Company Of Lovers by Krystal McDermott
Summary: Miss Parker and Jarod make their final escape
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Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy
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1. Company Of Lovers by Krystal McDermott

Company Of Lovers by Krystal McDermott
Disclaimer: I did not write the poem The Company of Lovers. It was written by an Australian poet called Judith Wright. I do not own The Pretender or any of it's characters, NBC does.

Company Of Lovers
Krystal McDermott


The Company of Lovers
by Judith Wright

We meet and part now over all the world;
we, the lost company,
take hands together in the night, forget
the night in our brief happiness, silently.
We, who sought many things, throw all away
for this one thing, one only,
remembering that in the narrow grave
we shall be lonely.

Death marshals up his armies round us now.
Their footsteps crowd too near.
Lock your warm hand above the chilling heart
and for a time I live without my fear.
Grope in the night to find me and embrace,
for the dark preludes of the drums begin,
and round us, round the company of lovers,
death draws his cordons in.


I lay resting in his warm, masculine arms. For the moment, I am safe, nothing can harm me. Our hands are entwined in such a way that I can't tell which fingers are his and which are mine. His breath is warm against my cheek as he whispers gently in my ear. I turn slightly so as I can gaze into his deep, chocolate, brown eyes, the love that burns within them is so intense, so passionate that it warms my heart and my soul right to the very core.

I have never felt such true happiness in all my life. The emotions that swirl inside of me are indescribable. The joy, the love, the undying passion......., the fear, the never ending sorrow....... I know they are coming, we know they are coming. It was only a matter of time. But for now I push that thought to the very back of my mind. For now the only thing that matters is tonight.

One hand untangles from mine and glides gently up my arm, it stops to rest on my cheek wiping away a single tear that had fallen just moments before. "Please don't cry, Miss Parker" he whispers softly to me"Don't cry". I move my hand to rest it upon his. More than anything I wish I could stay frozen in this moment in time forever, just him and I alone in paradise.

The old grandfather clock in the corner of the room strikes twelve am and we are both reminded that they will be here soon. They, the Centre, they who tried to steal our hearts, abuse our minds and destroy our souls forever. They will not succeed, because despite the power that they may hold, they will never hold the power to destroy our souls.

The time has come, we will be free from the Centre forever more. They will harm us no longer. He places the small white pill in my mouth and I place the other in his. I swallow and it is harsh against my throat. Together we move in for one last kiss, our lips meeting with such passion the heat and desire is almost unbearable. Slowly my world begins to darken, my limbs feel weak, my eyes are heavy. I feel his body retreating back to rest upon the bed. Gently I follow my head coming to rest upon his chest. Softly I whisper "I love you" as my eyes close for all eternity.

They arrive thirty minutes later, but they are too late for we are already at peace. They have won the battle, but we have won the war. We are together and we are at peace, they can harm us no more.

Three days have passed since that fateful night and we watch together from our place in heaven the procession that has followed our death. They stand as a group in the cemetery clothed in black and watch as they lay my body to rest. Not a single tear is shed, not even from the man whom I once called "Daddy". Two men stand apart from the rest, there eyes and cheeks damp with tears. My friends.

We watch in silence as the procession leaves. They are all heading back to the place that will destroy them, all of them except two. Instead they walk across the cemetery, past all the large, emasculate headstones, over to the other side. There lays a small yet elegant headstone which simply reads "Jarod. Friend to all".

As we watch, I lay back against his chest. Our hands are entwined in such a way that I can't tell which fingers are his and which are mine. Together as one in Paradise.
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