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Chapter 2: The Young Komendant by Alex
Author's Notes:

In the original Pretender series, it was discovered Sydney Green and his twin brother Jacob were their family's sole survivors of the holocaust.

In celebration of the Pretenders return and the Pretender Chronicles, The Young Komendant is a story of a young Sydney who helped assist the allies and the German underground as featured here in this episode of Hogans Heroes.

Spoiler: The story takes place at a time when Enigma was finally deciphered. With help from Hogan and his men, Sydney, along with the German underground, ensure a turning point in the war. 

HOGANS HEROES - 'The Young Komendant' - A tP/Centre chronicle FF prequel story

TV script format by SimTec


Hogan and his men are caught trying to slip information to the allies.

Gestapo comes to Stalag 13 to investigate.

Expanded synopsis

A young prisoner named 'Sydney' is forced to work for Gestapo to help code break for

the Nazis. When Hogan and his men are caught trying to slip information to the allies,

they bring in Gestapo and this young 'Sydney' to investigate.

Hogans Heroes – The Young Komendant.’


Stalag 13 prison camp - day

It is a quiet and sunny day. The men all hang around outside of their barracks. Hogan stands near

one of the fences looking up into the sky. The others start taking notice. A few of them approach him.

Newkirk: what’s the matter colonel?

Hogan: It should have been here by now.

Lebeau: What should have been?

Schultz approaches.

Hogan: A plane.

On seeing Schultz, the others try to laugh it off.

Newkirk: An allied warplane making it this far in...here? At this camp? Impossible!

The other men laugh. So does Schultz.

Schultz: Impossible! My word for it e-x-a-c-t-l-y!

Schultz suddenly looses confidence.

Schultz (To Hogan): It is impossible, isn't it Colonel?

Hogan nods. The audience laughs.

Schultz: Good, cause if it was then I would want to know nothing. n-o-t-h-i-n-g!

Audience laughs.

Colonel Klink calls out to Schultz from his office window..

Klink: Schultz!

Schultz: Coming Colonel!

Schultz goes off screen.

Newkirk: Colonel, so what's really going on?

Hogan: Sorry I couldn't tell you guys about this before hand. We've been having trouble

lately with the reliability in deciphering messages coming in from our allies.

Kinchloe: He's right. It's possible our messages are being intercepted and purposely

altered to throw us off.

Lebeau: What does this mean Colonel? Have we been found out?

Hogan: I'm not sure, but in the mean time we've been laying low and staying out of radio

contact just to play it safe for now.

Meanwhile in Klink's office building....

Schultz hurriedly walks up the hallway to Klink’s office. He gets to the door and attempts

to enter, but the door is stuck.

Klink (V.O.): Schultz!

From inside Klink’s office...

Schultz (V.O.): I'm coming Colonel!

Klink smirks. The audience laughs.

Schultz can't open the door, it's stuck shut. Klink gets up and goes to the door.

From the other side, Schultz gets ready to plow the door. Just as he does, Klink opens it.

Schultz winds up lying on top of Klink on the receptionists desk. Another officer then enters seeing

them on top of one another..

The audience laughs. The officer quickly leaves a letter on a table at the door and then exits quickly while

looking back at them.

Audience laughs.

Klink: Would you get off me Schultz! what are you waiting for!!?

Schultz get up quickly.

Schultz: Yes, Colonel. Uh, sorry Colonel!!

Klink: I thought I told you to get someone to fix that already!?

Schultz: You did.

Klink: So what is taking so long?

Schultz: The prisoner I assigned it to is not available at this time, herr komendant.

Klink: Not available? Need I remind you Schultz...this is a prison camp!

They are to do what they are told, no questions asked or else!

Schultz: Sorry Colonel.

Audience laughs.

Klink goes to get the letter the officer brought in.

Klink: So why wasn't he available?

Schultz: He said it would have to wait until after his vacation Colonel.

Audience laughs.

Klink opens the letter.

Klink: Vacation? Where?

Schultz: Paris. But don't worry sir, Hogan assures me he will be back in time

for roll call.

Audience laughs.

Klink: Good. As long as I keep my perfect record for no escapes.

Audience laughs.

Klink becomes concerned.

Schultz: What is it Colonel?

Klink: We are being paid a visit by General Burkhalter from Berlin.

Schultz smiles and get excited.

Schultz: General Burkhalter! Der Furor's right hand man herr komendant?

Klink looks at him worried. Schultz sudenly looses his enthuisiasm.

Schultz: Oh no!

Audience laughs.

Klink: According to this he will be here for inspection. Apparently some of the prisoners are suspected

Of slipping coded messages to the enemy!

Schultz: Oh No herr komendant!!

Klink crushes the letter in his hand.

Klink: Darn you, Hogan!!

The camera CLOSES in on the concerned look on his face.

The audience laughs.





A car makes its way up a road. Inside we see General Burkhalter with a young Sydney...

Burkhalter: If you don't mind my asking young man, what are you reading?

Sydney shows him the front cover..

Sydney: Advanced Cryptanalysis for decoding enemy code herr General.

Burkhalter: Very good choice...

We see a comic page wedged in between the book just before Sydney closes it.

Audience laughs.

Burkhalter grabs a book and hands it to Sydney.

Burkhalter: Here, read this one and get to know it by heart my boy.

Sydney: What's this one about?

Burkhalter: This one's about being strong..a leader..courageous!

Suddenly the car backfires. Burkhalter ducks. The car pulls over. Burkhalter, looks up at Sydney from a bent over position...

Sydney: The coast is clear herr General! The radiator hose went out.

Burkhalter sits back up.

Burkhalter: Oh...

Audience laughs.

Sydney hands Burkhalter his hat. Audience laughs.

Burkhalter takes the hat and smacks the driver on the shoulder with it..

Burkhalter (To Driver): What are you trying to do give me a heart attack!

Driver: Sorry herr General! It was unforceeable! I will fix it emmediately!

Burkhalter: If it isn't I FORCEE 'the front' in your future!

The driver quickly gets out of the car. He opens the hood. Steam comes pouring out.

Burkhalter looks around from inside the car with his head low.

Sydney: Herr General, I will take a look and see if I can help?

Burkhalter: Good man. I will lay low here incase we are attacked.

Burkhalter flashes his gun. Sydney nods and exits car.

The driver looks at the engine in confusion. Sydney comes over and looks under the hood.

Driver: I don't know what's wrong. Herr General will have me shot for this!

Sydney points to something in the engine...

Sydney: You see..there? It caused the hose to blow out. You must have a faulty temperature control thermostat.

Driver: How am I going to fix it?

Sydney: You can't. At least not the thermostat. Remove it and then plug the tear in the hose.
hopefully, if we haven't lost too much coolant we should at least be able to make it to the camp.

Driver: Ok..what about herr general?

Sydney: Don't worry I will explain. You've got time.

Driver: Thank you, young man.

Sydney walks to the back of the car...

Burkhalter: Well?

Sydney: He's working on it now. It shouldn't be more than five minutes.

Burkhalter nods.

Sydney: Herr General..can I..

Sydney points to the woods.

Sydney:..you know.

Burkhalter: Ok, but be quick. And don't wander off too far!

Sydney nods. He heads off into a wooded area walking along a trail. He looks around and takes in the sights,
humming to a song in his head.

Suddenly he hears some leaves shuffle. He goes behind a tree. A man comes out onto the trail and starts running
up it in Sydney's direction...as the man gets closer we see that it's Carter.

They make eye contact with each other..Carter stops. The boy has a red band on his coat. Carter gets on his knee's
and puts his hands behind his neck.

Audience laughs.

Sydney: If you want to escape..

Sydney points back in the direction Carter came from.

Sydney: ..You'll have to go back the opposite way. You are heading toward the camp.

Carter: Stalag 13?

Sydney nods.

Carter: Good. sometimes I'm never sure with this dang thing.

Carter shows him a compass. Audience laughs.

Sydney: If they catch you, you'll be shot.

Carter: Not if I get there before roll call.

Audience laughs.

Sydney: You've done this before?

Carter nods, smiling.

Carter: Oh, yes. Many times.

Carter looks at his watch.

Carter: If you don't mind..

Sydney: Sydney.

Carter: Sydney. I'm Carter, pleased to meet you. I'm running on a tight schedule and I don't want to be the
first to ruin the Komendant's perfect record for no escapes.

Sydney nods. Audience laughs.

Carter: Thanks!

Carter runs off screen. Sydney smiles. Audience laughs again.


A guard in the watch tower sees an approaching vehicle through his binoculars. He calls it in.

Klink comes out of his office and attempts to blow on his whistle. It fizzles. He looks over at Schultz.

Schultz fires a couple of shots. The prisoners quickly assemble at attention, along with the guards.

A bird suddenly falls to the ground in front of them. The prisoners laugh along with the audience.

Klink: Good shot...

Schultz nods.

Klink: ..it could only happen to you..Schultz.

Schultz attempt a response but comes up dry after that remark.

The prisoner and audience laughs.

Klink: Attention all prisoners! It appears we are getting a surprise visit from Gestapo. So lets all be on our
best behavior for herr General Burkhalter. If all goes well we will extend your pool hall hours for the next

The prisoners cheer.

Klink: ..along with extra servings of hash at supper time..

The prisoners cheer. Hogan looks at Lebeau.

Lebeau: (To Hogan) Well, I'm not going to peel 'em!

Hogan looks at Carter.

Carter: Don't look at me! I'm already cooking up something more explosive of my own!

Audience laughs. Lebeau smack Carter on the arm..

Carter: Hey!

Lebeau: Explosive!? My cooking? Watch what you are talking about!

The car makes its way through the gates. As it comes to a stop, it suddenly backfires.
Everybody drops to the ground except Hogan and his men.


Klink: INCOMING! Hogan! Take cover!

Hogan signals his men. They lay on the ground, hesitantly.


The car BACKFIRES again before finally shutting off.

Klink: Oh. False alarm. As you were gentlemen!

Everybody gets back up except Hogan and his men.

Klink: Hogan!

Hogan: Is the coast clear Colonel?

Klink: Yes, Hogan...the coast is clear.


A pair of boots appear beside Hogan.

Burkhalter: As usual Klink, I commend you on maintaining your strict authoritarian discipline on the enemy.

Klink: Why, thank you herr General. I always pride myself on..

Burkhalter interrupts him.

Burkhalter: ..don't push it Klink, pride always go before the fall.


Klink: Uh, yes herr General.

Burkhalter: (To Hogan) So, what do you think Colonel?

Hogan looks at his boots.

Hogan: Could use a little more detail work, sir.


Burkhalter nods.

Hogan snaps his fingers. His men get up. Kinch quickly comes over with a shoe shine box and begins to
work on one of Burkhalters boots.

Burkhalter waves his hand. One of the guards opens the back door of the car.

Burkhalter: Klink, as per the message we sent earlier about the reason for my visit..

Klink: The message? Oh, about that I regret to inform you, herr General, that the courier never made the trip.

Burkhalter: Oh?

Hogan and his men take a keen interest in what is being discussed.

Klink: He was shot and killed, herr General.

Hogans men react positively on hearing that. Burkhalter looks at them. Hogans men suddenly become sympathetic.


Burkhalter looks at Klink questionably. Klink says something in his ear, pointing to Hogans men. Burkhalter nods.


Burkhalter: Oh, yes. Well that's too bad. so, I'm just going to have to tell you here and now then..

Klink: And what is that herr General?

Burkhalter: I have had family visiting recently but I'm going to have to leave for awhile and I'll need you to watch
my nephew while I'm out of town.

Klink: Nephew, her General? I didn't...

Burkhalter: Yes, NEPHEW.

Klink looks at him puzzled. Sydney walk up to them.

Burkhalter: KLINK!

Klink: Oh, yes..that nephew.

Hogan: (To Burkhalter) Dont worry sir, your secret is safe with us.


Hogan: Splitting image of you too.



End Notes:

This story celebrates the pretenders return and the Pretender Chronicles.

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