Original Bazooka Gum Pretender Chronicles by Alex

A series of crossover episode teasers featuring original pretender characters in retro episodes from old shows as well as current ones!

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Story Notes:

Story #1 (Chapter 1): An early influence of Steve and Craig's when developing the pretender involved a man who actually lived as one. This teaser is a retro episode featuring one such similar event with Mr. Demara when he had served in the US military during that time period. 

Story #2 (Chapter 2): The Young Komendant featuring a young Syndey Green during WWII. See story synopsis for details.

Story #3 (Chapter 3): "Identity Crisis." This features a young Miss 
Parker during her academy years. 

Story #4 (Chapter 4): "Eye Before Why" recognizes Mr. Demara's later work for various missions, churches and hospitals.

Story #5 (Chapter 5): "Playing Games" A possible early education for Jarod with regard to running simulations.

Story #6 (Chapter 6): "Toys For Timmy" Jarod and Timmy learn to get by during the holidays.

Story #7 (Chapter 7): "Centre Of Controversy" The Centre continues their chase. This time, however, Jarod finally gets them right where he wants them.  

Story #8 (Chapter 8): "One More For The Gipper" A showdown 'out in the open' between Jarod and the Centre.

Story #9 (Chapter 9): "Money To Burn" An imagined rebirth of the series under "SIM" 

Story #10 (Chapter 10): "Back To The Centre" another imagining, upon reflection with regard to the time and plot gaps.

Story #11 (Chapter 11): "No One Left Behind" Kyle's run in an alternate universe.

Story #12 (Chapter 12): "Airline Sim" A possible introduction to running SIM'S for Jarod. Dedicated to MediaWars.co.

Story #13 (Chapter 13): "Return Of The Pretender" A possible piece of the missing puzzle with making a TV reboot possible.

Story #14 (Chapter 14): "Return of TP" - PILOT PART 2. A synopsis format detailing more of the pilot story toward making a reboot possible. 

Story #15 (Chapter 15): "No tricks, just treats." A holiday teaser for the next generation of pretenders from Jarod.

Story #16 (Chapter 16): "RED SUN." The SIM team joins forces with the FBI to combat an old enemy.

Story #17 (Chapter 17): "The Letter." A SIM/SHERLOCK CROSSOVER EPISODE.

Story #18 (Chapter 18): "Until He Says Ado." A Married With Children Teaser.

Story #19 (Chapter 19): "Time Out." A Rush Hour/SIM CROSSOVER episode.

Story #20 (Chapter 20): "A Reason To Celebrate." An Original Series Teaser.

Story #21 (Chapter 21): "F-13 The Return." A teaser in radio script format.

Story #22 (Chapter 22):"When it's Raines, it Pours." A Dream Corp, LLC Teaser.

Story #23 (Chapter 23):"Taking A Chance Card." A TP/STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION CROSSOVER SPEC SCRIPT TEASER. Another idea toward resolving the series given the circumstances.

Story #24 (Chapter 24): "Taking A Chance Card 2." A Possible Opening Scene/Teaser for the ST/NG version of TP.

Story #25 (Chapter 25): "This Order is to Go!" A SIM-Sledge Hammer crossover promo teaser.

Story #26 (Chapter 26): "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Featuring The Pretender" Show Transcript.

Story #27 (Chapter 27): "Fingerfood For Angel." A reflection on SJC in this Rockford Files Teaser.

Story #28 (Chapter 28): "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover." A reflection on SJC productions.

Story #29 (Chapter 29): "Jarod The Rock Star." Jarod joins the band of 38 Special to investigate the music scene to complete his thesis. (ALT U cross over version to episode where Jarod plays a Mistro.)

Story #30 (Chapter 30): "Centre of Controversy." Jarod dates Crissy during a pretend as a doctor and winds up in a final downdown with the Centre.

Story #31 (Chapter 31):"Rendezvous On Centaurus Part 1." Jarod is still currently held captive on Centaurus. After hearing news about Khoal's (Mr. Lyle) killing of escaped Pretenders, he begins planning the takedown of the Triumvirate once and for all. 

1. Chapter 1: No Turnip Left Unsqueezed by Alex

2. Chapter 2: The Young Komendant by Alex

3. Chapter 3: IDENTITY CRISIS by Alex

4. Chapter 4: Eye Before Why by Alex

5. Chapter 5: "Playing Games." by Alex

6. Chapter 6: Toys For Timmy by Alex

7. Chapter 7: Centre Of Controversy by Alex

8. Chapter 8: 'One More For The Gipper.' by Alex

9. Chapter 9: "Money To Burn' by Alex

10. Chapter 10: "Back To The Centre" by Alex

11. Chapter 11: "No One Left Behind" by Alex

12. Chapter 12 "AIRLINE SIM" by Alex

13. Chapter 13 RETURN OF THE PRETENDER by Alex

14. Chapter 14 "Return of TP" - PILOT PART 2 by Alex

15. Chapter 15: "No tricks, just treats." by Alex

16. Chapter #16: "RED SUN." by Alex

17. Chapter #17: THE LETTER by Alex

18. Chapter 18: "Until He Says ADO." by Alex

19. Chapter 19: "Time Out." by Alex

20. Chapter 20: "A Reason To Celebrate." by Alex

21. Chapter 21: F-13 The Return. by Alex

22. Chapter #22: 'When it's Raines it Pours.' by Alex

23. Chapter 23: "Taking A Chance Card." by Alex

24. Chapter 24: "Taking A Chance Card 2" by Alex

25. Chapter 25: "This Order Is To Go!" by Alex

26. Chapter 26: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Featuring The Pretender by Alex

27. Chapter 27: "Finger food For Angel." by Alex

28. Chapter 28: The A team 'Never judge a book by its cover.' by Alex

29. Chapter 29: Jarod The Rock Star by Alex

30. Chapter 30 "Centre Of Controversy" FULL EPISODE by Alex

31. Chapter 31: Rendezous on Centaurus Part 1 by Alex

Chapter 1: No Turnip Left Unsqueezed by Alex
Author's Notes:


Mash/Pretender Chronicles crossover

ESTABLISHING SHOT: MASH 4077th campsite. Another angle: Helicopters
are coming in. From the ground, we see medical vehicles arriving with
the wounded.


We see one tent up close in particular...


Hawkeye, Bj, Frank and Hotlips are operating on patients along
with a few assistants helping them..

Hawkeye: Dammit, looks like we're going to
need a pint or two to compenstate. Clamp.

Assistant: Clamp.

Assistant hands over a clamp. Hawkeye has a moment of delay.

Assistant: Yes, Doctor?

Hawkeye: Yes? To what? My after hours proposition
Or am I just that obviously tired?

Frank: oh, Would you just wake up Pierce!

Hotlips laughs, much to Franks surprise.

Hotlips: Good one Frank.

Frank: Why thanks lovey dove.

bj: look out hawk..youve got competition.

hotlips: Finally, some REAL humor around here for a change.

Bj: (to hawkeye) I don't think she meant yours.

Hawkeye: Insult gladly accepted Margaret. The day something
finally happens here with Frank will be the day we can
all finally get some sleep.

BJ: I know I'll be laughing in mine...

Frank: Ha, Ha.

BJ: ..Or crying.

Another assistant walks in.

Hawkeye: Nurse, give me two pints AB negative.

Frank: AB negative?!

Hawkeye: Don't wake me Frank!

Frank: You know that's in short supply.

Hawkeye: And so are the people waiting in line to use it. Stat!

Assistant: Yes, doctor.

Frank: You know, if we're going to use supply like this we are going to have
to start making sacrifices.

BJ: As if we haven't already?

Hotlips (to Frank): What did you have in mind?

Frank: I don't know. Maybe donating more blood?

BJ: Sheer genious Frank.

Hawkeye: Great. We'll start with our turnip rations. All in favor?

A few raise their hands and quickly put them back down to Margarets and Franks look.

Frank: This is not a laughing matter!

Hawkeye: It might not be Frank. But you on the other hand are very laughable.

Frank: I am?

Hotlips: That wasn't a compliment.

Frank looks dumbfounded.

Frank: Oh.

Hotlips: Enough. We'll look into finding some volunteers later. Ok? Frank?

Frank: Yes. That's right. We'll look into it later.

BJ: Anybody we know?

Hawkeye: Frank?

Frank: What?

They all look at him.

Hawkeye: I know your AB negative. But I haven't been seeing you stand in line

Frank: Well, Uhm. I've been busy.

Hawkeye: Yea?

Frank: ...I'm a senior officer. I'm needed..

Hawkeye: (To BJ) Yes, I agree, its good to be needed. (to BJ) Dont you think?

Bj: Oh yes. It's very good to be needed.

Frank: I've got to stay up long hours..

Hawkeyes: long hours, yes...

Bj: I know long hours.

Frank: And to oversee everything.

Hawkeye: Everything.

Frank: And the stress.

Hawkeye: We know about the stress. By the way, do we know about stress?

BJ: Im afraid we do.

Hotlips: All right stop it you two. (to Frank) Don't reply Frank. They are just egging you on.

Hawkeye: I think he's egging himself just fine. (to BJ) Dont you?

BJ: lots of egg, yes.



We see some Nurses tending to patients. Colonel potter enters, looking at his clipboard.
A couple of medics enter carrying a wounded soldier on a stretcher.

Potter: You can set him down over there boys.

Radar enters.

Potter: What is it Radar?

Radar: Sir, it looks like there is going to be more arriving...sir.

Potter: Am I hearing you right? We are already running out of room for the ones coming in now!

Radar: Yes sir...your hearing me right.

Potter: Over the wire?

Radar: No, sir.

Potter: In that case I can only hope that you're hearing things, son.

Bullhorn: Incoming wounded! Repeat! Incoming wounded!


Choppers, along with medic vehicles are arriving in the distance.


A medic who had helped bring in the wounded soldier approaches Colonel Potter.

He salutes Mr. Potter.

Potter: At ease, Son.

Demarco: Colonel, considering the circumstances I'd be willing to stay
and help out.

Potter: Why, all help is most certainly appreciated Son.

Demarco: Demarco, sir. Fred Demarco.

They shake hands.

Potter: What are your qualifications?

Demarco: Two years in the field as a medic, sir.

Potter: Fine. Radar, get this man settled in.

Radar: Yes sir.

Radar and Demarco exit.



Hawkeye, Bj, Frank and Hotlips are operating on patients along
with a few assistants. Frank is starting to look pale.
Margaret notices and wipes his forehead with a small towel.

Hotlips: Frank is everything alright?

Frank nods.

Hotlips: You're looking a little pale.

Frank: I am?

Frank looses his balance.

Hawkeye: Would somebody hold onto him before be falls over on
his patient!

Frank: Oh, I'll be fine.

A couple of assistants grab him as he faints. They then drag him off.

Hawkeye: Great! Thats all we need around here is another patient.
Meanwhile who is going to cover for him?

BJ: I believe in this case we have too many Indians and not enough Chiefs.

Hotlips: I'll be the one to worry about that!

Hawkeye: Fine Margaret. You be the department worrier. Meanwhile we're left
with assistants helping assistants. And assistants helping to assist others
assistants assistants!

BJ: Could it get any more helpful?

Hotlips: (to Assistant 2) Cover me.

Assistant 2: Yes, doctor.

Margaret moves over to Franks patient and begins working.

Radar and Demarco walk in suited up.

Hawkeye: (to Radar) You're here to tell us this nightmare will finally have an
ending, right?

Radar: No, sir. But I've got somebody here that can help.

Hawkeye: Fine. At this point we'll take anybody who's willing.

Hotlips: Pierce!

Hawkeye: (to Demarco) Can you stand the site of blood or should I say can you stand period?

Demarco: Yes sir. 2 years as as a medic so far.

Hawkeye: So far? Optimism, I like that.

Hotlips: What are your specific qualifications?

Hawkeye: Oh, come on Margaret!

Hotlips: I believe this is my decision to make!

Hawkeye: (to Margaret) Let's cut to the chase. (to Demarco) You haven't been decorated
by the north yet for your efforts by any chance?

Hotlips: Pierce!

Hawkeye: Sorry. Just checking.

Demarco: No. Not yet sir. Though I have been known to assist in OR with your typical battlefield wounds.

Hotlips: Such as?

Demarco: Gun shot wounds.

Hotlips: Good enough. Take over this patient.

Demarco goes to the patient and begins.

Hotlips: (cont) the first one lodged near the lungs was removed. There's one more still deeply lodged
in the abdomen though. Can you handle it?

Demarco: Most certainly, Major.

Hawkeye: A round of applause.

Everybody claps

Hawkeye: (cont, to Demarco) Congratulations. You've gotten farther with the Major in here than the rest
of us have gotten with her on the outside.

Hotlips: Pierce!....Speak for yourself.

Hawkeye: Touche.

BJ: Looks like the competitions back on Hawk! Look out.

Hotlips winks then smiles.



End Notes:

This teaser celebrates the original pretender and the pretender chronicles.

Chapter 2: The Young Komendant by Alex
Author's Notes:

In the original Pretender series, it was discovered Sydney Green and his twin brother Jacob were their family's sole survivors of the holocaust.

In celebration of the Pretenders return and the Pretender Chronicles, The Young Komendant is a story of a young Sydney who helped assist the allies and the German underground as featured here in this episode of Hogans Heroes.

Spoiler: The story takes place at a time when Enigma was finally deciphered. With help from Hogan and his men, Sydney, along with the German underground, ensure a turning point in the war. 

HOGANS HEROES - 'The Young Komendant' - A tP/Centre chronicle FF prequel story

TV script format by SimTec


Hogan and his men are caught trying to slip information to the allies.

Gestapo comes to Stalag 13 to investigate.

Expanded synopsis

A young prisoner named 'Sydney' is forced to work for Gestapo to help code break for

the Nazis. When Hogan and his men are caught trying to slip information to the allies,

they bring in Gestapo and this young 'Sydney' to investigate.

Hogans Heroes – The Young Komendant.’


Stalag 13 prison camp - day

It is a quiet and sunny day. The men all hang around outside of their barracks. Hogan stands near

one of the fences looking up into the sky. The others start taking notice. A few of them approach him.

Newkirk: what’s the matter colonel?

Hogan: It should have been here by now.

Lebeau: What should have been?

Schultz approaches.

Hogan: A plane.

On seeing Schultz, the others try to laugh it off.

Newkirk: An allied warplane making it this far in...here? At this camp? Impossible!

The other men laugh. So does Schultz.

Schultz: Impossible! My word for it e-x-a-c-t-l-y!

Schultz suddenly looses confidence.

Schultz (To Hogan): It is impossible, isn't it Colonel?

Hogan nods. The audience laughs.

Schultz: Good, cause if it was then I would want to know nothing. n-o-t-h-i-n-g!

Audience laughs.

Colonel Klink calls out to Schultz from his office window..

Klink: Schultz!

Schultz: Coming Colonel!

Schultz goes off screen.

Newkirk: Colonel, so what's really going on?

Hogan: Sorry I couldn't tell you guys about this before hand. We've been having trouble

lately with the reliability in deciphering messages coming in from our allies.

Kinchloe: He's right. It's possible our messages are being intercepted and purposely

altered to throw us off.

Lebeau: What does this mean Colonel? Have we been found out?

Hogan: I'm not sure, but in the mean time we've been laying low and staying out of radio

contact just to play it safe for now.

Meanwhile in Klink's office building....

Schultz hurriedly walks up the hallway to Klink’s office. He gets to the door and attempts

to enter, but the door is stuck.

Klink (V.O.): Schultz!

From inside Klink’s office...

Schultz (V.O.): I'm coming Colonel!

Klink smirks. The audience laughs.

Schultz can't open the door, it's stuck shut. Klink gets up and goes to the door.

From the other side, Schultz gets ready to plow the door. Just as he does, Klink opens it.

Schultz winds up lying on top of Klink on the receptionists desk. Another officer then enters seeing

them on top of one another..

The audience laughs. The officer quickly leaves a letter on a table at the door and then exits quickly while

looking back at them.

Audience laughs.

Klink: Would you get off me Schultz! what are you waiting for!!?

Schultz get up quickly.

Schultz: Yes, Colonel. Uh, sorry Colonel!!

Klink: I thought I told you to get someone to fix that already!?

Schultz: You did.

Klink: So what is taking so long?

Schultz: The prisoner I assigned it to is not available at this time, herr komendant.

Klink: Not available? Need I remind you Schultz...this is a prison camp!

They are to do what they are told, no questions asked or else!

Schultz: Sorry Colonel.

Audience laughs.

Klink goes to get the letter the officer brought in.

Klink: So why wasn't he available?

Schultz: He said it would have to wait until after his vacation Colonel.

Audience laughs.

Klink opens the letter.

Klink: Vacation? Where?

Schultz: Paris. But don't worry sir, Hogan assures me he will be back in time

for roll call.

Audience laughs.

Klink: Good. As long as I keep my perfect record for no escapes.

Audience laughs.

Klink becomes concerned.

Schultz: What is it Colonel?

Klink: We are being paid a visit by General Burkhalter from Berlin.

Schultz smiles and get excited.

Schultz: General Burkhalter! Der Furor's right hand man herr komendant?

Klink looks at him worried. Schultz sudenly looses his enthuisiasm.

Schultz: Oh no!

Audience laughs.

Klink: According to this he will be here for inspection. Apparently some of the prisoners are suspected

Of slipping coded messages to the enemy!

Schultz: Oh No herr komendant!!

Klink crushes the letter in his hand.

Klink: Darn you, Hogan!!

The camera CLOSES in on the concerned look on his face.

The audience laughs.





A car makes its way up a road. Inside we see General Burkhalter with a young Sydney...

Burkhalter: If you don't mind my asking young man, what are you reading?

Sydney shows him the front cover..

Sydney: Advanced Cryptanalysis for decoding enemy code herr General.

Burkhalter: Very good choice...

We see a comic page wedged in between the book just before Sydney closes it.

Audience laughs.

Burkhalter grabs a book and hands it to Sydney.

Burkhalter: Here, read this one and get to know it by heart my boy.

Sydney: What's this one about?

Burkhalter: This one's about being strong..a leader..courageous!

Suddenly the car backfires. Burkhalter ducks. The car pulls over. Burkhalter, looks up at Sydney from a bent over position...

Sydney: The coast is clear herr General! The radiator hose went out.

Burkhalter sits back up.

Burkhalter: Oh...

Audience laughs.

Sydney hands Burkhalter his hat. Audience laughs.

Burkhalter takes the hat and smacks the driver on the shoulder with it..

Burkhalter (To Driver): What are you trying to do give me a heart attack!

Driver: Sorry herr General! It was unforceeable! I will fix it emmediately!

Burkhalter: If it isn't I FORCEE 'the front' in your future!

The driver quickly gets out of the car. He opens the hood. Steam comes pouring out.

Burkhalter looks around from inside the car with his head low.

Sydney: Herr General, I will take a look and see if I can help?

Burkhalter: Good man. I will lay low here incase we are attacked.

Burkhalter flashes his gun. Sydney nods and exits car.

The driver looks at the engine in confusion. Sydney comes over and looks under the hood.

Driver: I don't know what's wrong. Herr General will have me shot for this!

Sydney points to something in the engine...

Sydney: You see..there? It caused the hose to blow out. You must have a faulty temperature control thermostat.

Driver: How am I going to fix it?

Sydney: You can't. At least not the thermostat. Remove it and then plug the tear in the hose.
hopefully, if we haven't lost too much coolant we should at least be able to make it to the camp.

Driver: Ok..what about herr general?

Sydney: Don't worry I will explain. You've got time.

Driver: Thank you, young man.

Sydney walks to the back of the car...

Burkhalter: Well?

Sydney: He's working on it now. It shouldn't be more than five minutes.

Burkhalter nods.

Sydney: Herr General..can I..

Sydney points to the woods.

Sydney:..you know.

Burkhalter: Ok, but be quick. And don't wander off too far!

Sydney nods. He heads off into a wooded area walking along a trail. He looks around and takes in the sights,
humming to a song in his head.

Suddenly he hears some leaves shuffle. He goes behind a tree. A man comes out onto the trail and starts running
up it in Sydney's direction...as the man gets closer we see that it's Carter.

They make eye contact with each other..Carter stops. The boy has a red band on his coat. Carter gets on his knee's
and puts his hands behind his neck.

Audience laughs.

Sydney: If you want to escape..

Sydney points back in the direction Carter came from.

Sydney: ..You'll have to go back the opposite way. You are heading toward the camp.

Carter: Stalag 13?

Sydney nods.

Carter: Good. sometimes I'm never sure with this dang thing.

Carter shows him a compass. Audience laughs.

Sydney: If they catch you, you'll be shot.

Carter: Not if I get there before roll call.

Audience laughs.

Sydney: You've done this before?

Carter nods, smiling.

Carter: Oh, yes. Many times.

Carter looks at his watch.

Carter: If you don't mind..

Sydney: Sydney.

Carter: Sydney. I'm Carter, pleased to meet you. I'm running on a tight schedule and I don't want to be the
first to ruin the Komendant's perfect record for no escapes.

Sydney nods. Audience laughs.

Carter: Thanks!

Carter runs off screen. Sydney smiles. Audience laughs again.


A guard in the watch tower sees an approaching vehicle through his binoculars. He calls it in.

Klink comes out of his office and attempts to blow on his whistle. It fizzles. He looks over at Schultz.

Schultz fires a couple of shots. The prisoners quickly assemble at attention, along with the guards.

A bird suddenly falls to the ground in front of them. The prisoners laugh along with the audience.

Klink: Good shot...

Schultz nods.

Klink: ..it could only happen to you..Schultz.

Schultz attempt a response but comes up dry after that remark.

The prisoner and audience laughs.

Klink: Attention all prisoners! It appears we are getting a surprise visit from Gestapo. So lets all be on our
best behavior for herr General Burkhalter. If all goes well we will extend your pool hall hours for the next

The prisoners cheer.

Klink: ..along with extra servings of hash at supper time..

The prisoners cheer. Hogan looks at Lebeau.

Lebeau: (To Hogan) Well, I'm not going to peel 'em!

Hogan looks at Carter.

Carter: Don't look at me! I'm already cooking up something more explosive of my own!

Audience laughs. Lebeau smack Carter on the arm..

Carter: Hey!

Lebeau: Explosive!? My cooking? Watch what you are talking about!

The car makes its way through the gates. As it comes to a stop, it suddenly backfires.
Everybody drops to the ground except Hogan and his men.


Klink: INCOMING! Hogan! Take cover!

Hogan signals his men. They lay on the ground, hesitantly.


The car BACKFIRES again before finally shutting off.

Klink: Oh. False alarm. As you were gentlemen!

Everybody gets back up except Hogan and his men.

Klink: Hogan!

Hogan: Is the coast clear Colonel?

Klink: Yes, Hogan...the coast is clear.


A pair of boots appear beside Hogan.

Burkhalter: As usual Klink, I commend you on maintaining your strict authoritarian discipline on the enemy.

Klink: Why, thank you herr General. I always pride myself on..

Burkhalter interrupts him.

Burkhalter: ..don't push it Klink, pride always go before the fall.


Klink: Uh, yes herr General.

Burkhalter: (To Hogan) So, what do you think Colonel?

Hogan looks at his boots.

Hogan: Could use a little more detail work, sir.


Burkhalter nods.

Hogan snaps his fingers. His men get up. Kinch quickly comes over with a shoe shine box and begins to
work on one of Burkhalters boots.

Burkhalter waves his hand. One of the guards opens the back door of the car.

Burkhalter: Klink, as per the message we sent earlier about the reason for my visit..

Klink: The message? Oh, about that I regret to inform you, herr General, that the courier never made the trip.

Burkhalter: Oh?

Hogan and his men take a keen interest in what is being discussed.

Klink: He was shot and killed, herr General.

Hogans men react positively on hearing that. Burkhalter looks at them. Hogans men suddenly become sympathetic.


Burkhalter looks at Klink questionably. Klink says something in his ear, pointing to Hogans men. Burkhalter nods.


Burkhalter: Oh, yes. Well that's too bad. so, I'm just going to have to tell you here and now then..

Klink: And what is that herr General?

Burkhalter: I have had family visiting recently but I'm going to have to leave for awhile and I'll need you to watch
my nephew while I'm out of town.

Klink: Nephew, her General? I didn't...

Burkhalter: Yes, NEPHEW.

Klink looks at him puzzled. Sydney walk up to them.

Burkhalter: KLINK!

Klink: Oh, yes..that nephew.

Hogan: (To Burkhalter) Dont worry sir, your secret is safe with us.


Hogan: Splitting image of you too.



End Notes:

This story celebrates the pretenders return and the Pretender Chronicles.

Chapter 3: IDENTITY CRISIS by Alex
Author's Notes:

Miss Parker takes on her first assignment for SIS. (TEASER.)

Original Bazooka Gum Petender Chronicles
A Pretender Prequel Episode
"Identity Crises."


Miss Parker, while attending the academy, takes on
her first assignment for SIS.

Expanded Synopsis

The Centre has recently determined the identities of those
suspected in a recent theft involving one of their clients
intellectual properties. Miss Parker is given the task to
get back the stolen property.




SERIES OF QUICKCUTS from the episode play in conjuctions with the narration...

WE HEAR a much older Miss Parker in the present day...

Miss Parker (VO): 25 years ago when I was much younger,
I took on my first assignment as an operative for a branch
of the Centre known as SIS.

I was told that what we were doing was to protect the Centre
as well as our clients intellectual property rights from those
who didn't respect that right.

It wasn't until years later I discovered that quite the opposite
was true. When I confronted my father about that, he told me he
already knew as well but asked me to keep quiet for my own safety.

That's when I finally realized, especially with all the secrets.
The Triumvirate was behind it all. They were the ones responsible.
For everything, including my mother's dissapearance...






A formal gathering of elite socialites..in this case, the sons and daughters
(all college aged) along with those who expect them to follow, properly,
in their footsteps...

We see Miss Parker from a distance standing by herself, looking around.
A gentlemen joins her.

In CU/OUT OF FOCUS We overhear a conversation in progress while continuing to watch her...

Father: ...good job, I hear you might even have the chance to make cum de laud
next year?

Daughter: ...oh dad. Not here.

Father: Oh Dad, what? Can't a Father be proud?

Father (cont/to wife): What do you think honey?

Wife: I think it's great. Honey, you should be proud!

Daughter: OH, not you too mother!

WE go CLOSE on the conversation between Miss Parker and an older gentleman.

Miss Parker finishes her drink. The gentleman signals a passing waiter.

The WAITER TAKES her empty glass and holds a tray of drinks to her.

Miss Parker: No, thanks. Two's my limit.

Gentleman: Come now..why so formal?

Miss Parker: Exams tomorrow you know. Besides, I've got to watch my girlish figure.

Miss Parker's looking around for something...

Gentleman (flashing his eyebrows): Youre not the only one watching!

Looking across the room, she begins to walk away...

Miss Parker (under breath): Dream on.

She heads down a hallway. Someone passes by. She STANDS there for a second at the restroom,
looking around. There is nobody else around. Instead of entering she begins to quickly
walk further down the hall.

She gets to a door. It's LOCKED. She removes something from her pocket and works the
lock until the door OPENS.


ESTABLISHING SHOT. Centre Security Operations/SIS - DAY)



FLASHBACK. It's a time prior to the previous scene. Miss Parker is at a meeting with other
SIS operatives. They are shown a series of pictures involving a case.

Miss Parker (older, present day/VO): My first case involved a supposed intellectual
property theft that belonged to both the Centre as well as one of our clients. My task was to
first prove that they, in fact, had the stolen property...


Miss Parker walks into the darkened room. She removes a crude device, extends its antenna and
walks the room with it. She makes her way to a desk. All seems to be clear. She turns on a light
at the desk and opens a file drawer, searching through it.


Back at the party someone enters the room. It is Miss Parkers boyfriend, Frank. Who happens to be
the son of the man Miss Parker had been sent to investigate. Though it was required that she was to
get close to him in order to conduct her investigation into the theft, they had since become close

Frank approaches a friend of his asking if she was there and where she had gone. He is pointed
toward the hallway in the direction of the bathrooms. Frank begins to head that way..



Miss Parker finds the file and lays out the pages while taking pictures with a micro camera.

Frank enters the hallway.

Miss Parker hears footsteps. She then turns out the lights, hesitating for a moment to listen.
A pen suddenly falls to the hardwood floor.

Frank hears this and takes a few steps toward the office.

Miss Parker goes to the window and opens it. This causes the office door to become
slightly ajar.

Frank begins to approach, cautiously. He then opens the door, looking into in the room.
The window is open. He pulls a small walkie talkie from his vest, extending its anttena..

Frank: Security, I think we've got a breach..sweep the perimeter southside..quietly. I dont
want to disturb my guests.

Frank exits the office and walks fast pace back down the hallway.

Miss Parker cautiously scans the hallway before exiting the office to enter the restroom
across the hall.

Frank returns with a few men in suits and points them to the office.

Frank: Check it out.

Miss Parker exits the restroom.

Miss Parker: Is everything all right?

Frank: Its fine sweetheart. Nothing we need to worry about.

They both head back toward the party.

Miss Parker (Older, present day/VO): Ironically, it had turned out later that Frank was an
undercover posing as the son of the man I thought I had been investigating for fraud.


Miss Parker, present day, is sitting in an interrogation room with an agent.

Miss Parker (Shedding a tear): Interesting twist, don't you think?



End Notes:

This is the third chapter in the OBG series celebrating the Pretenders REBIRTH.

Chapter 4: Eye Before Why by Alex
Author's Notes:

Chapter 4 Jarod tackles the chicken and the egg paradox


The scene is in black and white. Jarod, 12 years old, is sitting
at a table. Behind another plate glass wall stands Mr. Raines
& Sydney.


Mr. Raines: How soon do you think he'll have an answer?

Sydney: Based on what we are asking of Jarod, I would expect
no answer.

Mr. Raines: I thought you said he was your brightest pupil?

Sydney: By far. But what we are asking of him Raines, we dont
even have an answer for!

Mr. Raines: We'll give him to the end of the week.

Through the glass they hear Jarod call out.

Young Jarod(VO): I'm finished!

Raines and Sydney look at each other. Sydney exits the observation room.


Sydney enters and looks at the paper Jarod has with him at the table.
The paper is blank.

Sydney: Jarod, your page is blank. I take it you don't have an answer?

Jarod: I've got an answer, Sydney.

Sydney: Are you sure my dear boy?

Jarod nods, smiling.

Jarod: The question is what came first, the chicken or the egg.

Sydney: You don't see anything wrong with the question?

Jarod nods no. Sydney becomes intrigued. He paces.

Sydney: Ok, Jarod. What is the answer?

Jarod: Neither.

Sydney: So, you DO see something wrong with the question?

Jarod nods no.

Jarod: There is an answer.

Sydney comes closer, looking at Jared intently.

Sydney: Go on?

Jarod: We know that there are Chickens and that they lay eggs.

Sydney: Yes, but it still doesn't answer the question though.

Jarod: There are no fossil records that support one over the other.
No evolutionary proof.

Sydney: So what conclusion can you offer based on that Jarod?

Jarod: They must have both come first.

Sydney: Why would you say that? Isn't it more logical to conclude that
one or the other came first?

Jarod: There is no evidence to support it.

Sydney: So, based on that, what is your final answer then?

Jarod: That the Chicken must have been purposefully created to be a chicken
intended to lay eggs!

Sydney thinks on that for a moment, then smiles.


End Notes:

Tp REBIRTH celebration continues with further recognition of Mr. Demara's work in later years!

Chapter 5: "Playing Games." by Alex
Author's Notes:

Another possible missing piece with regard to Jarod's early education at the Centre with running simulations.

Sydney is sitting with Jarod in the SIM room. He is 8 years old.
A sheet of paper moves across into Jarods hands. He takes a look.
We see that it is a tic tac toe board with an X and O in the
first two positions at the top left corner.

Jarod: Each players initial move has already been made, but the
game is not over?

Sydney: That's right Jarod. Can you tell me, based on this, which
move came first?

Jarod takes time to think about it, rubbing his chin.

INSERT SHOT: From behind the glass wall, see Raines and Mr. Parker.

Sydney: Well?

Jarod: Can I approach this based on the apparent skill level of the

Sydney nods while smiling. Raines and Parker glance each other satisfied.

Sydney: Ok Jarod, but first explain how you came to that assumption.

Jarod: The initial positions of the players. See..

Jarod points out 'O's position on the board.

Jarod: (Cont..) The O was placed here.

Sydney: Uhm Hmm. Go on?

Jarod: A skilled player would not have an opening move in this position.

Sydney: Regardless of that assumption, could it have been the first move
on the board?

Jarod: If skill wasn't taken into consideration with that particular move,
my answer would be less than certain. However, taking skill into account,
the initial move with regard to X's position would appear
to have the higher skill level but I still could not be certain as to
who ultimately made the first move.

Sydney: (cont..) Very good Jarod. Now...tell me about X given its position.

Jarod: X would have more opportunities for positions where he could get three
in a row.

Sydney smiles. Raines and Parker are pleased as well. Raines signals for Sydney.

Sydney: I'll be right back. Go ahead and continue where the players left off.

Jarod: Ok Sydney.

Sydney makes his way back behind the glass pane to where Raines and Mr. Parker are.

Mr. Parker: I see we are off to a good start.

(Raines advances Sydneys attempt to respond)

Raines: Yes. At this point in the pretender program, it is important we begin
structuring ultimately HOW they are to think.

Mr. Parker: I agree considering issues we've had in the past.
(To Sydney) Do you see any problems here regarding that?

Sydney: If you mean allowing them, like Jarod, to know the how's without understanding
the WHY's when it comes to problem solving, I don't see how we can expect to get good

Raines: In due time. However, at this point if we are to establish authority as well as
control over the pretenders it's something that must be done sooner than later.
Hopefully, given Given Jarod's age, we have established that first and foremost?

(Raines looks to Sydney for an answer)

Sydney: Unlike most pretenders in the program, Jarod is different..

Mr. Parker: In what way?

Sydney: He is a natural pretender, and considering as such, most likely he will understand
for himself the 'why's of what we ultimately do teach him sooner rather than later.

Raines: Is that so?

Sydney hesitates. Raines flips a switch on the intercom.


Raines (To Jarod): Jarod?

Jarod: Yes?

Raines: Can you explain WHY it is not certain who made the first move?

Jarod: The apparent skill level of player 'X' would be based on the current position of X
and the given number of potential moves as opposed to the its opponent. Also,
the actual skill of the X player itself could be better determined had the initial
move been placed in the center box.

Raines: Were you initially instructed on WHY that was to be understood or did you come to
that conclusion yourself?

Jarod: I did it all by myself! Would you like to see my proofs?

Raines: NO. That will not be required.

Raines flips the intercom off.

Raines (Cont...) this is a problem that will need to be solved NOW.

Mr. Parker: Any suggestions? Treatments?

Sydney: Not with Jarod!

Mr. Parker: Hmm. Catherine is particular about this one. We will let things continue as planned.

Sydney looks relieved.

Raines: As you wish, however, this will prove to be a problem given time.
End Notes:

An idea on what most likely would have been an early start for Jarod with his education. 

Chapter 6: Toys For Timmy by Alex
Author's Notes:

Jarod and Timmy over the holiday season.

A younger Jarod comes into a room with Sydney. He see's another
small boy sitting at a table.

Sydney: Jarod, why don't you keep him company until I come back?

Jarod smiles, approaching the little boy. Sydney exits.
The boy looks sad.

Jarod: Aw, don't be sad.

Jarod places his hand on the boys shoulder. They both smile.

Jarod: There, see. What is your name?

Timmy: Timmy.

Jarod: Do you have any friends?

The boy shakes his head no.

Jarod: My name is Jarod, and I'll be your friend okay?

The boy smiles.

Jarod: What would you like to do? How about reading?

Timmy: No.

Jarod looks around, there is not much else to do.

Timmy: Do you have any toys?

Jarod: Sorry Timmy, they don't let us have any.

The boy becomes saddened. Something comes to Jarods Mind.
He grabs some paper and pencils and sits with him at the table.

Jarod starts to draw while the boys watches. After some time he
completes a quick sketch of a boy next to his parents and a house.

The boys smiles and lets out a giggle. Jarod beams over his
End Notes:

Another possible missing piece.

Chapter 7: Centre Of Controversy by Alex
Author's Notes:

Yet another rebirth of Jarod in his early days as a doctor. (This time imagined as a Crossover episode with Three's Company.) 


The doorbell rings.



Janet is working in the kitchen preparing lunch. She then
goes toward the living room.


The doorbell rings again.

Janet enters, heading toward the door.

Crissy (V/O): Janet, can you get that!?

Janet: Do I have to?

Crissy: (VO) YES!

Janet: Ok. If you say so!


She answers the door. It's a man holding roses.

Janet: How much?

Jarod: Oh, these aren't for sale.

Janet: They're not?

Jarod: No. They're for Crissy.

Janet: Oh! Please..come on in!

Jarod: Thank you! And your name is?

Janet: Roses!

Jarod: Roses?

Janet: I mean...Janet! I'm Janet..pleased to meet you!
Here..let me take those!

She takes the roses from Jarod.

Jarod: Thank you.

Janet: Crissy you've got company!

Janet then takes the Roses into the kitchen. Crissy
then comes out.

Crissy: Did she forget her name again?

Jarod: It happens often?

Crissy: Only when I have a date.


Crissy takes Jarods jacket and places it on the coat rack.
After a beat, Janet comes back into the room and sets a vase
of roses on the table.

Janet: Crissy, take a look at what he brought you!

Crissy goes to the table and examines the vase of roses with Janet.

Crissy: Oh, they are just beautiful Honey!

Janet: (under breath to Crissy) HONEY? Now look at who's forgetting names!


Janet (cont): Why dont you take a seat.

Jarod: Thank you.

Janet: So Jarod, what do you do for a living?

Jarod: Well, right now I'm a doctor working in a hospital.

Janet: General hospital?


Jarod: No. I'm a doctor in a REAL hospital...at least for the time being.

Janet: Oh, I just love a man of mystery! So what are you guys going to be doing later?

Jarod: I though we'd go to this restaurant where they make the best macaroni!

Crissy: You love macaroni?

Jarod: Yes sweetheart. Something the matter?

Crissy: I had already made plans for us tonight.

Jarod: You did? Why that is so romantic of you honey!

Janet turns facing the audience and twists her lips over the word honey.


Crissy: It is?

Jarod: Yes. What did you have in mind?

Crissy: You see, I have this friend of mine,and he has this place
..his own place actually, where they make their own stuff...

Jarod: Come on, you can spit it out...

Crissy: Spit it out? What do you mean? You see anything?

Crissy opens her mouth wide pointing into it. Janet beams over Crissys blonde moment.

Jarod: No. You were saying?

Crissy:...Yes!..Jacks Bistro! Yes, that's it! You get it?

Jarod: OUI! Allons-nous aller maintenant?

Crissy: What was that? Pig latin?

Crissy does her famous snort through her nose while giggling.


Jarod: No. That was French for are we ready to go now?

Jarod holds out his arm. Crissy takes it and they walk out the door.
Janet sits on the couch depressed.

Janet: Have a good time. Don't mind me. I'll just be right here!



Chapter 8: 'One More For The Gipper.' by Alex
Author's Notes:

In this retro crossover episode, Jarod impersonates a lawyer in a high profile case, attracting the attention of 'the Centre' for a final showdown.

Meanwhile at 'The Centre' in Blue Cove, Delaware...

Mr. Parkers Office...

Miss Parker comes into the office and sets down a newspaper

on her fathers desk.

Mr. Parker: Hmm, what's this about?

Miss Parker: Jarod. Front page.

Mr. Parker: The Herald?

Miss Parker: Boston Massachusettes, Yes. He's impersonating a
lawyer in a high profile case there.

Mr. Parker: It's not like him to be out in the open. What do
you think could be the reason?

Miss Parker: Well, what ever the reason, this gives us a chance
to get him back.

Sydney: Can I see that?

Mr. Parker slides over the newspaper. Sydney takes it and looks

it over.

Sydney: Jarods specific reasoning for being there is obviously
more important than his risk of capture.

Miss Parker looks intently at her father.

Mr. Parker: Go to Boston now, but don't do anything more until
I say to.

Miss Parker: But, Daddy, if we wait..

Sydney: Parker, he's right. We've been in this situation before.
Jarod would expect us to try and take him now.

Mr. Parker: Take what you need and go now Angel. We'll check
things out beforehand.



Alan and Denny come into the courtroom. They stand at the door

realizing they are late.

Everybody turns to look. Shirley becomes embarrassed. Denny tries

to quickly stuff down the rest of his hot dog, but it gets stuck

in his throat when he see's an all female audience on the plain-

tiff's side of the room.

Alan: Sorry for the delay your honor. Denny are you ok?

Denny sighs.

Alan: Yes. I know. Captive audience.

Denny is pointing to himself, turning red.

Alan: Huh? Oh my God! You can't breath!?

Alan grabs Denny by the tie, yanking him downward while he pounds

his fist on his back.

The courtroom stirs. Somebody comes running up to Denny.

Jarod: Here let me! The Heimlick maneuver!

Alan stands aside while Jarod comes up behind Denny and pushes in

on his stomach with his arms. Denny gasps. Suddenly Denny upchucks

a chunk of food into a spectators lap.

The spectators all react. The Judge smacks his gavel.

Judge: Order! Order in this court!

Alan: Denny, are you alright?

Denny: I think so. (To Jarod): Thank you.

Jarod: Your welcome.

Denny: (To spectator): I'm so sorry...

Denny takes out a handkerchief and tries to help but the spectator

gets up and leaves..

Judge: Mr. Crain!!

Denny: Uh, yes your honor?

Judge: I already told you I will not tolerate any more of your theatrics
or grandstanding in my courtroom, and that's besides being late!!

Alan: I assure you, your honor, his chocking to death was very real along
with my assault on his person in an attempt to try and remedy it.

Judge: Admitting to an assault on Mr. Crain? Well, that's one charge I
won't hold against you as far as I'm concerned!

There is laughter in the courtroom. The Judge smacks his gavel.

Judge: Unlike you two I'm not here for theatrics. Now unless you are part
of the defendant's council I expect you to leave this court room

INSERT SHOT: An area of seating where the heimlick manuever was conducted.

Judge: (cont) Bailiff, would you please get someone from maintenance
in here to clean up that mess?!

A deputy at the door nods and exits. Denny looks at Shirley.

Judge: Well, Mrs. Schmidt?

Shirley: Due to a last minute change your Honor, we will require Denny,
I mean, Mr. Crain as well as Alan Shore to assist us with this

Judge: I'm sure you will regret that more than me Mrs. Schmidt, but
proceed however you must.

The spectators laugh. The Judge smacks his gavel. Alan and Denny are
engaged in personal conversation in their seats.

Judge: Are we interrupting something important going on over there Mr.
Shore? If you don't mind, the Plaintiff would like to present
their case!

Alan: Again, we are terribly sorry your honor. Please.

Judge: Proceed.

Jarod: Thank you. Your honor on behalf of my clients..some of which you see
present in this room today, represent a growing number of people
concerned about the tactics as well as ethics involved with Center
Ridge publications.

Jarod:(cont) Over the past few years alone, Centre Ridge has been publishing
into mass media a large number of books on controversial subjects that
apparently is not only trending attention in the global spotlight but
also attracting the attention and concerns of certain select groups
and movements, such as my clients your Honor.

Judge: And what group or movement would they represent, for the record,
Mr. Simon?

Jarod: For purposes of their cause, your Honor, they actually represent them-
selves as their own group whose concerns have to do specifically with
Center Ridge.

Judge: Duly noted. Mrs. Schmidt?

Shirley: Your Honor, as well meaning and noble as their cause may be, when it
comes to causes in general, my client going to trial on this issue
would also place all of our first amendment rights on trial as well.
I dare even to think the possibility of continuing further on that

Shirley sits back down.

Judge: Would anybody else on your council care to add to that?

Denny attempts to stand but Alan holds him down while Shirley covers his mouth.

Alan/Shirley: No your honor.

Judge: Mr. Simon, taking into account whats been indicated, why do you
think your case should proceed?

Jarod: You honor, it is my understanding that first admendment rights, if they
are to be continuously upheld as being a right, should also not impinge
upon the rights of others at the same time.

Judge: Such as?

Jarod: Well, specifically in this case, my clients as a group, have a certain right
to entitlement and expectation that they feel is lessened due to the

Judge: Lessend in what way?

Jarod: With regard, simply, toward..their dignity, your honor.

Denny: This guys good!

Alan: Shhh!

Shirley: (To Denny): Quiet Denny. Who's side are you on anyway?

Judge: Mrs. Schmidt?

Shirley: Your Honor, assuming there is actually a case here, and one with precedence
at that, these issues have all already been looked at as well as have been
'ruled' upon. I need not site any of them in reference, especially since there
are many...

Shirley: (cont)and might I add that if you look at the impact on our judicial system
with similar cases, and dare I acknowedge the countless already recognizable
groups that have already addressed the subject, short of the whims of
an unrecognizable few..your honor.

Denny: (To Alan): She's good!

Jarod: Your Honor, the cases she has made reference to have been around for quite
some time now while the nature of media, in mass, has changed with the times,
and with these changes you can expect that, in order to ensure that certain
inalienable rights have been kept up and preserved accordinlgy, with those times,
I cant think of a better time than now, with this cause, to question as well
as put to put to the test first admendment rights, so that we can ensure that
those rights not only are relevant with the times, but are preserved accordingly
without setting back the rights of others, regardless of scale or scope.

Denny: (To Alan): He's even good-er.

Alan: (To Denny): Good-er's not a word Denny, but I side with your opinion just the same.

Judge: Since you put it that way and clearly you have addressed this court with an apparent
common concern that raises an issue that puts the ideal of our first amendment right
to the test, I will allow your case to proceed Mr. Simon.

The Judge smackS down his gavel.

Judge: This court is ajourned.

Jarod: Thank you your Honor.

Some of the female spectators come over to Jarod to give him hugs and kisses.

Female spectators: Thank you Jarod!

Denny watches as Jarod exits with them. As they walk by Denny, they look away.

Denny: Denny Crain.....Denny Crain. Denny Crain?


End Notes:

The plot thickens between Jarod and The Centre.

Chapter 9: "Money To Burn' by Alex
Author's Notes:

A rebirth of the series imagined as 'SIM' and 'CHICAGO FIRE' crossover episodes.

SIM/CHICAGO FIRE Crossover Episode �Money to Burn.�


The SIM team joins forces with the Chicago FIRE DEPT to expose
a group of paid serial Arsonists.





We come to a focus on a BURNING APARTMENT BUILDING. It�s lower floors are totally

FALLING DEBRIS. It narrowly misses a group of FIREFIGHTERS from down below.
The CROWD REACTS to this.

An overhead TV HELICOPTER tightens its POINT OF VIEW of the situation.

POLICE are doing their best to DISTANCE a CROWD OF WATCHERS.



A FIREMAN makes his way through the WINDOW into an apartment, Followed by another.




Several pairs of quick hands relay a fire hose.

A pair of FIREMAN are on fast APPROACH from down the hall.

They come next to a stairwell door. One carefully places his hand on door,
looking down for smoke.

He then OPENS it. Inside we see a staircase. He gives a thumbs up. The fireman
next to him acknowledges then signals to another pair of firemen coming from down
the hall with the hose.


A few firemen are seen trying to keep order among a group of TENANTS. Some are being
questioned by POLICE.



The group search themselves, their too panicked to know. Another nearby Fireman looks
over his clipboard and calls out�.


A few tenants react, realizing something. Ramona? Oh my God, she�s missing! FIREMAN RUNS
over to the Boden�


Chief Boden: WHO?


Chief Boden: Does anybody else live with her?


Boden radios in�.

Boden (on radio): Casey!



The group of Fire Fighters are now making their way through a smoky hallway.

Boden (VO): Casey, do you copy over?

Casey: Loud and clear Captain, what�s up?


Boden: We�ve got one missing. How does it look?

Casey: Good enough. What�s the number?

Boden: 412. The name is Ramona Sanchez. Check the apartment then goto
the next floor.

Casey: Will do.


Boden (INTO RADIO): Zvonecek, take it up.

A FIRE TRUCK near the building retract its ladder away from building, extending
it upward.

Boden (TO FIREMAN X2): Get confirmation on the tenants whereabouts.

FIRE MAN X2: Yes Sir.

FIREMAN X2 breaks out a cell phone.



The group of FIREFIGHTERS are checking doors. One of them fans away smoke to see the
Door number.

Fireman x3: CASEY OVER HERE!

Fireman x3 tries the door.

Fireman x3 (Con�t..): IT�S LOCKED!

Casey comes to the door and tries to nudge it.

Casey: Give me the ram.



Ramona�s POV, through mirror, putting on lipstick. She is a very attractive thirty
year old Caucasian.

A Mexican female with a butch haircut enters room.

BLANCA: Hey hoochie.

Blanca goes to her locker.

RAMONA: Hola Blanca, que pasa?

BLANCA: Mucho trabajo para poco dinero. Another year in this Rat trap and not one raise
or promotion.

RAMONA: Again? What was his excuse this time?

Blanca puts on her smock, then joins Ramona at the mirror.

BLANCA: You know, the usual; �We like your work Blanca BUT..�,
Or; �We�d give you the position BUT..�, BUT BUT BUT..

RAMONA: But, you don�t put out.

BLANCA: Damned right I don�t..wouldn�t sell my soul to the Devil for a trick.

RAMONA: Elaine got the job?


RAMONA: Sorry.

BLANCA: Don�t be. Everybody knows I was more qualified for the position.

Blanca looks at herself in the mirror.

BLANCA (Con�t..): Yea, just give me five seconds alone with them two, I�ll show her how
to sharpen a pencil.

Blanca smiles, revealing her braces.


FIREFIGHTERS BREAK through door with battering ram, ENTERING apartment. A vent,
Pouring smoke into the room, is SHUT. Casey, squatting, spots something on the
floor off camera.



A woman is nervously fast pacing through the store looking around for somebody.
She sees Blanca.


BLANCA: Yea, she�s in the back.

LADY: Oh, thank God!

Lady RUNS off.

BLANCA: What�s wrong?



Ramona, walking out from the back of store passes by the Electronics department,
an intense fiery glow from television screens radiate from behind.



A few FIREMEN are teamed up, hose in hand, holding off what we can only see as smoke from
the lower floor.



Fireman x3 ENTERS from another room, looking around. He CALLS OUT.

Fireman x3: All clear down below. Repeat all clear down below. Do you copy?

Boden (V/O): Roger I copy that.


Casey looks under a bed.

Casey: Duncan, how does it look?



FIREMEN are slowly retreating back. DUNCAN is working the hose.

DUNCAN: It�s ganging up on us! I can�t hold her off much longer!

Casey(V/O): Keep it clear, I�M CHECKING THE LAST ROOM NOW!



Casey looks around in the bathroom. Looking down, he picks up a small sized shirt,
from the floor. It starts to make sense.

A quick flashback REVEALS Casey looking at a trail of broken glass with milk
on the kitchen floor. He runs to exit bedroom.

Casey: (Fireman x3)! THE KITCHEN�THERE�S A�!

Gas pocket explosion SHAKES ROOM.

Casey looses balance and CRASHES THROUGH wooden staircase railing.


OUTSIDE: Glass showers down from next floor.

STAIRWELL: Duncan nearly falls over stairwell railing. Borrelli grabs him.


Boden: Casey! Casey!!

Fireman x3 comes to Caseys aid.



Fireman x3 RUNS to Casey who is laying on floor at bottom of staircase.

Fireman x3: Chief, Matt's down.

FIREMAN X1(V.O.):Tenants location confirmed!


Casey regains consciousness. He shows Fireman x3 what he is clutching. Pointing to Kitchen,
he attempts to get up. Fireman x3 assists him. Caseys bleeding.

Fireman x3:�shit, your bleeding!

Casey stumbles and falls to the floor unconscious. Borrelli enters,
pulling Casey out the door. Fireman x3 heads to Kitchen.



Fire truck retracts its ladder


A helicopter stealths by semitransparent to the night sky.


It�s a clear night over the city below. In the distance we can see a burning building.

A crew prepares for rendezvous.


Boden(v/o): Evacuate to THE ROOF!!

Borrelli carries Casey up the stairwell. Duncan directs firemen, maintaining his grip on hose.

Duncan: Go to the roof and signal them in..GO! GO!

The men head up the stairwell. Duncan drops the hose and follows behind.


Fireman x3 opens a door looking into pantry. Nothing. He again looks around.

Another explosion rocks the building. He quickly exits.

Helicopter, hovering overhead, jars up in response.

The roof door bursts open. Borrelli and Casey come out.

Borrelli signals pilot. Pilot sees them and lands.

They make it to the copter, getting in.

Duncan and Fireman x3 head toward copter. Casey regains consciousness looking around,
mumbling at first.

Casey(to Fireman x3): Where�s the kid!?

Fireman x3: Nobodies in..[there!]

Casey grabs him

Fireman x3(Cont):�I already checked..[it, there was no more time!]

Casey sits upright and exits helicopter. He heads toward roof exit door.

Duncan: Matt!...SHIGHT!

Duncan (To Fireman x3) Streechin� his neck out a little too far this time aint�cha?



Boden watches for helicopter. So far nothing.

Boden: What the hell is taking so long?

Boden reaches for the radio. Someone from an unmarked car gets out and shouts out�

Captain Gullon: Wally, I just got off the phone with Sanchez..there's a Boy in the apartment!



Casey makes his way back down the smoky stairwell.


Duncan RUNS toward the roof door. Borrelli follows him. Fireman x3 remains in helicopter,


Boden(V/O): Cover him Duncan, THE BOY'S IN THERE!



As Casey nears the bottom of stairwell, the Flames and Smoke become overwhelming. He Stops,
Removing a metallic blanket from one of his pockets. He covers himself with it and then
CHARGES through the flames.



Duncan and Borrelli fight their way down.



Fireman x3 looks in at us. He takes a few steps in. A thick cloud of smoke rushes past us at him.
He stops, coughing. He then exits back to the roof.



Fireman x3 bends over to keep from fainting.



A car screeches to a halt, unable to get past the crowd. Blanca and Ramona get out and cut
through the crowd by foot.



A wall of fire and smoke STOPS Duncan and Borrelli from continuing down. They nearly fall
back from overwhelm.

Duncan: NO!

Borrelli PULLS Duncan back. The FLAMES LASH OUT just missing them.



Casey enters apartment running through the living room toward kitchen.



Duncan and Borrelli EXIT roof door half on their knees.

Duncan (Out of breath, coughing, on radio): WE CANT GET THROUGH! HE�S TRAPPED!

EXPLOSION! Another gas pocket explosion. The building shakes under them.


KITCHEN: Casey DIVES onto the kitchen floor, narrowly missing a stream of flying
debris from living room.

OUTSIDE: Debris and Pieces of glass fall to the ground.

GROUND LEVEL: Boden and Gullon duck behind a squad car.

ROOF: Helicopter JARS up from building.


Borrelli GRABS Duncan by the arm.

Borrelli: Come on, it�s gonna blow!

Duncan (into radio) Matt, can you hear me?..Matt!..DAMMIT!

Borrelli: Matts gone, come on!

They RUN toward the helicopter.



Casey lies motionless on the floor with DEBRIS piled up on him.



A fireman RUNS toward crowd.

Fireman: GET BACK!! GET BACK!!


Pilot gives the throttle a good yank.

EXPLOSION! A flash of fire can be seen from outside the copter.

The helicopter narrowly escapes.



From a distance the helicopter can be seen bolting away.

DEBRIS is FLYING around all over the place.

A fireman comes running out at us�


Boden (into radio): Clear out! I repeat clear out. Get everybody as
far away from thisn building as possible!!

The crowd runs in panic joined by journalists, cameramen, etc.

Ramona and Blanca run toward building where they are intercepted by a few firemen.

Fireman: You going the wrong way!


Fireman stops Ramona from getting too close.

Fireman: It�s too late!

Tears run down her face.

Ramona: NO!

Fireman: Come on!

He takes her away.



A broken gas line sticking out from wall. We suddenly HEAR a high pressured
whooshing sound�.



..after a second of silence�EXPLOSION!

Almost as if in slow motion, fireman looks over his shoulder, pushing Ramona
to the ground behind A squad car. He then goes flying, his arms wailing in mid air.

Another section of floor comes crumbling down.

More fire engines and ambulances can be seen coming from a distance.


After a moment of silence, we begin to hear muffled sounds. Casey slowly
Rises from the darkness. He is only revealed by the occasional flicker
of Fire burning from another room.

He gets up on his feet, looking into the living room. It nearly blinds him.
It�s obviously too late for escape. But is the Boy really here? Was Casey right?
He at least has to know...

He goes over to a lower cabinet and opens it. Nothing. Casey opens another one.
Again, nothing.

He goes to the next one. It�s blocked by debris. He begins clearing it away.

Inside, we see the boy. He�s passed out. Casey reaches in, taking him in his arms.

He stands up, looking around for a way out. It looks hopeless.

He sets the boy down and runs along the kitchen wall, pushing away items that are
blocking his view of it.

He uncovers a door, It�s slightly ajar. He look in. DEAD END. It�s only a dry food
storage pantry.

He looks around in desperation. EXPLOSION! Part of the ceiling wall collapses.
Casey runs to the boy Shielding him.

The flames surge on them, lashing out. He holds the boy closely, rolling over with his
Back to the flames. He tightens his eyes preparing for the worst.

Something catches his eye, he does a double take. A garbage chute.

He quickly gets to his feet, taking the boy. The Flames follow. He tries to open the chute,
but it�s stuck. Something else momentarily catches his attention...

A broken gas line. It suddenly begins to make a whooshing sound. He looks over his shoulder,
The flames are coming. He manages to get the chute open, dropping in the boy. He then jumps in.



INSIDE OF CHUTE: The flames and force of explosion try to follow them down.

OUTSIDE: The next floor up explodes, showering down debris.

The car windows blow out from above Ramona�s head. Gullon rolls over in pain.

T.V. news crews stand in the distance filming.


Boden (To Gullon): Are you all right?

Gullons shoulder is bleeding.

Gullon: I�ll live.

Ramona leans up against car. The glow from the fire lights up her face. She drops to her knees
Sobbing. Blanca goes to her side to comfort her. Medics arrive to treat Gullon.

Borrelli, Duncan and Fireman x3 walk up. They watch in disbelief. They are clearly shaken by the
loss of Casey.

Duncan�s eyes welt up with tears. He tries to say something, but can�t. He just stares.

T.V crews continue to film. There is a moment of silence between them.

One of them looks into their camera.

Cameraman: What in the���We�ve got something!!!

The others react, looking over.

Something catches Duncan�s attention in the fire. He looks as if he had just seen a ghost.

SLOW MOTION: Something emerges through the smoke. It makes it�s way toward us.
It�s Casey alive and well, with the boy in his arms.

The crowd roars with cheers.



End Notes:

A look at rebirthing the series considering the time and plot gap.

Chapter 10: "Back To The Centre" by Alex
Author's Notes:

Another look at possibilities. This time in reflection with regard to the time and plot gaps....


A Seaplane floats its way toward a pier. The islanders
prepare to greet its passengers.

Tattoo: Boss, can you tell me something?

Mr. Roark: Of course tattoo.

Tattoo: I checked the guest list and noticed you only have one
fantasy to fulfill this week?

Mr. Roark: Yes, that is correct.

Tattoo: Business kind of slow?

Mr. Roark: No, it's business as usual, however, this particular
fantasy will require all our care, concern and
attention my dear friend.

Tattoo: what is their fantasy boss?

Mr. Roark: Do you remember that standoff that occureed twenty
or so year ago between government military forces
and an organization called 'The Centre?'

Tattoo stares blankly.

Mr. Roark: (cont..) The one that was televised and made world news?

Tattoo: Oh, yes boss! Now I remember. It was terrible. A real

Mr. Roark: Yes, indeed, it was.

A man and woman step off the plane and are greeted by the islanders.
They are each then given wreathes and a drink.

Mr. Roark: (cont...) Meet Miss Parker. Her father, Mr Parker, ran the
Centre. During the confrontation, Mr Parker was
killed along with a man who helped in planing
its takedown. Someone they called, 'The Pretender.'

Tattoo: The pretender?

Mr. Roark: Yes Tattoo. A very gifted and talented individual. Jarod was
his name, I believe. He was known to be a human Cameleon with
the convincing ability to assume one's identity as well as their

Tattoo: Anyone's?

Mr. Roark: Yes, Tattoo.

Tattoo: Let me guess, her fantasy is to rescue her father and stop what
happened, this Cameleon?

Mr. Roark: You would think it would be that simple? No, there are some
things far worse than a tempting of fate itself my friend!

Tattoo: And what is that boss?

Mr. Roark: From what I learned and know even now, I believe she feels
a very heavy sense of...guilt.

Tattoo: She feels responsible for what happened and the way things turned

Mr. Roark: Ones own personal intentions, regardless of outcome, ultimately
determine how things turn out in ones heart, Tattoo.

Mr. Roark and Tattoo raise their glasses to the couple.

Mr. Roarke: My dear guests, I am Mr. Roarke your host. Welcome to Fantasy

Mr. Roarke looks intently at the guests.

Mr. Roark: (cont..) Indeed.


End Notes:

A short look, upon reflection, with regard to current circumstances.

Chapter 11: "No One Left Behind" by Alex
Author's Notes:

Wondering what Kyle would be doing meanwhile....

BurnNotice Crossover Episode SEASON 1 EP 25 "No one left behind."


Mike and Fee go to Central America to rescue Sam after he is
captured by a drug kingpin.

(Somewhere in Central America at a prison camp.)

There is laughter and a sound of someone taking blows.

GUARD 1: So, what have you got to say to that...eh!?

Another guard attempts to spit on Sam, missing him. Sam looks down at his
shoes. They laugh at him.

Sam: I'd say..don't bother, they were already shined earlier.

Sam looks up smiling looking directly at a guard who has a black
and blue mark on his face in the shape of his shoe.

The guard becomes angered and looks at Hermosa. Hermosa nods.
Guard 1 punches Sam in the gut again.

Hermosa: Take them away!

Gardner: Wait a minute. Why me? I was the one who reported he was an agent working with the DEA!

Hermosa: Accountability senior. We'll need you around to tell Mr. Diaz yourself.

Gardner: Listen, I've got....

Gardner nods for him. Hermosa comes in closer...listening carefully.

Gardner: Look, can't we make some kind of arrangement? Diaz is known to..you know,
shoot the messenger. I don't really want to be around when they confirm who he is.

Hermosa: What did you have in mind?

Gardner looks down at his vest pocket. A guard removes a roll of bills and hands it
to Hermosa.

Hermosa: I see.

Hermosa stops to think, then places the bills in his pocket.

Hermosa: What are you waiting for, take them away!

Gardner: I thought we had a deal?!

Hermosa: For this much Senior, we sweep your room only.

The guards laugh as they exit. Hermosa lights up a cigar.

MEANWHILE..aboard a small airplane...

Mike readies to jump. We see that Fee is flying the plane.
She looks over at him and gives him a thumbs up.

Mike: OK!

As Mike readies to jump, Fee gets out of her seat to join him.
She reaches for a parachute but Mike intercepts.

Mike: And where do you think you are going?!


Mike: Oh no your not! Besides, who's going to..fly the plane!?

Fee: Sam is down there!

Mike: I know where Sam is Fee!

They struggle with the parachute. Mike finally grabs it out of Fee's hands and throws
it out of the airplane.

Mike: I'll see you back at home!

He then jumps out of the airplane. She then jumps out after him.

As he parachutes to the ground he see's her falling toward him.

He slows his disent to try and reach her. As they grab on to each other, the chute opens.
They then slowly decend to Earth.

MEANWHILE...back at the prison camp..

Sam, Williams and Gardner are in cages next to each other in a room.

Sam: Look, considering the circumstances, no hard feelings, alright? Boy,
and I thought I had it bad. You have no idea what these warlords are willing to do
to keep what they got. Yea, what you guys have done is nothing compared to what they'll
do to you when they get their hands on you.

(They finally look at him)

Sam: Yea, for me there is still a chance. The boys back home are coming for me you know?
Help me and maybe you can still get the lesser of the two possibilities..well three actually.

Williams: What's the third one?

Sam nods toward a cell that contains a large man with metal teeth..

Sam: Let's just say I heard he's the answer to the prison's rat infestation.

Gardner: ..It's you they want. I turned you in!

Sam: Boy, you sure did and when I tell Diaz you had been working with me
he will have you digging your hole next to mine just to be on the safe side.

Williams: You wouldn't?

Sam nods with a smile.

Gardner: (To Williams) Let's get out of here before Diaz gets back!

Williams: Well, what do you want me to do? If I could have done something about
this, I would have done it already!

Gardner and Williams rattle their cage in frustration.

Sam: You know, if you boys had gotten out more often, you would have been more
sympathetic to what the rest of us go through and maybe things would have been

A couple of guards come in and set shovels next to the door before exiting.
Williams and Gardner freeze.

Sam: That is not a good sign...for any of us. It's still not too late.
So what do you two say?

Williams and Gardner look at each other and then nod at Sam in agreement.

Sam holds a hand to his ear.

Gardner: Alright! Help us get out of here! We will cooperate.

Sam: That's good to hear. You know, I can't think of any other place but one where
an admittance like that can get you a club membership?

Gardner: How soon can we be expecting them to get here?

Sam: Hopefully before we finish digging our holes.

MEANWHILE..in the woods.

Mike and Fee separate themselves from the chute and begins looking
around at their surroundings

BACK in a room in the prison....

Sam: Should be any time now.

Gardner: When help arrives?

Sam: I meant before they have us start digging.

Gardner swallows. Several guards enter at gun point. Hermosa finally enters. They let them out
of their cages and hands them shovels...

Sam: Does this mean what I think it means?

Hermosa nods.

Hermosa: Si. But I will grant you one last request and I don't normally grant such requests.

Williams: I've got one.

Hermosa: Not you. Just Mr Axe.

Williams and Gardner look at Sam.

Sam: I won at poker the other night.

Hermosa: A very lucky hand indeed! What is your request?

Sam: To dig our holes at a nice meadow I usually frequent.

Hermosa nods.

Hermosa: That can be arranged.

They leave the room. Sam goes to a barred window looking out. The other
watch him intently.

Sam (under breath): Come on guys. Where are you?

End Notes:

Kyle in an Alternate Universe

Chapter 12 "AIRLINE SIM" by Alex
Author's Notes:

A possible begining for Jarod with running simulations with Dr. Sydney Green.


Jarod waits in a darkend room. Sydney then enters...

Jarod: Hi Sydney. You said there was something you wanted me to see?

Sydney: Yes Jarod. I want you to take a look at something. Afterward,
tell me what you think.

Jarod: Sure, Sydney.

A movie plays on the screen showing a family shooting a
home movie on an airliner.

Jarod watches intently and is happy to see a family together.

He reacts as the airplane they are on is suddenly blown from the sky.

The lights come back on.

Sydney: Jarod, tell me what you think. What is on your mind after having seen this?

Jarod: This is a simulation.

Sydney: How would you know?

Jarod: The camera. If it did record an actual event before its impending disaster
and was recoverable, it most likely would not have ended that
quickly to begin with.

Sydney: Very good Jarod. As a matter of fact, in actual cases where a recording device
was recovered, traces of additional data even after its supposed
termination would be present unlike in this situation, because it was in fact
a simulation. Well done.

Jarod: Sydney, is there another reason why you wanted me to see this?

Sydney: Yes. So far you are following this as expected my dear boy.
Now I want you to take it a step further and put yourself in my shoes and
tell me where you think I am going with this?

Jarod: It couldn't be about the incident in itself, since it has already happened and
is not real.

Sydney: Go on.

Jarod: It must have more to do with what I think, how I react emotionally to what
I have just seen and how it makes me feel.

Sydney: Yes. How does it make you feel and want to react Jarod?

Jarod: I would want to know if this is actually happening. I would want to be prepared
and find a way to do something about it.

Sydney: Very good. That is my purpose for showing you this. I think you are ready

Jarod: Is there something more you want me to see? Something that really happened?

Sydney: Yes. There is an incident similar to this that has remained unresolved for one
of our clients.
End Notes:

A reference to Jarod's last preoccupation with a particular simulation just before he escaped the Centre. (Dedicated to Media Wars.co)

Author's Notes:

An episodic radio script (teaser.) Bringing posibility toward solving the time gap and circumstance problem with rebooting the series. Dedicated to REBIRTH for making it conception possible. 





ANNCR: Next on RETURN OF THE PRETENDER...When a series of recent abductions show a common
connection to Jarod's past the SIM team joins forces to combat
an old enemy.

SOT: "Could it be...?"
"The Centre?"
"He's alive!"

ANNCR: MR. Lyle's back...

SOT: "Surprise."

ANNCR: ...Badder than ever...

SOT: "I've come back to reclaim what is mine!"

ANNCR: ...and out for revenge.

SOT: "This time nobody is going to stand in my way!"

ANNCR: The reclaiming of Centre born pretenders loyal to My. Lyle has begun..

SOT: "Just what exactly are we up against?"
"A hundered if not more were discovered to have been programmed by
Mr. Lyle under the Centre's NEW GENESIS project."

ANNCR: ...an Army of followers...

SOT: "Finally, we have a chance to get back what was taken from us."
"So...who will be joining me?"

End Notes:

Another idea into possibilities as well as probabilities.

Chapter 14 "Return of TP" - PILOT PART 2 by Alex
Author's Notes:

NOTE: This is a work in progress with continuing to solve the enigma with regard to the time gap and circumstance change with rebooting the series.


Expanding on the episodic radio promo, a little more detail is given here in synopsis form toward making this reboot achievable. Its conception as well as its believability as made possible by REBIRTH has surely lead toward the possibility of its achievement!

PILOT Part 2 is just that. Part 2 because part 1 is reserved for the TP creators to fill in the blanks with regard to where the series left off before the cancellation. Since no one knows for sure what this continuation would have been since the series was cancelled, picking up with a possible REBOOT and making that possible would logically begin with PART 2.

NOTE: (With regard to what the remaining series would have been) would be full knowledge of the rest of the story arc from a writer and production point of view which of course would be the structure which PILOT part 1 would be framed around. The details, however, would be spread out beyond the pilot into the rest of the series as revealed in the subplots/flashbacks.


So, here it goes (as fans on behalf of the show!)

(PILOT part 2)

Jarod, a genius capable of assuming anyone's identity, heads a government think tank
called S.I.M. Having been an abductee by a corrupt branch of an organization known as
"The Centre" years earlier, he now spends his time assisting others who have been
victims or are on the run from such organizations. In part two of this episode, Jarod
finds that this corrupt branch has returned.

Working undercover as a Psycologist, Jarod councils a young foster teen who had once
been an abductee. Afterwards he reviews a DSA of this young boy when he was still captive.
An adult attendant in lab coat can be seen on camera with the youth. Shortly thereafter,
Jarod joins Sydney who is doing some social work for parents and their children.

In the meantime, an incident occurs overseas in South Africa that is reported by the
NSA to agent Parker of the FBI. She finds that it involves this rogue branch of that was
thought to be long gone. She has a series of flashbacks from that time period and from there
reports it to the DHS.

End Notes:

There is enough here to give the idea of how this reboot can be made possible with the series. First starting with a reboot of the name and the main plot which takes place in present time.

Considering the time gap, we break the original idea of the series into a resolution going back in real time to when the series was cancelled and reboot the plot into something also happening to the present.

Finally, we bring back the old plot in the form of a subplot into the new series to explain not onlt the current conflict but resolving the old ones as well. This not only answers old questions, it also raises new ones as well to drive the current plot forward to its own resolution. 

Chapter 15: "No tricks, just treats." by Alex
Author's Notes:

Based on Season 2 episode 1 "BACK FROM THE DEAD AGAIN."

Jarod looks out his window. A kid walks by.
He opens the door and shows him a bowl full of candy.

Kid: Yes, mister?

jarod: It's halloween, dont you want some candy?

kid: Yes.

jarod: So why didnt you knock?

Kid: I'm not allowed to talk to strangers.

jarod: It should be okay if your with your parents.

Jarod looks around.

Kid: They aren't here.

Jarod: Now im really confused.

Kid: You see, I can only go to houses where they leave
the candy outside.

Jarod: Oh..but your allowed to walk in the dark alone?

Kid: I'm not alone mister!

Jarod: Your not?

kid: No. My friends are here with me, I'm just faster than they

Jarod laughs.

Jarod: Well, that explains it!

Kid: (cont..) They can have the tricks, I just want the treats!

Jarod chuckles and lets him pick from the bowl of treats.

Jarod: Take your pick! As many as you like.

Kid: Oh, boy!
End Notes:

REBIRTH: The process of being born again or coming "back from the dead!"

Chapter #16: "RED SUN." by Alex
Author's Notes:



Lisbons office/FBI headquarters...

Lisbon is on her phone. An agent approaches knocking on an already
opened door.

Lisbon (on phone):Uh, can you hold on just a second?

Lisbon: (cont/to agent) I'm kind of busy here right now, what is it?

Agent: A Miss Parker from the Jacksonville branch is here to see you.

Lisbon: Can it wait?

Agent: No bother. It's just about a cold case anyway.

Agent heads back toward the door.

Lisbon: Wait. Cold case? Send her in.

Lisbon: (on phone) Look, can I call you back? Yes, I've got your number...thanks!

Lisbon presses a few buttons on the phone.

Lisbon: Jane! Get in here, I think we've got something that will help with
our cold case dillema.


Miss Parker shows Lisbon a photo...

INSERT SHOT: A picture of Mr. Robert Lyle, circa 2001.

Lisbon: Who is he and what does he have to do with our current situation?

Miss Parker: His name is Mr. Robert Lyle. Former head of what was known at the time as 'The Centre.'


Jane walks down the hall with his tea in hand. He takes a sip, smiling with
something mischeivous in mind.


Meanwhile in a briefing room...

Abbott is waiting. he looks at his watch.

Abbott: Where is Jane? He was told 0700 hours.

Lisbon: He was told, but you know Jane. This is his way of saying that this is only
going to be done his way and on his own terms.

Abbott: Jane definitely closes cases but I know he's never been able to do it alone.
yet the word out there make it appear he is accompishing it all alone.

lisbon: Don't worry sir. We all know the truth about Jane and his antics dont we?

They all nod in agreement.

Abbott: well I just want you to know I appreciate all your hard work and I'm not fooled
with how this all look's.

Everybody nods in agreement.

Abbott: I'll tell you what. If leeway is what Jane wants, Ill give it to him and assign
him a case Ive been asked to look into. We'll put him on that while we work on another
ourselves without him!

Cho: Sounds good. Lets do it.

They all nod in agreement. Jane walks in..

Jane: Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Abbott: Your not excused and yes you have missed something.

Jane: There is no need to get HUFFY. You should know me by now. Anyway,
I perfer to get the cliff note version or catch this stuff on the fly.
No need for study unless its in preparation for a quiz?

A few chuckle at Janes remark. Abbott maintaines his cool and smiles controllably...

Abbott: Well fortunately for us we have you, Jane.

The others try to muffle their chuckles. Jane takes notice, becoming concerned.

Abbott: Well if you take a seat we will begin..again.

Jane: Yes, of course..sorry...I think..

Jane tries to smile it off.

Abbott: For you Jane, we'll just get right to it. I've been assigned a cold
case I'll want you to lead.

Jane smiles.

Jane: Cold case? Lead? ...Me?

Abbott: Yes, cold case. Lead...you.

A few chuckle.

Jane: I'm flattered. So, who's going to be joining me?

Abbott points at him. Jane points to himself in question.

Jane: So its going to be me...and?

Abbott points to Jane again.

Jane: And..me?

Abbott nods.

Abbott: You catch on quick.

Jane: So, what are you guys going to be doing?

Abbott: We are going to be working on another case.

Jane: Another case?

Abbott: Another case.

Jane: Without me?

Abbott: You sound surprised? Isn't this what you want?

Jane: WHAT I WANT is just a little breathing room. You know,
to keep my thoughts clear. To do what I've got to do. That is
my secret, especially when it comes to these cases.

Abbott: And my secret, as well as the other's are team work,
and following the rules..

A few Chuckles come from the others.

Jane: Touche. You seem to have me pegged as if I'm Captain Chaos or

A few more chuckles are heard.

Jane: ..I don't think it's absolutely necessary we should have to
breath down each others necks giving each other the intimate details
of our thoughts or intentions when we're out in the field.

Abbott: Then I had you pegged wrong then...

Jane: ..What's that supposed to mean?..

Abbott: ..that wouldn't appeal to you, considering that carney act you came
from..such as reading other peoples minds and picking up on their intentions
as such..

Everybody laughs out loud. Even Jane has to smile at that one.

Jane points a finger at Abbott, and is about to say something..but Abbott

Abbott: I know. Touche, right?

Jane stands speechless. They continue to laugh.
End Notes:

Bringing a REBIRTH to the old shows!

Chapter #17: THE LETTER by Alex
Author's Notes:



A SIM/SHERLOCK Series 5 CROSSOVER Episode 1 "The Letter."


We settle in on a car pulling to a side street...



Mary: Well here we are. Good luck.

Watson: What for? I'm pretty sure I'll get the job.

Mary: I meant in regards to getting in and out of there before he realizes that.

Watson: Im not worried. He if anyone should know that it was inevitable!

Mary giggles.

Mary: How true.

They then kiss.

Mary (cont): Im sure he'll eventually understand, especially how important this is to you.

Watson: Are you kidding? Working with Scotland Yard, Interpol and the States on big time cases
is the last thing he'd want to have happen!

Mary: Without him?

Watson: No! Without ME working UNDER him!

Mary: Should I join you?

Watson: No. Take the wheel and keep the engine running....just in case.

Watson exits the car and heads into Sherlocks apartment building.



Sherlock is sitting naked in his chair soaking his feet in a vibrating foot massager.
He opens a piece of mail and reads to himself out loud...

Sherlock: Dear Sherlock Holmes please accept our congratulations. You have just won
2 million pounds in our annual sweepstakes..yea right..

He puts it through the paper shredder and opens another piece of mail...

Sherlock: Dear Sherlock Holmes you've been approved for a line of credit in the amount
of...wow, really?

He puts it through the paper shredder and opens another piece of mail...

Sherlock: Mr. John Watson we are pleased to announce...

Sherlock hesitates, realizing its not his mail..but out of curiosity he continues
to read anyway....

Sherlock: ..we are pleased to announce our acceptance of your application for the
position of......

Sherlock goes silent reading the rest.

Sherlock: ..Hmm!

Sherlock quickly moves his eyes side to side across the room, putting the
letter through the shredder.

He opens and reads another. Watson comes into the apartment and sees Sherlock put
another letter through the shredder. He smiles to himself and shakes his head.
He knocks on the door frame.

Sherlock: Go away. Not now..I'm busy!

Watson comes into the room toward him. Upon realizing Sherlock is naked, he turns his

Sherlock: I told you!..don't come any closer, I'm armed and dangerous!

Sherlock covers himself with a few letters.

Watson: No, you are actually out of uniform and in poor stature..from what I've just seen.

Sherlock chuckles.

Watson:..uh, your door was wide open.

Sherlock: What brings you here, John?

Watson: Well, it wasn't to skinny dip with you in your foot massager Sherlock. Mrs. Hudson
said I got some mail in recently?

Sherlock: Oh? And how would she know?

Watson: The post man has been having to leave it with her since your mailbox has been
over flowing.

Sherlock: Oh, yes. That's right.

Watson: You haven't been getting out much lately?

Sherlock: It only appears that way, since you've moved out.

Watson: Yes. It seems you have been missing out on a lot of modern conveniences
since then.

Watson gives him a look.

Sherlock: What?

Watson: The letter Sherlock.

sherlock: Tell me, John, why would you be expecting your mail to come here now?

Watson: Mrs. Hudson said...

Sherlock: I know what Mrs. Hudson said John. Were you expecting something to come this way?

Watson hesitates, looking away.

Sherlock: Well?

Watson: Yes, Sherlock! Yes! Now can I have it?

Sherlock: Tell me why?

Watson: To improve my chances.

Sherlock: Improve your chances? Due to an association with me?

Watson: Yes.

Sherlock: Why didn't you tell me?

Watson: I will if I get the job...did I get it?

Sherlock: I could have gotten the job for you myself if you would have just asked me John!

Watson: And what?..spoil all the fun!?..for crying out loud Sherlock!..did I get the job or not!?

Sherlock hesitates at first, then nods. Watson smiles.

Watson: Yes! I think a call to celebration is in order.

Sherlock: And you can thank me.

Watson: You would be right. I can thank you for this one Sherlock. And I mean that from the
bottom of my heart. Now, can I have the letter?

Sherlock: Yes, this does call for a celebration John. wont you join me?

Sherlock points to another chair....


They both sit across from each other, sitting in their chairs naked with their feet
in foot massagers....

They stare at each other for awhile. John finally says something.....

Watson: Ok, Sherlock...the letter...please.

Sherlock reaches into the waste basket and pulls out shredded paper, handing it to John.
John, comatose at first, suddenly stands in rage reaching out toward Sherlock.

John trips, falling to his hands on Sherlock's knee's. Mrs. Hudson and Watson's wife come into
the room, shocked. Watson see's them...

Watson: Oh, no! This is not what it seem's honey!..Mrs. Hudson.

Mrs. Hudson: I always suspected something about you two. But I never could have believed it until

Watson: (To Mrs. Watson) I though I told you to wait in the car! This was only going to take a minute.. I mean..

Watson, realizing he's still at Sherlock's knee's, suddenly get's up facing them..

Mrs. Hudson covers her eye's. Watson looks around for a towel. Sherlock points him toward a robe.
Watson puts it on.

Watson: Tell them, Sherlock.

Sherlock hesitates purposely in order to get an expression on John's face. Watson becomes worried.
Sherlock then smiles.

Sherlock: No need to worry Mrs. Hudson..Mrs. Watson..it was...strictly platonic.

Watson looks at Sherlock, angrily.

Watson: What kind of explanation was that?

Watson's wife suddenly breaks out into laughter. It causes a chain reaction among them.

After a beat, they suddenly hear noises down the stair well. A bunch of reporters with camera's
are making their way up the stairs.

Watson: Oh, no.

Mrs. Hudson follows John and Mrs. Watson up the next flight of stairs. Sherlock is still in his chair..

Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson, I though I told you to fix that lock! You know how I value my privacy.

The reporters make their way to the apartment. John, from the next set of stairs, directs them in
with a smile...

Watson: He's right in there!

Meanwhile back in the apartment, Sherlock gets up and tries to cover himself with something....

The reporters come in and start taking pictures. Sherlock smiles for them.....

End Notes:

The SAGA continues...

Chapter 18: "Until He Says ADO." by Alex
Author's Notes:

A Married With Children Episode with AP that takes place just after REUNION AT POLK HIGH PT 2.


Peg and the kids are eating popcorn while watching TV.

We hear some dialog coming from the movie...

Female Voice (VO): Oh, my darling, do you think we will be okay here for the moment?

Male voice (VO): Yes my love, yes we will. I'll be here with you and keep you close.

Female Voice (VO): Oh, please hold me!

Peg and the kids cringe at the sappiness of it all and become bored.

From the TV, we then suddenly hear a banging sound like a door being kicked in.

Peg and the kids then become excited as they continue to watch.

A female voice from the TV SCREAMS. We then hear the sound of a chain saw

attempting to start repeatedly without success before finally starting.

Peg: Well, it's about time!


The kids put their hands partially over their eyes while watching what happens next.

After a beat, Peg gets up and turns off the TV.

Bud: Hey, it wasn't over yet!

Peg: I'm sure you can guess the rest, besides, let this be a lesson to you two.

Bud: And what lesson is that?

Peg: Always make sure to keep your tools well oiled. You never know when you are going to need them!


Al enters through the front door looking tired.

The Audience cheers.

Peg: OH, hi Al!

Bud: Hey Pop.

Kelly: Hi daddy!

Al passes them by only offering a grunt.

The Audience laughs.

Bud: Mom, you going to turn that back on?

Peg: What for...it's prime time now.

The Audience laughs.

Peg and the kids watch Al. He goes to the Kitchen to get a beer.

He then attempts to open it, but injures his hand.

The Audience laughs.

Al notices everybody looking and tries to smile it off.

The Audience laughs.

He then goes to the crock pot for a sniff, nearly falling

back from overwhelm.

The Audience laughs.

Al: Peg, you could have at least put some seasoning in it to cover up the smell!

The Audience laughs.

Al kicks off his shoes, noticing his slippers are missing.

Al: Where are my slippers?

Peg: I ran out of seasoning, hope you don't mind!

Peg and the kids laugh.

Bud: Good one Mom.

Al: Ha, ha.

Al then pulls a bag of pretzels from a cupboard and sets himself

a place at the dining room table.

The doorbell rings.

Peg: I wonder who that could be this late?

Peg goes to the door.

Bud: Oh, that must be my..date.

Bud gets up, straightening out his sleeves.

Kelly chuckles.

Kelly: Ladies night at the nursing home again, stud?

Bud: Hey, I hope you'll know that, unlike you, I was a PAID host.

Bud puts up a big smile. Kelly sticks out her tongue.

Audience laughs.

Peg: Alright, stop it you two!

Peg, after looking through the curtain, opens the door. We see the GO-GO dancer

from the Polk High School reunion standing at the door.

She is wearing an academy style uniform.

Peg: OH, Al! There's a girl scout here. Have a few bucks?

Al comes over to take a look.

Andrea: Oh, I'm not here to sell cookies Ma'am. I'm here to see Bud?

Peg: Bud? Are you sure? This Bud?

Bud: Mom, stop. Please! Can't you just be happy for me?

Al: (To Andrea) Is that true?

Andrea nods yes. Al high fives Bud.

Al: That's the spirit Bud! I knew you had the ole Bundy gene's in you Son!
But just remember from this moment on, while it lasts, she may be young
and beautiful now, but if you hang on too long and make a couple
of mistakes along the way, you are going to get what I'm getting now
and it isn't going to be pretty.

Al looks at Peg. Peg just stands there, arms crossed, with a smirk.

Al (cont:) ...Got it, Son?

Bud: Yea, sure Dad. Got it.

Bud (cont to Andrea:) ...Ready?

Andrea nods.

Andrea: Oh, there's just one more thing.

Bud: What's that?

Andrea looks over as her Dad enters. (A Captain Lou Albano look-a-like)

Andrea: This is my Dad, he insists on coming along. I hope you won't mind?

Bud remains speechless.

Andrea: (cont:) ...He doubles as my bodyguard as well and will keep us safe. Won't you Dad?

CapnLou: You know I will Sweetheart! And if you decide to get hitched, I just got my preachers license
as well!

CapnLou (to Al:) My daughter always get's what she wants! And when she wants something, I get it for her!
Right Angel?

Andrea nods.

CapnLou (to Al:) No problems here, right?! Come with us Al, we've got a lot to talk about! Especially about the future!

Al and Bud look concerned. However, Peg and Kelly smiles as CapnLou drags Al out the door.

Al: PEG!!!

Peg: Have a good time Al!

Peg closes the door.

Audience laughs.

Peg: Well, Kelly, it Looks like it's going to be ladies night tonight!

They high five. Peg goes to turn on the TV.

Kelly: I'll get the Hagen Daz!

Kelly goes to the refrigerator.


End Notes:

A reflection with regard to the cast prior to TP.

Chapter 19: "Time Out." by Alex
Author's Notes:

Episode 4 with the cast of RUSH HOUR and SIM as they join forces to return to Hon Kong to assist Lee toward helping his uncle with his latest assignment.

INT - Captain Cole's office - Day

Carter and Lee step in. Lee shuts the door behind them.
As Captain Cole is about to say something, Carter puts up
a finger...

Carter: Captain, before you begin I think its only fair to
warn you that I already know.

Cole: Know? About what Detective?

Carter: There, you see?

Cole: See?

Carter wiggles his ears. Lee is caught off guard by this and smiles.

Carter: In case you haven't noticed, I've got ears!

Cole: Oh?

Carter points a finger at her.

Carter: Oh? You're proving my point!

Cole: Point?

Carter: See! There you go again!

Cole: Again?

Carter: (to Lee)...did you see that?!

Lee shrugs his shoulders.

Carter: Captain, please! Just stop while your..BEHIND!

Cole begins to respond, Carter interrupts.

Carter:..Nuh uh! Simon didn't say!

Lee: Whose...behind?

Carter: Well, it's not going to be mine Bro and besides your not helping!

Lee looks at Cole, shrugging his shoulders.

Carter: (cont)...I'm taking my time off Captain and there is nothing that
is going to stop me or change my mind!

Cole: Is that what you think this is about Carter?

Carter: I know so.

Cole: I just wanted to let you know to enjoy your time off.

Carter: Well, if that's so then why is he here?

Cole: I have to brief him on a case.

Carter: UH HUH. And that couldn't have waited?

Lee looks at his watch.

Lee: It's five till.

Carter: (to Lee) Put your arm down man, you ain't helpin!

Carter: (to Cole)..So?

Cole puts up a big smile.

Cole: So...what are your plans for the next two weeks, Carter?

Carter: I thought you were never gonna ask cappy!

Carter looks out the window to those watching. He closes the blinds on them.

Carter: Look, what I am about to say doesn't leave this room, got it?

Both Cole and Lee nod. Carter gets all happy and dreamy.

Carter: First...

Cole: First?

Carter: First, let's see I'm gonna spend one week...

Cole: ..one week...

Carter:...one week...

Cole: Doing?

Cole and Lee listen closely.

Carter: Doing? Doing, lets see...probably doing...nothing man! Just tired
and trying to recover from this place! It's what I do every night
after work...eating ice cream and watching TV until I fall

Cole and Lee give a disappointed look.

Carter: But don't you all worry. The second week I should have my shebang

Lee: She-bang?

Carter does a dance.

Carter: Yea man. Shebang! Do a little partying. You know with the babes.

Lee: Babes?

Carter: Where've you been man? Besides, cappy I'm gonna need to borrow
back, you know, my little...black book.

Cole: I can't.

Carter: Why not?

Cole: That book is being held in evidence.

Carter: Look, how was I supposed to know some of them were, you know, one
of them kind!

Both Lee and Cole gives him a look.

Carter: I resolved the case didn't I? Look, you give a little you
get a little right?

Lee gives him a look.

Carter: (to Lee) You wouldn't understand. Besides it's all your fault!

Lee: Mine?

Carter: Man, you are so by the book!

Lee: Good word. You said it.

Cole chuckles.

Carter: (to Lee) Ha ha. Besides, you forced me to squeal!

Lee: Squeal?

Carter: Hello wall!

Carter: (to Cole) Look cappy, do I or don't I have immunity on that case?

Cole: You've stated you had no specific knowledge about these women, right?

Carter: Right! You guys believe me don't you?

There is hesitation before Cole and Lee nod.

Carter: You hesitated! I'm a detective for crying out loud!

Both Cole and Lee give Carter a look.

Carter: Okay, wrong choice of words, but I did NOT have sexual relations
with those women!

Cole gives him a look.

Carter: And besides, I'm pleading the fifth if they prove
otherwise! That wasn't an admittance by the way.

They both give him a look, nodding.
Carter stops for a moment to catch his breath.

Carter: I know. I know. Quit while I'm behind.

Cole and Lee chuckle.

Carter: Well, I'm glad a few of those around us can see the
humor in this. Toodles..

Carter heads toward the door.

Cole: Uh, wait...

Cole pulls up a bag and digs into it.

Carter: Yea, that's right. I almost forgot!

Carter rubs his hands together. Cole hands him a couple of coupons.

Cole: Three for ten special on Hagen Daz, right?.

Cole nods. Carter looks through them. Lee appears to be humored by all
of this.

Carter: Thanks. You wouldn't happen to have one for bonbons on you by
any chance?

Cole finds one and hands it to Carter.

Cole: There you go.

Carter: Thanks.

Carter notices extra coupons still in her hands and takes those too.

Carter: Thank you!

Cole gives Carter a surprised look.

Carter thumbs through the coupons like cash as he walks
out the door.

Cole: Have a good time Carter.

Carter waves without looking back as he exits.

Lee: Mrs. Cole you mentioned earlier that you wanted to see
me about something?

Cole: (Cont)...Yes, I was notified personally by the white
house that you handle this next investigation...

Carter hears this as he closes the door. He stops..

Carter: (to himself)..Wait a minute! the White House?!

Carter hurriedly heads back into the office.

Cole tells something to Lee, handing him a folder. Lee looks through it.

Cole: Oh, Carter. Back so soon?

Carter: Ha, ha. What's up with the white house?

Cole: What? Oh...it was nothing.

Carter: What? Nothing?...See! There you go again!

Cole: What, again?

Carter: (To Lee) There, you see!?

Lee tries to shrug it off.

Carter: You saw it this time! Don't tell me you didn't!

Cole: Carter...Carter!

Carter: What?

Cole: I thought you wanted to start on your vacation?

Carter: I did..and I will. But first tell me what's going on.

Cole: If I tell you...

Carter: Just tell me! Its okay. You know nothing can stop me now anyway!

Carter starts to do a dance.

Carter: (singing) See!!...ain't no stopping me now...

Carter: (cont)...It's just idle curiosity.

The phone rings.

Cole: (To Lee) That must be them.

Carter just beats out Cole at grabbing the phone.

Carter: HELLO!?

Cole keeps her composure.

Carter: Hello, yes. Uhm hmm? You got it. Who? The SIM what?...Team? Uh, hold on let me transfer
you to my assistant to get the details!

Carter hands Cole the phone.

Carter: Here. It's for you.

Carter then sits in a chair.

Cole: Gee, thanks. (To Lee) You can go ahead and deliver that.

Carter: You heading down the street?

Lee nods.

Lee: You coming along?

Carter: Naw man, I'll just be waiting right here.

Carter pulls out a coupon and hands it to him.

Carter: You can grab me some bon bons while your out though, thanks!

End Notes:

Taking a little TIME OUT.

Chapter 20: "A Reason To Celebrate." by Alex
Author's Notes:

An Original Series Teaser. This episode reflects some earlier, as well as later work that MR. Demara had contributed to that wasn't a pretend. 

THE PRETENDER: A Reason To Celebrate.

by SimTec



As a car pulls into the facility and passes by, We catch a glimpse of
Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots inside.


Miss Parker is showing Dr. Jones a picture of Jarod.

Dr. Jones: Yes, Jarod Lily. He worked with us for about
seven months before he dissapeared.

Sydney: Do you mind if we take a look at his desk?

Dr. Jones: Not at all.

Dr. Jones leads them across the lab toward Jarods work space.

Ms. Parker: What was he working on?

Dr. Jones: He was researching the field of endocrinology.

Miss Parker looks at Sydney.

Sydney: Its a study on the bodys ability to communicate on a
cellular and glandular level with chemical messages.

Dr. Jones: Right.

They make it to Jarods desk. We see it is littered with tinker toy
shapes that look like giant molecules. Broots grabs one of them.

Broots: Cool.

Broots tries to re-arrange its apparent movable structure.

Miss Parker: BROOTS.

Broots puts back the tinker toy molecule. Miss Parker puts up a smile
to Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones: Where did you guys say you were from?

Sydney: We are just good friends of Jarods and were wondering about
his whereabouts as well.

Broots looks at Jarods computer screen and flashes Dr. Jones a
look for approval to search, pointing to the keyboard. Dr. Jones gives
Sydney a concerned look.

Sydney: He is our best technical assistant. If there is anything in here that
can help us find Jarod, he will be able to get it.

Dr. Jones: Ill have my assistant help him out. Youll be able to take a look
at some of his notes and miscellaneous files but you wont be able
to look at the breakthrough research he�s produced.

Sydney looks in amazement at Dr. Jones.

Sydney: Did you say breakthrough, Doctor?

Dr. Jones: Its amazing, I know. In the short time hes been here he has produced
what looks to be a potential medicine capable of treating a wide range
of diseases from hormonal imbalance to advanced diabetes. And the
possibilities dont end there. Ill be back with my assistant.

Dr. Jones leaves. Broots quickly types on the keyboard, bringing up a screen showing
Jarods files. One is labled confidential.

Ms Parker: Whatever Brainiac has been up to and what hell be doing next has to be
in that file.

Dr. Jones returns with his assistant.

Sydney: Doctor, in your opinion, what branch of medicine would stand to benefit most
from this research?

Dr Jones: Obviously it would have to be Pediatrics. Should be no surprise, of course,
at least to any of us around here. Jarod was always big on kids.

Dr. Jones opens a desk drawer, revealing a bunch of PEZ dispensers and candy.


A woman and her small Son, Charlie, enter. Charlie takes off toward the magazine racks.

Woman: Im just going to get a couple of things for dinner. We wont be here long.
Ok, Charlie?

Charlie: Ok, Mommy.

Charlie looks at a revolving rack of comic books, spinning it around. He settles on one,
removing it.

Charlie: Oh boy!

We see the front page. There is a drawing that looks like Jarod wearing a priests
collar. Charlie sees Jarod nearby and hands him the comic book.

Charlie: Look, Mister!

Jarod squats down while taking a closer look.

Jarod: I can see that.

The boy grabs another comic book for himself.

Charlie: See, its the latest episode in the new series! My Mom Taught me to tell how by
looking here..

The boy points to the volume number on the comic book.

Charlie: (Cont..) But I can tell by looking at the pictures.

Jarod: Looking at the pictures?

The boy whispers in his ear.

Charlie: I can tell this is the new one. See. I don�t have this one yet.

Jarod smiles, whispering back.

Man: Oh, I see.

The boys mother approaches.

Woman: Its time to go.

Charlie shows his Mother the comic book.

Charlie: Can I get this?

Woman: Maybe next time.

Charlie, disappointed , puts back the magazine.

Woman (Cont.) I dont have enough money right now.

Jarod takes money from his pocket and hands it to her along with the magazine.

Jarod: Merry Christmas!

She notices he is wearing the collar.

Woman: Why, thank you Father! God Bless you! What do you say to the nice man Charlie?

The boy, looking up from the comic book, notices something familiar about Jarod.

Charlie: Thank you!

Charlie waves then turns to leave with his mother. Jarod waves back, smiling.
He then removes something from his pocket.

INSERT SHOT: A picture of Charlie and his Father.


End Notes:

Later in MR. Demara's career, he continued his work with the church toward helping others.

Chapter 21: F-13 The Return. by Alex
Author's Notes:

Something for the occassion on Friday the 13th of my own to compliment what the TP creators had been working on as well for the franchise.









End Notes:

Hoping to bring back the dead yet again!

Chapter #22: 'When it's Raines it Pours.' by Alex
Author's Notes:

Dream corp gets an unexpected visit from Dr. Raines.

Dream Corp LLC - 'When It's Raines, it Pours.'

Synopsis: Jarod uses DreamCorps help to interrogate
a suspect.

Expanded Synopsis: With help from Dr. Roberts and his team, Jarod peeks into the mind
of Mr. Raines in order to recover information vital to national security.

ESTABLISHING SHOT - Dream Corp building.

INT - Reception Office - Night

Joey is at her desk. Dr. Roberts comes in, looking at
his watch.

INSERT SHOT - His watch shows it is just past midnight.

Dr. Roberts: It's getting kind of late. Heard anything from the client yet?

Joey: No. Not yet.

Dr. Roberts: Oh, well. Guess we'll call it a night then. Cards with the tards?

Joey nods. They both exit.



We see a caravan of Vans quickly making their way up a road.


Everybody is at the table playing cards. It's Joey's turn. She turns to Ahmed,
thumbing through her cards.

Joey: Lets see...do you have...a two?

Ahmed nods.

Ahmed: Nope. Go fish!

Ahmed licks his lips and then puckers up. Joey hesitates, looking away.

Randy sucks in his cheeks and does an impression of a fish while chuckling.

Randy: Time to pay up!

Joey: Are you sure this is how this game is played?

Ahmed nods excitedly. Joey closes her eyes in disgust.



The caravan of vehicles screech to a halt just outside.



A man dressed in a black suit enters. He approaches the receptionist window
and rings the service bell.

Joey walks in. We notice her lipstick is smudged. She realizes this looking at
her reflection then wipes her mouth.

Joey: May I help you?

Jarod: Yes. I'm here to see Dr.Roberts.

Joey: Sure. Are you with the Police, IRS or FBI?

Jarod: No..

Joey: Good.

Jarod flashes his badge.

Jarod: ..I'm with the DHS.

Joey presses a red button under the table.

Joey: Oh...


INT - DREAM CORP/Control Room

Dr. Roberts see's this through his security cam...

Dr. Roberts: ..Sh**!

The room suddenly goes dark while the emergency and exit lights come on.

Dr. Roberts and the others quickly work to try and hide various items.
Pat bangs his foot, screaming in agony. Ahmed comes up behind him and
tries to muffle his screams.


INT - Receptionist Office

We hear all this going on from behind the door. Joey tries to
smile it off.

Jarod: Everything ok?

Joey: The Doctor is currently with a patient. He should be
out shortly.

Jarod: Tough case.

Joey: It's one of Dr. Roberts more radical courses of treatment though he does
not recommend it for everyone. Interested?

Jarod: Not particularly, though I am somewhat familiar with it.


Randy pulls TERRY's power pack. Terry smacks him just before loosing power.

TERRY: Hey, give that back! Dr. Roberts help! He touched me there...again..

TERRY folds over.

Ahmed goes to an emergency exit and looks out. An agent is waiting at the door.
He slams it back shut.

Ahmed: We're surrounded!

Dr. Roberts picks up a phone and calls her...


The phone rings. Joey picks it up.


Joey: Yes?

Dr. Roberts: Oh, hi Joey. You rang?

Joey: Yes. I have someone here...from the DHS.

Dr. Roberts: DHS, huh?

Joey: UHM HMM.


Meanwhile, in one of the backrooms, Randy sifts through some scuba diving gear while Ahmed
moves an object away from the floor. We see a plate in the floor.


Dr. Roberts: Give me a moment. Tell him I'll be right there!


Ahmed finally gets the plate removed. He looks into the tunnel and sees someone already in gear,
trying to climb to the surface. Ahmed replaces the plate back in the floor and pushes an object
back over top of it with Randy's help.

Meanwhile back in the receptionist area..

Joey smiles at Jarod. We can hear the consistent sound of a flushing toilet in the background.


Dr. Roberts is in the bathroom dumping chemicals and other substances into the toilet.
He pulls a couple refers out of his pocket and hesitantly throws them in.

Ahmed and Randy come into the room.

Randy: They've blocked all the exits!?

Dr. Roberts: Including the sewer?

Randy nods.

Suddenly, Ahmed grabs Randy from behind and drags him off.


From the receptionist room, a video display comes on. On the screen, Ahmed is holding Randy from behind
with a sharpie pressed against his temple.

Jarod: Should I be watching this?

Joey smiles.

Ahmed: Stop! I warn you! I'll do it! I will! I have demands!

Jarod: uh, excuse me?.....excuse me? I hope I'm not interrupting anything?

Dr. Roberts has a sudden realization.

Dr. Roberts: Interrupting?

Randy: Did he say..interrupting?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like.

Jarod: Yes. I spoke to you earlier?

Dr. Roberts: Earlier?

Jarod: Yes.

Randy: Did he say, yes?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like

Jarod: I hope I'm not too late?

Dr. Roberts: Late?

Randy: Did he say late?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like.

Dr. Roberts: Wait, your the twelve o'clock?

Jarod: The twelve o'clock.

Randy: Did he say..the twelve o'clock?

Ahmed: That's what it sounded like.

Jarod: Yes.

Dr. Roberts: You?

Jarod: Well the appointments not necessarily for me, actually. It's
a matter of national security, however.

The lights all come back on.

Dr. Roberts: Sure. What can we do for you, Jarod?

Jarod: Given your methods I think youd be the perfect solution to a
problem we have. Bring him in.

A couple of agents bring in a man in chains. We see that it is Mr. Raines.

They all give Mr. Raines a good long stare.

Jarod: Problem?

They all look at each other nodding in agreement.

Dr. Roberts: No. No problem at all. Welcome to our lair.

Mr. Raines snarles. The sound of a door unlocking can be heard.

End Notes:

Great show. Glad to see it on more platforms. Looking for season 3.

Chapter 23: "Taking A Chance Card." by Alex
Author's Notes:

Jarod becomes an extra to investigate the real plot behind the killing off of several characters from a well known tv show.    






Broots comes into the room where MissParker
and Sydney are waiting.

Broots: Okay, I ran all the clues into the computer
and generated a list of possible occupations
and their locations.

He hands the printout to Sydney but Miss Parker
quickly snags it.

Sydney: Jarod used the last name Lily which of course
is the name of a european drug company. And he
created a potential medicine thats primarily
effective for children.

Broots: And we already know from past experience that
what Jarod usually does in a pretend in some
way is in preparation for the next.

Miss Parker: Really Broots? Tell me something I don't
already know?

Broots: Ok. I have a personal wager with Syd so there!

Broots takes a step back. Miss Parker coldly looks at Sydney.

Miss Parker: What wager? Syd?

Sydney: Why did you have to mention it? Its nothing.

Miss Parker: Tell me or you go back to being a junior clerk!

Broots: If I tell you, you'll probably do it anyway.

Miss Parker: Maybe I'll requision one less body bag.

Sydney: Alright enough! Broots wagered that he could get the
final clues this time to finding Jarod and that you'd botch
it up.

Miss Parker: How did you wager?

Syd gets up to leave.

Sydney: I already told you Miss Parker, it was nothing. There was no
wager....to be won.

Broots and Sydney run through the doorway.

Miss Parker: Syd!

They run out the door, Miss Parker stops at the door. Clenching her
fists, she lets out a roar.



A few actors are seen together on set talking amongst themselves.
Someone joins them in the room.

Director: Okay everone. I'm assuming we have the scene down. Are we

They respond.

Director: Good.

He looks around the room.

Director: Wait a minute, where is our Romulan?



We see a makeup artist working on someone sitting in a chair. She then turns
the chair around. We then see Jarod, in Romulan makeup, looking into the mirror.

Makeup Artist: What do you think?

Jarod: So, this is what they look like on...Romulus?

She giggles.

Makeup Artist: You are definitely a last minute stand in Jarod!
I hope you at least read the script!?

Jarod: I read it first thing this morning.

She giggles.

We hear someone calling out for Jarod off camera.

Voice: Jarod, your on!

Jarod gets out of his chair.

Makeup Artist: Good luck Jarod.

Jarod: Already have it.

He shows her his lucky rabbits foot. She smiles.

Makeup Artist (quietly to herself): Your definity going to need it.
End Notes:

A prelude to bringing plot resolve to TP given the time gap and circumstance change!


Chapter 24: "Taking A Chance Card 2" by Alex
Author's Notes:

In this crossover episode, Khoal (Mr. Lyle) attempts to reclaim escaped pretenders while Jarod remains behind.

A group of people (Romulan decent) are gathered in ragged clothes
talking amongst themselves. A couple of them begin to argue with
each other. They then begin to fight.

A hand reaches out onto one of their shoulders.

NVEID: Stop!

Everybody stops and becomes silent.

NVEID: When are we going to learn?

The two Romulans return to their places.

NVEID: (CON'T) LOOK!...LOOK at where it has only gotten us!
Especially in the end with us here now in this unforsaken
place! This is what Khoal wants..to break us and to see us
break each other! It's understandable that we are upset,
but let it not be with each other! We know about the lies
and the deceptions that have led us here. Khoal may have
used our capabilities to war against our beloved mother-
land, but without us he will no longer be able to suceed!

Romulan 1: But, Nveid, they have what we built! Now it's only a
matter of time!

NVEID: Before they destroy themselves with it! For without us,
they can no longer rebuild! And as long as he cannot
recapture us, it will only be a matter of time. Now,
more than ever, if we stay strong and keep hidden it
will happen!

The Romulans all nod in agreement.

NVEID: Good, I'm glad we can continue to be united. Now I want to add to
that and give you some hope to go along with the purpose.

Nveid raises his staff to the sky.

NVEID: As I speak, a star ship is on its way!

Romulan 2: Here, Nveid?

NVEID: Yes my son.

The crowd begins to chatter excitedly about the news.
Someone from the distances comes running to Nveid.

Romulan 3: Nveid!Nveid!

NVEID: Whats the matter?

Romulan 3: We have failed! They are coming! Khoal is coming for us!

NVEID: All of them?

Romulan 3: Yes. But Jarod is still among them sympathetic to our cause!

NVEID: Good! That means there is still hope. Quick! To your hiding places!

Nveid and his people scatter away to the explosions closing in on them.

End Notes:

Another possibilty given the time gap and the age of the cast now.

Chapter 25: "This Order Is To Go!" by Alex
Author's Notes:

SIM joins forces with Sledge and Doreau to stop a human trafficking ring.

Expanded Synopsis: In celebration of Sledges recent promotion, he modifies the caliber of his gun, bringing it to work in a bandage to the captains dismay. A recent series of abductions in the area bring in the SIM team to investigate.

Sledge Hammer-SIM crossover promo teaser

Plot: The SIM team joins up with Sledge and Doreau in order to stop a human trafficking ring.


ESTABLISHING SHOT: An aerial view of a moderately busy RURAL SHOPPING DISTRICT in the early afternoon.

ANOTHER ANGLE: (CU) A mostly empty parking lot at a strip mall.

An officer is questioning someone at his patrol car.

Officer 1: Is there anything you want to tell me about what's going on?

Perp: What's there to tell? I get pulled over and you expect some kind of confession? Why don't you tell me? Cause if it's an infraction, let me just sign and i'll be on my way!

Ofc2: It's no use. We'll have to wait for backup.

A car pulls up. 2 detectives step out.

Sledge: Allright, let me borrow that scumbag! This will only take a minute!

Sledge grabs perp from back seat by his collar.

Sledge: I want a word with you mister!

Doreau: Sledge!

Ofc1 grabs perp by the other side of his collar.

Ofc1: Now hold on! He's in our custody.

Sledge yanks the perp his way.

Sledge: Now he's mine!

Ofc1 pulls the perp to him.

Ofc1: Oh, no he's not!

Sledge pulls the perp back to him.

Sledge: OH yes he his!

Sledge pulls a coin out of his pocket.

Sledge: Lets flip for him. Ill let you call it.

Doreau: Sledge, don't! Just stop!

Sledge: You know how I feel about scumbags like him Doreau!

Doreau: Despite how you feel Sledge, he's still only a suspect. Let's find out what's going on first, ok?

Sledge: Oh, OK. Here

Sledge let's go of perp.

Doreau: We heard what was happening over the radio and thought we could be of assistance.

Doreau flashes her badge.

Ofc1: We've got a trailer over there that was called in by a bystander. But he's not talking. Uh, hold on a second while I put him back in.

Ofc1 puts perp back in car and closes door.

Ofc1:(cont) I've got.a few coming to search the trailer, but I was hoping the suspect would tell me what's inside and so far he's not talking.

Sledge walks to trailer.

Doreau: Sledge, I think we should wait like the officer said.

Sledge gets to the trailer and peeks through a hole in it.

From the inside we see Sledges eye peeking in. A few kids see this and giggle.

Sledge hears that and takes another peek.

A finger reaches out and makes contact with his eye.

Sledge steps back holding his eye. He draws his gun, holding it to the sky.

Doreau: Sledge!

Sledge: There's no time for backup Doreau!

Doreau: What is it?

Sledge takes a few steps away from the trailer.

Sledge: There are kids in there!

Doreau: Kids? Well put that away so they don't get hurt!

Sledge: They have been taken hostage Doreau.

Doreau: How do you know?

Sledge: I was just poked in the eye. Looks like there is another scumbag hiding in there with them.

Sledge: (cont, to ofc1) looks like you would have had to call a negotiator, but that's okay.

Ofc1: And why is that?

Sledge: Because I'm here.

Doreau: Sledge! You don't have official training.

Sledge: That's okay. That scumbag doesn't know it!

Sledge walks back to trailer.

Doreau: That's not what I meant! Psst! Come back here!

Sledge: I got this Doreau! You know me!

Doreau: That's what I'm afraid of!

Sledge: Allright scumbag! You want to make a deal! Oh, wait. I guess I'm being a little too aggressive. Hmm hmm, what I mean is, how can I serve you today!? Oh great, I think I've got a bad taste in my mouth. Allright, we're willing to negotiate bad guy! And no complaints because that's as good as its going to get with me! Now tell me, what is your list of demands!?

Sledge gets no response. He taps on the trailer with his gun.

There is a few taps back. Sledge taps afew more times.

Sledge: Are you okay in there? Can you speak?

There are a couple more taps.

Sledge: oh great.

Doreau: what is it Sledge?

Sledge: we've got a perp who can't speak!

There is another tap.

Sledge: OK then. You'll have to get one of your hostages to speak for you then, OK?

There is another tap

Sledge: That's a good sign.

Dorrau: have you established contact with the suspect?

Sledge: Yes I have Doreau. And he's going to use one of the kids to speak for him!

Doreau: Good. Keep him talking.

Sledge: Right. First, mister bad guy, or girl, I need a show of good faith. How about releasing one of the hostages?

Kid (VO) Okay.

Sledge: Okay? That was easy. I think I can get used to doing this kind of work!

Doreau: What's going on over there?

Sledge: Our bad guy is releasing one of the hostages, get ready!

Doreau: OK Sledge. Good job. We're ready.

Sledge: OK kid

Kid (VO) No peeking!

Sledge: Ok.. I won't.

Kid (VO) You promise?

Sledge: Yea, kid, whatever, I..I promise.

Kid (VO) You really promise?

Sledge: Yes I really promise.

Kid(VO) With cheese on top?

Sledge: Hey, kid tell him not to push it in there. I'm not feeling that generous!

Doreau: Sledge, just do what he says! It's only cheese!

Sledge: OK. OK With cheese. Extra cheese. How about that?

We hear some giggling from the trailer.

Kid(VO) What kind?

Sledge: How about the 38 caliber kind. Let's get a move on in there!

Kid (VO) OK. Ready or not here we come!

The trailer opens and two kids come out the trailer door before slamming back shut.

Sledge: A two for one special. This must be my lucky day or our perp is really just bad at math.

Doreau: Good job Sledge! Keep them coming.

Sledge: Any more you want to release?

Kid (VO) Don't push it mister!

Sledge: Just asking. So what comes next on your list? And keep in mind we're on a tight budget. I can get you some discounted tickets on greyhound.

Kid(VO) How about a plane?

Sledge: By plane? I think that can be arranged.

Doreau shakes her head no.

Sledge: On second thought, looks like you'll have to go coach.

Kid (VO) Why?

Sledge looks at Doreau for an answer. She shakes her head.

Sledge: Now don't get all sobby on me. None of us travel much, so we can't spare the points. You give up?

Kid (VO) OK.

Sledge: OK? You sure?

Kid (VO) Yea.

Sledge: This is turning out better than I thought. Are you sure your sure?

Kid (VO) I'm sure

Sledge: You really mean it? With cheese on top?

Kid (VO) With cheese on top.

Sledge: How about with a cherry too?

Sledge bangs on the trailer with his gun.

Sledge: Somethings not right here Doreau!

Doreau: What do you mean.

Sledge: This is too easy!

Kid (VO) No. We really mean it with cherries on top!

Sledge: We're out of time!

We hear the kids sobbing. Sledge tries the trailer door but it is locked.

Sledge: Stand back!

Bang! He shoots the door. It swings open. A few kids run out as Sledge jumps in. The trailer door closes back up. We hear shuffling as the trailer rocks back and forth.

A swat team shows up.

Swat1 approaches

Doreau: Stand down! Weve got an officer in there struggling with the suspect.

They stand and watch.

The trailer eventually comes to a standstill. Doreau approaches.

Doreau: Sledge? Is everything okay?

Swat goes to the trailer door and then goes in.

They carry Sledge out. He looks pretty banged up

Doreau: Sledge! Are you okay?

She slaps him on the cheek. Sledge wakes up.

Sledge:Oh Doreau.Its you. Looks like I made it out alive. How are the kids? Did they catch the perp?

Swat1: We searched the trailer, he was the only one in there.

Doreau: What did he look like?

Sledge: Oh he was about this high with blond hair with a 38 in a suit and tie.

Doreau and swat look at each other.

Sledge passes out. A couple of medics wheel him to an ambulance.



End Notes:

Still putting the PIECES back on the BOARD and BACK TOGETHER!

Chapter 26: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Featuring The Pretender by Alex
Author's Notes:

Dean Martin Roasts The Pretender during his holiday special.

Transcript for The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast
Featuring The Pretender

The Pretender gets roasted!

stay tuned here on NBC

message from NBC current time 10:07 pm
NBC broadcast of the dean martin holiday roast
will begin shortly

now a word from out sponsor

The Dean Martin celebrity roast
christmas special featuring
the pretender centre casino and theatre
live from las vegas nevada
feb 2002

Morning before the taping.

Scene 1: Ruth enters Deans room.

Dean: Well good morning to you Ruth!

Ruth: Good morning Dean.

Dean: How are your accomodations?

Ruth: Fine. Except one thing.

Dean: And what is that?

Ruth comes in closer.

Ruth: You failed to deliver on one of your promises!

Dean leans back holding out his arm.

Dean: Wait a minute!

Dean takes a puff on his cigarette while holding her back.

Dean: (cont)...what promise was that?!

Ruth: You dont remember!?

Dean: No!

Ruth: You should, you were there last night!

Audience laughs.

Dean: Now hold on! Maybe we can make some kind of arrangement?

Ruth: Arrangement? Arrangement? Do you even hear yourself Dean?
You know what that does to me!

Dean: Not really. But I'm sure you'll remind me.

She repeatedly smacks him on the head with her purse.

Audience laughs.

TITLE CARD: Later that afternoon before the show:

Dean is at the bar. Brooks walks in the door giving him a questionable look.

Audience laughs.

Brooks makes his was to Dean and takes a seat next to him.

Brooks: Dean.

Dean: Well hello Foster. What brings you hear?

Brooks: Good one Dean. The question is and has always been what doesnt bring me here?

Audience laughs.

Brooks: (cont) Dean, there is something ive got to ask you.

Dean: Sure, what is it?

Brooks: Am I still going to be Mc'ing for you at this years pretender roast? I know I have been
dealing with alot of issues lately.

Dean: Well, if its any consolation Foster,I think the more issues you have, the better for the show!

Audience laughs along with Dean.

Brooks: Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Dean: Come closer, of course your going to be mcing for me. Why wouldnt you be?

Brooks: You know Dean, Ive been hearing things...

Dean: Well theres your problem right there!

Audience laughs.

Dean: (cont) Ok Foster. In all seriousness, tell me, what have you heard?

Brooks: (whispers in Deans ear)

Dean: Come to think of it, its not a bad idea!

Audience laughs.

Announcer: More of Dean Martins Holiday Roast to come stay tuned!

TITLE IMAGE: Now Open: Jen Jens centre lounge for relaxation and refreshments....


Dean: Good evening friends and welcome to celebrity roast I am Dean Martin your host!
And tonight we will be remembering a show recently taken off the air called
the pretender. Im sure we call all agree that its pulling was premature especially
considering the fourth season ratings!

Now before I get to the other contributors, I just want to put in my two cents by saying
that the show was my personal favorite. Now wait! Before you try and work at misunderstanding
me, what is not to like about this show? Considering its ratings and all those good looking
people. An intelligent man such as Michael. Everybody wanting him. The 'CENTRE' of attention?

Kind of reminds me about of myself back in my heyday. Well, allright, maybe not,
but at least I still have my good looks! What you dont think so? Why, thankyou!
There you see? At my age you learn to take what you can get. All right, lets kick this thing off!

Announcer: This roast is more than just a singular celebration and reflection of the past! It will be an ongoing
and daily event and also celbrates the pretender and its influence as it reaches into the future for
all time and all generations to come.

The mic is open, so lets keep the celbration going............/
End Notes:

Still celebrating after all these years!

Chapter 27: "Finger food For Angel." by Alex
Author's Notes:

Dedicated to Steven J. Cannell Productions


Teaser "Fingerfood for Angel"

Dedicated to my Dad and Brother who are Jim's biggest fans.


Jim joins his dad on the road to help pay for Angels gambling debt.

Expanded Synopsis

Rockford decides to investigate one of Angels creditors when he realizes he
cant raise the money to help him pay back the money.



PANNING along the Ocean, we eventually settle in on a trailer on a small lot near the shore.

ANOTHER ANGLE: A few Seagulls fly by overhead.

Joseph is sitting on a folding chair next to the trailer. After a beat, a lackluster brown
vehicle pulls in and parks.

James Rockford steps out and approaches.

Joseph: Tough time?

Rockford: I'm in between cases.

Joseph: Aw, come on Jimmy! If you haven't noticed I'm in between too!
But unlike you, I've got a backup plan!

Rockford: Like moonlighting on your social security?

Joseph: Where else are you going to get the money?

Rockford: So you are going to lend me some?

Joseph: No.

Rockford: Oh, come on Rocky!

Joseph: I can't.

Rockford: Why?

Joseph: As soon as it came in, it went into that!

Joseph points to his rig parked along the side of the road.

Joseph: (cont) ..join me? We'll earn it together! Besides, it may be the only
time we can spend some time together. Ever. I still wish we could
have gone this route. You know, it's still not too late!

Rockford: I'll think about it.

Joseph: There's nothing to think about.

Rockford: What makes you think that?

Joseph: I got a call from Angel earlier.

Rockford: What does he want?

Joseph: Want is right. He's got a gambling debt and he said if his creditors don't
get the money, they were going to squeeze it out of him. Worried?

Rockford: Why should I be? If they put his head in a leather press it just might
actually do him some good!

Joseph: I know how you feel Jimbo, but he's got no where else to turn. Besides,
he probably put you down as a reference.

Rockford: Are they coming here?

Joseph: That's what he said.

Rockford: On second thought, lets go.

Joeseph gets up off his chair. A car then pulls in. The rear window comes down...

Thug: James Rockford?

Rockford: That depends.

Angel leans over from the back seat.

Angel: That's him. Hi, Jimmy!

Thug: You Rockford?

Rockford: Looks like you found me. Thanks Angel.

Angel: (Nervous) Hey, what are friends for Jimmy boy! And you are my friend!
However, I'll admit, I could have come around more often. And I will!

Rockford: Yea, well try and finally do so as a driver, huh Angel,
rather than in toe?

Thug: If the reunion is over, I would like to collect on COD. Our boy here
is behind again.

Angel: Sorry Jimmy. I didn't know what else to do.

Rockford: Angel, if you put me down as a reference, it better be as a witness
to your murder because I don't have it! By the way, how much does
he owe?

Thug: Double.

Rockford: Angel!

Angel: It's not as much as last time Jimmy, I promise you!

Rockford: Well I wouldn't sign your name to a bet on that one then anymore
than now!

Rockford: (cont)..how much?

Thug: It's now 4 G's including late charges, shipping and handling.

Rockford: Allright.

Angel: Thankyou so much Jimmy! I owe you one!!!

Rockford: Now don't get all excited, I already told you I didn't have it.
How much time does he got?

Thug: None if you don't have it! Now I need to cover costs for his
burial expenses!

Rockford: How much does that plan cost?

Angel: Jimmy!!!

Thug: Your a funny man Jimmy boy.

The thug pulls a gun on Angel.

Rockford: Now hold on! Since you put it like that I'll go for the premium

Thug: Look, I'm just a simple business man Mr. Rockford. However, I can
see he's put down a reliable reference so he's counting on you to deliver.
So I'll give you till the end of the week and throw in a nominal storage
charge. If you don't get it by then it doubles and he gets set back a digit
as a reminder. Deal?

Rockford: Considering his counting skills, he wont miss it.

Thug: That's bad news. Your friend is a funny man.

The Thug pulls out a pair of wire cutters.

Angel: Jimmy!!

Rockford: Deal.

Thug: Here's the fo.

The Thug hands Rockford a piece of paper.

Thug: (cont)..We'll keep him on ice until you show!

Angel: Thanks Jimmy!! I knew you'd come through for me!!

The car pulls off.

Rockford: We better get started the last thing I need is him coming back to ask to
borrow a finger.

Joseph: Regardless, Angel is not the kind who can keep his nose clean one way or
another if you know what I mean.

Rockford chuckles.

Rockford: That was funny Rocky. You catch on quick.

Joseph: Just wait until your on the road Jimbo. I've got some real zingers you've
gotta hear.

Rockford: I can hardly wait.
End Notes:


Chapter 28: The A team 'Never judge a book by its cover.' by Alex
Author's Notes:

Dedicated to the FCC and the WWE



The A team is hired to help a legitimate escort service from being
taken over by organized crime.


A black van heads down a busy street.


Hannibal is looking through a folder.

Face: So what is next on the list and please tell me this
ones for profit Hannibal?

Hannibal: This ones right up your alley Face. A damsel in distress.

Hannibal shows him a picture.

INSERT SHOT - Picture of the client.

Face takes a look.

Hannibal: Not your cup fo tea?

Face: On the contrary. She is definitely someone you can take home
to mother.

BA: You can tell that just by looking at a picture?

Hannibal shows the picture to BA.

BA: I take that back. I know my mama would never approve!

They all laugh.

Hannibal: We will need to spring Murdoch for this one. Turn right just
up ahead BA.



The van turns right at the next light.


BA: Hey, this isn't the way to the nut house Hannibal!

Hannibal: I know BA. We are actually going to be picking him up from his
job this time.

BA: Job? They must be crazier than that foo to let him out!

Hannibal: I can't say working for us has made him any better, but he must
be doing well if they are allowing him to hold a job.

Face: Well good for him. So what does he do at this job?

Hannibal: From our last conversation he's a chef at a pie factory.

BA giggles while mumbling under his breath.

BA: ...chef...pie factory. I can just see him in that funny looking poofy hat...



We see pies heading down a conveyor belt. Murdoch is standing at one in particular
wearing that poofy hat.

Murdoch sticks his finger in ones of the pies going by and takes a taste.

Murdoch: Oui Oui! Muy delici-oh-so-so-so-oh-no-no-no-no-no!
Needs alot more sugar!

Murdoch messes with a few more dials. The machine reacts as the belts begin to go

Murdoch: (cont) Listen! Listen! Listen! Why dont you listen!? The recipe is simple!
Now lets take our time and get it right the first time! I know, I know, but
I dont care about the cost of sugar!! Taste this!!!

Murdoch dips his finger into another pie.

Murdoch: Much much better!!!

BA: Who's that foo talkin too!? Hey foo, over here!!!

Face: Looks fully automated, and Murdoch fully animated of course.

Hanibal is humored by all of this. He pops in a cigar. Murdoch sees them and waves.
He comes over to them.

BA: No, stay there foo!!! Look out!!!

Murdoch turns around and realizes pies are falling off the conveyor belts while there
are piles of sugar being dispensed on them.

Murdoch then flips some switches and sets a few more dials. The machine finally stops.

He struggles with a hose that comes off and gets powedered sugar all over himself.

BA is giggling while watching.

Murdoch trys to come over, but one of his legs suddenly gets stuck to another hose.
Murdoch then waves his arms in distress.

Hannibal: I think he needs help BA.

BA: Help is right Hannibal, but I'm no doctor!

Hannibal: Face?

Face and BA join Murdoch in attempt to free him. Murdoch grabs a pie and attempts to
hit Face with it, but it hits BA by mistake after Face ducks.

Hannible laughs. BA then grabs a pie and attempts to hit Murdoch but hits Face as he
gets back up.

Hannibal: I love it when a plan comes together!

End Notes:


Chapter 29: Jarod The Rock Star by Alex
THE PRETENDER - S1 EP 23 - "Jarod The Rock Star"

Opening scene- Recording Studio

The band members for "38 Special" has been looking for a new lead guitarist and singer.
They have been listening to auditions all day and are dissapointed . Then Jarod walks in...

Donnie, Larry and Max look up, unfazed.

Jarod: Hello!

Donnie: Jarod?

Jarod: That's right.

Donnie: Jarod, we're looking for a new singer and lead guitarist. You think you can fill
my shoes?

Jarod smiles, nodding no. The band members look at each other dissapointed.

Jarod: I dont think I can..I only wear a size 12.

They all laugh.

Max: This guys cool. I like him already!

Larry: How long have you been playing?

Jarod: Oh, about a week.

They all laugh.

Donnie: Considering what we've already been subject to, sounds like we're finally in
for a treat!

They all laugh.

Donnie: Take her away Jarod!

Jarod picks up an electric guitar. The others pick up there's as well.

Jarod: Anything you want me to play in particular?

Donnie: Just go with it! Anything that comes to mind!

Jarod (singing. Teacher Teacher:) Just when I thought I finally learned my lesson well,
There was more to this than meets the eye,
And for what little they actually taught me,
only time will tell if I'm to survive, oh yeah,

Syd my teacher, can you teach me?
Can you tell me what I need to know?
Syd my teacher, can you reach me?
I wanna know whats really going on, oh yeah,

So the years go on and on while you pretend nothings wrong,
what you know was soon forgotten,
they took the best years of my life,
tried to tell me what was right,
So I ran away with nothing, oh yeah,

Syd my teacher, can you teach me?
How can I tell if I'm right or wrong?
Syd my teacher, can you reach me?
I wanna know whats really going on

Syd my teacher, can you teach me?
Syd my teacher, do you reach me?
Syd my teacher, can you teach me?
Syd my teacher, oh yeah

Donny: Hey! That was cool!

Jarod: Thank you.

Max: I think we already have Jarod and a hit song!

Donnie: Wow, Jarod! That gives me an idea. Hey guys! What if we called the title Teacher, Teacher?

Larry: Sounds great! We've been writing for the younger crowds lately and that would fit
in perfectly. What do you say Jarod?

Jarod: Sounds great!

Donnie: Great! Welcome to the band Jarod!!

They all shake hands with Jarod.

Chapter 30 "Centre Of Controversy" FULL EPISODE by Alex
Author's Notes:

The FULL length version of CENTRE OF CONTROVERSY.



Three's company/Pretender Crossover Episode
Season 4 Episode 15 "Centre of Controversy."


Crissy is setting the table. Jack enters.

Jack: Hi Crissy.

Crissy: Oh hi Jack!

Jack: I see your setting the table.

Crissy: You see very well.

Jack: No, What I mean is your cooking?

Crissy: No silly, I'm setting the table but as soon as I finish I'll go into the kitchen to cook something.

Jack: Gee, I never would have guessed.


Crissy: I've got a date tonight with Jarod and I asked him to come over so I could cook for him.

Jack: Well, thats a nice romantic gesture. What are you going to make?

Crissy: I thought I would start with something simple.

Jack: Like what?

Crissy: Macaroni.

Jack: Crissy, macaroni?

Crissy: I know could you help me make some?


Jack places his hands on her shoulder.

Jack: Look, if you want to do something nice and romantic for Jarod, your going to have to make something with some style,
more pizzazz.

Crissy: Pizzazz?

Jack: Uh, huh.

Crissy: Oh good, where can I get some?!

Jack: No Crissy. I meant with more class.


Crissy becomes confused.

Jack: Never mind. Look, leave it to me and I'll cook a meal both of you will never forget.
Just bring him to my bistro tonight, alright?

Crissy: Oh thanks Jack! Could you?

Jack: Mother may I?

Crissy: Yes you may!

Crissy snorts while she laughs.

The door bell rings. Jack opens it. Its Larry.

Jack: Hey, Larry.

Larry: Jack.

Jack: Come in, come in! Haven't seen you in awhile.

Larry: Well you know since I've been out with Betty I haven't had much time.

Jack: What brings you here?

Larry: She dumped me. Nothing personal Jack, but you know how these things go.

Jack: No problem at all!

Larry: Really?

Jack: Try not to let that happen again, ok?

Larry: Ok. Your a real pal Jack!

Jack: Look, why dont you come down to my restaurant and we'll catch up on old times. What do you say?

Larry: I would Jack. But you know....

Larry taps his shirt pocket.

Larry: (cont) ..times have been a little tough lately.

Jack: Dont worry about it.

Larry: Dont worry? Why thanks Jack!

Jack: You can help with the dishes afterward.

Larry: Jack, your funny. But ok,can you make me that dish you made last time?

Jack nods.



Sometime later...

Jack and Crissy are in the kitchen making sandwhiches. The doorbell rings.

Jack goes to the door and opens it. Its Mr. And Mrs. Roper.

Mrs. roper: Hi Jack!

Mr. Roper: Jack.

Jack: Oh hi Mr and Mrs. Roper! Please, why dont you come in.

Mr. Roper: That wont be necessary Jack. We wont be staying long.

Crissy walks into the room with a plate of sandwhiches.

Crissy: Oh hi you guys!

Mrs. roper: Hi Crissy!

Mr. Roper..I have a question Jack.

Jack: Shoot.

Mr. Roper: Dont tempt me.

Mrs. Roper: Cool off Stanley. Don't mind him, anything extra he has to give,
I'll make sure he runs it by me first!


Mrs. Roper laughs hysterically.

Mr. Roper: Helen please. Not here. The last thing I want is the rest following your lead.
we've got enough trouble around here as it is.


Mr. Roper turns to the audience and smiles.

Jack: What is it that you wanted to see us about?

Mr. roper: Jack, I have a question and I want you to answer it honestly.

Crissy holds out a plate of sandwhiches to Mrs. Roper.

Mr. Roper: (cont)..and no bologna this time!


Mrs. Roper starts laughing hysterically while pointing to the sandwhiches.

Mr. Roper: Whats the matter?

Mrs. Roper hands a bolonga sandwhich to Mr. Roper.

Mr. Roper: No thanks. You guys wouldn't happen to know where Larry is by any chance?

Jack: Let me guess he's behind on his rent?

Mr. Roper: How did you know?

Jack: He just broke up with his girlfirend and said he'll finally have it for you soon.

Mr. Roper: That's comforting to know. We'll if I dont get to him before you do, just tell him
that I may have to evict if he doesnt get it in sooner!

Jack: I will.

Mr. Roper: Oh, and by the way, I was just recently in his apartment and found several things that are
not allowed in the lease.

Jack: like What?

Mr. Roper: For starters he put in a huge water bed!

Jack: You dont say?

Mr. Roper: Say. He also put up an overheard mirror on the ceiling above the bed, you wouldnt know
anything about that?

Jack: Not in hind sight.


They all laugh but Mr. Roper.

Mrs. Roper: I dont know about the others but we can certainly use one!

Mr. Roper: Again, Helen, dont give anybody any bright ideas. Especially me. Besides,
y0u should know that I get sea sick when ever there is constant motion.

Mrs. Roper: I know, tell me about it!


They all laugh except Mr. Roper.

Mr. Roper: Tell him I want to see him? Ok Jack?

Jack: I will. Nice talking to you guys.

Jack closes the door.



Crissy is sitting in her room in front of the mirror. The doorbell rings.



Meanwhile in the living room...

Janet approaches the door.

Crissy (VO) Janet, can you get that?!

Janet: Do I have too?

Crissy: (VO) Yes!

Janet: Well ok then!


Janet opens the door. Jarod is standing there holding a bouquet of roses.

Janet: How much?

Jarod: Oh, these aren't for sale.

Janet: Oh.

Jarod: They're for Chrissy.

Janet: They are? Oh, please won't you come in!?

Jarod: Jarod.

Janet: My name is Jarod, pleased to meet you!

Janet: I'm Roses!

Jarod: Roses?

Janet: I mean, I'm Janet! Pleased to meet you as well! Here let me take those!

Janet grabs the roses.

Janet (cont) Crissy, someone is here to see you!!

Janet heads into the kitchen with the roses. Crissy comes out.

Crissy: Did she forget her name again?

Jarod: It happens often?

Crissy: Only when I have a date.


Crissy snorts while laughing.

Janet comes back in with the roses in a vase and sets it on the table.

Janet: Look at what he brought you Crissy!

Crissy: Oh, they are just beautiful honey! Thank you!!

Janet, with her back to Jarod....

Janet (whispers) Honey? Now look at who's forgetting names!!


Janet quickly turns herself back toward Jarod and smiles.

Janet: Jarod, I'm so sorry! Please wont you sit down and make yourself comfortable!

Jarod: Thankyou.

Jarod sits on the couch.

Janet: So what do you do for a living?

Jarod: Well, right now I'm a doctor working in a hospital.

Janet: General hospital?


Crissy laughs.

Jarod: No, I'm a doctor in a real hospital.

Janet: You could, you know? So, your a real doctor?

Jarod: At least for the time being.

Janet: Got other plans?

Jarod: You could say that.

Janet: Oh, I just love a man of mystery!

Crissy: Janet, we are going to go out and have dinner tonight.

Jarod: Yes. There is a restaurant in town that makes the best macaroni.

Crissy: You love macaroni?

Jarod nods.

Crissy: Why, so do I!

Jarod: Well Good! We are just going to have a good time then arent we sweetheart?

Crissy and Jarod hug. Janet turns away and forms the word 'sweetheart' with her lips twisted.


Janet turns back toward them smiling.

Janet: Well you guys have a good time then!

Crissy: Jarod?


Crissy: I kind of already made plans for us tonight.

Jarod: That is so romantic of you sweetheart!

Crissy: It is?

Jarod nods.

jarod: What did you have in mind?

Crissy: You see, I have this friend..and he has this place...you know where they make things...

Jarod: Come on, you can spit it out.

Crissy opens her mouth wide at Jarod and points into it.

Crissy: Spit it out? Do you see anything?


Janet savors Crissys blonde moment.

Jarod: No, I mean where are we going?

Crissy: Its called.....Jacks Bistro!! Yes, thats it, you get it?!

Jarod: Allons-nous maintenant?

Crissy chuckles and fist bumps his shoulder.

Crissy: You know how to speak Italian?

Jarod: That was French for shall we leave now?

Jarod holds out his arm for her as they leave.

Janet sits down on the couch.

Janet: Fine. dont wait up for me. I'll just be right here!


MR. and Mrs. Roper are sitting on the couch. They hear noises from overhead.

Mr. Roper: AHA! The culprit has come back to the scene of the crime!

Mrs. Roper: Come on Stanley. Being behind and doing a few minor things wrong doesnt make one a criminal.
Wait a minute. I take that back. I've been married to you for 45 years.


She laughs Hysterically.

Mr. Roper: Funny. Helen, luckily for me, the crimes of passion you've asked me to commit have all been left to
the dark where it belongs!


Mr. Roper looks at the camera and smiles. There are noises overhead.

Mr. Roper: Let's go helen!

They exit apartment.



The Ropers walk to Larry's apartment. There is the sound of a female voice coming from the apartment. They stop to listen.
They hear a male voice but it isnt Larry's.

Mr. Roper: Hey, wait a minute! That doesn't sound like Larry! Let's get to the bottom of this!

Mrs. Roper: Hold on Stanley! Maybe there are more than just two in there.

Mr. Roper: And why would that matter Helen?

Mrs. Roper: You know...oh, wait a minute you wouldn't..

She laughs.

Mr. Roper: Wouldn't what?

Mrs. Roper: A threesome Stanely. A threesome.


Mr. Roper: Your right, I wouldn't. Especially if it had to be with Larry!

Mr. Roper looks at the camera and smiles.

He tries the door. It's unlocked. They go in.



They hear a couple from the living room and make their way to the bedroom.


Larrys Apartment/bedroom

As they enter Larry's bedroom, they see a couple in bed. The couple tries to hide under the sheets.

Mr. Roper: Aha! And And just who are you two? And where is Larry? Is he hiding in there with you?

The couple pull back down the sheets and reveal themselves. Mr. Roper lifts up the sheets to see
if Larry is hiding in the middle.

Mr. Roper: Sorry.

Male: Please don't report us Mister!

Female: yes, please don't!

Mr. Roper: Too late.

Male: Who are you?

Mr. Roper: The landlord.

The male holds out some money.

Mr. Roper: What's this?

Male: For use of the place.

Mr. Roper takes the money and rolls it up.

Mrs. Roper: Your not seriously considering taking that are you?

Mr. Roper: And why not?

Mrs. Roper: That's Larry's responsibility, not theirs.

Mr. Roper: Not if he's subleting it isn't!

Male: That's ok. Put it towards the rent!

The couple wraps themselves in the sheets while heading toward the door.
They exit.

Mr. Roper: Come back anytime!

Mrs. Roper: You should be ashamed!

Mr. Roper is counting the money.

Mr. Roper: What?

Mrs. Roper notices the overhead mirror.

Mrs. Roper: Interesting. Stanley look.

Stanley looks up in shock.

Mr. Roper: What's the matter?

Mrs. Roper looks the bed over.

Mrs. Roper: Looks like there is pleantly of room to maneuver.

Mr. Roper: Look, I thought I said no bright idea's.

Mrs. Roper looks at him, smiling.

Mrs. Roper: You know what I'm thinking!

Mr. Roper: Ok Helen.

They both sit down on the water bed. Stanley tries to keep steady on it.

Mrs. Roper: You really mean it?

Mr. Roper: Uh, hold on.

Mr. Roper gets up and goes to the light switch. The lights go out.

Mrs. Roper: Oh, Stanley!


Jack's Bistro/kitchen

In the kitchen Larry watches with an apetite. Jack is flipping something in a skillet.

Larry: You know Jack. I've noticed the way you have been cooking and I've got to tell you
it's pretty interesting.

Jack: I'm glad you noticed Larry, cooking is an art form.

Larry: Dance around and admire this stuff all you want, I just want to eat it!

Larry grabs a plate of food. Jack takes the plate back.

Jack: No, no! That's Mrs. McGillicuty's order! She's waited long enough.

Larry: Oh, come on Jack! She can wait a little longer!

Jack: That's the deal. We will wait until closing. Besides, my waiter called off so I'm
going to need the extra help. How are the dishes coming along?

The dishwasher suddenly breaks down.

Larry: Funny you should ask.

Jack: Oh that's just great! Now your going to have to wash them by hand!

Larry: Jack...

Jack: Larry please! I need your help now more than ever!! But first, take this out to the Mcgillicutys!!

Larry: Alright, alright!

Larry takes the tray and head toward to door. He looks over at Jack, then takes a pickle from one of the sandwhiches
and eats it as he walks out.


Jack's Bistro. Dining room.

Larry looks around the room as if its a sunny day. He see's the McGillicutys and approaches.

Larry: Here you go! Sorry for the delay.

Mrs. McGillicuty: I should say so!

Mrs. McGillicuty notices something about her order.

Mrs. McGillicuty: Waiter!

Larry: Please, call me Larry. And how are you all this fine evening?

The kids smile at Larry and reply 'Fine.'

Mrs. McGillicuty: Shush! How many times have I told you kids not to talk to strangers!

Larry: And what is the matter Madamuaselle?

Mrs. McGillicuty: I'm missing my pickle! I exclusively order the same thing every time!
The chef should know that I can't eat my sandwhich without my pickle!

Larry: (To kids) Sounds like we're in a real pickle now!

The kids laugh.

Mrs. McGillicuty: Shush shush! What did I tell you two?

Mrs. McGillicuty: (cont) Well?

Larry: uh, hold on!

Larry fumbles through his apron for a pen and writes something down.

Larry: (cont) One pickle coming right up.

Mrs. McGillicuty: You have to write that down?

Larry looks at the kids plates.

Larry: I'm going to add a few things.

Mrs. McGillicuty: Oh no your not!

Larry: Dont worry its on the house. I'll be right back.

Larry exits as Crissy and Jarod enter. Crissy see's an area where she wants to sit.

Crissy: Come on, lets sit over here!

Crissy leads Jarod to a table in the center.

Jarod: Crissy, if you dont mind, I would prefer to sit over there.

Jarod points to a window table in the corner.

Crissy: Oh, how romantic!

They get to the table. Jarod peaks out the window.

Crissy: What's the matter?

Jarod: The door lock on my Jag is busted, I'll have to keep a close eye on it.

Crissy: Oh.



Larry comes back into the room tray of food in hand and heads to the McGillicuty table.

Larry: And here we go! One pickle and....

Larry sets down some hot dogs, fries and ice cream sundaes for the kids.

The kids become excited while watching this, but frowns as they look her way.

Mrs. McGillicuty: Is there a reason for this?

Larry: Madam, there is a reason for everything.

Larry takes her hand and kisses it.

Mrs. McGillicuty: Are you trying to play me?

Larry: Like a fiddle.


The kids laugh along with Mrs. McGillicuty.

Mrs. McGillicuty: Well...

Larry puts his hands together and gives a pouty look. The kids do the same.

Larry: Just look at them.

Mrs. McGillicuty: Okay. But this time only!

Larry and the kids get excited, exclaiming "Hurray!"

They all dig in.

Larry: Bon apetite!

Female patron: Awe. Isn't that wonderful honey? Why can't you be more spontaneous?

Male patron: Sure. Let's go home and make some toast with a hair dryer!

Larry goes to Crissy's table.

Larry: Hey, Chrissy!

Crissy: Oh hi Larry! I didn't know you worked here.

Larry: I know, neither did I.


Crissy: Larry, this is Jarod.

They shake hands.

Jarod: Pleased to meet you Larry.

Larry: Likewise.

Larry thinks for a moment.

Larry: You seem familiar.

Jarod: You mean like on TV?

Larry: Yes, that's it!

Jarod: No. I'm a doctor in real life but I don't play one on TV.


Larry: My mistake. You ready to order?

Crissy: No, not yet. We'll let you know when your're ready though!

Larry: Sure thing.


As Larry walks off, he stops temporarily to think about Crissy's last statement.

Jarod looks at Crissy, smiling.

Crissy: What?

Jarod takes her hand. Kissing it.

Jarod: Crissy, you are a woman after my own heart! You know that?

Crissy: Is it that obvious? No use in trying to play hard to get then!


They open their menu's.

A tall brunette enters. She stand in front waiting to be seated. Both Jack and Larry see this from the kitchen
window. Suddenly there is scuffling going on from behind the wall. We hear the sound of pot and pans banging along
with dishes and silverware hitting the floor.

Jack (VO) I got this one Larry!

Larry: (VO) Really, I don't mind Jack! What are friends for?

Jack: (VO) NO DONT!


Larry: (VO) Isn't this what you are paying me for?

Jack: (VO) Your working for food Larry!!


Finally Larry steps outside the kitchen door. He dusts himself off and licks his palm and runs it through his hair.
He then struts to brunette up front.

Larry: Well hello.

Miss Parker: Table for three please.

Larry looks around and then looks her over.

Larry: You'll have to excuse me, but I couldn't help notice that there is only one of you darling..

Larry draws out her curves with his hands in the air.

Larry: (cont) I only see one. And it looks fine, so fine.


Miss Parker: Well, I'll have to admit, I do have certain..

She gets closer, whispering in his ear.

Miss Parker: (Cont) ..insatiable appetites.

Larry momentarily turns away and bites down on his knuckles for a moment. He then turns back around.
Miss Parker runs her hand over his shoulder.

Miss Parker: Look, now that we're past the formalities, there is a favor I want to ask.

Larry: Sure, anything.

Miss Parker removes a picture from her purse.

Miss Parker: Have you seen this man?

Larry: Oh yes darling. I have. He's over there in the corner with the blonde.

Larry grabs her by the shoulders while Miss Parker grabs him one handed by his cheeks. Larry puckers up.
She pulls him in closer.

Miss Parker: Didn't your mommy ever teach you about manners?!!


She then pushes him back.

Larry: But honey, I thought...

Jarod notices Miss Parker and quickly hides behind his menu. She approaches.

Miss Parker: There is no use in trying to hide Jarod. We have you surrounded.

Jarod puts his menu back down.

Crissy: Jarod, do you know her? What's this about? Is she your ex?

Jarod: You could say that.

Jarod (cont) If I were you Miss Parker I wouldn't make a move..

Jarod nods toward a patron wearing a badge. Miss Parker looks.

Crissy: Is she trying to hit on you?

Jarod: In a way.

Crissy: I think you should watch it missy! He's mine!

Miss Parker: How touching. Looks like you've got youself a real cat's meow here Jarod.

Jarod: We are getting up and leaving. Don't try anything.

Crissy puts herself in between Miss Parker and Jarod.

Crissy: Yea, dont try anything! Like I said He's mine!

Mr. Lyle approaches with Janet.

Mr. Lyle: Are we missing anything here?

Crissy and Janet become Jealous of each other. Janet points to Mr. Lyle. Crissy sticks out her tongue.

Miss Parker: No. Your just in time. Jarod was just thinking about leaving.

Mr. Lyle: Oh, I dont think he would want to do that now that we are just getting started.

Jarod: You should sit down Sweetheart.

Crissy: Do we have to?

Jarod nods.

Mr. Lyle: Well Jarod, as you can see, this is strictly a numbers game now. So I suggest you sit down
and do as she says.

Jarod: You touch one hair on her head!

Crissy: Dont worry honey. I'm not interested in that sort of 'group' thing.


Mr. Lyle: She doesnt know does she?

Crissy: (To Jarod) Know what? Your not into that sort of thing are you?

Jarod nods no.

Crissy: (cont) ..good. See. How about you Janet?

Janet: No way. I'm not willing to share with anybody!

Mr. Lyle: Oh, would you two just put a pickle in it!


Janet: Well!

Janet gets up and sits next to Crissy. They hug.

Larry approaches.

Larry: Did I just hear someone ask for pickles?

They all reply 'NO!' loudly.

Larry: Sheesh!


Larry walks off.

Mr. Raines comes in dragging along his oxygen tank. They all watch becoming embarrassed.
He makes his way to their table.

Mr. Raines: What in the blue blazes is taking so long? Why are you still here? We need Jarod back now!

Mr. Lyle: It's not going to be as easy as we thought.

Mr.Raines: Any why is that?

Mr. Lyle looks over at a deputy sitting at the next table with a badge clipped to his belt.
Mr. Raines becomes dissapointed while taking a seat.

Broots and Sydney come through the entrance. They stand there for a moment.

Broots: Oh look. Most eveybody is here. Including Jarod.

Sydney: Take a good look Broots. This is the closest the Centre has ever come to having a company picnic!


They then take a seat next to the others. Mr. Parker then walks in with a couple of bodyguards and stands at the entrance.

Mr. Parker: I should have known after all these years this game of cat and mouse was only a ploy so they could just sit around
and spend my money! Well, if you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself!


Mr. Parker and his body guards approach Jarods table.

Mr. Parker: Alright Jarod! Your jig is up!

Jarod: Mr. Parker, your just in time. Won't you join us? This jig is actually just getting started.

Mr. Parker: Why, your awful confident considering the circumstance.

Jarod: I suggest we all sit down and enjoy a meal because it's the last one your going to have outside bars.

Mr. Parker: Alright, get him boys!!

His bodyguards just stand there.

Mr. Parker: Well dont just stand there!!

Jarod: They're not going to do anything for you Mr. Parker.

Mr. Parker: And why is that?

Jarod flashes his badge.

Jarod: Because they work for me.

The rest flash their badges as well.

Jarod: All of them.

The deputy stands up.

Deputy: All right! This is a sting! Your all under arrest!

Mr. Raines: Oh, good greif!


Mr. Parker reaches into his vest and pulls out a walkie talkie.

Mr. Parker: Get me backup! Send in all sweeper teams now!!

Jarod: That wont do you any good either Mr. Parker.

Mr. Parker: Oh, it wont?

Jarod nods no. Outside the window, a bunch of officers step outside their cars in the parking lot
and flash their badges.


Deputy: Ready to take them away Jarod?

Mr. Parker: Wait. Is your offer still good?

Jarod nods.


The room is dimly lit with light music playing in the background. Everybody is eating and drinking.

Mr. Raines is throwing a ton of salt on his meal.

Sydney: You should take it easy on the salt Raines.

Mr. Raines: Like it matters now Sydney?

Mr. Lyle: My compliments to the chef. This is probably the best stir fry I've had in years.

Mr. Lyle puts up his glass in toast.

Broots: (whispers) Hey, Sydney, isn't that from around the time his last wife disappeared?

Sydney covers his mouth with a napkin.

Jarod comes over to Miss Parker.

Jarod: Miss Parker, you havent touched your food.

Miss Parker: Thanks anyway Jarod. I'm not hungry.

Jarod: Considering the circumstances I understand,

Miss Parker: (cont) Jarod, for what its worth, thank you.

Jarod nods. He goes to Mr. Prker.

Jarod: How is it?

Mr. Parker: The best. Look, do I have time for...

He points to a plate loaded with steaks.

jarod nods no.


Jarod: I'm afraid you'll have to get a to go bag Mr. Parker.

Mr. Parker: Had to ask, understand?

Jarod nods. A song plays. Jarod reaches out for Crissy hand. She joins him as they slow dance.


End Notes:

A rememberance of a path I had once crossed in good humor.

Chapter 31: Rendezous on Centaurus Part 1 by Alex
Author's Notes:

A series that introduced me to having a sense of this thing called honor and duty.

Picard season 5 episode 21:

Rendezvous on Centaurus part 1

Teaser by SIMTEC


Jarod is currently still held captive on Centaurus. After hearing news about Khoal's killing of escaped
Pretenders, he begins planning the takedown of the Triumvirate once and for all.


The Enterprise sits stationary facing a dark region in space.

Picard: Admiral's log, stardate 41209.6, we are in interstellar space at the edge of our
own galaxy awaiting a phenomena known as a penumbra.

FULL on some distant celestial bodies just beyond the Enterprise that appear as darkened objects.

Picard: (cont) Despite our long range sensory capabilities, we are still dependant on this phenomena
to help us shed some light on our efforts to map uncharted regions of space.


Captain Ryker, standing at Admiral Picards side, looks toward the viewer. We see these darkened bodies
become even darker as the extreme background begins to slowly light up.

Data: Admiral, the phenomena is begining to take effect.

Picard: Commence with long range optical scanning.

Worf presses a few buttons at his console.

Worf: Aye. Commencing, Sensors active and scanning Admiral.

Picard: Enhance viewer.

Data: Enhancing.

FULL on viewer. We see a series of images as they become brighter, eventually focusing on an endless
series of clusters of galaxies before finally revealing a solar system in particular.

Picard: Data?

Data: Based on intial findings Admiral, it appears.....

Ryker: Data, Appears? Anything we don't know?

Data shakes, then taps his head.

Data: I'm sorry, I've seemed to have malfunctioned.

Picard and Ryker chuckle.

Data: It wasn't my intention to be humorous.

Ryker: I know, Data. But that's what makes it so funny.

Ryker and the rest join in on the laughter. Worf even manages to smile a little before
letting out a growl.

Data: Hmm, I'll have to double check my downloads on the topic and re-evaluate. No,
same conclusion.

Everybody laughs. Data looks over at Jeordi sitting next to him and tries to emulate his smile.
Eveybody laughs again.

Data then follows everybodys lead with the laughter, continuing to fuel the laughter.

Picard: Must be experiencing a temporal anomaly?

Ryker: Not without temporal lobes he isn't!

Everybody laughs, including Data, who has a moment of self reflection as if he is suprised.
Deanna comes to Data and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Deanna: Oh Data, I'm so glad for you! I think you have finally experienced what it is like
to be human.

Data: Am I still fit for duty?

Everybody laughs.

Deanna: How do you feel?

Data: Hmm, okay now I guess. My self diagnostic programming shows no errors.

Ryker: (quietly to Picard) Did you hear that? He guesses?

Picard: Definitely an anomaly. We will have to look into it later.

Picard: (cont) Data, are you okay to proceed?

Data: Yes, Admiral.

Picard: Status report.

Data pushes a few button at the console.

Data: Effects of the phenomena are coming to a close Admiral.

Picard: Geordi?

Geordi pushes a few buttons.

Geordi: Got it. All sectors several parsecs in have been sucessfully mapped

Picard: Worf?

Worf: All long rang scans confirm with findings Admiral.

Picard: Good work everybody.

Everybody breathes a sigh of relief, and begin talking among themselves.

Data: Admiral?

Picard: Yes, Data?

Data: Ships computers indicate a planet within a solar system in the region that
may be habitable.

Ryker looks at Picard.

Ryker: That's good news.

Picard: Indeed.

Everybody becomes excited.

Ryker: Star fleet I'm sure would give you the honor on this one.
What will you call it?

Picard smiles, thinking for a moment.

Picard: Centaurus.

Ryker: Centaurus it is!

Picard: Geordi, set a course for Centaurus, warp factor 3.

Geordi: Aye, setting course.

Geordi sets of few switches.

Geordi: Ready.

Picard: Engage.


The ship whizzes by, becoming just a stretch of light before exploding into
the darkness.




We see various angles on this solar system with its orbiting binary stars.

Next we see a green planet and close in....



A group of people (Romulan decent) are gathered in ragged clothes
talking amongst themselves. A couple of them begin to argue with
each other. They then begin to fight.

A hand reaches out onto one of their shoulders.

NVEID: Stop!

Everybody stops and becomes silent.

NVEID: When are we going to learn?

The two Romulans return to their places.

NVEID: (CON'T) LOOK!...LOOK at where it has only gotten us!
Especially in the end with us here now in this unforsaken
place! This is what Khoal wants..to break us and to see us
break each other! It's understandable that we are upset,
but let it not be with each other! We know about the lies
and the deceptions that have led us here. Khoal may have
used our capabilities to war against our beloved mother-
land, but without us he will no longer be able to suceed!

Romulan 1: But, Nveid, they have what we built! Now it's only a
matter of time!

NVEID: Before they destroy themselves with it! For without us,
they can no longer rebuild! And as long as he cannot
recapture us, it will only be a matter of time. Now,
more than ever, if we stay strong and keep hidden it
will happen!

The Romulans all nod in agreement.

NVEID: Good, I'm glad we can continue to be united. Now I want to add to
that and give you some hope to go along with the purpose.

Nveid raises his staff to the sky.

NVEID: As I speak, a star ship is on its way!

Romulan 2: Here, Nveid?

NVEID: Yes my son.

The crowd begins to chatter excitedly about the news.
Someone from the distances comes running to Nveid.

Romulan 3: Nveid!Nveid!

NVEID: Whats the matter?

Romulan 3: We have failed! They are coming! Khoal is coming for us!

NVEID: All of them?

Romulan 3: Yes. But Jarod is still among them sympathetic to our cause!

NVEID: Good! That means there is still hope. Quick! To your hiding places!

Nveid and his people scatter away to the explosions closing in on them.




The Enterprise races its way through a sea of shooting stars.


Picard: (VO) Admirals log supplemental. We are currently underway to a possible habital
planet I have named Centaurus to confirm our findings and to check for signs of
possible life. In addition Lt. Commander Data has been exhibiting what appears
to be anomalies I can only describe at this point in time as being human.

We are currently running a battery of tests to determine if this is indeed an
anomaly or something much more to be desired.


EXT - SPACE - Centaurus

Establishing shot of the green gaseous planet. We ZOOM in on a continent and eventually
focus on a building like structure.


Khoal (Mr. Lyle) stands there looking down at something, rubbing his chin while thinking.
Another Romulan enters.

Romulan #4: Khoal! We've got them!

Khoal: All of them?

Romulan #4 nods.

Khoal: Good.

Another angle: We see Jarod sitting in a chair lowring his head in dissapointment.

Khoal: Prepare them for the chamber!!!

Jarod: NO!!!!!

Khoal: I can't trust them, so they are of no use to me!

Khoal waves his hand at Romulan #4 who then exits.

Jarod: I have done everything you asked!

Khoal: Not everything, Jarod. You told me youwould be able to keep them controlled.
And you..

Jarod: I'm still here aren't I?

Khoal: Somehow with you, seeing isn't necessarily believing. I need to be sure of
your intentions because there are consequences for us all if this fails.

Jarod: There is nothing wrong with my SIM if you follow it exactly as planned! And
if it is to work we are going to need the others!

Khoal: I fathomed that, but it will be up to the Triumvirate to make that call.
Most likely they will make an example out of one of them just to be sure.
If it should come to that, I'll select the one I think is the least productive
to keep the loss minimal.

Jarod becomes angered by that suggestion.

Khoal: (cont) Oh, come on Jarod, you've got to give me some credit, considering the

A display screen suddenly come on, whistling for attention. Khoal presses a button.

Khoal: Yes?

INTERCUT: (Between Khoal and romulan #3 on screen)

Romulan #3: Khoal, we are receiving an encrypted subspace transmission from high

Khoal: Patch it in.

Mutumbo, a Klingon, appears on screen.


Khoal: Mutumbo.

Mutumbo: Khoal, I'm giving you benefit of the doubt by saying you have everything
under control?

Khoal: Of course. We have re-captured all of our pretenders.

Mutumbo: And what of Nveid and his people?

Khoal: They are not needed at this point.

Mutumbo: You realize the consequences...

Khoal: There wont be any. They have served their purpose. Once we take the ship,
we will rendenvous.

Mutumbo: Save your over confidence Khoal until after we've un-done the Federation
alliance! You must eliminate anything that stands in the way of that!

Khoal: What did you have in mind?

Mutumbo: What do you think? Set an example and tie up your loose ends! I'll check
back on your progress!

The display screen turns off.
End Notes:

Solving the time gap and circumstance change and age of cast.

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