A metaphor for life by Haiza Tyri
Summary: A drabble based on "Every Picture Tells a Story."
Categories: Firsts, Season 1, Character Musing Characters: Jarod
Genres: Character Musing
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Series: Episode Drabbles
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 101 Read: 1765 Published: 11/07/09 Updated: 11/07/09
Chapter 1 by Haiza Tyri

            The sensation of being submerged in water was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He hadn’t even been able to imagine it completely. He had had to sim drowning once, but that had not taught him what it was like to exist in near-weightlessness. He found the peace of floating on his back, the tranquility of sinking down and watching the world from below the surface, the stimulation of a race, the fear and thrill of a high dive. Water was such an incredible thing. There was some kind of metaphor for life in that, but he wasn’t sure what.

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