Repercussion by terri_tpfan
Summary: Jarod is back in the Centre... what will the repercussions be
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A sight made for the gods alone by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:
This is the sequel to Mile High Club. You might want to read it first, but you don't really need to. Thanks to Maestra and Giton for all your help. I welcome any feedback. As they say, the good comes with the bad. Oh, I did have dreams/nightmares in bold, but I can't upload it like that. So now dreams/nightmares will be indicated with %% at the start and finish.


"Broots, please tell me you've got something? Anything?" Miss Parker asked, somewhat kindly, as she paced the Tech lab.

"Sorry M-Miss Parker, nothing. You'd think Jarod would be showing off to us, considering he escaped your custody.again." Broots added the last word on in a soft, exasperated tone.

Miss Parker heard his last comment, but was to tried to say anything.

It had been two months since she had let Wonder-boy go. *I wouldn't blame him for not talking to me, after what I did to him.* She let out a sad sigh. No clues, no midnight phone calls, no little packages that blew up in her face. Nothing, zip, nada. Miss Parker was still in 'time out' from the escape. Her father's punishment, seclusion, no 'Good-morning Angel', 'Any news on Jarod?', 'Stay out of this Angel, it doesn't concern you.' Nothing. She was being completely ignored.

Sometimes she imagined that he knew her dirty little secret. That someone had seen her and Jarod have sex. But her father would be doing more than not talking to her.

*What am I going to do? If I don't find a lead on Jarod soon, our lives will be in danger. What good are a Huntress, a Shrink and a Techie, if they can't do their jobs? Maybe I was to hard on him? Maybe I shouldn't have said the things I said? NO, wait. I had to say the things I said, to stay safe. If I had let genius think that there was even the slightest hint of feelings between us, I would have been doomed.*

"Miss Parker, Miss Parker, are you alright?"

Miss Parker came back to the world of the living dead. (Meaning them, if they didn't find Jarod.)

"Mm, what?"

"Are you alright Miss Parker?"

"Fine," She snapped a little to harshly. "What did you want?"

"I - um, I found Jarod."

Miss Parker's head shot up to read the computer screen.



"Now are you going to tell me the truth Dickson?"

"Go to hell Jarod!!" Dickson yelled.

"Been there, done that." Jarod replied causally.

"What do you want from me?"

"Other than the truth?" Jarod raised his eyebrows, "Nothing."

Jarod had pretended to be a receptionist at a law firm. Apparently Dickson, the lawyer, had been purposely losing certain cases to get a substantial deposit from the other side.

Jarod decided to get Dickson to the roof of their law firm, and just simply hold a gun on the man. He was starting to get over the whole revenge on a grand scale thing.

After a moment of silence, Jarod cocked the gun.

"Fine, have it your way."

Jarod fired a shot, hitting Dickson in his thigh, narrowly missing the femoral artery.

"Shall we try this again?" Jarod asked, raising an eyebrow, aiming the gun a little higher.

"Alright, alright!" Dickson yelled, "I took money from the other firms to lose the cases. Alright I said it, put that god-damn gun away!"

Jarod threw a pair of handcuffs at the bleeding man. With shaking hands, and a deep breath, Dickson cuffed his wrist to a pipe running along the roof.

"The cops should be here" Jarod stoped in mid-sentence. Tilting his head to the side, he heard the sirens of the squad cars approaching. With a satisfied smile, Jarod glared at the scared man as the ambulance came to a screaming halt. The pretender leaned over the edge of the law firm, to see the officers and paramedics quickly enter the busy building. With eyes cold enough to freeze Hell it self, Jarod turned back to Dickson, "Now."

With that said and done Jarod left the roof. Un-aware of the figure watching him leave.


%%%%%%%% Straps were tightened across his chest, restricting his heavy breathing. The smell in the air, god it smelt so good. Sweat, perfume

"You can now consider your self an official member of the very exclusive Mile High Club." The flushed, slightly messed up Parker had purred into his ear.

"Then why am I back in this chair?" He just had to go and brake the magical mood.

"Hello, genius you in there?" Her anger was starting to show.

"If I let you go- one, it would be useless as we are in a plane full of idiotic sweepers and well above the ground. And two, don't you think they'll know it was me?"

"Well, with the both of us we can take over the plane and leave the Centre behind us." Jarod had suggested hopefully, but as always, she had to go and insult him.

"Oh Jarod, don't be so naive, I will give you a chance to escape when we land, that's it. If you don't do it then. well you're stuck at the Centre forever."

The scene changed from the compartment he was strapped in, to him being handcuffed and dragged down the steps.

Hands were all over him, he hated that feeling. Sweepers gripping his arms on either side, Parker holding a gun to his back with a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm not a criminal." He had said, anger pouring out of his mouth.

"Well, you're soon to be locked up like one, Lab-rat." She had hissed back at him.

The pain he felt at her remarks was beyond describing. Why did she have to be so mean to him?

He had seen something shining on the ground three meters in front of him. After a few more steps Parker had pushed him hard, hard enough to go tumbling down to the ground.

"Get moving freak, I want to be back at the Centre ASAP!"

The town car was about fifteen minutes into the drive when it came to a stop.

She had let out a sigh, of relief or anger, he wasn't quite sure.

Parker shot a look at him, knowing he had a paperclip in his hands, then got out of the car to go and find out what was happening.

"What do you mean we are out of gas you moron! It should of been filled before you picked us up!" Was shouted to let him know that this was now up to him.

The freedom he felt when he had managed to get the cuffs of was extraordinary. He had peeked out of the window to see Miss Parker on the phone to the Centre telling them that they were ten more minutes away and to send another car. The door was pulled open just as he went to creep out. Sam stood there.

Fear, panic and dread flooded him. How was he meant to get away with the Sweeper towering over him. The uncuffed Pretender stared up in awe at the man, as he stepped aside and went to join the other Sweepers, distracting them.

"Go get the freak and keep him under guard." She ordered the Sweepers.

"What do you mean he's gone? Find him, you idiots!!'

He could hear her shouting even as he ran further into the woods.

All he felt was terror and adrenaline as he pushed his body beyond its limits. The pain in his legs only making him go further.

Gunshots! Lots of gunshots.

God, they we were closing in on him!! He let out a whimper of pain as a bullet tore through his flesh. Clutching his shoulder he ran faster than he thought humanly possible.

Pain was shooting all through him as he tumbled to the ground, slicing his hands on a sharp stick. He froze when he heard foot steps behind him. He slowly turned and looked up to find Sam towering down at him.

"Anything there boss?!" Was shouted in their direction.

"No! Go back to Miss Parker for further orders!" Was shouted back.

The bulky Sweeper bent over him and pulled him up by his dirty and torn pilot uniform.

"Stay away from her! If I find out you slept with her again I will personally drag your sorry ass to Raines himself. Am I understood?"

Sam might as well have just slapped him across the face with that comment.

A little to afraid to ask, but he did any way.

"How-how did y-you know?" He stuttered un-characteristically

"The jets are now equipped with surveillance since your last escape. I have the only copy you'll find on or off the computers. Go! And stay away from her, I mean it, I will not hesitate to make good on my threat!" Sam whispered harshly.


"I don't want Mr Lyle or Raines to torture you and find out."

With that said, he was pushed back to the ground roughly, only to watch the Sweeper leave.

"Stay away from her." Sam tossed over his should as he walked away from the frightened pretender.

He had tried to stand and keep moving but he hadn't slept for nearly 48 hours. Combine that with the blood loss and the utter exhaustion, mental and physical, he couldn't go anywhere.

He was so tired, overwhelmed and confused, with no energy left, he succumbed to the exhaustion and blacked out.



Jarod woke up breathing heavily. He always had the same nightmare, ever since the day he escaped.

Well, closer to being let go. He knew that it was Miss Parker that had dropped the paperclip. She had also pushed him to the ground purposely, so he could pick it up. But Sam, still it amazed him that he had let him go. If it wasn't for Sam's loyalty and protectiveness towards Miss Parker, he would be back in hell.

Jarod got up out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. It was 3:30 am, he couldn't go back to sleep now. So Jarod decide to make some coffee and start to pack.

He really had no need to leave so soon as the Centre had no way of finding him, but there was nothing left here for him.


Miss Parker had left an hour after Broots had told her where to find the missing pretender. After landing on the Centre's personal air strip, she had meet with a Sweeper who gave her, her car.

They had found out that Jarod was working at a law firm called Dickson and Sedgwick. Jarod was operating under the name of Jarod Cordy.

When she arrived at the law firm and asked to speak with 'Mr Cordy', she was told that he was last seen heading to the roof after Mr Dickson. So she followed, hoping to catch Jarod before he left. Instead she had seen a very disturbing scene


Miss Parker wasn't prepared to see Jarod holding Mr Dickson at gunpoint, or for him to shoot the other man. He seemed so calm about it, so comfortable with shooting Dickson, it scared her. What happened to the caring Jarod they knew would not hurt someone intentionally. Unless in self-defence?

Once Jarod had the other man cuffed and called the police, he left, with Parker following.

It was knock-off time, almost everyone was leaving, Jarod followed the crowd exiting the building, discreetly disposing of the used fire arm in a rubbish bin along the way. Miss Parker used this to her advantage, weaving in and out of the workers, always hiding her face.

Jarod managed to get past the officers there to arrest Dickson, and walked out on to the street. Parker followed the pretender, keeping to the shadows of the slowly setting sun.

Jarod had gotten into a dark navy blue Ford Focus, neatly pulling from the curb, he hadn't noticed Miss Parker pull out after him.

Miss Parker had to be careful following him. She had decided to drive her car which she only used occasionally. She loved her dark forest green Boxter, she would only use it for special occasions, she hadn't seen to many around since she brought hers. Miss parkers theory was that, as it isn't a popular choice of car, if Jarod was paying attention, he would of seen her sticking out like a sore thumb. Therefore she kept three cars behind, sometimes two, and followed him to his lair. Jarod surprised her yet again when, instead of leaving straight away as usual, he went to bed.

*What's with him, is he on drugs or something?* Miss Parker pushed that thought away instantly. Jarod would never voluntarily take drugs, not since they forced the drug testing on him when he was a kid.

She stayed away for a few hours, until she knew he was asleep.

Ever so quietly, she picked the lock and let herself in. Miss Parker knew Jarod was a very light sleeper, when he did sleep.

She crept into Jarod's room and stood at the foot of his bed, just watching him sleep. Jarod was tossing and turning a bit, enough to let Miss Parker know, he was dreaming something not to pleasant.

"I'm not a criminal." She heard him whisper and knew exactly what he was dreaming about.

Jarod's breathing quickened and sweat started to drip down his face. Miss Parker saw Jarod clench his shoulder and a pained look sweep his features.

*So that's where James shot him.*

Miss Parker knew he would wake soon so she left his room, and went to wait in the lounge room.

She didn't have to wait too long. Parker could hear the water in the bathroom running, then footsteps to the kitchen.


Jarod trudged into the kitchen to prepare some strong coffee. Dressed in only his Calvin Klein hipster trunks, Jarod was a sight made for the gods alone. He still had sweat on his chest and back from his nightmare, making him look as if he had just finished working out. His underwear sat snug against him, showing off all that was needed for a vivid fantasy. Jarods trunks sat just at the start of his hips, showing off some of his V and his snail trail.

He had just poured himself a cup, when he heard the all to familiar sound of the safety being clicked off.

Slowly, Jarod turned around to be meet by a smiling, armed Miss Parker.


Not So Good Morning by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:
Sorry guys for the delay, I forgot all about Rep being on here. Well here is the next chap, if people annoy me, it just will remind me to post more :D
Jarod slowly, carefully turned around. There, in front of him, stood Miss Parker with her 9 mm aimed at his bare chest. She wore her own version of his gotcha grin.

Damn, he's fine! What does he do? Lift trucks for a living? Miss Parker mentally shook her head. Now was not the time to be admiring his physique, no matter how damn delicious it might be.

"Good morning Jarod." Miss Parker greeted with a somewhat bored tone.

"Miss Parker." Jarod nodded his head in response. "What brings you to Maine this fine morning?"

"Why, to cart your sorry ass back home."

"That is not my home!" Jarod said, raising his voice a little higher, letting out some of his anger.

"Of course it is Lab-rat, you've spent nearly all of your life there and now you'll be spending the rest in Hell as well." Miss Parker replied back, she was now truly bored with him. "Turn around and put your hands on your head. Fingers laced."

Jarod stood still, he was not going back there.

Miss Parker took notice of his reluctance to do as she told him, so she thought an incentive was in order. Out of her coat pocket, she pulled a silencer. After lowering her gun slightly and screwing it on, taking off the safety, she aimed the gun back at his chest.

"Don't you think I wouldn't shoot you if I had too?"

"You've never shot me before."

"Well lets keep it that way shall we? Now turn around and put your hands on your head!" Miss Parker was starting to lose her patience.

Jarod heard the whoosh of the bullet and felt the air pushed against his face, as the bullet flew by and slammed into the wall. He turned around slightly to look at the tiled wall of the kitchen. Sure enough, he hadn't imagined the bullet. The tiles had a spider web around the small bullet hole.

Jarod decided not to push her. They were both tired, he hadn't slept much because of the nightmares, and her because he knew she hadn't slept since yesterday morning.

He turned around slowly and put his hands on his head. On the bench in front of him was his steaming hot coffee. He would give anything just to have a sip.

Jarod felt the cold metal of the cuff around his right wrist. His arms were roughly pulled down as she cuffed his left wrist. Jarod slowly turned around to face his captor again.

"Please Miss Parker, I…" Jarod began, he hated to beg, but he couldn't face what would be waiting back at the Centre for him.

"No Jarod, don't. Did I not warn you the last time we meet, that I would not let you go again?"


"No. I will not even discuss this. You belong there, not out here, your their science experiment, nothing more. You'll never be anything but their precious Lab-rat so get it through that head of yours." Miss Parker hissed cruelly, "Now sit your sorry ass down!"

"I am not their science experiment any more!" The look in Jarod’s eyes was murderous, "I am a human being. I have feelings, despite what you people may think. I don't belong in the sub-levels of the Centre, I belong out here, helping people! I belong with my family, I deserve a life," Jarod seethed,

"Can't you understand that Miss Parker? Can't you understand that I just want to be loved, that I want to be free, that I want a family? Is it to hard to comprehend that I just want to be normal, to live my own life? Don't you remember when we were children, you once said that we all deserve to be happy and loved?" The anger had dissipated and left only a heart breaking sadness


"Jarod, are you in here?" Young Miss Parker asked as she stuck her head into his small room.

"Miss Parker?" Jarod asked as he sat up on his bed and wiped away his tears.

This didn't go unnoticed by the young girl.

"Jarod what's the matter, why were you crying?" The concern was evident in her voice.

"I wasn't, I was just..." Jarod looked up at Parker and saw the concern and love she had for him in her eyes, "I miss my family, I can't even remember what they look like! What did I do to them that was so bad, that they would send me away to live here? I can't remember who I am or who they are?"

Miss Parker hugged the crying boy.

"Shhh, it's okay."

"No its not," Jarod had said, pushing away from her, "I don't deserve your love or sympathy. I don't deserve to be happy ever!! I did something really bad to be sent here, I don't deserve anything!" Jarod yelled.

"Now Jarod, you listen to me! Everyone deserves to be happy and loved. It doesn't matter what you think you did, I will always make sure you're happy and loved."

"Thank you Miss Parker."


"Jarod, I'm not that little girl any more. I grew up, I returned to reality. Now sit down."

The Pretender lowered his head in defeat and slowly walked over to the couch in the lounge room. Miss Parker followed and sat across from him in the chair, her gun never leaving it's target.

"Why were you crying that day? What happened to you, to make you think that you had been bad enough to be sent to the Centre?"

Jarod let out an exhausted sigh and shook his head.

"And why would you care Miss Parker?" Jarod asked sadly

He's so sad, so depressed. Miss Parker couldn't help but to notice how sad he was, but that wouldn't change anything.

"Fine! Don't tell me then."

Miss Parker didn't know if it was her tone of voice, the reverse psychology or the fact that Jarod was happy that she took an interest in him, that he answered.

Without raising his head from his chest Jarod answered, "I was working with a different doctor that day, I had worked with him on a couple of other occasions. I couldn't do the SIM he was asking of me. I could do it now if I wanted to, but for me back then, it was extremely difficult. DR Mathews got mad at me, he hit me, hard enough to send me to the ground. I was so close to tears, the only other times I had been hit was from your father, when he found us laughing together, thinking that I was doing something I shouldn't be. Having fun. And by Raines, of course, for talking back.

But not like this, it was so hard and un-called for. I stood up, not touching my face, not showing my tears and glared back at him. I told him that it was too hard, I couldn't do it. So he grabbed me by the hair and threw me across the room, yelling at me. Apparently I was a spoiled brat, and when that had no effect on me, he tried something else." Jarod closed his eyes for a moment, trying to remember the exact words.

"He had said, "No wonder your parents sent you here! I thought what you did to them was a lie, that no kid could ever do something that terrible and mean. That you were just a little kid, that you would never do it, but the way you are acting today, proves them right." He just looked down at me and shook his head, before he turned to leave he had said, "No wonder no-one loves you, you don't deserve to be loved or happy. Ever." Then he left."

Thinking back, Miss Parker had remembered seeing a slight purple on his cheek bone. Man, she hated it when people hit kids. They can't defend themselves even if they wanted to.

Miss Parker let out a yawn, glancing at her watch, she realised it was almost 4:30 am. She would have to go to bed very soon, if not now. Getting up, Miss Parker grabbed Jarod’s arm, pulling him up.

"Where are we going?" Jarod asked, trying to hide the fear in his voice, not succeeding entirely.

"Relax Franken-boy, we're just going to bed."


Once in Jarod’s spacious room, Miss Parker looked around. How the hell was she going to secure Jarod and be able to sleep worry free?

The only thing to come to mind was for him to sleep with her.

"Get on the bed, rat-boy." Miss Parker ordered. Jarod happily obeyed.

Better than sleeping on the floor. Jarod's hands were cuffed to the cast iron head frame. Parker striped off her stockings to use them to secure Wonder-boy's legs. After Jarod was safely tied down, with no risk off escaping, (she had even went so far as to checking under the bed for anything to use to pick the locks and removing anything and everything from the bedside table) Miss Parker left to change.

She had rummaged through the few items of Jarod’s clothing and found one of his black T-shirts to wear. It hung loosely from her small frame, ending at her knees. Miss Parker couldn't help but to smell him on it. Ocean's breeze and innocence, just like he had smelt on the plane not too long ago.

Miss Parker climbed back into bed, pulling the covers up to her chin.

"May I please have some blanket?" Jarod asked softly.

He was shaking, Miss Parker wasn't sure if it was because of being cold, or scared of his fate. Miss Parker turned over and pulled the blankets from under Jarod’s body and covered him with them. Turning to face away from him, she tried to go to sleep.

Ten minutes had passed before Jarod thought it was safe enough to annoy her.

"Why do you hate me?"

Letting out a heave sigh, she answered him, "I don't hate you."

"Then why do you call me those names?"

"Because you deserve them."

"How? What did I do to you to deserve them?"

"Everything." Miss Parker was starting to get mad at him, couldn't he leave anything alone?

"I didn't do anything to you."

Raising up into a sitting position, she glared down at the pretender.

"Everything that has happened in my life is a result of you. From the smallest thing to major events, all somehow can be traced back to you!"

"Like what?"

Miss Parker just shook her head sadly and laid back down, her back facing him.

After a few minutes of silence, she thought that maybe, she might be able to get some sleep before the sun rose. Jarod obviously had another idea.

"Miss Parker."

"That's it! If you don't shut the hell up immediately I will gag you!"


"Come now Jarod, it's time for your medical."

"I don't want to go. I hate needles."

"I don't care, I said come now boy." The man growled.

"Yes DR Mathews."

Jarod meekly got off of his bed and followed the order.

"Almost done Jarod, I just need some blood. Can I please have your arm?" The nurse asked the boy gently.

Jarod clutched his arm to his chest, shaking his head no.

"Please Jarod, I wont hurt you, I promise." She said gently, trying not to scare the boy any more than he already was.

Jarod shook his head.

"Jarod please, before the doctor comes back."

Jarod glanced at the door, but still refused to give the nurse his arm.

DR Mathews walked in, seeing Jarod clutching his arm and the nurse holding an empty syringe.

"Won't the boy allow you to take the required materials?

"No, he's scared of needles." The nurse said, trying hard to protect the terrified boy.

"Give her your arm boy."

And when Jarod had refused to do as he was told, Mathews grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled his arm, hard enough for Jarod to scream in pain. The nurse quickly and gently took the blood.

"See that wasn't so bad was it? I have a few more things I need to do, than he should be ready to leave. DR Mathews, if you would release the boys arm I can finish."

After squeezing his wrist one last time, DR Mathews let Jarod’s arm go and left the room, closing the door behind him.

"Are you alright Jarod? May I please see your arm," The nurse had said softly with love and concern in her voice.

Jarod had found his arm stretching out to the nurse without knowing it. After poking and turning it a bit, she declared that, though it would bruise, it wasn't broken and would be fine.

Assuming the nurse had finished the medical, Jarod slid off of the examining table. Before he had a chance to leave and get change, she had taken a hold of his face and turned it to the light.

"Where did you get this bruise Jarod?"

All Jarod did to answer was to look at the door DR Mathews and just walked from.

"I see, I'll be sure to tell DR Sydney of this when he returns. Jarod, one last thing. If you ever need someone to talk to, or need help, I will always be here for you. You need not fear me, even if you just need someone to comfort you ok?" She pulled Jarod into a hug and held him until the shaking in the boy's body had left.

For the first time since he had arrived, Jarod spoke, "Thank you nurse." There was so much emotion in his voice, she had tears filling her eyes.

Jarod quietly walked back to his room, he knew there would be punishment for what he did. There always was if you disobeyed DR Mathews.

As soon as the door shut behind the couple, Jarod was thrown to the ground by a backhand.

"How dare you disobey me! Especially in front of others!" Mathews growled at the frighten boy.

Jarod would not let them see fear, he stood up on his shaking legs, and glared back at him.

Jarod was punched in the face, his lip splitting. The doctor hated independent thought. Jarod was belted until he laid on the ground, in a fetal position, crying.

"Do not disobey me. Ever. Understood?"

The only answer was crying. Which earned Jarod one last kick in the back. After a whimper of pain, the crying continued.

"I'm warning you, if you don't quit that babbling, I will gag you!" Mathews threatened.

Oh he tried, god did he try. But the sounds that were coming out of him were beyond his control.

DR Mathews left the room for a minute returning with two pieces of cloth. One was stuffed into the boy's mouth and the other was used to hold it in place. Then his hands were cuffed together behind his back.

"I will return, I expect you to have quit that whining and be ready for a SIM." With that Mathews left the terrified boy alone in the dark.


Miss Parker turned to Jarod who had started to shake again and was whimpering. She sat up slowly and glanced into his eyes, they were sparkling with unshed tears.

"Jarod?" Miss Parker asked softly yet with a distance in her tone. Miss Parker would not allow Jarod to see how much his behaviour was scaring her. She placed a hand on his face only to have him jerk away.

"I'll be-be quite, no more whining." With that, he turned his head and squeezed his eyes shut tight.

As long as he is quiet, I might as well get some sleep.


The sun was just rising when Jarod woke up. He felt a warm weight across his chest and waist. He tried to sit up but found he was restrained. That's when Jarod remembered what happened earlier this morning.

Lifting his head off of the pillow, he glanced down to see Miss Parker's head laying on his chest with her arm wrapped lightly across his stomach. Not wanting to wake her, Jarod laid his head back down and fell back to sleep with a smile upon his lips.


Miss Parker woke to movement. Glancing over, she saw Jarod violently tossing around. Sitting up, Parker glanced down at the troubled man. Jarod was having one hell of a nightmare. The pretender's face was slick with sweat, he had tears making rivers on his checks, his brow wrinkled with pain.

Jarod was whimpering one second, mumbling something the next. Without warning Jarod's eyes flew open, revealing the utter terror and panic he felt, as he screamed out Parker's name.

The frighten man tried to sit up, and was confused when he couldn't. His eye's darted around the room, desperately trying to work out where he was, why he was tied down, and who, if anyone, was with him. Jarod's wide eye's only grew wider, when he noticed Parker sitting next to him. It took the pretender a second, but he finally, with some relief, remembered what was going on.

"Are you quite done yet?" Miss Parker asked without feeling.

Jarod frowned in anger. Maybe she was right, maybe the little girl he feel in love with didn't exist any more.

"Well?" Miss Parker asked impatiently.

Jarod just turned his head away, trying desperately to get the images out of his head. But they stayed, they persisted on haunting him, even though he was awake.


It was 08:30 by the time Miss Parker emerged from the bathroom. She had no choice but to wear her suit from yesterday, either that or wear Jarod's clothing and that was out of the question.

She donned a pair of black, lace up, shin high, stiletto boots, a black skirt that fell to just above her knees, the rest of her legs covered in tanned stockings that were previously used to bind Jarod’s legs. Miss Parker's red, silk shirt, laced up at the front in the same style as the boots. Finishing with her black fitted jacket, that was left open, sitting just below her hips.

Walking over to Jarod, she had a little look-see. Her eyes running up and down his well built body.

"What do you want Parker?" Jarod interrupted her perving session. His voice held venom and hatred, Miss Parker even picked up on the small amount of sadness.

"To get going. I inspected the bathroom while I was in there. I have taken out anything you could use to escape. If you wish, you now may have a shower."

Looking at Miss Parker, all re-freshed, than the bathroom door, he made his mind up. One hand held his sticky, hot, dirty body, the other held his clean, fresh, relaxed body. It wasn't a hard decision.

"Please." Was all the answer Parker got.

Leaning over Jarod's head, she removed the cuffs.

I wonder if she did that on purpose. An eye for an eye. Elle Macpherson, I gather.

While leaning over, Miss Parker had given Jarod an eye full, he saw right down her shirt. Standing back up, Jarod sighed sadly, he was enjoying the show.

"Go and be quick, in 10 minutes, if your not out, I'm coming in."

Jarod slowly sat up and stretched. He could see the warm, moist steam still exiting the small room. The smell of his body-wash, the warmth from Parker's shower, the relaxation from the water, all beckoned him to enter and indulge.
Shopping Trip by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:

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 The underline writing is a song, which i do not own or making money from, italics is her remembering. 

Steaming hot water, the smell of coconut, the relaxation...

All he needed now was Miss Parker naked in front of him and his morning was complete. Well, aside from the whole captured and begin returning to Van Dieman’s Land that is. Van Dieman’s Land was where they originally sent the worst of the convicts that arrived in New Holland. And the way the Centre treated him, he felt the convict’s were better off. But for now, he was going to enjoy his shower.

The hot water pelted down on his back. Jarod had his hands up against the tiles, savouring the mix of cool against hot. The rhythmical beating from the water on his back soothed the sore muscles and helped the pretender to relax. Remembering that Miss Parker only had giving him 10 minutes, he got to work.

Grabbing the sponge, Jarod poured some of his coconut body-wash on to it. Man, did he love the smell of coconut. It had always reminded him of the sun and beach. Jarod would imagine going of to some tropical island, bathing in the sun and waves, digging his feet into the soft sand. Paradise.

Banging on the door brought Jarod out of his mini pretend.

"You have three minutes to finish in there before I drag your sorry wet ass out!" Miss Parker yelled through the closed door.

She really needs to learn how to be more patient.
Letting out a sad sigh, Jarod reluctantly turned off the water. Stepping out off the shower, the pretender grabbed a dry towel and wrapped it around his waist. Looking in the mirror, Jarod decided that a shave was in order.

He was half way through shaving when the door flew open. Startled, Jarod accidentally cut himself.

"Ow! That hurt!"

"Stop your whining and get dressed now, we are leaving." Miss Parker ordered, ignoring the blood steadily seeping out from the cut on Jarod’s neck.

"Can I at least finish shaving? You wouldn’t want me looking all grubby when I see father dear, would you?" Jarod shot at her, letting his anger show at the situation.

"Make it quick."

Jarod waited untill Miss Parker left, but apparently she had another idea.

"Can I have some privacy?"

Her icy glare was his only answer.

Looking down at the razor in his hands, then back up at Parker, Jarod tried to work out if he could use it against her. Quickly running a few SIM’s through his head he decided, probably not.

I could get to her if I reacted while shaving, just before she pulls the gun... but I might hurt her. I don’t want to have to hold her in a choke grip with the razor against her throat. What would happen if I slip on the wet floor? Could I even get to her before she pulls her gun?

With a sigh, he turned around and finished his job. Miss Parker seemed to want to stay while he got dressed too. Jarod hadn’t thought about his clothes, he just wanted to be washed and clean. It was Parker who brought clean clothes in with her for Jarod to change into.

"I suppose it’s still a no to that privacy thing huh?"

Miss Parker dropped his clothes onto the floor at his feet.

With yet another sigh, Jarod picked them up, turned around and quickly got dressed. With Miss Parker watching him, hand on her gun at her back, Jarod felt like he was already at the Centre, eye’s constantly on him. The pretender would normally have made a show, teasing Parker like he always did, but this was far from a happy, fun situation.

When the pretender finished dressing, he quickly grabbed his gel out of his toiletry bag on the counter, and spiked his messy hair. Jarod was about to grab his toothbrush when a hand on his forearm stopped him.

"No, we are leaving, take a mint instead." Miss Parker ordered.


The DSA reader and Jarod’s duffle bag were unceremoniously thrown in the boot. Jarod was seated in the passenger seat, his hand cuffed to the door handle. Miss Parker started the lowered car, pulling smoothly out of the driveway.

"Miss Parker?" Jarod asked over the wind.

"What is it rat-boy?" She hissed cruelly, Jarod tried not to flinch at the remark.

"Can we stop somewhere for breakfast? I haven’t eaten since..."

"I really don't care when you ate last."

"I’ll shout you." Jarod hoped this would persuade her into stopping.

Jarod last ate two days earlier and that was at lunch. He had been so busy with figuring out the last pieces of evidence he had simply forgotten to eat. The pretender’s stomach let out a loud rumble, his face coloured a bit in embarrassment, hoping Miss Parker hadn’t heard.

Miss Parker turned her head at Jarod, he wore a cocky grin.

"Jarod this trip will not be all fun and games, understood? I don’t want any smart-ass teasing, any little mind games or any little remark. I want complete silence am I clear?" Miss Parker asked turning her eyes back to the road a head.

"I’ll will promise to keep quite the whole time if we just stop for food. I’m starving." And that was no lie.

"Get use to it," Miss Parker mumbled under her breath. Jarod still heard.

"Look Miss Parker, I know that you have no choice but to take me back to Lucifer’s home, but please just grant me this. Just one nice thing from you and I’ll be happy, and all you will have to do is pull up to where the food is."

Parker stole a quick glance at him. He was almost begging, those puppy dog browns were doing their magic once again.

God he must be hungry to almost beg! Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten since breakfast yesterday.

"Fine!" She gave in.

Jarod let a triumphant smile cover his face.

They were still in Sorrento, the town was fairly big and they had only just started to drive when boy-wonder started to complain.

"I’m not eating that junk you do. If you want to eat, it will be something healthy."

Miss Parker spotted a supermarket and pulled into the car park. Getting out of the car, Miss Parker walked over to Jarod’s side. Using the key to the handcuffs, she undid the cuff fastened onto the handle. Locking the spare cuff to Jarod’s free wrist and tightening both until they cut into his wrists, she ordered him to get out.

After Miss Parker had placed Jarod’s leather jacket over his chained wrists, they started towards the entrance.

"Don’t even try anything Jarod or so help me god..."

"I may want my freedom, but I am not willing to risk getting innocents hurt in the process of acquiring it." The pretender responded darkly.

"Just be sure to keep that in mind if you do get the urge to run."


Jarod had been given the basket to carry in his hands, while Miss Parker had her arm looped through the crook of his arm. They looked like a happy couple to anyone walking passed. Heading straight to the produce department, Miss Parker tried to steer Jarod away from the doughnuts hanging on an impulse rack.

"I said healthy Jarod, the doughnuts are staying!"

Miss Parker grabbed two granny smith apples and a punnet of strawberries, before dragging the man to the bakery section.

Once again, she had to remind Jarod they were eating healthy and to stay away from the cakes, doughnuts and other assorted sweets. Picking up a two pack of bagels and placing them into the basket with the fruits, they continued on their journey.

Arm in arm, the two walked to the back of the store to the fridges for a drink.

"Apple and guava or orange?" Parker asked looking at the juices.

"Chocolate milk?" Jarod asked hopefully.

"Hey, genius, how many times must I say this..." Before she could finish, the pretender did it for her.

"We are eating healthy. But the way I see it, it is healthy."

Raising an eye brow, Miss Parker read from the nutritional table on the back.

"It contains 18.4 grams of fat per 600 ml. Now, tell me again, how that is healthy?" Miss Parker asked genuinely interested in what he would say.

"If you take into the account of how much calcium there is in milk, as well as the sodium and protein, the drink it self would be suitable for breakfast by itself. Then if you combine the milk with the substances of the chocolate..."

Miss Parker gave in.

"Alright, have the damned milk for all I care."

Jarod’s face lit up like he had just won lotto.

Heading back to the checkout, Parker made a quick stop in two of the aisles, to grab a small jar of apricot jam and some plastic plates and knives.

Just as Miss Parker was about to pick up the plastic plates, Jarod stoped her.



"Can you please get the paper plates?" Jarod asked.


"More environmentally friendly." Jarod said with a grin.

"Do I look like I really care about the damned whales?"

"Come on..." Jarod pushed, "Plus, they are cheaper."

Sighing, Miss Parker grabbed the paper plates and dragged Jarod on.

Who in god’s name designed this damn shop! Apparently, not anyone who has meet Jarod!

Miss Parker thought angrily. Across from the drinks were the ice-cream and frozen desserts. Down the aisle with the plastic plates and knives were soft drink and chips, Oh no! New discoveries!, went through her head. Leaving that aisle as fast as possible, she went to collect the jam. Much to her dismay, the jam was down the same aisle as the candy.

Every three seconds, boy-wonder’s face would light up with delight, every five seconds it would fall with disappointment. This went on until Miss Parker had managed to get the jam and leave the aisle almost running.


After paying for their groceries, Miss Parker drove to the closest park to eat. It was such a beautiful day and Miss Parker would become a nun before she ate anything in her car. Jarod didn’t argue with her over this one. What more could a man ask for, eating breakfast at the park with a beautiful women and chocolate milk.

Miss Parker had to find a quite, secluded spot for them to eat. She wouldn’t risk taking the handcuffs off of him, but she couldn’t have anyone seeing Jarod in them either.

The pretender had pointed out an amazing spot. There was an enormous oak tree standing tall, covering the ground with the shade cast by the branches. The rest of the surrounding area was left open, allowing the nearly noon sun to shine down. The grass was soft and slightly moist to touch but that didn’t stop them.

Miss Parker took Jarod’s jacket and laid it down on the grass, sitting down on it with her legs folded to her side. Jarod dropped to the ground, his bum hitting with a soft thump. Not very graceful at all.

Miss Parker unpacked their bag of treats, handing Jarod his half. The hungry man wasted no time eating it. The bagel was gone before he even put any jam on it, then went the apple. Drinking his milk more carefully than he ate his food, Jarod proceeded to eat his strawberries at a slightly slower rate, than the rest of his food.

Miss Parker stared dumbfounded at him, she had never seen someone eat so fast! After spreading the jam onto her bagel, Miss Parker offered it to Jarod. The poor man just stared at her like she just turned into a frog. Surprise and confusion was written all over his face.

"Are you gonna eat it or just stare at me all day?" Parker couldn’t help to let the amusement show.


My god! He’s speechless!

"Well?" Miss Parker asked, trying hard not to burst into a fit of laughter. What was so hard to comprehend that she was giving him her bagel. And they thought he was a genius!


Jarod finally snapped out of his trance, he must have looked like an idiot! But still why on god’s green earth was the ice queen giving him her breakfast?

"Thank you, I think." Jarod slowly reached out awkwardly, his hands still painfully cuffed, to retrieve the offering. Carefully biting into it, he waited for a few minutes before he sallowed. Certain that it wasn’t poisoned in any way, he continued to eat it.

Miss Parker continued to watch the man in amazement. The way he reacted to her offering was hilarious! She could only begin to imagine what had gone through his mind. If she had been him, having the famed ice queen giving the pretender her bagel, Parker was sure she would be shocked and slightly confused too.


Miss Parker had decided to travel via the coast. Granted it was a few hours longer than travelling in land, but she always loved the beach.

It was four in the afternoon, and as unbelievable as it was, Jarod hadn’t uttered a single sound.

Parker shot a look at the silent pretender, to find him with his head hanging out the car. Jarod’s face was tilted upwards towards the sun, hair flowing with the wind. The look on Jarod’s face, along with the smile, blew Parker away! He was in heaven. Never in her life had Miss Parker seen someone so exhilarated because of the wind and sun. Jarod could die now, a happy man, if he wanted to.

Miss Parker wanted to ask Jarod why he was so happy, but found herself just smiling at him instead. She didn’t want to break whatever spell that had fallen upon the pretender.

Jarod had felt himself being scrutinised, sitting up straighter in his seat, he turned to see Miss Parker staring at him. There was curiosity and amazement in her icy blue’s, every couple of seconds, her face would turn towards his.

After a lengthy pause, Jarod asked his question.


"What were you doing?" The ice queen asked curiously.

"I don’t follow." Jarod tilted his head to the side, the way he always did when he felt confused.

"Why were you putting your head out the window like a dog? All you needed was the tongue sticking out and the drool and you could have been one."

"I like the wind." Was the plain answer she had received.

"Enough to stick your head out of a moving car?"

"Yes." Again the answer was simple. Almost like Jarod couldn’t understand her need to question it.


"Aren’t you the nosy one today?"

"Why?" Miss Parker snapped back.

"It makes me feel free. The first storm that I experienced when I escaped was breath-taking. I stood in the rain, face looking up to the heavens. The wind was blowing in strong gusts, I was soaking wet, and freezing, but I didn’t care. The wind on my face made me feel truly free. It does every time I feel it."

Why hadn’t she seen it before? Why hadn’t all the people that had fallen in love with Jarod shown her? This man was... incredible! Anyone who could feel so strongly about the wind on your face, or the sunshine, or life, was.

"Doesn’t it make you feel free Miss Parker?" Jarod asked softly.

"No, it doesn’t. I can’t see how it could."

She didn’t want to talk to the man in the seat next to her any more. Reaching out, Miss Parker turned the radio on.

Everybody needs a little loving,

Everybody needs somebody thinking of them.

Everybody needs a little respect,

And whatever it takes, I’m gonna get it.

Miss Parker stole a glance at Jarod, who’s head was once again out the window. He seamed oblivious to the song, she hadn’t heard it before, but it was quite upbeat. The singer was a lone female, and had a powerful voice.

Everybody needs a hand to hold,

Someone to cling to when the nights are getting cold.

I’m no different, I am just the same,

A player in the game.

Absolutely everybody,

Everybody, everybody.

Absolutely everybody,

In the whole wide world.

Absolutely everybody,

Every boy and girl,

Absolutely everybody,

Every body needs a human touch,

I can’t live without it,

It means too much to me.

Everybody needs one true friend,

Some one who’ll be there ‘til the very end

"Miss Parker, will you be my friend forever and all eternity?"

And absolutely everybody breathes,

And everybody, everybody bleeds.

We’re no different,

We’re all the same.

Players in the game.

"It’s just another piece of the puzzle, Miss Parker."

Absolutely everybody,

Everybody, everybody.

Absolutely everybody,

In the whole wide world.

Everybody breathes,

And everybody needs.

Absolutely everybody.

Every boy and every girl.

Every women and child.

Every father and son,

I said now everyone.

Yes now everyone. Every body needs a human touch,

Everybody, everybody needs love.

I’m no different, I’m just the same,

A player in the game.

"Can’t you understand that Miss Parker? Can’t you understand that I just want to be loved?"

Miss Parker shot a quick glance back at Jarod. Those unbelievably deep, chocolate browns, were staring right at her. He hadn’t failed to see the messages in the song. Leaning over, Miss Parker angrily turned off the radio.
Last time by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:
Thanks to Jacci for editing this, and thanks to those who reveiwed. Sorry about the wait.
"Why did you turn the radio off?" Jarod asked a little annoyed, but mainly curious.

"I don’t like Oprah." Miss Parker replied.

Jarod tilted his head and a frown creased his brow as he thought, after a few seconds Jarod spoke, "Who is Oprah, and what does she have to do with you turning the radio off?"

"Forget it wonder-boy!" Miss Parker let out a frustrated sigh, why was he so damn annoying?

"I want to know... I’m curious." He said, almost sulking.

"Better hope you’re not a cat." Miss Parker growled angrily.

"I’m not Miss Parker." Jarod replied, stating the obvious, confused as to why she would think that. "Come on Parker, just asking a simple question, making small talk. Why did you turn it off?"

Making small chat my ass! Boy-wonder knows damned well why I turned that stupid machine off!

Without answering the question, Miss Parker shot a warning glance at him to shut up. Who the hell was she trying to kid? Making Franken-boy shut up was almost as impossible as making Lyle pick flowers!

"Come on Miss Parker, you got me, why don’t you tell me."

Snapping her head to the side, she saw Jarod’s face blank, but there was no doubt as to what she saw in those puppy dog browns. Amusement.

That’s it! Just play along Parker, beat him at his own game.

"Cute, not funny but cute." Miss Parker shot back.

Perfect Parker!

The look on Jarod’s face for that spilt second was priceless! The utter surprise that swept his features was unmistakable.

"Miss Parker... you remembered... I’m flattered." Jarod finally got out, having to think about what was needed to come out his mouth.

"Don’t be rat. You’re my job, I have to know you, which includes memorising every detail I ever got from or off of you."

Oh god, I didn’t mean to hurt him like that... what are you thinking Parker? Jarod deserves to be hurt! But that look…! Parker let out a sigh.

Jarod hadn’t bothered to hide the hurt that Miss Parker’s comment had caused. She could always do that, hurt him like no-one else could. Just like he could do to her.

"I’m sorry Jarod." Miss Parker said in a whisper.

Jarod couldn’t contain the shock!

She said sorry!! She threw a snide remark that stung like a killer bee, but she apologised! Maybe there’s still hope. Maybe little Miss Parker is still in there after all those years of darkness! Maybe I can still reach her!! Jarod was almost jumping for joy!

"It’s alright Parker." Jarod said in an even voice, striped of any emotion, "I guess I deserved that."

"Do you think I would apologise if I didn't have to? You gave a compliment of some sort and I snapped right back at you. It was un-called for."

"Thank you." Jarod had to try with all his might to keep a neutral mask on, not to let the tears show. It had been years since anyone had apologised to him, if ever. No-one at the Centre thought they needed to apologise for what happened to him, it meant the world to Jarod that Miss Parker said she was sorry. She would never know how much it truly meant to him.

Miss Parker never responded, she just started straight ahead at the road.


Night time started to fall upon the couple. The soft hues of the sunset illuminated the darkening sky. With the loss of the sun, the cold started to creep up on them. Until they were shivering.

Spotting a diner, Miss Parker pulled into the car park. Pushing a button, and then exiting her car, Miss Parker proceeded to secure the soft roof of the car.

Walking over too Jarod’s side of the Boxter, Miss Parker pulled open the door without thought. Jarod let out a yelp of pain at having his arm roughly pulled along with the door. Half hanging out of the car, Jarod looked up at his captor.

"Can you please shut the door a bit so my arm isn’t pulled half out of its socket."

Only just realising why he yelped in pain, Miss Parker quickly shut the door almost all the way.

Crouching down to his level, Miss Parker spoke, "I’m hungry, I know you are too. Can I trust you to eat without running?"


"I’m serious Jarod, if I see you slip something into your pocket, cause undue attention, try to run, I will not hesitate to shoot you. If you are not in range I will resort to shooting innocent people until you return. And I don’t need to remind you the Centre will clean up my mess."

"Like I told you before, I will not let innocent bystanders get hurt. I promise not to try anything."

"Good. Let’s go." Miss Parker stood up after she freed Jarod from the cuffs.


It was like stepping back through time. The diner was made to look like Grease. The waitress’s wearing puffy skirts and tucked in shirts, their hair mainly up. The guys were in the tight pants and short jackets with the collar up.

Sitting in the booth at the very back, Jarod trapped in the corner, they found the place quite appealing. The music was being played off of old records, songs from around the 50's, being released from a genuine, antique jukebox.

"What can I get you two?" A young girl no older than 16 asked with a smile.

Smiling back, Miss Parker asked, "Do you have anything healthy, like a salad with chicken?"

"No we don’t, but let me see what we can cook up? I’m sure the cook won’t mind. What about you sir?"

"Jarod will have the same." Miss Parker answered before he had a chance.

"Can you give us a minute please?" Jarod asked, smiling at the young waitress.

"No worries."

"Miss Parker, I don’t want the salad."

"Jarod I said that we are eating healthy and I mean it."

"I will be locked away for the rest of my life in about five hours, let me indulge for the last time."

"Jarod, I said healthy ok."

"No, it’s not ok!" Jarod’s voice raised a notch, "I’m going back to hell and you’re worried about what I eat? Come off of it Parker, you're the one sending me back there, you're the one damning me for all eternity! I’m eating what I want!" Jarod finished angrily.

Jarod’s heart sunk when he saw the hurt on her face.

"I’m sorry Jarod. I have to take you back there, if I don’t, they will kill me. The triumvirate is losing patience, and I have been gone to long not to come home with you. I didn’t want this to happen this way."

Miss Parker got up and walked outside, sitting on a bench near the front doors.


This was his chance! He could slip out the back doors and make a run for it. He could be long gone before Parker realised it. Freedom smelt so sweet... then why were his legs carrying him out the doors to where Parker sat?

Sitting down next to her, Jarod realised she was sobbing softly.

"Hey Miss Parker, I’m sorry I snapped at you."

Looking up at the pretender Miss Parker saw genuine concern and guilt.

"Why? I deserved it. You're right, like normal, I am the one to screw your life up. I deserve everything you can throw at me and so much more."

"You don’t have a choice in the matter. I would willing walk right back to the Centre now, if it would save your life."

"I’m not hungry anymore. Do you still want to eat?"

"Why put off my fate? Let’s get going."

Nodding, Miss Parker got up off the bench and followed Jarod to the car. Cuffing the pretender's hand back to the handle of the door, Miss Parker got in and drove off.


"Jarod, if the Centre didn’t use your work to hurt and kill, would you have still left?"

Sighing, Jarod turned to look at Parker. What an odd question for her to ask. She had been acting strange for the last few hours, changing somewhat. He would have laughed at anyone if they told him that Parker would apologise for insulting him, and even more so for taking him back to hell.

"No, I believe I would have stayed."

"Why?" Miss Parker asked in a small voice. This was one question she always wanted to ask.

"I knew no better. The Centre was my home, my life, my work. I loved Sydney, I would have done anything for him. I had Angelo, and Kenny before Damin killed him. I loved the challenges I was given, the constant attention I got from my work. I didn’t have to worry about anything other than the problem at hand. And I had you."

This caused Miss Parker to look strangely at the man.


"I always would SIM you returning to the Centre. What would happen if I ever saw you again, what you would look like, what you would say. I would imagine you laughing at some stupid thing I said, at some joke that went over my head. You kept me wanting to stay just to catch a glimpse off you."

And must I ask again, why didn’t anyone ever tell me how incredible this man is? My god! He would have stayed at the Centre just to see me. He would have put up with the pain that place caused, with all the nightmares it caused for me!

"Why? I would have been a total cow to you, would have ripped your head off for coming near me. You would have copped such verbal abuse, even you would have run off with your tail between your legs! You must have known that?"

"I still believe you to be that sweet, caring girl I knew as a child. I’m stubborn as a mule, I will never let that go, and I will prevail until I am proven right!"

"That may be never Jarod. We are half an hour out of Blue Cove."

"I will never stop trying." Jarod turned back to look out the window.


The Centre was in sight, ten minutes more and they were there. Stealing a glance at the cuffed pretender, Miss Parker noticed him shaking un- controllably. His eyes were squeezed shut and his breathing was rapid.

This is the last time I am doing this for him. I swear to god, he won’t get off so easily next time.

Reaching over with one hand, Miss Parker un-cuffed Jarod’s hand. Trying with all she had to stay on the road, while she steered with one hand.

His head shot up with a snap.

"Miss Parker, what are you doing?" The poor guy was confused as all hell.

"Put your seat belt on genius." Was all the replay he got.

Reaching over his shoulder, Jarod grabbed the belt and clipped it into its holder.

What the hell does she think she’s doing?

"Miss Parker what’s going on?" Jarod asked as he felt the car gaining speed.

"Hold on tight, and whatever you do, don’t stay here. Run as far as you can. Am I understood?" Miss Parker asked with a claim she did not feel.

"No I don't, what are you doing?" Jarod asked, not bothering to hide his panic. She was starting to really scare him now.

"Just promise me you’ll get away, please Jarod? I don’t want to be the one responsible for your death at the Centre."

"And what about yours, this will make me responsible."

"No, it won’t. I’m doing what my mother would have wanted." Turning to face the panicked man next to her, she added, "Please Jarod!"

Looking over at her with panicked and terror filled eyes, Jarod saw the pure anguish on her face, the tears swimming in her eyes, and the few that rolled down her cheek.

She’s crying, oh god! What is she doing! Why won’t she listen, just take me in! I can survive anything knowing she’s safe!!

And before Jarod could say anymore, he felt the shift in speed once more and the turn of directions. Looking out of the window, he could see the tree coming straight for them, the screeching of the tires, the crunch of the metal, as the car impacted with the tree on Miss Parker’s side.

"Please Jarod...go..." Miss Parker gasped before her eye's rolled back into her head.
The deadly crash by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:
As always, thanks to Jacci for editing this so long ago lol. Also, thanks to all those who reveiwed, hope you like this chap
Consciousness slowly came back to the trapped man. His ears were ringing, his head was throbbing, his vision blurred. After a few seconds, his memory returned like a sledgehammer.

“Hold on tight, and whatever you do, don’t stay here. Run as far as you can. Am I understood?” ... “Just promise me you’ll get away, please Jarod? I don’t want to be the one responsible for your death at the Centre.”

“Miss Parker!” Jarod yelled out, panicking, he turned in his seat to look at his huntress.

Oh my God!

“Miss Parker, can you hear me?!”

Undoing his seatbelt, Jarod grabbed a hold of the steering wheel frantically trying to pull himself closer to her.

She was a mangled mess. Her hair covering her face, sticking to the places coved in blood. Her body slumped against the seatbelt which was holding her up. The trees were pushing into her, sticks had embedded themselves into her arms and sides. Her shoulder looked dislocated. Her leg was broken, the bone sticking out, and was twisted unnaturally. There were gashes and bruises all over her bloody body.

Checking her pulse and lifting her eyelids, Jarod desperately called her name a few more times.

“Miss Parker, please wake up, Miss Parker, can you hear me?” Jarod was finally rewarded with a moan and fluttering of her lids.

“Jar-rod?” Miss Parker asked weakly.

A broad smile covered his face. “Yes Parker, it’s me.”

“My stomach hurts.” Miss Parker whined.

Using his hand, Jarod pressed firmly over her abdominal, concluding she was bleeding internally.

“Your bleeding internally, we need to get you to the hospital or even the...”

“Jarod go!” Miss Parker ordered softly.

“No, I’m staying, I’m not leaving you.”

“Please...” Parker blacked out.


Jarod started panicking, she wasn’t answering him again. She was in serious condition. He need to get help and fast! He couldn’t move her, that would cause more harm then good.

Before he could even think of doing anything, Jarod heard faint sounds of engines.

His heart started to beat faster, sweat was forming, Jarod was terrified. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Jarod didn’t know what to do. Stay, help Miss Parker and get caught, facing a fate worse then death. Or run, run as far as he can and pray to the heavens that she would live. What ever he decided, he better do it quickly. They were in sight now.

How could he chose between his precious freedom and his only love? Why did the god’s persist in torturing him this way? It almost killed him making the choice to run and abandon her when she so desperately needed him. But there really wasn’t much he could do for her now, help was on its way. Jarod couldn’t think of anything else as his survival instincts took over. Smashing his window which amazingly wasn’t in a thousand pieces already, the frightened pretender climbed out. Slicing his flesh and heart as he went. Jarod was positive that he left a piece of his soul, a piece of himself behind.

Running as fast as his broken body could take him, Jarod ran towards the woods. Never looking back, in fear that he would bolt right back to her.

God forgive me- no-one else will!

Changing directions suddenly, Jarod run towards the Centre. If he couldn’t stay with her, he would at least watch over her.


Climbing into the ventilation system, Jarod paused to figure out where they would take her.

Renewal wing.

It has the best surgical facility in the Centre. Jarod started to climb down the vents, stubbornly ignoring the slight sting of pain his body was giving, the pain trying to get past all the adrenaline in his system to let him know the seriousness of his injuries. He just needed to find Parker, make sure she was still alive.

There!! She was already prepped for surgery. The doctors and nurses were placing tubes in her, covering her mouth with the mask. From his hiding place in the vents, the pretender could see everything.

God! She looks so vulnerable, so defenseless, so... lifeless!!!

They cut deep into her skin, revealing her insides for the whole world to see. Blood was every where, people scurried about trying to keep her alive. Her shoulder was still dislocated, her leg was in a makeshift splint.

Jarod couldn’t bare to watch it anymore, turning his head away, he couldn’t stop the tears from coming.

This is all my fault! I shouldn't have pushed her to remember the little girl who gave me my first kiss. I shouldn’t have made her feel guilty. I shouldn’t have made her cry!

The cessation of the beeping of the heart monitoring machine made Jarod turn his head back to the surgery.

“She’s flat lining people!” The doctor yelled at the people in the room.

Jarod heard the doctor ordering the nurses to pump her full of medicine, ordering to get the gel. Then ordering “Clear!”

Three times later and she still was flat lining.

Each time the shock coursed through her lifeless body, Jarod could feel them as well, he was sick with grief and guilt

“I’m sorry Mr Parker, there’s nothing we can do.”

Oh god...oh god...what have I done!

Jarod couldn’t stay any longer, they had called out the time of death. If he stayed, they would hear the gut wrenching sobs that were about to escape his lips.

He needed help. He needed comfort. He needed to be told this wasn’t his fault. He needed Refuge.


Jarod crawled through the vents, stopping at Sydney’s office. Softly opening the covering, Jarod climbed down, shutting it behind him. Finding the darkest corner he could, Jarod limped over, sitting down. Grabbing his knees and bringing them to his chest, the man cried whilst he rocked back and forth.


“Mr Broots, Dr Sydney, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but Miss Parker didn’t make it.” The doctor who had preformed the surgery stated to the worried men.

“Thank you doctor.” Sydney said automatically. Spotting Sam, the men walked over.

“I’m sorry sir, we tried the best we could to get her out of the car. But it took too long.”

“It’s alright Sam, this isn’t your fault.”

“Your right, it’s your pet's fault!” Sam growled. He was going to kill Jarod as soon as he could get his hands on the man.

Taken aback, Sydney asked confused, “Why?”

“Jarod was in the car. The cleaners said that Miss Parker was bringing him in, he must have caught sight of the Centre and panicked, grabbing the steering wheel to try and swerve off the road so he could escape. But Miss Parker pulled it back her way as a reaction, causing the car to crash into the tree on her side.”

“How d-did they work t-this out?” Broots asked. Neither believing Jarod would do such a stupid or selfish thing.

“His finger prints are all over the steering wheel. The cuffs are still attached to the door on his side. Mark my words, I will track him down and kill him. Torture him so bad, he will be begging for his death!” Sam finished, walking off, muttering one more time, “Mark my words.”


“Syd, I’m going home, I think you should to.” Broots said to the elder man, concern clearly apparent in his voice. Broots wanted to stay with Sydney, but he was torn by his need to see his daughter

“Thank you for your concern Broots, but I think I would rather just go to my office and think. What are you going to tell your daughter?”

It didn't pass Broots' attention that he referred to Debbie as his daughter, this was very unlike Sydney. “The truth. That Miss Parker was in a car accident and was killed. Sydney, she’s going to be devastated, Miss Parker was like a mother to her!”

“If you like, I can come with you?” Sydney offered his support. He need something that would stop him from thinking about what had just happened. He didn't want to process the information he was given about Miss Parker's death.

“It’s ok Syd, you need time to yourself. Will you be ok?”

“Honestly? I don’t know.”


Entering his office, Sydney heard soft crying. Following the noise, Sydney noticed Jarod rocking in the corner.

“Jarod?” Sydney asked.

“It’s all my fault!” Jarod wailed.

That one mournful cry that escaped the anguished man’s lips confirmed everything Sydney was trying to denied. How could the Psychiatrist ignore the facts of his adoptive daughters death, when the man that was supposably responsible, was on his floor crying out that it was all true? All of a sudden, the numbness and denial the man was feeling dissipated being replaced with anger, rage, hatred so strong Sydney lashed out at the devastated man.

“Your damned right it is.” Sydney growled back, his voice full of anger and sadness.

“I’m so sorry Sydney! I didn’t want it to happen, but it did!” Jarod cried out, “She’s dead Sydney, I killed her!”

“How could you do it Jarod? I understand you panicking, but why did you run?”

“I saw them coming and I started to run before I could think about it.”

“So you left her there to bleed to death?” Sydney hissed at the younger man.

“No!... Yes!... I didn’t want to but I couldn’t stop running! Please Sydney, I didn’t mean it!”

“You didn’t mean what?" Sydney’s voiced was raising, "You did not mean for the car to crash? You did not mean for her to get hurt?” Sydney caught himself and lowered himself to a deadly whisper, not wanting to alert the sweepers, “Or you did not mean to abandon her?”

“All of it. I didn’t want her to die, I swear!” Jarod sobbed.

“Well now you don’t have to worry about her chasing you!” Sydney said coldly, accusingly.

“Oh Sydney, please!” Jarod begged.

“No! You’re a pretender, you should have pretended to care enough to save her!” Sydney was consumed by hatred of this man. “You should have stayed, you should have stabilised her! But instead you ran away, abandoning her. Just like you did when you ran away from here! Jarod, how could you leave her in her hour of need!” Sydney’s anger left as quickly as it came. “How could you Jarod?”

Jarod just shook his head sadly before resting it on his folded knees.

“Get up Jarod.” Sydney ordered with a blank face, in an emotionless voice.

Slowly, Jarod obeyed, wincing in pain, a brief flicker of fear flashed in his eyes. This was a side of Sydney he never wish to see again.

“I’m sorry Sydney, I truly am.”

“Go out to my car, I’m parked on the south side, be discreet.” With that, Sydney left the distraught man to find his own way out of the Centre without being caught.
Even with all my talents by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:

Sorry it took so long to post guys, but here is the next chap. Thanks to Jacci for being the beta to this story so long ago and thank you to all those who reveiwed, much appricated.


Sydney sat behind the steering wheel of his car, impatiently drumming his fingers against the wheel, and sighing in annoyance. Where the hell was he?

A movement in his review mirror caught Sydney’s attention. Glancing over his shoulder, Sydney saw Jarod running awkwardly over to his car, hiding behind a few others on his way. Jarod finally climbed into the car out of breath.

“What took you so long?” Sydney asked, harshly, letting his annoyance show.

Jarod glanced at Sydney unbelievingly. He had just escaped the Centre again. Hiding from the camera’s, dodging the sweepers that on two occasions almost spotted the injured man, sprinted across a 1000 space car park, and all he could do was ask what took so long?

“I’m sorry Sydney. It’s harder than...” Jarod panted heavily, he could hardly comprehend Sydney's cold attitude.

“I’m sure you could have done it faster, I know you have before.” Sydney interrupted Jarod’s explanation with a hate filled voice.

“Sydney...” Jarod tried desperately to explain. Sydney was all ready furious with him for the crash and Miss Parker's death, he didn’t want him any madder because he had trouble getting out of the Centre.

“Keep it to yourself pretender, I don’t care anymore.” Sydney said in a emotionless voice.

Jarod gasped as he straightened up. Sydney had never called Jarod by anything other than his name.

PRETENDER!!?? Oh god Sydney! How many times am I going to have to say I’m sorry? I didn’t mean to kill her, you’re not helping by calling me that. Please don’t be like this to me Sydney! Please!

Jarod sank even lower into the seat as he pulled his seat belt over him, wincing in pain as he did so. Turning away from the fire in his mentor’s eyes, Jarod stared out of the window, crying silently.

The ride was made back in an uncomfortable silence, bar the occasional sniff and escaped sob from Jarod’s body. Jarod clung for dear life onto the armrest attached to the door, frightened that Sydney might crash the car as well. He had risked a glance at Sydney a few times, and each time made him shrink away. The older man’s jaw was tightened in anger, rage burned in his eyes, his lips pressed together in a straight line.


Pulling into the drive way, Sydney slammed the brakes on bringing the car to a halt. Throwing open the door as he got out, Sydney walked up to the front door and entered his house, not bothering to wait for the younger man.

Jarod cringed at the sudden and violent movements that Sydney made. This was totally against his character. He had always hidden his feelings, always remained cool and calm. He had never even so much as shown Jarod a smile while he had been in The Centre unless it was to say 'good work Jarod’.

Would Sydney have shown this much emotion if I had been the one to die? Would he ever show this amount of pain, anger, sadness if I died? Would he ever show that he cared?... Would he care?

This realisation triggered a fresh wave of grief. Jarod had always wondered, always hoped that Sydney would show this kind of emotion towards him. Jarod had consoled himself throughout his entire life with the belief that Sydney was incapable of showing any really strong emotion. But Jarod realised now that the fault was within himself, and it always had. He was not worthy of Sydney's love, and now, he never would be.

It wasn't fair. Sydney was showing emotions that Jarod had never seen before, emotions that were for Miss Parker. Jarod wanted so badly for Sydney to show this much feeling for him. It wasn't fair! She had always had the better life, always had people that cared for her, family. Jarod was consumed with guilt. He had taken it all away from her. It was his fault. He couldn't blame The Centre or anybody else this time. He had done this. It had been his decision, and his alone. Had he been so consumed with jealousy that he wanted to see her hurt? So obsessed with his own freedom that he had been willing to sacrifice her very life? Oh God! He was so sorry! Remorse tore at him. How could he make Sydney understand how sorry he was?

Slowly climbing out of the car, Jarod eventually made it to the front door. Hesitating at the threshold, wondering if he should just turn and run. Disappear. Vanish. Hide forever. Never face Sydney, or Broots, or her family. Granted, he never wanted to face her family, but now it was worse. Especially her father. He would have no second thoughts about dumping him in SL-27, under Raines' dubious 'care'. Mr. Parker wouldn't care if Jarod was left in any shape after Raines' torture, to do SIM's for them. Perhaps that is no better than what he deserved.

Before he could change his mind, a hand grabbed his wrist and yanked him around the corner forcibly. Sydney stood there, pointing to the wooden chair in the middle of the lounge room. Taking the hint, Jarod slowly hobbled over to the wooden kitchen chair, and gingerly sat down. Before Sydney moved from his spot, he flicked on the over head light, illuminating the room up brightly.

This was the first time Sydney had a chance to see the extant of Jarod’s injuries. Sydney gasped in horror. How could he have missed it? Why didn’t Jarod mention it?

I know why Jarod didn’t say anything. I was laying on the guilt. Venting my hurt and anger on him.

Sighing, Sydney walked closer to the man for a more intense inspection. Reaching his hand out for Jarod’s face, Sydney didn’t fail to see Jarod jerk back in fear.

What have I done? He is afraid of me!

Sydney reached out again to try and take a hold of the man’s face but Jarod jumped off of the chair and scooted back.

“I’m not going to hurt you, you should know that.” Sydney almost laughed at himself; the way he was acting contradicted everything he normally was. Jarod had every right to be terrified. Sydney decided to take the approach he had been on already. It seemed, at the moment, like it worked better, got through his confusion and shock.

“Sit down pretender!” Sydney growled, bring up all his anger and pain again.

The growl startled Jarod badly, slowly inching forward, Jarod sat down.

“Thank you.” Sydney said softly, noticing the confusion flash in his eyes.

Reaching out his hand for the third time, he watched Jarod flinch under his touch. Grabbing a hold of his chin, Sydney turned it up to the light. Jarod had split his lip, a cut above his left eye, a huge gash on the right side of his forehead. The blood smeared across half of his face and throughout his hair and was still steadily seeping out. His cheek bone was bruised with the chance of being fractured.

Letting go of his face, Sydney instructed Jarod to remover his tops. After five minutes, they were finally off. Jarod had a bruise from where his body slammed against the seat belt. His right collar bone was dislocated, also from the impact of the seat belt. The rest of his torso seemed fine, with the exception of a few scratches, his ribs were tender but nothing broken.

Jarod’s right wrist was swollen, and the pretender let out a strangled cry as Sydney applied pressure. It was badly broken, at the very least, multiple fractures. Sydney briefly wondered how Jarod got up into and out of the vents with his wrist.

Bending down, Sydney gently took off Jarod’s shoes and socks, paying attention to Jarod’s sore ankle, which was concluded only to be a sprain. Noticing blood on his pants, Sydney asked Jarod to take them off. After a brief pause, Jarod obeyed. The older man noticed pieces of glass sticking into Jarod’s flesh. Reaching into the first aid box that Sydney had grabbed from the bathroom, he pulled out a pair of tweezers. First pulling out the biggest pieces, Sydney then moved onto the smaller ones. It took what was left of Jarod’s strength to stay still and not sway or fall over. He wished Sydney would have said to lie on the couch, instead of standing. After Sydney was sure all the glass was out, he got to work fixing the rest of his body.

First wrapping both legs with bandages to help stop the bleeding, Sydney put Jarod’s collar bone back in place and wrapped his wrist. Placing his right arm into a sling, making a mental note to take him to a hospital for an x-ray of the wrist and to get it plastered. Placing small gauzes over the scratches on Jarod’s torso, he moved onto Jarod’s face. Wiping the blood from the two small cuts and from the gash, Sydney noticed that the cut on his forehead would need to be stitched.

Grabbing the bottom half of the pyjama’s Sydney had grabbed for the injured man, he helped Jarod step into the too short pants. Turning Jarod around to guide him to the couch, Sydney took notice of the major bruising on his back. Siting Jarod down on the soft couch Sydney told Jarod what had to be done.

“I need to stitch the gash on your forehead. I don’t have any anaesthesia on me, and only a sewing needle and thread.”

“I can handle it, I deserve the pain anyway.” Jarod responded sadly.

“Do you want a drink first?” Sydney asked softly. He was beginning to regret his earlier harshness.

Turning his head towards the psychiatrists, he shook his head. He didn’t deserve to be numb, he deserved the pain, the punishment. Sydney saw the unshed tears that were sparkling in his protégé’s eyes.

Nodding, Sydney got to work. After sterilising the needed equipment in some Vodka Sydney had in his small corner bar he carefully stitched Jarod’s wound. Jarod couldn’t help but to flinch a few times when the needle threaded through the tender skin. The slight throb that was there before was replaced with a searing pain as the sharp needle pierced small holes in the soft skin, pulling cotton through it as the needle made its journey.

Sydney quickly finished, wiping the fresh blood away. Walking into the kitchen, Sydney filled a glass of water and took it out to the man on his couch. Jarod gratefully took it. All the crying had strangely enough made him thirsty. He had never cried so much in his life. On a few occasions he had wept but never cried.


Jarod had finally fallen asleep, granted it was a restless slumber, but it was still rest. Sydney sat in the armchair watching the rise and fall of Jarod’s chest. Reflecting on his behaviour, especially the way he reacted towards his protégé, he was deeply ashamed.

Jarod had just been through a very traumatic experience and all he had done was make it worse. Jarod had repeatedly reached out for help and comfort and what had he done? Push him away, isolated him, punished him for what happened.

How was Sydney ever going to repair the damage done? The young man was terrified of him. Sydney still couldn’t believe that he had called Jarod ‘pretender’, Jarod would never forgive him.

But should Sydney ever forgive Jarod? He caused the car crash that killed Miss Parker. But on the other hand, the Centre had said it was Jarod. They do have a tendency to lie. But would Sam lie about something like that? He was loyal to Miss Parker and he didn’t need another excuse to hate the pretender. Sighing, Sydney decide to wait for Jarod to wake up, ask what had happen, and if need be, beg for forgiveness.

Sydney continued to watch Jarod sleep. The tortured man was obviously in the midst of a horrendous nightmare, sweat dripped down his injured face, his brow furrowed in painful emotions.


The vents seemed much smaller then they used to be, more constricting, trying to grab at him as he travelled through them. Did they always seem so small?

Where was she? He had to find her!


She’s alive! She’s alive! Thank god! She is breathing, alive!

Relief flooded through his veins like a warm drug. Looking up with his eyes closed, and for the first time in his life, he said a silent prayer to the gods. Thank you, thank you, I owe you my life.

The covering of the vent obscured his slightly blurred vision. They were cutting her! There’s so much blood! Oh god! Oh god! So much blood. There was a hole in her perfect, soft, flat stomach. So much blood. Its ok, she's still breathing.

She lay on that hard, cold, tortuous metal table. The sight of those tables would always haunt the man. Her arm hung off the table at an unnatural 90 degree angle. Her face was covered in almost one whole bruise. Her leg. Someone fix her leg! It must be hurting her like hell! Fix her leg!

She will never forgive me! Never! Why did I run? Why didn’t I stay?

No, no, no! She’s not breathing, oh god! Someone help her! Please god, help her! Make her breathe! Don’t you dare give up on her! Please don’t give up! You son of a bitch! Don’t you dare read out the time of death! No... no... no... Parker NOOOOOOO!

I have to get out. I have to go somewhere, anywhere! She’s dead! I killed her! I ran and left her to die!

Somewhere safe, somewhere comforting. Sydney. Sydney will understand. He will still want me! I’m so sorry!

Dark comer, I need to curl up and disappear. I killed her.

Sydney. I’m so sorry! I killed her!

Sydney! Please don’t yell at me! You don't understand... Why aren’t you comforting me and telling me lies. I need you to lie. Tell me I didn’t kill her. Please tell me it was her fault!

Why didn’t she just bring me in? I would have voluntarily walked through the front fucking doors!

Sydney! I told her not to do it! You have to understand, I tried to stop her but she wasn’t listening. She wanted to save me! Oh god I killed her! I pushed for ‘little’ Miss Parker, ‘more like her mother’ Miss Parker. And I found her! Sydney after all this time I finally found her, only for her to want to do what her momma wanted, and set me free! And now she's dead too! I’m so sorry!

Sydney please forgive me! Please don’t push me away! Please don’t hate me! I need you Sydney! Please Sydney!

Sydney don’t leave me! Please don’t walk out the door!

I killed her! What have I done?

Oh Jar-rod!! ...It can’t be her. What's Miss Parker doing in Sydney's office? She's dead, she can't be here.

Miss Parker?

Why’d you kill me genius?! Was it so I'd stop chasing you? I was giving you your freedom, you didn't need to kill me! ... God she is so mad!

I’m so sorry Parker, I didn’t want you to die.

I didn’t die rat, you killed me remember? You ran away, with your god damn tail between your legs! Oh look, a few sweepers. Any other time you'd take them on. But nooo, this time you just had to run! You just left me there to die. You killed me! ... please Parker, don’t yell at me!

I’m so sorry! I didn’t want to run, but they were there, I thought they would help you!

Ha! When do sweepers ever help? They always screw things up!

I didn’t want to run. You made me promise. ... I’m begging you to understand,
please Miss Parker, don’t hate me!

The first time in your life that you decide to follow an order, a request, and you choice to do so when I need you the most! I thought you would have stayed to help me. I thought you cared enough for me to want me to live. ... she is so sad! I made her sad. I never wanted her to be sad.

Miss Parker, I do care for you, a lot. I wanted to stay, but I couldn’t. I ran. I was a coward. I was so scared, so terrified. I didn’t want you to die. But I couldn’t stop myself! I ran!

How could you let me die Jarod? ... Oh god! She’s crying! I made her cry! The ice queen!

Parker, please don’t hate me! I’m so sorry! Please Parker... please!!


“Parker. Please don’t hate me! I’m so sorry! Please Parker... please!!”

Sydney watched as the young man begged for Miss Parker’s forgiveness as the tears cascaded down his red face.

“Parker!!!!! Come back! Parker don’t leave me!!!!” Jarod yelled as he bolted upright.

Jarod’s head swung from side to side as his eyes darted around the room. Fear and remorse filled the puppy dog browns. The sparkle had left, only leaving pain.

“Are you alright Jarod?” Sydney asked softly.

Jarod cringed at the use of his name, he isn’t Jarod to Sydney anymore, only pretender.

This is a trick! He wants me to relax, to have a false sense of security, to believe that he doesn’t hate me. I won’t let him hurt me anymore. I am ‘his’ pretender, I will follow his orders but I won’t let myself think he doesn’t hate me! Jarod thought angrily.

“Fine, thank you.” Jarod said with a distance in his voice.

The more impersonal I make this, the easier it will be on me. I don’t want to lose two people I care for in one day but I can’t let Sydney lay the guilt on, I can't handle it.

Sydney was taken aback at the lack of feeling Jarod was showing towards him. He only now realised how badly Jarod had needed him, and how badly he had let him down. He had some serious making up ahead of him.

“Jarod I’m...” Sydney began only to be stopped by the man on his couch.

“Don’t! Just don’t!”

“Jarod, I realise...” Sydney tried again.

“No! I won’t let you destroy me anymore! I can’t handle the anger, the guilt, the blame... the sadness from you. I am laying it on myself enough!”

“Jarod, if you just...”

“If I just what? I killed her and I am never going to be able to bring her back, even with all my ‘talents‘ I can never bring her back. Her family will be hunting for me even more ruthlessly, never even so much as a second to breathe. I’m not even sure that I shouldn’t just turn myself in. Broots is going to hate me forever, I took the only woman in his daughter's life away from her. I killed the only ‘child’ you loved, and if you even think of forgiving me, don’t! I don’t deserve forgiveness.” Jarod’s voice softened, showing the utter pain and sadness he was feeling, “Please just go and leave me alone. I will be out of here in a few minutes.”

“You’re not going anywhere Jarod.” Sydney said softly.

Jarod looked into Sydney’s eyes only to find fear, concern, worry. Sydney’s face had returned to the beneficent face he remembered from his life at the Centre. A little distant maybe, but it was the face that Jarod would always love, the face that he would always associate with the word ‘father’.

“Jarod, I’m beyond sorry for how I treated you earlier. You must understand, I have known Miss Parker almost as long as I have known you. She was like a daughter to me.” As soon as that comment came out of his mouth, it registered what Jarod said. I killed the only ‘child’ you loved. “Jarod, what did you mean, the only child I loved?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me.”

In Jarod’s minds eye, he had a quick flashback to when he was trying to save Broots life from Damon, only the wording was reversed.

“Please Sydney, just leave it. For once in your life, don’t analyse what I have done or said.”

“You don’t believe that I don’t think of you as a child, as my ’child’?”

“What have you ever said or done to make me believe that I am anything other than a Pretender to you, especially the way you were acting towards me earlier. Dammit Sydney, I needed you.” Jarod looked down at his hands and the rest was only a whisper, “I always will.”

“Jarod, you must understand. I was angry, hurt. I was shocked, I just lost someone else I cared deeply for. Another innocent life lost because of the hell we are associated with. Sam told Broots and I that you were responsible. Despite my better judgment, I believed it somewhat. I saw what state she was in before the surgery and then I was told she died on the table. It all finally exploded when you said it was your fault. It reinforced the story we were told. I could not control myself, I didn’t want to hurt you Jarod, I truly didn’t.”

“Sydney, I’m incredibly sorry for what I have done. I didn’t want her to die!” Jarod burst into tears. The realisation that this was all real, that Miss Parker truly wasn’t going to walk through Sydney’s front door with gun in hand, was sinking in.

“I know Jarod, I know you are.”

“Oh Sydney, I can’t bring her back! I can’t! For all I’m good for, the one time I need my intelligence, my gifts, I can’t use them.”

“I know you want to bring her back, we all want her back. But it isn’t going to happen, we have to accept this. Jarod...” Sydney called his name a little louder trying to get the younger man to look at him.

He got what he wanted. Jarod looked up at Sydney with emotion filled eyes, tears trying to escape.

“I’m sorry I called you pretender. You needed my help, comfort, my love. All I gave you was hatred, pain, guilt and blame. I am sorry, I will do what ever it takes for you to forgive me.” Sydney said sincerely. Even if Jarod did cause the crash, Sydney did not want to lose another person he loved.

“Forgive you?!” Jarod asked incredulous. “I’m the one that needs to beg for forgiveness, I’m the one that should be throwing themselves onto their knees grovelling for forgiveness!” Jarod said fighting back the tears, time to be strong.

“Jarod, what did happen to cause the crash? As you know, the Centre doesn’t exactly pride themselves on telling the truth.”

Jarod pondered the question for a while. What was he going to tell his mentor? If he told the truth, that Miss Parker willingly drove the car into the tree so Jarod would have a chance to escape, Sydney would never speak to him again. He didn’t want to have Miss Parker forever haunting his dreams because he didn’t tell Sydney the truth, after all she did, he would want her memory honoured. Or should he take the opposite blame, saying he caused the car to collide with the tree? A failed escape attempted, he panicked and tried to get control of the car, causing Miss Parker to lose control and to hit the tree. What should he say?

“Jarod, please don’t lie to me. I want the truth, I want to know what really happened.”

Jarod swallowed the fear and nervousness. He opened his mouth, and before he could do anything, the words came flooding out of his mouth.

I'm Sorry by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:

Thanks for the feedback guys, love it. Hope you all like this chap...



His mouth had developed a mind of it’s own, once opened there was no hope in god’s green earth that it would shut again any time soon.

All the words came out without thought or control. It was an animated story of fear, panic and pain. Jarod told Sydney of everything that had happened up until and causing the crash. He told how Miss Parker had told him to run, had made him promise to run. How he begged her not to do it. How she said that she didn’t want to be the one responsible for his death at the Centre and how he had responded, about him making her death his responsibility and how he made her cry.

Jarod didn’t even realise that he was crying again until he had finished the story. He laid absolutely still, terrified that even the movement of his chest drawing in air would set Sydney off. He had shown how much of a coward he was, how he needed a woman to save him. He had told Sydney in every word known how he had killed his ‘daughter’. He stayed frozen in place as he watched Sydney shed tears that he didn’t know the older man even had.

Jarod scurried further into the couch as soon as he saw Sydney move from his chair. Jarod’s good arm shot in front of his face for protection as he saw Sydney move his hand towards his head. Jarod let out a soft whimper as Sydney softly ran his finger over the bandaged gash on his forehead. Lowering his arm from its place in front of his face, Jarod looked cautiously at Sydney.

Sydney stared softly down at the injured man. The older man never noticed the silent tears falling onto Jarod’s face, his young protégé had been through hell and back again. He had seen his best friend and his only love give her freedom, her life, to keep him out of the place that haunted him. Did Jarod not see, even though the circumstances were horrific, that Miss Parker had given Jarod the ultimate gift? The greatest, most precious thing she could give? She had given him not only his freedom, but her love, her very self to him. She had tried to protect him, tried to save him, tried to give the world back to him. Could Jarod not see this?

Of course he couldn’t see this. He was grief stricken, he was in shock, in pain. He was filled with guilt over the accident. Even though it had been her choice, and if Jarod was thinking correctly, he would have realised he couldn’t have stopped her. That was like trying to stop the sun rising, the moon setting. She was too damn stubborn for her own good. And this stubbornness had killed her, not him. Jarod needed to understand that this was her choice, and he shouldn’t blame himself over it. He should be cherishing her memory, that he should be glad that she is finally away from this hell she had to live - day in, day out. He was not responsible for her death and he needed to realise it.

“Jarod, it is very late, and you have had a very hard day. I think you should try to rest. You only slept for an hour earlier before the nightmare woke you. Would you like to take a guest room?” Sydney asked softly. He would not force Jarod to do anything that he didn’t want to do at the moment.

Shaking his head no, Jarod carefully turned no his uninjured side and curled into the couch. Walking off, Sydney retuned a minute later with a pillow and a few blankets. Placing the pillow under Jarod’s head, Sydney placed the blankets over the man taking note of the soft steady breathing that told him Jarod was already asleep.


Jarod awoke late the next morning. He hadn’t realised how tired he actually was, so tired in fact that he had a nightmare, even a dream, free sleep. He heard Sydney bustling around the kitchen and the strong smell of coffee. Jarod threw back the blankets and went to sit up when a hand on his shoulder stoped him.

“Stay where you are Jarod, I don’t want you moving unless it is important.” Sydney said, using his no non-sense tone Jarod vividly remembered from his years in the Centre.

“I don’t know how importantly you consider using the bathroom, but its pretty high on my important list.” Jarod responded with a slight smile on his face. Sydney withdrew his hand with a small smile.

Slowly bringing himself to a sitting position, Jarod swung his legs to the ground. His muscles screamed in protest, Jarod felt warm patches on his legs, looking down he saw red seeping through the pyjama pants. The deeper cuts on his legs had re-opened, ignoring it, Jarod used his good arm to push himself up. Jarod wasn’t standing for too long, his sprained ankle giving way. Jarod collapsed back onto the couch with a grunt. Pushing away the offered hand from Sydney, Jarod tried again, not putting so much weight on his still sore ankle.

He would not rely on any one any more, he would not let people help him in any way whatsoever. Look at what happened last time! If he had to shut Sydney out, close himself down emotionally, ignore all help and support offered, he would. He would not allow anyone else to be hurt or killed because he needed help. Not anymore, not ever. Miss Parker died because of his need for help, he wouldn't allow it to happen again!

Determined to get to the toilet, Jarod pushed his wounded body further, ignoring the shooting pain making circuits through his body.


Jarod had successfully made it to the bathroom. Once there, Jarod relieved himself and splashed some cold water onto his face. Looking into the mirror, Jarod saw how bad he actually looked. He had an ugly bruise on his cheek, his lip was still slightly swollen, the cut above his eye had formed a deep red scab then there was the bandage covering the stitched gash. Peeling it back gently, Jarod took note of how well Sydney had stitched it.

But it was Jarod’s look that scared him. He was ashen and pale, there were dark rings under his eyes, his eyes themselves held nothing. The man looking back at him from the mirror was a stranger. He had lost his joy, his reason to go on, his life and now the sparkle his eye had once held had gone too.

Gently poking his ribs, Jarod was happy to know they weren’t broken and were less tender than the night before. What worried him the most was his wrist. It was throbbing constantly, there was no doubt that it was broken, which meant he would have to go to a hospital for an x-ray and a cast. Jarod hated to be at hospitals as a patient, they were slow and inefficient, but he saw no other way. If it was a simple fracture he could fix it by himself. But the pain he felt, the grinding sounds that were made when he moved his wrist made him believe an x-ray and real doctor was needed.


Jarod slowly made his way out to the kitchen, trying not to re-open anymore cuts on his legs or to put weight on his sore ankle.

“Good morning Jarod. I see you made it to the bathroom by yourself.” Sydney greeted.

“Yes I did.” Jarod said, still with a distance in his voice.

Sighing, Sydney walked over to Jarod with a top. Handing Jarod the soft, flannel shirt, he asked Jarod to put it on.

“I’ll be here if you want help.”

Jarod took the shirt without answering and slowly took the sling off of his arm. Letting out a yelp of pain as he straightened his arm. Slowly Jarod pulled the sleeve over his injured wrist, careful not to bump it. Once it was over that arm, Jarod carefully slipped the other arm through.

Sydney stood up to replace the sling, ignoring the glares Jarod sent towards him. Sydney continued to button up the shirt despite Jarod’s protests saying he was capable.

“Jarod, please don’t push me away. I will not leave you alone, and you will not get me hurt by accepting my help, or hurt yourself. Jarod you will need help to get through this, to heal.” Looking up into his eyes, Sydney went on, "Your not the only one hurting, others are to. They will need your help to work through the pain."

“I couldn’t stand it if I lost you too, Sydney.” Jarod said softly looking down at his hands. “I know it is weak to need others, to need help, but I need you Sydney.”

“Jarod, it is not a weakness to need others nor to need help. I believe it was you who tried to get Miss Parker to understand that.”

“Look at what good it did her.” Jarod snapped angrily.

“Jarod, this wasn’t your fault. It will do you good to realise that and stop blaming yourself.”:

“I can’t Sydney! She died trying to save me, just like her mother!” Jarod wailed

“Jarod, it wasn’t your fault her mother died either. She died trying to get away, trying to save Ethan from the life that you lived.”

“I know that Sydney, I know that. It’s just hard not to think that way. After all the time I was made to believe that she died trying to rescue me and the others. Then having been told my father killed her. I just can’t stop thinking it was all my fault.” Jarod said softly, and as a thought clicked in his mind, his head shot up to look at Sydney as he went on. "I kill everyone around me at some point or another! Kenny was executed in front of my eyes. He was shot dead to make me do a damned SIM! Kyle was murdered trying to save my life, he jumped in front of the bullet that was meant for me!" Jarod cried. "Even Nicholas was used to get to me. He could have been killed too Sydney! I'm a damn death magnet." Jarod wailed miserably.

Sydney tried with all his will to keep the sympathy he felt for this young man inside. He really was a death magnet. Deciding to change the subject Sydney asked Jarod if he wanted some breakfast.

“You need to eat Jarod. Your body needs to heal.” Sydney said as he placed two pieces of toast in front of him.

Un-ethustically, Jarod brought the toast up to his mouth and took a bite. The sweetness of the strawberry jam took over his mouth. He loved jam so much, the sweetness, the texture, the mix of fruit and sugar. Miss Parker would never have jam again.

Sighing heavily, Jarod put the unfinished slice of toasted bread back down. Pushing up from the chair, Jarod hobbled to the couch and laid back down, turning to face the back of the couch, Jarod pushed himself as far into it as he could, trying to disappear.


It was almost 10 am when there was a knock on the door. Glancing wearily at Jarod, who didn’t bother to move, Sydney got up to answer the door. It could have been Sam, or Willie, or even Mr Lyle, and Jarod still wouldn’t have moved.

“Broots? Debbie?” Sydney asked some what surprised. “Come in.”

Opening the door all the way and stepping aside, Sydney welcomed the two into his home.

“We just wanted to stop by, make sure your alright.”

“Thank you for your concern Broots. How are you doing Debbie?” Sydney asked softly.

Debbie sniffled, “I miss her. Why did she have to leave us Sydney?”

Jarod cringed on the couch. “She left because of me.” Jarod said with out emotion.

Broots glanced over to see Jarod laying comfortably on the couch.

“Debbie, honey could you please follow Sydney to the study for a while. I need to speak to Jarod in private.”

“Daddy, I don’t want to leave you. Please can I just stay.”

“Come on Debbie, I think your father needs to be alone for a few minutes. Why don’t I start to read Little Women to you. You know how much Miss Parker loved that book.”

Debbie looked at a banged up Jarod, her angry father and a concerned Sydney. “Alright Sydney.” she agreed.

“That’s a good girl.”

Jarod listened jealously to their exchange. They had seen the soft side of her that Jarod had longed to see since his escape. The side he had pushed to her to expose to him. The soft side of the Ice Queen, that none of them would ever see again. This young girl had spent only a night with Miss Parker, and within that one night, she had opened up. He had been trying since his escape to try and get in, to see the soft side of her that was so well guarded. It was eating him alive, if only he could have been more like Debbie.

As soon as they were out of sight and ear shot, Broots advanced angrily on Jarod.

“You killed her.” Broots stated. He was furious at Jarod but it wasn’t in his nature to vent anger on people. But Jarod was making it very hard not to vent on him.

“I’m sorry Mr Broots...” Jarod hung his head I’m shame.

“Don’t give me that! You killed her! How could you risk her life for your freedom, I never thought you were that self centred and selfish.” Broots said flatly.

“You don’t understand,” Jarod tried to defend himself to some degree.

“No I don’t, I thought you cared for her, I thought that you wanted her to be safe and happy. Not dead!” Broots was getting madder by the second.

“You killed her, you caused the car to crash, you tried to escape again and this time you took a precious gift from the world! You took Miss Parker away from me, away from my daughter, away from Sydney!” his voice was rising.

Jarod realised that Broots believed the lie told to him, that Jarod had tried to get control of the car. Only problem at the moment was that Jarod didn’t care. He was willing to sit there and take it. He did kill her, and finally someone was willing to punish him for it.

Jarod’s silence only proved to make Broots anger rise. He actually, for once in his life, wanted a fight, and Jarod was just taking it. Grabbing the collar of the flannel shirt Jarod donned, he pulled Jarod up into a sitting position. Broots stubbornly ignored the yelp of pain that Jarod made as he started to shake Jarod roughly.

“Why did you kill her!”

When Jarod didn't answer, Broots shook him harder again. Jarod screwed his face up in pain. This was hell on his newly re-located collar bone and his broken wrist.

“I’m sorry Broots, I really am.” Jarod said ever so quietly.

Sighing, Broots let the man go.

“I’m sorry Jarod.” Broots said softly. “I know I shouldn't blame you. I know she was bringing you back to the one place in the world that you never wanted to step foot in again. I only work there, that's bad enough, who can blame you for wanting to escape?" Broots said softly, his anger spent. “It’s just hard, Debbie isn’t taking it well. I won't tell her it is your fault. She doesn’t need to know. I just need to know why you ran instead of helping her.”

“I don’t know Mr Broots, I panicked I guess. I ran for my life instead of helping my childhood friend. I’m so sorry.” Jarod said, holding back the tears. No more crying.

Turning on his heel, Broots left Jarod alone to seek out his daughter. Jarod sighed heavily and stood up. Time to leave. Slipping his bare feet into his shoes, Jarod slipped out of the house clad in ill fitting pyjama pants and a flannel shirt. Softly shutting the door, Jarod glanced back at the house. Sydney would be angry he left in his condition, but he couldn’t handle another minute locked in the house with only his guilt to occupy him. Slowly Jarod turned away again and limped away from the house.
So melodramatic by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:

Here is another one since Tina demanded it lol. There is a song in here, it was written a long time ago, so forgive the tacky song lol.



It had been two weeks since Jarod had left Sydney’s house. Not one phone call, not one e-mail, not one clue, not one red notebook.

He caught a bus heading west and crossed two state lines before he got off and sought out a hospital. The nurses and doctors badgered him for answers as to why he had days old injuries. But it was soon clear they wouldn’t get an answer and left him alone.
They had stitched a few of the deeper wounds on his legs and re-stitched the wound on his forehead. An x-ray showed his dislocation was healing nicely and showed that his wrist was indeed badly broken. It was snapped in three different places along his wrist and lower forearm. After it was plastered and he was bandaged back up, he left.

The last week had been spent back in Blue Cove. He wanted to be close to her, to her presence so he went to her house. When he had gained access to her home, Jarod stood at the back door, frozen. He could feel her in the house, could smell the alcohol in the air from all of her drinking sessions. Walking through the kitchen to the lounge room, Jarod was assaulted with memories of Parker. Picking up the framed picture of a young Miss Parker standing next to her mother broke his heart. Softly placing the photo back down, Jarod wiped the tears away from his eyes.

Walking up the stairs to her bedroom, Jarod tried to keep the pain, the grief inside. Entering her room, Jarod saw all of her most personal possessions. Her mother’s paintings, the few gifts her father had given her, Tommy’s shirts. Jarod heard small whimpers fill the room, it took a while to realise it was coming from his own mouth.

Walking over to her chest of drawers, Jarod saw her collection of jewellery. Picking up a silver chain he had seen on her quite a few times, Jarod clipped it around his neck and gently placed his hand over it. Smelling her perfume tore at his heart, gardenias and vanilla. He had caught that scent when they were trapped in the bank.

Making a small circle, Jarod turned around the room slowly, taking in all he could. Next to her bed Jarod caught a glimpse of red. Walking over, the pretender saw a dried, long stem, blood red rose standing in a vase. Reaching his trembling hands out to pick it up, he noticed a small white piece of paper sticking out of the vase. Pulling the paper out, Jarod let out a heart breaking sob. Opening the small note, Jarod read it softly,

Happy Valentines.

He had sent this to her the year after Tommy’s murder trying to let her know someone was out there, caring for her. She had kept it. She had kept his gift. Jarod felt a surge of rage go through him. He went over to her drawers, pulled them open and ripped her clothes out and threw them on the floor. Jarod pulled all the covers of her bed off and threw her pillows against the wall. After his short explosion, Jarod fell to his knees as heart-wrenching sobs escaped his body.

Crawling over to her bed, Jarod hauled himself up. He lay upon the half torn off sheets and the various pieces of clothing he had thrown around the room and had landed on the bed. Grabbing the lone pillow laying on the bed, the only one he had not thrown, Jarod snuggled up to the pillow that still vaguely smelt like her. He lay there, with all of her pictures around him. Her hairbrush, her clothes, her files, scattered around him as he fell into an exhausted slumber.

He only stayed one night though. He felt as if he was intruding. It was similar to when he snuck into her house while she was asleep or at work, to leave her presents. Only this time, he knew she wasn’t going to come home and find his gifts. It was very unsettling, so as soon as he had woken and fixed the room, leaving no evidence of his stay behind, he left. The chill of the pre-dawn air sent shivers down his spine as he took one last look at the summer house, turning, he walked away.

Jarod was aware that Sydney knew where he was. Jarod had caught Sydney tailing his car one day, as he drove through main street. But thus far, no contact had been made.

For the last week, Jarod had spent his nights at the bar Parker had gone to after she found out Tommy had been murdered. He paid the owner fifty dollars to keep the same booth open for him. He sat there, drinking all night, every night.

He needed to numb the pain. If he wasn’t drunk or passed out somewhere, he was thinking about her. The last couple of days he had spent with her. What she had done for him. What she had sacrificed for his freedom. He was filled with ‘what if’s’, what he could have done differently to save her life. It was eating him alive.

He ordered another scotch malt on the rocks, neat. Miss Parker’s favourite drink. This was the fifth drink he’d had within the hour. He never bothered to nurse them, just swallowed them in one hit, savouring the burning it made down his throat. It was ironic. He used to always scold Parker for her drinking habits, now he had formed the same ones.

How would he ever be able to forgive himself? How would Broots ever forgive him? Or Debbie? Or Sydney? What a mess he had made. He would sell his soul, if it meant Miss Parker would come back to him.

Jarod almost laughed at himself, Sell your soul huh? Where was that sentiment when you were running away, like the coward that you are??


It had been three hours since he had arrived today, only 23:00, early really. Jarod had no plans for moving from this spot until he passed out and was thrown out of the bar. He was on his twelfth drink. He could barely sit up anymore. He was becoming a serious drunk.

It took him a moment to process that someone had sat down across from him.

“You need to go easy on the drinks or there will be major repercussions for you in the morning.” The voice was oddly familiar, yet strangely different.

“I won't feel it. I don’t feel anything anymore.” Jarod said sadly to the stranger.

“So melodramatic.” She slurred slightly, telling Jarod that this lady had been drinking too.

“What is it to you anyway?” He asked getting annoyed.

“Jarod, look at me.” She ordered softy, yet forcibly.

Jarod’s head shot up at this lady, she knew his name. How? No-one except the Centre knew him around here. Could the Centre be here to finally take him back?

Once Jarod’s eyes focused on the women, he gasped, his hand shooting up to his mouth.

“Parker? It can’t be, you’re dead. I saw you die. How can you be alive?”

“Excuse me?” She asked confused.

“You’re not her.” Jarod said sadly as her confusion told his tired brain that she didn’t know what he was going on about. "Why did you call me Jarod if you’re not her?"

"I'm sorry, but I didn't call you by your name. I don't even know your name." The woman said sadly, this man was in so much pain.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. You just remind me of some one special I lost recently. I could have sworn you said my name. I really must be losing it.” Jarod apologised as he threw back the last of his scotch.

A smile spread across the lady’s face as she took in what he said. Looking at the worn man, she was overcome with how beautiful he was, even if he was deadly pale, unnaturally thin and had a half grown beard. Ordering another drink for the both of them, she told him without words that she was sticking around.

After two more drinks, the bartender decided to leave them with the bottle. Both people had been through nearly a bottle and a half of scotch each and were merrily laughing now. The death of the loved one that seemed to have made the man depressed earlier had left his thoughts.


The bar had the local radio station playing in the back ground, and the couple decide to dance. Not like they could walk, let alone dance, but they tried anyway.

The song was coming through the speakers loudly, moving the few people that were dancing softly.

How do I get through one night with out you?

If I had to live with out you

What kind of life would that be?

Oh I, I need you and my arms need you to hold

You’re my world, my heart, my soul

If you ever leave

Baby, you would take away everything good in my life

And tell me now

How do I live with out you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever ... ever survive

How do I

How do I

How do I live

Jarod clung tightly to the body pressed against him, afraid that another person would leave him alone in the dark. His eyes started to sting with the unshed tears.

Without you, there‘d be no sun in my sky

There would be no love in my life

There would be no world left for me

And I, baby I don’t know what I would do

I’d be lost if I lost you

If you ever leave

Baby you will take away everything real in my life

And tell me now

How do I live with out you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever ... ever survive

How do I

How do I

Oh How do I live

Jarod couldn’t stop the sob that escaped his lips nor the tears that started to cascade down his cheeks. She tried to step back to see what was wrong with the man, but he held on to her for dear life.

“Jarod, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t leave me, please don’t leave me Parker!” Jarod sobbed. “I’m so sorry. I killed you! I’m so sorry Parker.” Jarod cried out. He was drunk enough not to care who he said it to, he just needed Parker to know how sorry he was.

Please tell me baby

How do I go on

If you ever leave?

Well baby you’d take away everything

Need you in me

Baby don’t you know your everything good in my life

And tell me now

How do I live with out you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever ,,, ever survive

How do I

How do I

Oh How do I live

How do I live with out you?

How do I live with out you? Baby

How do I live with out you?

“Hey, hey, it’s alright. Come on let’s go back to your place and have another drink.” She offered.

Jarod slowly let the women go as soon as he realised she wasn’t going to leave him. If Jarod was a litter more sober, he would have been ashamed and embarrassed at his out burst, but the amount of alcohol in his system made it impossible to care.

They slowly walked from the bar back to the rented house Jarod was staying at. It was a total mess, papers and files were spread over the floor and table in the kitchen, clothes disposed of on the floor all around the house, empty bottles left on the floor.

Jarod went straight to the fridge and took out two beers. He opened both and offered one to his guest.

Neither drinking nor the talking lasted for long. Before either knew what was happening, they were both naked in Jarod’s bed.
Wakey, wakey rise and shine by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:

This is just for Tina, who kept nagging and nagging and nagging for the next chap lol. Hope you guys enjoy!


Jarod awoke to the sun on his face and a pounding headache. Never in his life had he felt such horrendous pain. Opening his eyes almost killed him, a sharp stabbing pain ripped through his temples. This had been by far the worst hangover of his life. Granted, that’s what he thought every new morning, but this was nauseating. Letting out a moan, Jarod rolled over.

There next to him laid a slender, porcelain skinned brunette. Trying to remember what had happened only caused more pain to zap through his head. One thing for sure was that things had gotten kinky. She was cuffed to the headboard. Grabbing the key that lie on the table next to him, Jarod gently leant over and un-cuffed her hands.

It was probably better to have left her cuffed. The mysterious woman moaned as she brought her hands up to cover her face. Rolling over she felt the warmth of another human body. Removing her hands, she gasped in horror as she saw Jarod next to her. Jarod scooted back and fell off the bed in shock.

“M-Miss P-Parker??” Jarod asked in a state of shock as he sat up on the floor.

“Jarod?” Miss Parker asked just as bewildered. “What the hell happened?”

“M-Miss P-Parker??” Jarod asked again. He could feel the stinging in his eyes, letting him know tears would soon be here.

“I think we have already established this fact. Now get back up on the bed and cover yourself up.” Miss Parker said with disgust.

Jarod looked down at his body and realise he was sitting on the floor naked. Quickly climbing back onto the bed, Jarod covered himself with the sheets as he felt his face warm with embarrassment.

“Miss Parker?” Jarod asked more confident. “What are you doing here? How are you here? Why are you here?”

“I don’t know how I got here. What did you do to me rat boy?” Miss Parker hissed.

“It’s really you!” Jarod said fighting back the tears.

“Who else did you think I was? The damn tooth fairy?” She growled.

Jarod practically jumped on top of her as he hugged her tightly. Tears fell from his eyes; Jarod didn’t bother to hide his joy that she was alive. He clung to her, weeping both from happiness and relief.

“Get off of me!” Miss Parker growled. “What is the matter with you? You’re acting like I died, for Christ sakes.”

Jarod backed off quickly as he stared at her in confusion. Didn’t she know what happened?

“Miss Parker, you did die. I saw you on the table. I saw the failed attempts at bringing you back. Sydney and Broots were there too. Sydney was told. You’ve been dead for just over two weeks now.”

Miss Parker saw the seriousness in Jarod’s face, he wasn’t kidding. She had died on the table. Why didn’t daddy tell her?

“Oh...” Was all she could get out. She had died. Jarod had seen her die. Sydney and Broots had been told, Debbie would think she was dead too.

Shaking her head, Miss Parker tried to comprehend what she was told. But all her mind would focus on was her and Jarod sitting on the bed together... naked.

“What happened last night?” She asked the still smiling Jarod.

She couldn’t get angry at this grin he wore, it held nothing annoying or arrogant. He was thrilled, beyond joy, he was crying for her. He was so damn happy to see her alive. His smile told her how truly grateful he was to see her again.

The smile disappeared as she saw him trying to bring up memories.

“Drinking, that’s for sure.” Jarod said as he massaged his temples.

“You really are a genius." Miss Parker said with mock surprise before she continued. "I remember dancing with someone I knew, that was you I presume.”

“I remember that. And stumbling towards my front door... We must have easily polished off a bottle maybe two each.”

“I remember being handcuffed to the bed. Why was I hand cuffed Jarod?” Miss Parker asked accusingly.

“I don’t remember.” He answered honestly.

“Jarod, no, don’t.” Miss Parker pleaded in a desperate tone as she tugged on the cuffs.

“ no... no...”

Grabbing the cuffs that lay forgotten on the bed, Miss Parker quickly cuffed Jarod’s good wrist to the head board.

“What are you doing Parker?” Jarod asked confused, trying to mask the fear he felt forming in his stomach.

“What did you do to me Jarod?” She asked in a deep, dark growl.

“What are you talking about Miss Parker?” Jarod was getting worried. His delight at seeing Miss Parker alive disappeared at her hard look.

“I was telling you no last night. I was cuffed to the bed. What did you do?” She asked, showing her hurt and anger.

“Miss Parker, I would never...” Jarod couldn’t bring himself to say the word.

Jarod was assaulted by a memory of his own.

“Stay still! I won’t have to hurt you if you stay still.” Jarod said to the cuffed woman on the bed as she squirmed underneath his body.

“Just stay still, alright.” Jarod had ordered her.

Miss Parker saw the fear spread across his face.

“Jarod, no, don’t.” the woman said underneath him, tugging on the cuffs.

“No... no... no... no...”

“Oh god! What have I done?!” Jarod whispered to himself.

“Jarod, you raped me!” Miss Parker said jumping off the bed, pulling the only sheet with her, leaving Jarod sitting on the bed naked. Quickly wrapping the sheet around her naked form, Miss Parker saw red and purple marks on her wrists from the cuffs.

“No! I couldn’t! I would never hurt you Miss Parker!” Jarod pleaded. How could he have done this to her, to anyone?!

“What did you want from me Jarod?! Did you want control, or did you want to hurt me?!" Miss Parker growled in a rage.

"No! Miss Parker, please just try to remember more!" Jarod pleaded. This wasn't happening.

"I have all the evidence I need." She said thrusting her hands under his face. "How do you explain these marks then wonder-boy? Huh? If you didn't do anything to me, why did you have me cuffed to the god damn bed?!"

The pained look on Jarod’s face told her that he remembered nothing that he would be able to use in his defence. Something sparkling in the light caught her eye. Lowering her glance, she saw the silver chain on the naked man’s neck. Reaching over, she grabbed it in her fist and ripped it off of Jarod.

Jarod flinched when it was torn from his neck. Looking up at her, he saw Miss Parker holding it in her hands with a horror stricken face.

“It was you? You were the one in my house?!” Miss Parker asked in a whisper. “You were the one that went through my drawers? It was you who stole my necklace!” her voice had raised to a yell.

“It wasn’t like that Miss Parker. I was upset. I wanted to be close to you, your presence.”

“And you thought you would achieve this by going through my lingerie drawer!!”


“Then why did you go through my things?!” He wasn’t helping his case here.

“I got mad... I started to throw things around.” Jarod whispered eyes down cast.

“So you thought you would become closer to my ‘presence’ by trashing my house?!”

“No. I was... I got...” Jarod gave up. This was useless.

Miss Parker sighed heavily, "After I saved your life too Jarod." As soon as she said that aloud, she realised how much a betrayal this was and just like that, her anger was back. "I died for you as well. How could you do this to me?! Jarod how?!” Miss Parker hissed she couldn’t hide her hurt no matter how hard she tried.

“Please Miss Parker! I wouldn’t have hurt you in this way, or in any other!” Jarod pulled frantically at the cuffs, his fear showing.

“Jarod...” Miss Parker whispered as she turned, grabbed her discarded clothes and walked into the ensuite.

"Miss Parker...wait! Please!" Jarod yelled as the door closed shut.


When Miss Parker emerged from the bathroom, she was clad in her ‘armour’. Her power suit was crumpled from its stay on the floor, but it served its purpose. She felt like a high level Centre operative again. Pulling her ice queen façade over her, she advanced on a silently crying Jarod. Picking up the house phone, Miss Parker dialled the familiar number.

“Daddy.” Miss Parker greeted her father with out breaking eye contact with Jarod.

“Daddy. I need a sweeper team here ASAP. I have Jarod.”

She paused to listen to her father.

“No daddy, he isn’t going to be going anywhere but Raines and Lyle’s playground.”

She paused again, and then continued.

“I don’t know where we are.”

Another pause as her father growled at her.

“Daddy, I was in a ... strange situation last night that I will explain when we get back. I don’t have my car so send some sweepers, and trace this line. I’ll hang up in ten minutes.”

Miss Parker ended the conversation as she placed the handset onto the table, leaving the line open.

“Miss Parker, please, you don’t want to do this!” Jarod said desperately.

“And why don’t I? Last time I let you go I got killed. And look at how you repaid me? You raped me Jarod! I will never forgive you for that lab-rat!”

“Miss Parker, just think about it. What if the memoires we have are wrong? Its just a small memory, maybe there was a reason as to why you were saying no that wasn’t to do with me forcing my self on you!” Jarod visibly shuddered at what he said.

“Face the facts Jarod. Take responsibility for what you did to me.” Miss Parker hissed.

“And you think sending me back to hell and locking me up for the rest of my life is fair?” Jarod asked in disbelief.

“Why not? That’s what normally happens to a rapist.” Miss Parker cocked her head to the side slightly. "Looks like the indecent assault on the warrant is now true. You’re a true blue criminal Jarod. Congratulations." Miss Parker growled coldly.

“But I didn’t do it!” Jarod cried.

“You admitted it already!” Miss Parker said softly as she walked over to hang up the phone.

“I know we are still in Blue Cove, so that will give us about ten minutes before they arrive.”

“Can I at least get something to wear?” Jarod asked.

I deserve what I am given. First I kill her, and when I find out she is still alive, I rape her! What have I done!

Miss Parker picked up his jeans and threw them at him.

“There, be grateful you have something to wear!” Miss Parker hissed cruelly.

Jarod looked forlornly at the black jeans lying at the foot of the bed. How was he going to get them on?

“Miss Parker, you have no idea how ...” Jarod began.

“Stow it rat. I don’t want to hear it. I will supervise them as they cart your sorry arse back home then I’m out of your life forever.”


It wasn’t long before they both heard the screeching of car tires and slamming of doors.

“Please Miss Parker, don’t do this to me!” Jarod begged as he desperately pulled the cuffs.

“And no to you, when I say it, means what?” Parker hissed coldly.

As the door to the house opened, and sweepers flooded the bedroom, Jarod looked one last time at the woman he had so desperately wanted to be alive again and the woman he so badly violated.
Meet the new kid on the block by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:

Thanks to Tina and Jazzy for the lovely reviews, hope everyone enjoys the chapter...


Jarod’s heart rose up in his throat, his pulse quickened, his eyes widened in fear. They were here already! That can’t have been ten minutes.

Jarod stretched his arm out as far as he could to retrieve his jeans, his only protection from utter humiliation. His face wrinkled in concentration, as if by his sheer will, they would materialise in his hand. After what seemed an eternity, Jarod finally got a hold of the jeans by his index and middle finger. Quickly yanking them up to him. Jarod tried frantically to put them on as Miss Parker looked on coldly.

Why was this so hard?

Jarod heard the front door being kicked down, and the footsteps of the numerous sweepers filling the house.

Jarod got the pants over his feet. Lifting his hips awkwardly off of the bed, Jarod tried to pull the material over his hips. The cast, ending at his knuckles, didn’t allow much movement of the fingers which meant getting a firm hold of anything was impossible.

As the bedroom door was thrown open, Jarod shot a glance at Parker.

Parker could have burst into tears right there and then. The look on Jarod’s face was sending waves of doubt throughout her. He was petrified, the utter terror in his eyes and on his face knocked her back. The apology for what he had done to her was clear as day, he was almost begging for her forgiveness. She started to doubt that he really did rape her. This was Jarod after all. But the memories of her cuffed to the bed and telling him no wouldn't leave her mind. Mentally shaking her head, Miss Parker pushed any doubt she had away.

Jarod froze, stopped in mid-motion of pulling his pants on, Miss Parker even saw his chest cease its task of in taking air. Redirecting her gaze from the pretender to who ever walked into the room.

“Congratulation Sis, you finally caught the lab-rat.” Lyles smug voice greeted.

“What do you want Lyle?” Miss Parker asked in a bored tone.

“To supervise the return of our wayward pretender.”

Lyle tilted his head to the side and sniffed the air.

“Booze and sex Miss Parker?” Lyle asked confused. “What did you get up two last night?” Glancing across for the first time towards Jarod, Lyle continued. “And a naked experiment in the bed. Tsk tsk, what did you do?”

Miss Parker didn’t answer verbally, she just shot an accusing look at Jarod, who turned his head away from the stare in shame and disgust.

“Parker, what happened?” Lyle asked, surprising even himself at the caring and concerned tone his voice took.

“Look Lyle, I will discuss it when we are safely back at the Centre and daddy is around. It‘s not something I want to say twice.” Miss Parker said somewhat softly to her younger brother.

“Alright.” Lyle said, this time faking the concern.

What ever happened between his sister and the rat could be exploited, ohh was he excited. It didn't take a genius to see what had gone on last night. Lyle was sure that he could play on it, make the pretender pay dearly. This was going to be fun. He couldn't let Parker know how excited at the prospect he was, so he pretended to still be the concerned brother.

Lyle turned towards one of the sweepers that had filled the room.

“Go get Sam.” Lyle ordered, only getting this twit because of his sister. He would make her happy until Jarod was in his hands. Nodding, the lower level sweeper left.

Jarod gulped down the fear and dread that had formed in his throat. This wasn’t going to be good.

“Stay away from her! If I find out you slept with her again I will personally drag your sorry ass to Raines himself. Am I understood?”

The fact was that he would most likely be going to Raines anyway, so the threat itself was invalid now. But Jarod had remembered the fury and hatred in the bulky man’s eyes, the conviction they held. If Sam couldn’t punish him by sending him to Raines, Jarod was sure he would find some other way.

Sam had entered the room shortly after the original sweeper left.

Jarod noticed Sam sniff the air similar to what Lyle had done. His eyes narrowed in rage at Jarod. There was no way he was getting out of a good bashing and that was just for the sex. Jarod was as good as dead as soon as the sweeper found out that he had raped Parker.

Jarod anxiously looked back between Sam and the cuff holding him to the bed. He needed to get out of here, he wouldn't survive for long if he didn't. Jarod even tried yanking the cuffs, in the hopes that they would somehow come loose off the bed frame.

“Mr Lyle?” Sam said, his gaze never wavering from the naked pretender. His jeans had never made it to their destination and sat mid thigh. This only confirmed to Sam what had happened earlier.

“Make the genius decent, then find a way to restrain him until we get back to the Centre.” Lyle ordered as he glanced towards the cast on his right arm.

“Yes Mr Lyle.” Sam said, allowing his malice towards Jarod show in his voice.

“Come on Parker, lets leave Sam to his job.” Lyle said kindly, taking Parker by her arm and leading her out.

Jarod sat stunned on the bed. Lyle was concerned for her? How could a heartless machine be worried for the well being of his sister? He had caused Parker to accept help from Lyle, what had he done?

As soon as the door shut and the only people left in the room were Jarod, Sam and two sweepers, Sam advanced on the pretender.

“Luke, pull it’s jeans up. We wouldn’t want him scaring the children in the Centre, now would we?” Sam sneered.

One way to get at Jarod was kids. He was exactly like the tech on his boss’s team. He hated to see kids exploited, harmed, trapped. He would have hated the fact that Sam was speaking of the innocent children still locked up in that hell-hole.

“Yes sir.” Luke obeyed the order.

Quickly walking over to the left side of the bed and the practically naked man, he leant over to help Jarod pull the jeans on. Jarod would not go back with out a fight. So when the sweeper got close enough, Jarod threw the best punch he could with his plastered right hand. Luke stumbled back, and looked stunned at Jarod. This was all Sam needed to lay into the genius.

Coming up behind Jarod, Sam grabbed his arm and swung it back, knocking it hard into the head board. There was a satisfying crack and a loud bang that was made when the plaster impacted with the frame. Jarod let out a holler of pain.

Wrapping his hand around the pretender’s throat, never letting Jarod’s arm go, Sam shoved him against the headboard. Jarod gasped for air but was unable to get any.

Leaning in, Sam spoke softly, “You are going to let Luke dress you. I am going to restrain you correctly, then we are heading back home. I don’t want any trouble from you. Don’t give me yet another reason to hurt you.”

Keeping his hand wrapped around wonder-boy’s throat, Sam nodded to Luke to come and dress Jarod. Jarod allowed the sweeper to pull his jeans on and to do up the three button fly. Jarod was acutely aware of the fingers brushing against his skin as he was covered up. Jarod pushed the fear out of his mind, nothing would happen to him.


Jarod’s arms were pulled roughly behind his back. Sam fastened some cable wire to his good left wrist and brought it up to be fastened to his right arm, just above the cast. The plastic wire was tightened to the point that Jarod could feel his right arm below the start of the cast growing numb. His left wrist felt like it would snap in two if he moved it the wrong way. Snapping shackles around his ankles, Jarod was shoved forcefully out of the bedroom. The two lower sweepers followed with his duffel bag and DSA case.

When the direct sunlight hit Jarod’s eyes, it was almost like daggers piercing his eyeballs, causing him to squeeze them shut, trying to keep his headache to a minimum. Every thing has a consequence. Jarod didn’t see the crack in the foot path heading towards the road. His foot caught and Jarod went down with a loud thud. For once, he wished the sweepers had been gripping his arms. He wouldn't have fallen then and caused pain to zap through his body.

Miss Parker watched from the car as Jarod shut his eyes in an attempt to stop the sun blinding him. Only for him not to see the visible crack in the concrete and him fall face first. She smiled coldly at the pretender. He deserved all he got, after he raped her.

Sam had to pull the pretender up from off the hard ground. His nose had started to bleed and his check had been grazed. Poor guy was having one hell of a bad day.


The ride back to the Centre had been made in uncomfortable silence. Jarod was sitting in between Lyle and Parker. His arm’s still fastened uncomfortably behind him, the seat belt pulled across his body.

Every couple of minutes, Jarod would feel one of them stare at him callously. Jarod ignored the looks as he stared unblinkingly out the front windscreen.

Slowly, the Centre started to come into view, the imposing building loomed just in front of them. Jarod shifted in his seat, the building created icicles of fear in his belly. The frightened man visibly paled at the site of the building and looked as if he would throw up any second. The closer the car came to the enormous structure, the more the man squashed in between the two people fidgeted.

“Sit still wonder-boy.” Lyle ordered as Jarod swallowed the rising trepidation.

It wasn’t long before they pulled up at the Centre.


Jarod was violently thrown to the hard floor after the plastic wire was cut from him, effectively releasing him from the restraints. Sam had gotten out the fire hose and turned it on, aiming it at the pretender. The high- pressured, ice-cold water pelted down on Jarod’s body. The force of it made it impossible for Jarod to stand up off the ground, to move away from the back wall, and escape the assault.

After five minutes, Sam gratefully turned the water off. Jarod laid in the corner that he had backed himself into and panted heavily. Jarod was flooded with memories of the last time he was held captive inside the Centre’s walls.

“Get to your feet pretender.” Jarod was ordered.

Jarod laid on the ground defiantly, trying to control the violent shaking, refusing to do as he was told. He would not give them any satisfaction.

“I said get to your feet!” Sam snarled at the stubborn man.

When it was apparent that Jarod wasn’t going to do it, Sam sent two of the four sweepers in to get him up.

The two bulky, mindless, heartless men gripped his biceps painfully and yanked him up from the wet ground.

Sam threateningly stalked towards the dripping wet man. Standing toe to toe, his mouth at Jarod’s ear, the sweeper warned,

“You will do as your told. Otherwise there will be repercussions. Am I understood rat?”

Jarod would not budge.

The sense of relaxation Sam felt after he had beaten Jarod was quite astounding. Jarod laid on the ground curled into a tight ball breathing heavily, his eyes squeezed shut. Sam had used all the talents that he could, belting Jarod senseless with minimum marks. He didn’t particular want the Tower to know what he had done with out authorisation.

“Bring him.”


Jarod was dragged to an elevator and shoved in. The four sweepers and Sam filled in to the car after him, blocking any attempt at escape. Jarod watched as the number counted up.

7... 6... 5 ... 4... 3... 2... 1...

The lobby? Jarod thought confused. Why were they risking going to ground level?

Jarod was pulled out of his thoughts and the elevator roughly. The captive was lead through the lobby and ground floor, two sweepers holding on strongly to his arms. Everyone stopped and stared at the half naked, wet, restrained man.

Jarod hung his head low. This was humiliating. They were practically showing off the catch of the day.

Come one, come all! See the world’s greatest pretender dripping wet, beaten up, restrained. Chance of a life-time! Bring the kids and let them gawk at the genius!

“What is the meaning of this?” A softly accented voice spoke, stopping their journey.

Jarod’s head shot up at the voice. Sydney!

“Step out of the way sir, we are expected in a meeting.” Sam said trying to move this along.

“Not until I know what is happening. When was Jarod brought in?”

“Miss Parker will debrief you after the meeting sir.”

“Sydney! I didn’t mean it!” Jarod cried.

With out another word, they pushed past Sydney and carried on. Jarod turned the best he could to look back at Sydney.

“I didn’t mean it Sydney, please believe me!”

Jarod was propelled forward, he had no choice but to go with the sweepers. Jarod kept his eyes trained on the floor while they continued to walk through the various corridors. He had heard a few gasp of shock, a few “Look at it.”, a few “Poor guy, must be one that lives here.”

When they came to a sudden stop, Jarod looked up.

The tower elevator! What are we doing here!

The doors opened with a ‘ping’, Jarod was forced in, the sweepers having difficulty with the fighting man. As they rode up, Jarod started to panic.

No... no... no... This isn’t good. I don’t want to go to the Tower, just take me to some inhuman cell on SL 27!


“Jarod, what were you doing in there again? I gave you strict orders not to go into the record room and you bluntly disobeyed me!” Sydney said with a hint of anger in his voice.

“But Sydney, I want to know who I am! You won’t tell me, so I went looking for my answers inside the Centre!” Jarod growled back rebelliously.

“Jarod, I warned you that you would be in a great deal of trouble if you went in there again.” Sydney said then turned to the two sweepers with a firm grip on the pretender’s arms. “Take him to the Tower, don’t allow him to go into the front lobby.”

“Yes sir.”

Jarod’s stomach dropped at the sound of the Tower. His throat tightened with fear, his mouth dried. Jarod put up a good struggle but his younger frame was still a long way away from the bulkiness the sweepers bodies were.

“No Sydney! Please! I won’t do it again! I promise.” Jarod begged as the sweepers pulled him away. “Sydney!!”

The sweepers followed their orders. They dragged a kicking and screaming Jarod to the Tower elevator steering clear of the front lobby and windows.

When the elevator reached the top, the doors automatically opened. The two older men pulled an unwilling pretender to the door at the end of the hallway. Opening it up, they shoved the terrified young man in.

“On your knees 302!” the sweeper ordered, and when Jarod didn’t do it, they kicked the back of his knees. His legs buckled and Jarod fell to the ground with a heavy thud. “Stay.”

Jarod meekly looked around. The room was painted all white, the ground was hard, cold, white tiles. The only piece of furniture in the room was an antique business oak desk and high back leather chair.

Sitting behind the impressive desk was a man around Sydney’s age. Picking up some files in front of him, the man spoke.

“Project 302, Pretender programme.” Looking at Jarod, he commanded, “302, state your name.”

After swallowing a few times to try and generate some saliva, Jarod spoke.

“I-It’s J-Jarod s-sir.” Jarod stuttered nervously.

“As I understand, you broke a direct order to stay out of the record room. You were also caught in there on two other occasions. Am I correct?” The man asked in a deep, strong voice.

“Y-Yes s-sir.”

“I see then. Are you aware of the punishment for breaking a direct order?”

“No s-sir. I have n-never gone against an order b-before.” Jarod said, hoping to lessen his punishment because it was his first time.

“I understand. Take him to isolation for a week. No food, no light, one litre of water for the week, no visitors. After his isolation, have him beaten by Maxwell, no weapons are to be used. Am I understood?”

“Yes Mr Parker.” The sweepers said loyally.

“Get to your feet 302!”

They had to haul a stunned Jarod from the ground. All he did was break into the record room. He had never disobeyed anyone before. They couldn’t do this to him for something so small as what he had done! And by Mr Parker! Miss Parker’s father! How could they do this!


The jolt that was made when the elevator came to a stop brought Jarod out of his memory. They were in the Tower. If isolation and a beating was the punishment for breaking a direct order and entering the record room, Jarod could only imagine what would happen to him this time.

The sweepers hauled the now trembling man out of the car and pulled the struggling pretender down the hallway. Jarod saw the door at the end of the hallway and started to fight in earnest now. It made little difference, the sweepers were bigger, stronger and it was 5-1, odds on their side. It didn’t stop Jarod from trying but. He managed to kick one of the sweepers that was slightly in front of him in the legs, bringing him down. Jarod growled deeply from the back of his throat in frustration as the remaining three sweepers and Sam pounced on him. It took less then two minutes to get the pretender under their control again.

They made their way to the closed door, Sam stopped them and opened the door slowly. Jarod was shoved in roughly as the four sweepers and Sam followed.

Once Jarod had stabilised his footing, he cautiously looked around. After 20 years, nothing had changed. The walls were still blindingly white, the floor was still cold, hard, white tiles. There was still the antique desk and the high back leather chair.

In it sat Mr Parker, just like before. Jarod felt a hand push him down to the ground aggressively.

“On your knees 302!” Sam ordered.

Jarod had no other choice but to comply. Jarod looked up from his spot on the ground at Miss Parker and Mr Lyle, who were standing on one side of the room, both staring down at him coldly. Standing on the opposite side of the room, Mr Raines looked on with amusement.

Mr Parker cleared his voice, gaining everyone’s attention. After shifting through some papers, he spoke.

“Project 302, Pretender Programme.” Mr Parker started just like he had so many years ago. “302, state your name.”

Jarod almost laughed. Did they really expect him to play these games?

“If you haven’t learnt my name after 30 odd years, what hope do you have of me telling you now?” Jarod sneered sarcastically.

“I would advise you to state your name for the record. I am not in the mood to play your silly games.” Mr Parker growled.

“Well, it’s about time I get to play some sort of game!” Jarod refused to let them win.

That refusal earned Jarod a kick to his ribs. Gasping in pain from the blow Sam delivered, Jarod almost fell to the ground. Leaning over in pain, holding his ribs, Jarod struggled to control his raspy breathing. Straightening up, he removed as much of the pain evident in his eyes and on his face as he could. He would not let them see his pain. At that point, Sydney burst into the room. Seeing Jarod holding his ribs, gasping, he walked up to the oak desk.

“Mr Parker, what is going on? Why is Jarod in the Tower? When was he caught? And why wasn’t I informed?” Sydney asked, showing his displeasure at being left out.

“Everything will be explained as soon as project 302 states his name.”

Sydney glanced at Jarod, realising that he wasn’t complying.

“You know his name Mr Parker. It’s Jarod. I think we are quite aware of his name.” Sydney said, his anger building. “Now what is going on?”

Turning to Miss Parker, Mr Parker asked her to explain what had happened last night, and how Jarod was caught.

“Daddy, I would really rather this be a bit more personal.” Parker said uncomfortably.

“Non-sense angel, you’re a Parker, you are strong, you are not shy.”

“Alright daddy. I don’t actually remember much of last night, besides drinking - a lot.” Miss Parker admitted, aware of the look her father was sending her. Ignoring it, she went on, desperate to get it out in one shot. “I woke up in the morning in Jarod’s bed. He had raped me. I was hand cuffed to the bed, telling him no, but apparently, it didn’t phase him much.” Miss Parker said coldly, glancing at Jarod. “I let my defences down, I let him in. I let him do this, I let him rape me! I wasn’t strong enough to stop it, I wasn’t cold enough to push him away! I’m sorry daddy! I’m sorry I wasn’t a better Parker!” Miss Parker softly. She was close to tears, how weak her father must think she was. And to let Jarod rape her, to have let her defences down that far. She was far from a Parker right now.

“He did what?” Sydney asked unbelievingly.

“Sydney, your rat raped me!” She said harshly, trying to bring her guard back up

“Miss Parker, are you sure?” Sydney asked, Jarod would never rape her.

“Why don’t you ask him for yourself?” she whispered.

All eyes were on the weeping pretender.

“Jarod...?” Sydney asked softly.

“I’m so sorry Sydney! I didn’t mean it! I’m sure I didn’t! I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what made me cuff her and... and...” Jarod couldn’t finish it.

“How could you Jarod! You were so distraught at the fact that you thought you had killed her! And then you go and rape her! Jarod, I never would have thought you to be so cruel.” Sydney finished disappointingly. Turning his back on Jarod, he slowly left the room.

“Sydney!! Please wait! Please Sydney!” Jarod yelled in a desperate attempt to get Sydney to listen.

When Sydney walked through the doors, Jarod pushed himself up to his feet and made an attempt at going after him. As soon as Jarod was on his feet and had turned around to face the door, two sweepers grabbed him.

“Let me go you bastards! Sydney!” Jarod shouted. “Let me go!” Jarod hissed in anger and frustration, fighting to get loose.

The sweepers threw him back, hard. Jarod landed with a loud thud.

“On your knees.”

And when Jarod failed to obey, they forced him off his back and onto his knees. Pressing down painfully on his shoulders, one of the sweepers holding him barked,


Jarod looked up at Mr Parker. The fury that was in his normally cold eyes could melt ice. He now had two reasons to hate the younger man. He had caused the crash that had killed Miss Parker and he had raped his only daughter.

“This is a ... disappointment Miss Parker. You let Jarod ... get too close.”

Snapping her head up to look at Raines, Miss Parker’s eyes glazed over with fury. The infamous blue fire could be seen in her ice blue eyes. Stalking dangerously across the room, ignoring Jarod’s glare, she stood in front of Raines.

“I’m a disappointment? How dare you say that to me!” Parker hissed with all the venom she could muster.

Before Raines could reply, there was a loud crash, and moaning.

Looking over in the direction, they saw Sam on top of Jarod belting into him viciously. Jarod didn’t stand a chance against the massive sweeper. Sam’s fist repeatedly connected with Jarod’s face. No one moved to help the defenceless pretender, they just stood still watching.

After a few more moments, Mr Parker ordered Sam off of him.

“Get to your knees Jarod.” The chairman told Jarod, his voice making it clear that it wouldn’t be wise to disobey him. Jarod struggled, but managed to do as he was told.

“Sam, what was the meaning of this distraction?” The man asked.

“He was looking at Miss Parker’s legs. He hasn’t learnt his lesson!” Tthe hatred in his voice seeped out, despite the sweepers efforts.

As if they were a swarm of bee’s all following each other, all eyes went to Miss Parker’s legs. She had the traditional short skirt on, ending mid thigh.

“What do you think your doing looking at me rat?” Miss Parker hissed, Jarod could see the slight hint of fear in her eyes and could hear the worry in her voice.

“Miss Parker, it’s not what it looks like! I wasn’t looking at you!” Jarod tried frantically to explain, no matter what he said, he would be in the shit for it. “It’s just that your legs... they were... weren’t they...” Jarod shook his head. He was confused like never before.

He hadn’t really paid attention before. First he was drunk, then he was busy violating her. Afterwards he was so happy to see her, then frightened for his life, it had never clicked. She had broken her leg badly in the crash, he was sure of it, he had seen it... hadn’t he?

Could he have SIMed her injuries? Could the trauma of the crash, his injures, his fear and his worry over her caused him to SIM the injuries? Could his brain have made him believe things were actually worse than they really were? If there was no way he could move her to help, and that help was on its way, and he knew she would be safe, it would have justified him running. If she wasn’t all that badly hurt, he could have gotten her out of the car and helped her better, but that would have resulted in him being caught.

“Your leg wasn’t broken was it?” Jarod asked softly.

“What the hell are you on about Franken-boy?” Miss Parker asked coldly.

He SIMed it! He SIMed her injures so he would feel better when he left her there alone, hurt and scared. How could he? Jarod lowered his head in disgust.

When it was clear the conversation was over, and Jarod wouldn’t try to anything else, Mr Parker motioned to one of the two sweepers not holding Jarod, to go get something for him.

All was silent for the few minutes. Lyle was trying to comfort his sister, a hand laid upon her shoulder. Raines stood with an evil glint in his eyes. Sam was paying close attention to the pretender, waiting for a wrong move. Mr Parker was glaring daggers at Jarod.

The only door opened again, the sweeper walked in, followed by a women.

The mysterious woman walked over to the desk Mr Parker was sitting behind.

“I would like to introduce everyone to Mercy,” Looking over at Jarod, “The pretender’s new handler.”
May God have Mercy by terri_tpfan
Author's Notes:

Ok tina, stop wiht the poking lol, you got your chap so settle down. This chap was posted realtively soon because of the endless reminders on msn, email and the sim by Tina.

Also, foprgot to mention last time, but Dr Mercy's name was stolen form out pretneder loving friend. Thanks Mercy! (if you even remember me stealing it lol) 

"What! Dad! You can't give this blonde bimbo Jarod! He should be mine!" Lyle roared, gesturing to the blonde at the old oak desk in the sterile white room. How could he?!

"Lyle, calm yourself. Jarod is familiar with both you and Mr Raines. He knows how to act to make you think what he needs you to think. He has had no experience with Dr Mercy so he can not manipulate her." Mr Parker stated, he knew his son wouldn't take this well, but frankly he didn't care. He would not jeopardise the Pretender project to pander to his son's wishes.

"But dad!" Lyle was on the verge of fury.

"No Lyle! I have made my choice. I am sure the good doctor will allow you access for certain projects."

Turning towards Miss Parker, he continued.

"Angel, I assure you Jarod will be punished severely for his violation, but it is time for you to move on, forget about it..." Mr Parker never got to finish what he was saying.

"Get over it?!" Jarod asked incredulous, "She was raped! How could you be so cold to your own daughter?! Have a god damn heart for once!" Jarod said in a raised voice.

"If I'm not mistaken, but weren't you the one to rape her in the first place Jarod?" Lyle spoke up, he couldn't miss this chance to inflict some sort of pain on the pretender.

Jarod sighed heavily, lowering his head and his eyes. Mr Parker continued as if he had never been interrupted,

"And Raines, again, if you ask Dr Mercy for access to the pretender, I'm sure there won't be a problem." He finished looking at Mercy, hoping she realised the last part was meant for her.

"Doctor, you may address him."

"Thank you Mr Parker." The woman said softly.

Jarod looked up at her as she stepped away from the desk and in front of him.

She was beautiful.

She had long softly curled golden blond hair. Her eyes were a warm blue, nothing like Miss Parker's ice blue. She was slightly shorter than Miss Parker and her frame was a little bigger. She had soft, voluptuous curves. Her face held a warm, friendly smile. Her eyes were trusting and friendly. She wore faded denim jeans and a soft, baby blue turtleneck jumper. She looked harmless.

"Project 302,” She said softly in a soft motherly voice, "I am doctor Mercy, I'll be taking care of you for a while."

A shiver ran down his spine at those words. That's what Sydney had said to him, and although he was grateful for the kindness and gentleness Sydney showed him, he was still locked away for almost his whole life. He didn't want it to happen again.

Looking down at Jarod, she asked the sweepers to let go of his shoulders and for Jarod to stand. Jarod wasted no time getting up. Being at everyone's height gave him at least the appearance of some control over the situation. He could do nothing if he was being held down on his knees.

"Project 302, what is your name?” She asked kindly.

"Jarod." Jarod found himself answering. Her voice, her smile, gave her a trusting appearance, he couldn't stop himself from answering her.

This must be what I make others feel like when I ask them to trust me.

"Hello Jarod. I have a few questions I would like you to answer before we leave. Is that alright?"

Jarod was taken aback. She was asking him? Jarod nodded his head softly, confusion written all over his face.

"There's no need to be confused Jarod. It's a straight and simple process. I would like to know if you really did rape Miss Parker."

Jarod hung his head in shame. Mercy lifted his head up so she could look in his eyes. "I'm not looking for a reason, or for details. Just a yes or a no Jarod. Like I said, it's simple." Mercy said softly.

"Yes." Jarod said meekly.

"Thank you Jarod. I was wondering if you would like to work with Sydney for certain SIM's."

Mercy got the response she thought she would.

"I'm not doing SIM's for them!" Jarod said angrily.

"What about for me Jarod? Would you do SIM's for me?” She asked in her gentle voice.

Looking into her eyes, Jarod was lost in her warmth. It took actual effort to shake his head no.

"I'm sorry to hear that Jarod. Maybe after a few weeks you might reconsider."

Walking over to the desk, Mercy picked up a file. Leaning against the desk, she read a few things from it.

"Project 302, Pretender Programme, known also as Jarod. Arrived at the Centre in 1963 and allocated to Doctor Sydney's care. Project 302 is the Centre's best pretender but has a moral conscience." Lowering the file, Mercy looked at Jarod. "Moral are we? I have found that, to be an extraordinarily intelligent man, and an equally moral one, is sometimes not a combination that goes hand in hand. It does not always provide for much peace. Would I be accurate on this assumption Jarod?" Mercy asked in a pleasant voice.

"Sometimes yes, but not always. Sometimes it makes for a wonderful combination." Jarod said back just as nicely.

"I see. It says here that you have a few issues with your family. More to the point, you have a few issues with not having your family."

"Wouldn't you have a few 'issues' if you were stolen from your family and kept from them your whole life?!" Jarod snapped angrily.

"Jarod, calm down. I wasn't attacking you. There was no need to defend." Mercy scolded him like a mother does to a five year old that has gotten into the cookie jar. "It also states that you have found your father, sister and brother, who was killed by Mr Lyle." Mercy looked towards Lyle. He was still furious she had gotten Jarod. "How was that?” She asked curiously.

"I don't see the point in any of this!" Miss Parker snarled, this wasn't punishment.

"Please Miss Parker, I was just trying to find out more about Jarod."

"Dr Mercy, I'm sure you can continue this when you have Jarod back in his space." Mr Parker said, trying to placate his daughter, who he could see was on the verge of losing control.

"Not a problem Mr Parker.” She replied sweetly.

Nodding towards the sweepers, Mercy closed the file. Jarod's arms were pulled sharply behind his back, as he was forced back onto his knees, where they were restrained with plastic wire just like they had been earlier at his house.

Walking over to Jarod, Mercy pulled a collar that looked suspiciously like a dog-collar, out from the back of her jeans. Calmly, without breaking eye contact, she fastened the temporary collar around his neck and attached a leash.

You could almost hear Lyle snickering in the background. The look of shocked horror on Jarod's face fuelled Lyle's delight at seeing Jarod treated like a pet.

Leaning in close to Jarod's surprised face, her breath tickling the man's cheek, Mercy whispered,

"Welcome to my world." There was something dark and dangerous in her tone and Jarod swallowed the knot of fear that formed in his throat. Taking a step back, Mercy said louder.

"Come along Jarod."

Pulling on the leash forcefully, Jarod was yanked to his feet. Mercy lead Jarod out of the room confidently, with her head held high. Jarod tried with all his might not to stumble, being hunched over and pulled along by a leash wasn't helping his walking.

Miss Parker had left with a sick feeling in her stomach. This lady was twisted and would, if given the power, be the end of Jarod. Not like that was an entirely bad thought. She entered Sydney's office without knocking.

The older man was siting at his desk with a glass of scotch.

"I'm sorry Miss Parker, I thought I had taught him better than that." Miss Parker's heart sunk at the misery in Sydney's voice.

"This wasn't your fault Syd. This was Wonder-Boy's. You have no control over his actions. He is a grown man, and he will learn that actions indeed, have consequences."

"How are you coping Miss Parker?” Sydney asked, the concern was apparent in his eyes.

"I'm doing surprisingly well." Miss Parker said in confusion. "I'm disappointed and hurt that he would do this to me, I'm angry at him. I'm more disappointed though. Why is that Syd?” She asked.

It wasn't often that Parker asked for Sydney's advice or thoughts, he was quite willing to give her what she asked for.

"He has broken a trust that has taken decades to build. Even if you won't admit it, you had placed your trust in him."

"But why me? I would never have imagined Jarod ever doing this. To anyone." Parker said sadly.

"Jarod was very traumatised after the accident. He used alcohol to numb the pain he was suffering, to numb the guilt he felt over your death. When he saw you, he could have just snapped. The sight of you to much to bear."

Miss Parker tilted her head to the side with a small frown,

"Syd, after you left, Jarod asked if my leg was broken in the crash. Why would he think that?"

"Jarod was very distraught when I found him. He was blaming himself for the crash and your death. He was devastated. He was carrying around tremendous guilt over the fact that he had run and left you. It is my guess, that at the time, Jarod ran a SIM to try and work out the best course of action. But it is very likely to have turned out to be more than that. Jarod ran, and that's not like him. I think that perhaps he needed to believe so badly that your injuries were so severe, that there was no hope and that he needed it so bad, that he lost himself in the SIM. The SIM became his reality, forced upon him to ease his own sense of guilt. He might not have even realized what he was doing until he saw your leg, that it was indeed not broken."

Looking Miss Parker over, Sydney noticed her wrists. Getting up from behind his desk, the shrink walked around to the couch Parker was sitting on. Drawing her hands up to his face, Sydney commented on her bruises.

"How did you get these Miss Parker?” Sydney asked softly.

"I was cuffed to the bed, all night. The lab-rat took them off when he woke up. Sydney, I have bruises all over my body. Deep blue bruises. What did he do to me?” She asked quietly.

Sydney's head snapped up. Staring incredulously at her, he asked,

"You don't remember?"

"Like I said earlier, I don't remember much from last night."

"Then how can you be sure it was rape Miss Parker?” Sydney asked with a hint of hope.

Within a micro-second, Miss Parker's defences were back up in full swing. Standing quickly to her feet, Miss Parker crossed her arms over her chest angrily

"I was chained to the bed. I was telling Frankenstein no, repeatedly. I have bruises all over my body. And to add to this little list of joy, your experiment admitted it!" The angry woman hissed darkly.

"I'm sorry if it sounded like I doubt you, it's just that this is so out of character for Jarod."

"Take his side Syd, I don't care. I shouldn't have come here in the first place." Walking with long stride over to the door, she turned to face Sydney one more time. "I'm going to see what 'doctor',” She spat out like a bad taste, "Mercy is planing to do with the lab-rat."


Jarod had been pulled along the corridors, through the lobby and lower levels. He had been pushed into and yanked out of the elevators before he was finally seated on a bed in the infirmary after they cut the restraining wire from his arms.

Two sweepers stood at both ends of the bed, and one either side of the door. Sam stood in front of Jarod, looking down at him. Dr Mercy was standing in the corner whispering to another doctor. Both turned to face Jarod and after a few minutes of talking, walked over.

"I need the cast to be removed and the bone set again. I believe that our dear Sam might have fractured it earlier at his lair. I want a complete medical done including blood test's and I want him thoroughly checked out in case he is hiding something that could help him escape. And doctor, I mean I want him checked every where." Mercy said, emphasising every.

"Yes ma'am." The male doctor said with a hint of excitement in his voice.

"Get undressed pretender." The doctor ordered as soon as Mercy had left the room.


Miss Parker walked into the tech room on SL 5 trying to find Broots. After searching his office and two other tech rooms, she had finally found him. He was hunched over the computer typing furiously.

"Boo!!" Miss Parker said softly into his ear.

Broots actually fell off his chair. Climbing quickly to his feet he turned to face a smiling Miss Parker.

"Miss P-Parker?" Broots said suspiciously. He was unsure of what his eyes were seeing.

"Why am I getting this reaction lately? Yes it is me moron!"

"But your dead, h-how are you here?"


Storming into Sydney's office late in the afternoon yesterday, Miss Parker was surprised to see Sydney drinking at his desk.

"Hey Syd, long time no see. Why didn't you come to see me in the infirmary?"

Sydney looked up with tired eyes. Rubbing his eyes for a few minutes and squinting them, he continued to see an impatient Miss Parker.

"Miss Parker? Is that you?” Sydney asked confused.

"Who'd you think it is Syd? The Easter bunny?" Miss Parker spat back.

"It is you!” Sydney said with a happiness in his voice the woman hadn't heard for years. Jumping up from his seat, he rushed around his desk and gave her a bear hug.

"You're alright! Thank god! I didn't want to believe it, but you were gone!"

"Sydney why didn't you visit me in the infirmary?” She asked hurt.

"I didn't know you were in there.” Sydney said honestly.


"Why was I expecting you to know I wasn't dead?" Miss Parker asked annoyed.

"Debbie is going to be so happy! You're alive!" Broots said happily wrapping his arms around her.

A small smile pulled at her lips before she pushed the smiling man away. They were all so happy to see her. It was a nice feeling.

"I'm glad to see you too Broots, as strange as that is, but right now I need you to do something for me."

"Anything Miss Parker!" Broots said sitting back down. "What am I looking for?"


Turning around in his seat, he looked up at his resurrected boss with a confused brow.


"I brought him back this morning." Miss Parker said quickly. There was something she wasn't letting him in on.

"I'll start in the lower sub levels then."

It took ten minutes to locate the pretender. He was in the infirmary under going a medical.

"Broots, turn the volume up."


Jarod was pinned to the wall as one of the sweepers relieved him of his only piece of clothing. The cold, shivering, frightened man stood no chance as he tried to struggle against the sweeper's hold.

"Sit on the bed." The doctor in his early forties ordered.

After the sweepers let Jarod go, he slowly walked over from the wall and sat on the bed. Cutting the plaster from his arm quickly, the doctor went on with the physical.

First drawing some blood, then checking his eye sight, ear's, nose and throat. After that, he went on to checking Jarod's temperature and blood pressure.

"Let's see if you're hiding anything on you." The doctor said mainly to himself. Though the delight that was in the doctors soft voiced sent cold shivers down the man's spine.

Running his fingers through Jarod's hair a few times, he moved on to checking behind his ears. When satisfied, the doctor lifted Jarod's arms up and checked the underside of his arms and arm pits.

Pulling Jarod from the table, the doctor ordered him to turn around and grab his ankles. Jarod blanched at the instructions. Nothing would happen to him. Jarod told himself over and over again as the sweepers forced him to turn and shoved him down and instructed him again to hold his ankles.

Nothing would happen to him.

Running his hands up the inside of his thighs, the doctor moved closer to Jarod as his hands skilfully moved around to Jarod's genitals.

Jarod froze in fear, his breath caught, his eyes widened. He felt the intrusive hand probe around the area for several minutes, fondling him.

This must have been what Miss Parker felt. Only she would have been in pain too. Jarod thought sadly, he was getting some of his own medicine.

Jarod bolted upright when he felt two fingers slide into him from behind. Jarod barely registered the order to bend and grab his ankles. The sweepers once again had to force him back down and hold him still when he struggled. Jarod was terrified. He tried desperately to control his rising panic as the fingers moved around inside him. What if they decide to do to him what he had done to Parker? Would any one help him? Would any one stop them? Would any one care?

A few moments later, the invading fingers retreated.

Jarod sighed a big breath of relief as he heard the order to stand up. He had never felt such a strong sense of release as what he did now. Jarod was so relived, he almost sobbed. He happily, yet gingerly, sat on the bed when the doctor told him to, the doctor wasn't exactly gentle when he probed Jarod, and sat quietly whilst the new plaster was being wrapped around his arm.


The couple had watched the events unfold on the screens in the tech room. Broots was horrified by the calmness of the doctor as he assaulted Jarod. Looking over to Miss Parker, expecting to see the same look, he was shocked to see a smile on her face.

"Miss Parker!" Broots said with a voice full of confusion and disgust. "Why are you smiling? He was just sexually assaulted!"

"Go talk to Sydney if you really want to know!" Miss Parker said angrily as she turned on her heel and left.

If this is the reaction you have for Jarod being abused like that, I really don't think I want to know what happened to make you like this! Broots thought to himself.

Miss Parker made her way quickly to the infirmary room that Jarod was in. There, standing out side of the door was Mercy looking cool as water.

"Miss Parker." Mercy said politely bowing her head. "What can I do for you?"

Smiling, Miss Parker stepped closer to the blonde.

"Nice show you had put on there."

"I'm glad you liked it. I do hope that the good doctor didn't go too far with his search." Mercy said smiling. "I wanted Jarod to feel some of what you would have felt last night. The search would have scared him straight. Now if you don't mind, I have work to do." Mercy said, dismissing the ice queen as she turned and entered the room containing Jarod.

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