled like Pez.

She smiled to herself. "Nice going Parker.
You’re a walking, talking candy confection. And not just any candy confection
you’re a damn Pez. Just what you needed to smell like Wonder-boy's obsession.
Are you trying to alert him to your presence?  Wait. . . you smell like
Wonder-boy's obsession. Like taking candy from a baby." she reached for
the phone and yelled into the intercom for Broots to get his ass into her

An hour later, she was on the Center jet heading
to Santa Barbara, California, alone. Thanks to Broots' new tracking system, she
had a good idea where Jarod was. There was a little girl burned in an apartment
fire in Santa Barbara and there was some speculation that the landlord of the
building had set the fire in order to sell the property to some land
developers. It sounded just like something Jarod would get involved in and
Broots' computer had tracked down a plane ticket from Salem, Ohio to Santa
Barbra Three days earlier for a Jarod Blaze. The file Sam had handed her
stated that one of the last sightings on Jarod was in Salem. She smile her day
was looking up. She spent the rest of the plane ride planning what she would do
when she landed in California.

 After she checked into her hotel suite,
she headed out to find the building in the newspaper. If Jarod were truly
in Santa Barbara he would have gone there at some point. She talked to a few of
the locals in the area and discovered that indeed a fireman named Jarod Blaze
worked at the local Fire Department. She thanked them kindly and headed in the
direction they had told her would be the quickest way to get to the station.

 Upon reaching the large, red, brick
building she stopped and looked around. The outside was scattered with men
washing fire trucks and folding hoses. Deciding that the middle of the
afternoon surrounded by what were surely new friends was not the best way to
confront him with her gun, she put it back in her holster. Painting a smile on
her face, she approached one of the men outside.

"Excuse me. I'm looking for Jarod Blaze.
Could you tell me where I could find him?" She asked.

"Sure. Captain Blaze is out on a call. You
want to leave a message." The man answered never looking up from his work.

"No thanks. I guess I'll just have to catch
up with him later." Miss Parker snarled annoyed that her impending capture
of the labrat would have to wait a bit longer.

Finally looking up, the man smiled at Parker.
"Gez old Blazers never mentioned you. Can't blame him though. If I had a
woman like you I'd keep her a secret too. Hey tell you want, we are all gonna
head down to O'Riley's Pub tonight for a few drinks after work. If you want
I'll give you directions and you could meet us there."

"That would be great. Oh and um Phil is
it?" She asked reading his nametag. " If you could not tell him I
stopped by. I would just love to surprise him."

"Sure thing um. . . What did you say your
name was again?"

"I didn't. Thanks see you later." She
sauntered away thinking she had just enough time to go back to the hotel room
and get freshened up before she had to head over to O'Riley's.

On her way back to the hotel she stopped and
picked up a few things to wear out. She wanted to fit in with the locals as to
go unnoticed until she was ready to make her move.   An hour later
she was coating her skin with the sweet smelling body lotion she had brought
along. It really did smell like Pez she thought as the sweet aroma filled the
room. Slipping on the jean skirt and top she had picked up, She stood admiring
her reflection in the mirror. When she had applied the final touches and was
satisfied with what she saw, she grabbed her leather jacket and headed out to
catch her a pretender.

O'Rielys Pub

O'Rielys was crowded when she arrived. She made
her way through the crowd to a table in the back by the jukebox. After she
ordered Vodka on the rocks, she scanned the room for Jarod. It appeared she had
managed to arrive before him as planned so she settled into her chair keeping
an eye on the door.

 She didn't have to wait long before she
heard the familiar bellow of his voice come into the bar. She looked up to find
him amongst a large group of men. They were all laughing at some unheard joke
one of them had been telling upon entering. She sat back leaning into the
shadowy corner of the room sipping her drink and watching.

Jarod looked amazing, clad in a his black
leather jacket over a tight white ribbed T-shirt and black leather pants that
seemed to be snug in all the right places. She couldn't help but to notice his
stunning smile and the way the tiny brown mole under his eye twitched as he
laughed.' Wait' she thought to herself 'this is Jarod for god's sake what the
hell are you doing. Your job is to capture him and bring him back to the
Center. Who gives a damn if the man can definitely pull of the difficult task
of wearing those pants? My god he must be built like a horse with the genetic
makeup of the energizer bunny.' She shook her head and motioned for the
waitress. Ordering another drink she tried to shake the image of Jarod that had
just popped into her head.' Damn it's getting hot in here' she thought taking
off her jacket and tossing it on the empty chair next to her.

"Hey Cap.  that was an amazing
rescue today." One of the men shouted lifting a drink in the air.

"All in a days work. Right men?" Jarod
smiled as he clanked glasses with the men around him.

"Well Captain in this company we have a
tradition. Captain Marshall started it back in the seventies. The guy was
obsessed with the Mickey Mouse club. So whenever someone did something
extremely heroic he would honor him or her and dub them an official Mouseketeer.
Well Cap today you earned your ears." A older man said holding up a pair
of black Mickey Mouse ears inscribe with Jarod's name in gold letters.

"Thank you Mike, but what exactly is a
Mouseketeer?" Jarod asked confused, as he took the hat.

"You know Mickey's mouseketeers. It was a
TV show way back when." Mike laughed. "Damn Jarod what did you do
grow up in a cave?"

"Something like that." Jarod smiled
placing the Mickey ears atop his head.

"To Jarod an official Santa Barbara
fireman's Mouseketeer member." Mike chuckled raising his glass in a toast.

"Lets get some music on in this
place." One of the crowd yelled tossing Jarod a roll of quarters.
"Your night Cap you choose the tunes."

"Tunes?" Jarod was once again confused

"Ya man tunes, sounds? Music?" The guy
yelled back. "Man Cap you gotta get out more."

"Right music. I'm on top of
it." Jarod said leaving the group and making his way over to the Jukebox
that was next to Parker 's table.

Seeing him approach, she grabbed a menu to hide
behind. The last thing she needed was him spotting her before she was ready.
She could barely breath as he stopped just inches from her.  Never had she
been the one in control, the one watching instead of being watched. She drew in
a deep breath and was instantly intoxicated by the aroma of his cologne. She
could feel her heart beating faster in her chest. 'Get a hold of yourself
Parker. What the hell is wrong with you? This is Wonder-boy we're talking
about.' She scolded herself silently.

Jarod stood at the jukebox looking over the
choices. He liked just about every song on it. A second later he was joined by
Mike, who had come to inquire what the hell was taking him so long. Jarod
chuckled and explained his indecisiveness,  which sent Mike into a fit of

"Just take a deep breath and punch in some
songs man. Stop thinking so hard about it and just do it." Mike

Jarod took a deep breath as ordered.
"Hey man do you smell that?" He asked Mike suddenly.

"Cigarettes and Booze? Sure man I smell
that." Mike laughed. "A little hard not to in a bar."

"No. I smell Pez." Jarod said taking
another deep breath.

"You smell Pez? Man Cap. You need a new
obsession. This Pez thing is going to your head." Mike mocked slapping him
on the back.

"You don't smell it?" Jarod said turning
in the direction of Parker's table. "It's coming from over here."

Mike spotted Parker drop the menu and get to her
feet. He smiled broadly and slapped Jarod on the back. "Man now that is
what I would call a worthy obsession." He grinned pointing at the
approaching Parker. 

Jarod stood frozen like a deer in headlights. He
wanted to dart out of her path but his feet were like cement blocks holding him
to his place next to Mike. His eyes drifted down her form looking for the 9mm
he was sure was discreetly hidden just waiting for the right moment to be
pulled on him.

 He was stunned with the picture he found
before him. She looked almost normal. The tight navy jean skirt, she wore fell
just about mid thigh hugging her slender hips perfectly as she sauntered over
to them. Her upper body held snugly by a white sleeveless mock
turtleneck accentuated every curve of her slim figure. And the smell, that
overwhelming, intoxicatingly, wonderful smell of his favorite candy confection,
radiated from her.

"What's the matter Wonder-boy, cat got your
tongue?" She teased stopping just inches from him.

"Miss Parker." Jarod managed to get

"Forget your manners?" Mike scolded

"What?" Jarod asked confused unable to
take his eyes off her.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your
friend?" Mike said motioning to Parker.

"Mike Douglas this is Miss Parker, Miss
Parker meet a good buddy of mine Mike Douglas." Jarod introduced them

"Ahh the infamous Miss Parker. So we meet
at last." Mike said putting out his hand to her. "Cap has told me a
lot about you."

"Well don't believe everything you
hear." Parker sneered, her eyes still glued on Jarod as she shook Mike's

"Where is the rest of the Scooby crew?
Jarod snarled back, looking around the bar for Broots, Sydney, Sam
and Lyle.

"I left Scooby, Shaggy, Velma and
Fred back at the a malt shop."  She snipped. "By the
way. .  nice ears"

"Cap saved five kids from a burning
apartment building today." Mike announced proudly.

"Always the hero aren't you Wonder-boy."
She scoffed.

"Well I'll leave you two alone to get
caught up. It was nice meeting you Miss Parker. Maybe later you'll come join
the celebration uh?" Mike said, dismissing himself and leaving Jarod alone
with Parker.

Jarod stood starring at her speechless. He knew
he should have been gone by now, that he should have darted out the door as
soon as he had spotted her approaching. But he couldn't, even now when he could
have said goodbye and walked away with Mike, he was still standing there like
an idiot waiting to be captured.

 'What is wrong with you? He asked himself.
'You should be half way across the country by now. Instead your standing here
like some dumb ass just waiting for her to slap the cuffs on you and drag you
back to The Center.'

He couldn't help himself he just stood
there starring at her. It was something about the way she looked standing
there, like she had thirty years earlier in the sim lab the day they had met,
or maybe it was the way she smelled like orange Pez, his favorite. But more than
anything, it was the look he saw in her eyes, a longing for freedom, a longing
he understood all to well.

Just as Miss Parker began to advance forward,
the group of men he had come in with encircled them. They were hollering at
Jarod about the music having yet to be chosen and about how he had managed to
keep such a magnificent creature such as Miss Parker from them so long. He
didn't answer but held her crystal blue eyes with his wondering how he was
going to get himself out of his predicament.

 One of the guys took the roll of quarters
out of his hand and headed over to the jukebox. The room was filled with the
soft sounds of music and Jarod felt a hand come down on his shoulder.

"Well are you just gonna stand there or are
you going to ask this beautiful lady to dance, before one of these young
whipper snaps steals her away." Mike asked.

Jarod starred at Mike unsure what to do.
Then turning his attention to Parker, he saw her surrounded by eager men all
asking her to dance.  He was suddenly overpowered by jealousy. 'What
is going on with you?' He asked himself. "This is Parker, your huntress,
the woman who wants to drag you back to the Center. Get a hold of yourself.
What do you care who she dances with? If she is dancing with someone you have
the chance to get away.' He looked up and met her eyes again the words of the
song swelling around them reflecting every thought he had.

Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?

Would you run, and never look back?

Would you cry, if you saw me cryin?

And would you save my soul tonight?

He watched as she was approached again and again
by different men from the bar. Each time she declined as she held in his gaze.
Each denial brought a bombardment of more proposals. He swallowed hard as the
jealousy grew. He couldn't bare the thought of her in another man's arms. He
couldn't bare the idea that any other man would get to hold her. His mind made
up he walked over to her, pushing everyone who stood in between them aside
until he reached her. Not allowing himself to think, he grabbed her hand and
lead her out onto the dance floor.

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?

Would you laugh?

Oh please tell me this.

Now would you die for the one you loved?

Hold me in your arms tonight.

"What the hell are you doing, Pez
boy?" She hissed trying to yank her hand from his, uneasy at the sensation
his skin on hers sent through her.

"It's called dancing Parker." Jarod
sneered back putting his arm around her waist and pulling her into him. He was
captivated by the softness of her body pressed against him, intoxicated once
again by the sweet aroma of her.

 She opened her mouth to protest but found
herself speechless as she was pulled into his embrace.  She felt like she
was floating as he guided them around the dance floor.

I can be your hero , baby

I can kiss away your pain.

I will stand by you forever.

You can take my breath away.

Looking up, she met his eyes. She knew she
should pull away, but she couldn't. There was something in his eyes; something
so captivating it took her breath away. She had seen it before, as
children at the Center and again when they were on the Island.  Deep
inside she knew what it was, and she knew her eyes held the same image. She
could feel it pulling her into him, away from the rowdy crowd that surrounded
them, until it was just them and the music.

Would you swear that you'll always be mine?

Or would you lie?

Would you run and hide?

Am I in too deep?

Have I lost my mind?

I don't care your here tonight

He was lost in her. All he could think of was
the moment, there and then, wrapped in her embrace. The soft pink roundness of
her lips like a beckon of light in the smoky room called to him, drawing his
lips downward towards them. He hesitated hovering over her mouth, his warm
breath tickling her soft, delicate skin below. Slowly, gently lowering his
lips, he brushed them against hers. She not only smelled like Pez but tasted
like them as well.  He deepened the kiss wanting nothing more than to
devour her then and there.

I can be your hero baby.

I can take away the pain

I'll stand by you forever

You can take my
breath away.

I can be your hero baby.

I can take away the pain.

And I'll stand by you forever

You can take my breath away

Yes, You can take my breath away

I can be your hero. . .

As the song died down, the room erupted in
cheering. Jarod broke the kiss, his face tinged red with embarrassment. He
wasn't sure what to expect. He watched her, bracing himself for a 9mm in the
face. His head screaming for him to let go of her, but his hands refusing to
loosen their grip on her waist. He swallowed hard realizing that he had just
changed the game forever.

She was trying to catch her breath and get her
thoughts in order. She wasn't sure what she was going to do now. Should she
follower her heart or listen to her head? She couldn't pull her eyes from his.
She couldn't forget the look in those eyes either. It was the same look he had
given her at the airport in Scotland, that look that pleaded with her to choose
him over the Center. She bit her bottom lip in contemplation. His words from
the airport echoing in her mind, "If you change the story the ending is up
to you.” Well they had changed the story, but did they have the guts to change
the ending?

"Miss Parker. . . there was more to us than
I run and you chase.  You know I am right.  I felt it in that kiss.
It's your move Parker. Are you going to follow your heart or let the Center
lead you? " Jarod said softly leaning into her.

 She didn't let herself think for
the first time in over two decades she listened to the quiet
whispers of her heart.  Reaching her hand up to his
cheek, she pulled him into her, kissing him once more.

The crowd around them went wild screaming and
cheering. It was only then that they remembered they had had an audience. Jarod
pulled back resting his forehead against allowing himself to keep eye
contact with her. "Want to get out of here?" He whispered.

"Thought you'd never ask."
She cocked an eyebrow and smiled back, taking his hand in hers.

Jarod pulled back looking around and
acknowledging the men he had come with. He explained that they were going to
head out but he'd see them all later. Miss Parker took her jacket from Mike,
who had graciously brought it over to her.

"You kids have fun." Mike said
escorting them out the door.

"Mike. . ."Jarod began unsure how to
thank him for all he'd done.

"Go on now Jarod get to know this hopefully
new obsession of yours," He winked. "I mean you got the best of both
worlds now, a beautiful woman who smells like your favorite candy. Your a lucky
man." Mike patted him on the back and them looked at Parker. "You
take care of my bud here Miss Parker."

"I'll do my best." Miss Parker said
with a wink of her eye. "It was nice meeting you Mike."

Jarod smiled squeezing her hand and waved one
last goodbye to Mike as they headed out.

"Hungry?" He asked suddenly unsure
what else to say. He had never imgained his night would end up this way.

"Ice cream?" She suggested seeing a
homemade Ice cream shop behind him on the boardwalk. "Oh and you might
want to lose the hat Mickey."

"I never turn down ice cream." Jarod
smiled, pulling her towards the store. "I kinda like the hat think I'll
keep it and who is Mickey."

"Whatever floats you boat. I'll explain
Mickey later." She said as the walked inside

"What can I get you?" A freckled face
red head asked trying to suppress a laugh when she looked up at the two.

"He doesn't get out much." Parker
sneered catching the girl’s _expression.

Jarod, who was oblivious the conversation, was
looking back and forth between the chocolate and vanilla. He was just about to
decide when he heard Miss Parker order interested he looked up at her.

"We'll take a pint of Cotton Candy."
Miss Parker said then pointed over at the products behind the clerk
"And a bottle of chocolate sauce, a can of whip cream and that jar of
cherries. To go."

Jarod walked over to her intrigued. "What
is Cotton Candy ice cream? I've never heard of it."

"Can you give him a sample?" Miss
Parker asked.

 The clerk took a small spoon and dipped it
into the ice cream in question, then handed the spoon to Jarod.

He looked down at the bright pink ice cream and
immediately noticed the small pez candy swirled inside. His eyes lit up as he
devoured the spoonful. " Yum this is good. It really tastes like Cotton
Candy." He said with a huge smile. "I'll take two gallons of this one

"You want that in addition to the pint she
ordered?" The clerk pointed towards Miss Parker.

"Yes please." Jarod said handing her
the money for the purchase. Taking the bag in his hand he turned to follow Miss
Parker out the door. "Where to?"

"Well I would say your place but I've
seen the kind of place you usually choose to live.  Lord knows
what small creatures are sharing your residence this month." she chuckled,
"So how about my suite at the hotel?"

"Cute, not funny, but cute. Do you have
bowls and spoons or do we need to pick some up?" Jarod inquired.

"Who said we were going to need
those?" Miss Parker smiled mischievously

"Well how else are we going to eat the ice
cream?" Jarod asked confused.

"Oh Wonder-boy, you have a lot to
learn." Was all she said as they got into his car and headed for the

Back at Miss Parker's suite

Jarod tossed his jacket on the couch as he
walked into Miss Parker's pent house suite. "Nice place."

"Yeah well I thought it was time the Center
swung for something more my style. They owe me after all the hellholes I've
stayed in chasing after you. " She said tossing her jacket over the
coat rack and making her way inside. She kicked off her heels and sauntered
over to him.

Jarod was mesmerized by her as she approached
watching the soft delicate way her hips swung from side to side as she walked.
He could feel his heart quicken with each step she took, until it was pounding
wildly when she finally stopped just before him.

"Well seems as if you've caught me
this time." He smiled pulling her into him. "The question is what do
you plan to do with me?"

 A shiver ran down his spine as she glided
her fingers softly up his bare forearms on their way up to his shoulders. She
reached up grabbing the Mickey Mouse ears and tossed them onto the coffee
table. He turned to watch them land then looked back to her.

"Oh I can think of a few things."
She purred.

She leaned forward kissing him softly on
the lips before allowing her lips to slid across his cheeks to his ear,
where she nibbled for a moment before whispering in a hot breathy tone.
"We wouldn't want the ice cream to melt, would we?"

He couldn't find his voice so just shook his
head no in response, as every hair on his body stood up at attention with her
words. He took at deep breath trying to control his breathing. Then sucked
in as she slid her hands under his shirt to the warm skin below. Moving them
slowly, steadily upwards, she slipped the shirt over his head and off his arms
then tossed it across the room. Pushing his chest with a little force, she
knocked him off balance sending him crashing to the couch behind him. Walking
forward, she straddled his lap as she grabbed a pint of ice cream out of the
bag. He watched shocked as she took the lid off and scooped some up with her

His body trembled as she brought the ice cream
to him dropping the cold sticky scoop onto the bare skin of his chest. He took
slow steady breaths as she leaned forward using her tongue to lap up the
melting ice cream that was sliding gracefully down his taunt pectoral muscles.

Over the next hour they explored the joys
of ice cream and the human body allowing their selves to give into the blissful
temptation that had coveted them for years.

 In thralls of passion he called
out a name so precious and sacred it had only been spoken once in thirty years,
whispered from one childhood love to another in secret.

 He rolled over pulling her with
him. She cuddled next to him so that her head rested on his chest and his
arm rested on her hip. He was quiet, afraid to speak, afraid that it was all a
dream that he would wake from.

 Their were so many things he wanted to
say, so many feelings he had spent a lifetime trying to hide, but he was quiet,
content simply to hear the soft sounds of her breathing next to him. Praying
his slip would go unnoticed.

She lay there listening to his heart beating
beneath her. Her fingers traced the patterns of the muscles of his chest. She
felt closer to him in that moment than she had ever felt to anyone. He knew
her, knew every aspect of who she was, including the name her mother had given
her. It was a fact that both touched and frightened her. She had never felt so
vulnerable and open, as she did there in his arms.  Looking up to meet his
eyes, she knew that she didn't have to say anything that he knew, that he had
always known the truth in her heart. She smiled moving her position so that she
could kiss his lips.

When she pulled back, he smiled reaching up to
brush her soft brown tresses from her face. He pulled them both up to a sitting
position the stickiness of their bodies pulling apart. They laughed as Parker
suggested that they head for the shower. Jarod smiled pulling himself to his
feet and then extended his hand to help her up as well. Soon their passion was
renewed in the hot steam of the shower.

They spent the remainder of the night wrapped in
each other’s arms. Neither spoke of the future nor did they profess what was in
their hearts. They simply held each other knowing that morning would come to
soon and this moment would be lost, held only in a memory.

They knew the choices they made had changed
the game forever but they were still players bond to the broad by the Center
it's self. She would have to return and he would have to go on alone. There
were still secrets to uncover and destinies to discover.

The Center 3 days later

Miss Parker sat at her desk in deep thought. A
knock at the door drawing her out of her daydream, she beckoned the knocker to

"Miss Parker?" Broots called from the

"What is it Broots?" She asked
spinning her chair to face him.

"This just came from you. I think it's from
Jarod." He said walking over to her with a small box in hand. Placing the
box on the desk, he turned to go then stopped and turned around. "By the
way I'm sorry I sent you on another wild goose chase. I really thought Jarod
would have been in Santa Barbara. I guess the program still has a few glitches
to work out."

"Thank you." She said standing and
directing him out the door. "Let me know when you've done that." with
that she pushed him into the hall and pulled the door shut behind him. 
She stood starring at the box for a moment then made her way over
to open it.

 Reaching inside, she pulled out the
contents: A pint of Cotton Candy ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, a
jar of cherries, a certificate for a lifetime supply of Heavy Duty body
products and last but not least a pair of Mickey mouse ears with her name
written in gold letters across them that had a note attached. She placed the
ears on her desk and unfolded the note and read it.

Dear Miss Parker,

    Welcome to the
Mouseketeers! Have you ever been to Denver? I hear the mountians are beautiful
this time of year and the temperature is just pefect for ice cream.


She sat down in her chair a smile gracing
her face as the memory cascaded into her mind.  Glancing at the ears on
her desk, she tucked the note into her pocket.

"Thank you Pez boy always wanted to be
an Honorary Mouseketeer." She thought to herself as she reached for the
phone on her desk.  "Yes I'd like to book a flight on your next
flight to Denver."

The End

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