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Version One of the Madeline Series.  Madeline has something cooking.  The first two chapters under "Madeline Series" go with both versions, then it splits up into the two versions.  "Cooking with Madeline" follows the series.

Part 4B is back in the works- Miss Parker needs to have a little fun and Madeline is determined to make sure she does! :)

Rated: PG 13
Categories: Indefinite Timeline, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
Characters: Angelo, Brigitte, Broots, Debbie, Jarod, Lyle, Miss Parker, Mr Parker, Original Character, Sydney, Thomas
Genres: Drama
Warnings: None
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Published: 11/05/05 Updated: 23/04/10

1. The Greatest Love (Version 1: Part 3) by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 1] (1314 words)

Part 3:

Please read the two part "Madeline Series" stories first- http://www.pretendercentre.com/missingpieces/viewstory.php?sid=1147 as they set up the scene for both this version and The Empty Cottage by the Lake.  

2. Surprises Around Every Corner (Version 1: Part 4) by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (5463 words)

Part 4:

Special thanks to my great beta readers, Vash and RaChell, for their invaluable help.  =)

Slight update 9/3/13 for aesthetics and minor changes. :)

3. Laughter is the Best Medicine (Version 1: Part 5) by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1019 words)

9/3/13- Just made some minor cosmetic changes. :)

4. Through the Gates of Change (Version 1: Part 6) by Danielle SmileyFace [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3619 words)

Author’s Note: 2/22/10- I haven’t written a fic in probably at least 8 or 9 years, but I recently watched all 4 seasons and the two movies (in less than a month!), and my Pretender obsession came back in full force, or maybe even stronger. I thought I might try my hand at a couple more Madeline fics, new ones as well as potentially finish one or two I never got around to finishing like I’d planned. We’ll see what happens!  

Edited 9/3/13 for minor changes.