Pretender Payback Part 10 by Danielle SmileyFace
Summary: If you've ever wondered how The Pretender characters would react to fanfic writers and the situations we put them in, this is the series for you! This unique round robin series (written by many different authors) started on PretendFic by Katherine Bruce (though she had no idea she was starting anything!). Then Danielle : - ) was greatly inspired and wrote a little sequel, and the rest quickly started to come into focus.
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New Light Story by Danielle SmileyFace
Disclaimer: We all know who owns 'em, and it certainly isn't me. Also, I have to apologize to KB and Danielle :-) for this - I just couldn't resist. I'm coming down off a stress high (flute recital today...), so I'm in a bit of a strange mood....

Pretender Payback
by Danielle : - )

Jarod slumped against a nearby bookcase once Shannon's heels could no longer be heard.

Beside him Miss Parker breathed a sigh of relief, "Finally! Maybe we'll get some peace and quiet."

"Don't bet on it." A voice behind them laughed softly.

"*Beep* it!" Miss Parker cursed as she and Jarod spun around for the next battle.

Danielle : - ) was sitting on the bookcase, smiling fondly at them.

"Miss Parker, where did you get your ring?" She inquired.

The answer was in usual Miss Parker fashion, "What?!"

"I want to know where you got the square silver ring..." Danielle : - ) explained patiently.

"At Nordstrom's when I went to California, shortly before Jarod escaped, why?"

"Because I have been looking *everywhere* for one like it, and my leads have been coming up empty." She said in frustration.

"Kind of like Parker's leads on me!" Jarod teased.

Danielle : - ) laughed out loud before continuing, "If you could get me one, I-"

"Excuse me?!" Parker burst out, "After all you have done to me, you think I'd want to help you? You must be nuts!"

"*sigh* You didn't let me finish... If you get me one like it, I would be willing to be nicer to you in my work, and give you a very happy ending in my Madeline series."

"The happy ending doesn't include marrying Jarod does it?" She replied in distaste.

"Hey!" Jarod cried unhappily.

"No, I trust you'll be happy with it, it's nothing bad like that." Then, seeing Jarod's hurt look, she added, "No offense."
Miss Parker looked thoughtful, "I guess I could try..."

"Thanks!" Danielle : - ) smiled (even more than normal), "Then I guess I'm off to work on the Madeline series for a little while before I have to return to college!"

by Danielle : - )
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