Encounters by Rising Sun
Summary: Jarod and Miss Parker have a chance encounter, one that saves her life.

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1. Encounters by Rising Sun

Encounters by Rising Sun
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Author’s Note: This is a response to Mickey's Picture Challenge: The Wave.

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Story Written April 11, 2002

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1309 LOCAL


Jarod strolled into the airport – one of many who were there to bare witness to the ritual of travel. Chatting, eating, checking in, waving, arriving, departing – the dance of a busy airport.

He was here to pick up a colleague. They had been researching the World Trade Center disaster and had got to the point where the physical comparison of notes was needed. He spotted James as she cleared the gate. Jarod raised his had to wave and regretted the decision.

There… coming towards him was the posse from hell, well to be fair” from The Center. Actually they were one and the same. He held his breath as both James and the posse headed his way.

Jarod was nothing if not a creature of survival. His eyes darted around. Too many people. Still he looked around as each second brought them closer. Finally he made a decision and as a person cut James’ line of site to him he slipped deeper into the crowd.

Whoever or whatever was at the airport it was bid. The entire Parker clan was in attendance complete with lackeys. First Mr. Parker then Lyle with Miss Parker bring up the rear or was she lagging behind?

It happened in one fluid motion almost in slow motion. In the corner of his eye Jarod saw the flash of an ignition. At the same time Ms Parker sashayed bye. Someone shouted “Bomb!” He reached out, grabbed her by the waist. She resisted. He insisted and they hit the deck with him on top.

B O O M!

The noise split the air as debris shattered glass and sent bodies flying. There was instant mayhem as the split second of shocked silence was replaced by screams, shouts and sirens.

“You ok?” Jarod asked.

“You comfortable? Need a pillow?” Parker looked him dead in the eye.

He sat up and pulled a dusty Parker upright. The coughed as the dusted themselves off. They were surrounded by bedlam.

“You are always where you are needed aren’t you!” She accused.

“Only for you.” He replied.

“What’s to stop me from catching you here and now?”

“You pull out your gun now and I can’t be held responsible for this crowd’s reaction.” He pointed out.

She looked around and appreciated his point. She stood and he did too. She continued to dust herself off then. “Well I suppose till we meet again?”

“Until.” He concurred.

She hesitated. “I must go find my father.”

“Of course.”

Still she hesitated. She took a step to start the search and said without turning “Thank you.” And walked away.

“Anytime.” He assured her.
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