B for Blues by Joel Gomes

Ethan meets a girl with a past as troubled as his own.

This story will be further developed in letters W and X.

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Story Notes:

When I first decided to write this series, I planned every story to be independent. Writing about Ethan was interesting, almost more interesting than Jarod or Miss Parker or the usual characters. It requires a lot more imagination to write about a character you officially know very little about.

I say 'officially' because what we know from Ethan was shown only on two episodes and a movie. The rest is fan made information that the fans accepted as being possibly true. (Take the Baby Parker, for example.)

So far I received two reviews and they all repeat the same idea: continue this story. I am sorry to say, but I will not continue this story. I will, however, write a two part series focusing exclusively on Ethan and another missing character I'm not going to divulge yet. For all you Ethan fans out there, this is the best I can offer. All right, you convinced me. Like I said in the summary, this story will have an unexpected turn farther down the alphabet road. As for the other series I was mentioning, let me finish first what I have.

Thanks for reading me.

1. B for Blues by Joel Gomes

B for Blues by Joel Gomes

B for Blues




It has been almost two years since my brothers found me. Two years since I lost the two people I had always felt as if they were my parents. Two years since Jarod told me that I should accept the voices and learn how to embrace them.

They’re your gift,” he'd said on that subway train.

I never asked to be gifted. I never wanted this, any of this, I wanted to be normal. Being special only made you get hurt. Take Jarod and Miss Parker for example. Even my brother Lyle would be a totally different person if he hadn’t been special. I honestly believe that if Lyle was normal, Raines would never have tortured him like he did, like he did to me, to Jarod, Angelo or Kyle.

I haven't seen Jarod or Miss Parker since the day they both went after Alex. I know they are still safe, but still apart. I also know that they went to the island to discover some of the truth. Mom told me all about that.

I’m the one who knows everything now. I wish I didn't.

I think Sydney knows some of it too, which means he’s aware that the truth can only come out when Jarod and Miss Parker choose not to walk on different sides of the road. My brother told me about his mentor and his upbringing. He didn’t tell me everything, but it was enough to understand the inner conflict he feels toward his former caretaker. It’s a very odd mixture of love, respect and hatred.

I’ve been working at a computer store for the past six months. It's quite an easy task and also one without much headache; that's probably because I don't attend that many clients since I’m usually at the back doing repairs or checking for missing components. Working with people is good, as long as they're not coming to you to complain about things.

All was going seemingly well until three days ago – last Saturday to be more precise. My boss had gone out so he had left me in charge. Apart from some cranky customers, the day had go on just fine.

When I was ready to close for the weekend, a young woman came bursting in, closed the door behind her and tried to catch her breath.

I was just about to close, miss.”

She looked at me – apparently she didn’t realize that anyone was there until that moment – her eyes pleaded for help. “Please...”

Seeing the fear in her eyes, I went to the window, closed down the Venetian blinds and tried to comfort her by putting a hand on her shoulder. She flinched – the same I'd react before I knew about my brothers and how to control my gift.

Relax. You’re safe now.” I smiled at her.

She looked at me and managed to display a tiny smile. “Thank you.”

What can I do to help you?”

Just let me stay here for a while.”

Are you in any danger?”

Look... I don’t want to get you involved.”

I already am. So...”

Noticing her hesitation, I decided to go for a different approach. “Here's an idea. My car’s right out in front. We can go to my place and wait there for a while. How’s that?”

I don’t think––”

Trust me.”

They are probably outside.”

Who’s 'they'?”

Look, this was a bad idea. I’m sorry.”

She turned around and tried to open the door. I caught her arm before she had the chance to do it.. “I said I would help you.”

You don’t know these people. What they’re capable of.”

I don't care.” I really didn't. They couldn't be worse than the people from The Centre. I grinned, the way Jarod some times did, trying to calm her down. “Do you want me to help you or not?”

Do you have any way to get me out without me being seen?”

You can go out by the back door. It leads to an alley. I’ll pick you up there.”

What if something goes wrong?”

You will be fine. Trust me.”

She nodded. “Thank you.”

I turned on the timer – fifteen seconds before the alarm turned on –, exited the store, locked the door and went for my car. As I was about to get in, I felt someone touching my shoulder. I turned around and saw what in all aspects looked like a sweeper, except for the light gray suit, as opposed to the usual black.

Excuse me, sir...” he said.


I’m looking for this girl.” He showed me a picture of the young woman I’d left just a few moments ago. “Have you seen her?”

No. Sorry.”

You haven’t seen her?”

No, I haven’t.”

I saw her entering your store.

You must be mistaken. No one has entered my store for the past two hours.”

Do you mind if I take a look?”

Yes, I do mind. Are you with the police?”

I’m afraid I can’t answer that question.”

Then I’m afraid I can’t let you in. Like I said, I haven’t seen her. Now, if you’ll excuse me...”

I entered the car and turned on the engine, driving away before he had the chance to do whatsoever. I drove two blocks, turned left, drove another two blocks, another left turn, one more block, one last left turn and, finally, a right turn. I stopped at the back door and she entered the car.




I filled two cups with hot-boiling tea and joined her at the table.

Apple and cinnamon. Hope you like it.”

Thanks.” She took a small sip. “For everything. I don’t know how to repay you.”

How about a name, for starters?”

She smiled. “Patricia. You cancall me Tish.”

Nice to meet you, Tish.”

Ethan. That’s a nice name.”

Thanks. I picked it up myself.” She raised her eyebrow, but before she had the chance to ask anything, I questioned her. “Now, why are you running?”

She hesitated. I wanted to help her, but I couldn’t force her to tell me anything she didn’t want to. Finally, she lifted her left sleeve and showed me a number tattooed on her upper arm.

This is my code number. They use it to keep track of me.” She paused. “I’m not like most people, Ethan.”

She took another sip. I reached for her hand and squeezed it, telling her to continue.

I was born and raised at a place called The Institute. Think hell, with nicer furniture.”

Why did they keep you there?”

You’ll probably think I’m crazy...”

Not as much as I once was. Tell me.”

I’m a pretender.”

Her words caught me off guard.

You’re a pretender?”

It was her turn to be surprised. “You know what a pretender is?”

Ever heard of a place called The Centre?”

You came from there?”

Sort of. I was raised by a foster family monitored by its current Chairman. My mother worked there too. She died when I was born. My brothers helped me to escape almost two years ago. One of them is a pretender too.”

Where are they now?”

I don't know. All I know is that they’re safe.”

Suddenly, the front door was kicked open and a group of five men, lead by the look-a-like sweeper, entered my apartment with their weapons drawn. Tish tried to run for the window, but she was caught by two of the men.

Let her go!”

I tried to fight them, but a blow from behind prevented me to do much of anything.

When I woke up, there were no traces of her. Even the cup she used had been washed and stored.


It’s been three days since this happened. Three days since I quit my job and decided to look for her. So far, I got nothing, but one day... One day I’ll get lucky and I’ll see her again.

End Notes:

I never planned to write a sequel to this story, although when I was thinking about general ideas and came up with 'Wandering' as a good title for letter W story, I knew it would have to be about Ethan. Perhaps, I was just fooling myself. Anyway, hope you'll enjoy all the new stories (not to mention the changes I'm making in those already posted).

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