Another Dance by Little Angel
Summary: Once more it's Christmastide and Miss Parker is sad...or isn't she?
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1. Another Dance by Little Angel

Another Dance by Little Angel
Another Dance

The densely flakes were falling down softly.
Fell, like coming out of nowhere.
Fell, until they finally landed with softness at the whitened earth.
Just as if it was their destiny.

Miss Parker looked outside, into the white snowfall in front of the window.
She merely stood there, wrapped in a warm sweater, warmed by the fireplace and lost in her thoughts.
She looked up into the sky, gazing at the dancing snowflakes.
Stood there for minutes, simply watching the flakes on their way down to earth.
As suddenly the white was blurring before her eyes and she felt like she was going back into the past, being a little girl again.
And then she remembered clearly.
She remembered the day before Christmas, a long time ago.
She was only five or six years old, and it was a snowy afternoon, just like this.
As Miss Parker stood there, right in front of the window, looking through the glas at the white and enchanted world outside, she saw two silhouettes.
They were blurred, but seemed to be dancing in the falling snow.
Slowly the silhouettes became clearer and Miss Parker discerned two persons.
The little one was here, the other her Mother.
They both were wrapped in coats and scarfs, holding each others hands, dancing and laughing among the snowflakes which were falling from the sky.
While she was watching her Mom dancing with her in the snow outside, Miss Parker felt like she was in a fairy tale. She couldn't take her eyes away from this lovely scene in front of her, ceaselessly gazing at her mom.
At this moment Catherine was taking her little daugther into her arms, holding her little body close to her. As she caressed her soft cheek, she looked her into the deep blue eyes and whispered:
"Baby, always remember this: If you're ever feeling sad or alone, and your dreams seem to be too far away to reach them, never give up. Don't cry. There's so much in life to be happy about. Even if it's just the first snow, coming down in winter. I don't want my little daughter to worry about anything. Always fly high and proud and remember, it's the little things that will make you feel better even though you think you can't go on."

Miss Parker didn't know why these words came into her mind in exactly this moment.
She couldn't even remember her Mom saying them.
All she knew was that she felt her Mom right inside her heart at that moment.
Miss Parker knew better than anyone else what pain meant.
But she also knew, that this wasn't the moment for grieving about the life she was never allowed to have.
This was the time to be happy about the beautiful years full of magic she had with her mother.
And so she opened the door to the veranda and stepped out into the white world for another dance with her mom.

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