Haunted by chopsticks
Summary: Their deaths would haunt him to his own.
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Genres: Angst
Warnings: Warning: Character Death
Challenges: Drabble #47 Death and/or Socks
Challenges: Drabble #47 Death and/or Socks
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Haunted by chopsticks
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Author’s Note:
Written for the Pretender 100 challenge of death.

Summary: Their deaths would haunt him to his own.

by: chopsticks


Her death haunted him.

His death haunted him.

He was haunted by death. It surrounded him, consumed him. All those that he had ever loved had died. Every single one of them, and all before their time.

Their deaths haunted him.

His parents had died; had given their lives to save his and his brother’s. Catherine Parker had died; had given her life to protect the children he was charged with. Jacob had died; had given his life to protect his lesser half’s.

Now, as the shadow of his own death moved progressively closer, he was haunted by another death.

Jarod’s death haunted him as well.


the end.
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