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Title: Chapter 1

I feel almost ashamed for liking it so much. I should not be sitting here relishing a story about Jarod killing himself. It's awful. But it's so well done! Got me straight in the gut.

I'm glad you didn't make it more graphic. For one thing, it was quite graphic enough for my poor stomach. For another thing, it worked extremely well with the tone of the whole thing to do it just as you did it.

I loved the inclusion of "Invictus," a poem I haven't thought about in a long time. It worked perfectly. And the contrast between this Jarod and the Jarod of your Gem story where Jarod returns to him and the Major and Emily is quite fascinating. Isn't it great how you can get so many different angles on the same character? I don't think I've often met a character that was so possible with as Jarod.

Author's Response:

No, no, relish away, nothing shameful about it, it's the beauty of fan fiction!! And you're right Jarod is full of possibilities, and there are many different takes on his character. He can be very dark and mysterious, or innocent as a child... he's wonderful to work with but sometimes it's hard to find the right tone and to stay consistent...

Thanks you for a lovely review.

Reviewer: Haiza Tyri Signed [Report This]
Date: 22/06/09 09:29 pm
Title: Chapter 1

Wow . . . need a kleenex . . . okay, little better now.

"Invictus" is one of my favorite poems, and I've always thought it worked well for describing Jarod.  You used it very effectively.  The story line was incredibly heart-wrenching.  It's one of those stories that starts you off with a sense of dread, and then builds on it with each sentence.  By the end, I was saying to myself "Oh, my god, it can't get any worse, can it?"  And then it did.  Somehow, the stark, matter-of-fact way you describe the torture only makes it more terrible.

And yet, this didn't feel like all those other Jarod-gets-tortured-and-dies stories.  Interspersed with the stomach churning elements, there were poignant moments.  The interaction with Sydney almost did me in.  The last two paragraphs were perfect.  Thanks for another stellar story.

Author's Response: "Another stellar story"? Wow, thank you for such a brilliant review MP! Guess who's gonna need a Kleenex now... :-)
Glad the fic worked for you!

Reviewer: MP Signed [Report This]
Date: 21/12/08 09:25 pm
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