Embodied Game by icd
Summary: Written for the 'Black and White'-challenge on Pretender100;
word count: depends... the text alone 102 words - the directions would make 38 more

Categories: Black and White Characters: Telling Would Spoil
Genres: Character Musing, General, Vignette
Warnings: None
Challenges: Drabble #55 Black and White
Challenges: Drabble #55 Black and White
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 144 Read: 1932 Published: 06/03/07 Updated: 06/03/07
Chapter 1 by icd

She didn’t know when the colors had been chosen, leaving her with black.

*Pawn from e4 to e5*

Maybe it had been way back when they’d played on a real board at the Centre instead of the invisible one spread over the globe. That difference aside, the game hadn’t changed. One move after the other, a step towards him…

*Knight retreat from f6 to e8*

… only to have him evade…

*Knight c3 to e4*

… leaving them empty-handed…

*Pawn g3 to g4*

… and him time for a counter-move.

*Queen from f4 to g4, taking over the pawn*

Both sacrificing pawns, playing what started as a game when they were kids and became anything but.

*Bishop from f1 to f3*

A game of strategy now their lives; act - react, plan – observe. Their goal the same:

*Queen from g4 to g8*


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