Distant Echo by icd
Summary: Written for the 'Angel'-challenge on Pretender100
wordcount: 130

Categories: Angel Characters: Telling Would Spoil
Genres: Character Musing, Drama
Warnings: None
Challenges: Drabble #52 Angel
Challenges: Drabble #52 Angel
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 126 Read: 2239 Published: 06/03/07 Updated: 06/03/07

1. Chapter 1 by icd

Chapter 1 by icd
A good hundred years separate them, yet they are inextricably tied together:

by name; be it ‘angel’ or ‘Miss Parker’

by blood; the same Parker blood (read: curse) running through their veins.

by longing; being Daddy’s angel and doing everything he asks, everything that’ll help him or what they hope will help him - re-hiding the Scrolls or obtain the box from behind the fire hose on SL-22 (but it wouldn’t open because he accidentally supplied the wrong key).

and ultimately by fate; both dying by their father’s hands - one in a fire, together with the rest of the family, left for the Scrolls’ promise, the other alone, the cold building the Scrolls praised surrounding her, body giving up and finally joining the soul that died long ago.

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