Alone out there by Haiza Tyri
Summary: Two drabbles about Sydney during "The Paper Clock."
Categories: Character Musing, Quotes, Betrayal, Season 1 Characters: Jarod, Sydney
Genres: Angst, Character Musing
Warnings: None
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Series: Episode Drabbles, Father and Son
Chapters: 2 Completed: No Word count: 207 Read: 5059 Published: 25/06/09 Updated: 25/06/09
Story Notes:
Has anyone noticed that Sydney's early behavior in the first season contradicts some of his revelations in the last season?

1. Verbal betrayal by Haiza Tyri

2. A father's pride by Haiza Tyri

Verbal betrayal by Haiza Tyri

Verbal betrayal

            Sydney worries about Jarod, wandering around in a world he has only known through the violence of simulations. Jarod doesn’t know how to drive, has never used money, has never crossed a city street or walked down a dark alley. Which would be worse, the dangers of the Centre, or the dangers of the outside world? There is no Sydney to protect him out there. He’s like a child, and the world is dangerous to children. Maybe…after all…it’s better here. So he says it.

            “Your home’s here, Jarod. You were never meant to be outside in the world.”

A father's pride by Haiza Tyri

A father's pride

            Sydney worries about Jarod, wandering around in the world out there. But every time he escapes, Sydney can’t restrain his flash of pride. He knows Jarod thinks he betrayed him, a hurt he tries to suppress, but as Miss Parker bolts to the car, shoving him toward the other door, and the car fails to start, Sydney puts his hand up to hide his involuntary chuckle. Jarod had anticipated the Centre. Oh, yes, he gave Sydney his coordinates, but he had everything planned out in case the Centre did exactly what it did. Maybe he’ll survive out there after all.

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