Possession by Catherine
Summary: Drabble-like from Daddy perspective.
Categories: Confessions Characters: Mr Parker
Genres: Drama
Warnings: None
Challenges: Drabble #33 Confessions
Challenges: Drabble #33 Confessions
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- by Catherine
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My angel. Nobody else’s. Certainly not yours. I raised her, I tamed her, I watched her wings grow and spread and I helped her fly. I gave her strength- a shield of steal and ice to protect her from the world. From them. I taught her everything. How to be strong; how to survive. I taught her to set aside her weaknesses and overcome them; not to make the mistakes her mother did. I lost my wife, but I can damn well save my daughter. I loved her. I protected her. I won’t let you take her from me. She’s mine. My angel.

“Your angel doesn’t love you anymore.”


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