Cause and Effect by icd
Summary: The death of a loved one can affect people in different ways
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Genres: Drama, Tragedy
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Response to the PretenderForsaken 'Four Seasons Challenge'
Chapter 1 by icd
Cause and Effect

He had always pushed further, always moved experiments just that bit further than others would have. Science lived and died with unconventional methods, he knew. The biggest findings had been made by chance and many more had required for their masters to go past society's convention. Only those who dared to go further would achieve something.

A few days in 1974 had changed everything though.

Others would have wondered if God was avenging his deeds by taking his beautiful daughter's life. He didn't; God didn't play part in his life then.

Some part of his mind had died together with Annie and been reborn in a different shape, with a different purpose.

An incident that could have made the difference to mellow a hard man, had pushed him further, given a different purpose to the madness.

For the good of the Centre only the strong would live to ensure a long future for the company built on his ancestor's soul. His purpose was to ensure this, to separate the weak from the strong, the worthy from the undeserving.

Soon after the death of Annie, the young Parker heir had become the centre of his new fixation - shaping the strong to survive, become stronger and embrace their importance in this world.

The heir had been the first to experience the new Dr Raines, the determination of the man. Others had followed but Lyle would always remain his biggest success, the strongest of all. Just one success like Lyle was worth the determined work he put into him.

It gave purpose to raging madness - Annie's death and all that followed.

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