Hitch a ride to misery by icd
Summary: stuck in a situation with little means of escape
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Challenges: #3 10 Word Challenge
Challenges: #3 10 Word Challenge
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Story Notes:
it's a response to Thunderchild's #3 10 Word Challenge and at the same time a 'guess who, guess what' we have going on in the pretender SIM forum

The title is stolen from Greenday's "Misery"

1. Chapter 1 by icd

Chapter 1 by icd
Author's Notes:
So I wrote this while trying to catch my muse. It's short and not really giving away much. Try your hand at finding out what character it is about
She was alone - finally - had managed to break away. It was risky, she knew, but it had been a chance she would have to take. Fear and pain had driven her on, letting her know it was time now: time to crawl away and lick her wounds.

She had danced with the devil and only belatedly understood it was a dance she couldn't win. It had isolated her from the world she had known before, and she would rather have the knowledge of what had happened, what she had allowed to happen, erased from her mind.

It wasn't that easy though. It obviously was something, she would have to live with - or not live with as it stood now.

End Notes:
Comments and feedback welcome as always :)
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