Title: Ranger Jarod

Great episode for all the reasons you mentioned. Liked the character of Nia but I think a few parts of her backstory were a little too identifiable with Jarod's. Still it wasn't a big deal. ......One thing that I wondered in later episodes is if Jarod ever talked to her afterwards, or checked on her. I think that if the show wanted to add a new shock and character that instead of adding the storyline with Ethan (I hated that storyline) they could have easily added a kid. Jarod's kid to be exact, a product of his and Nia's night together. Simple, easy, and the Centre could easily have taken the kid since they knew about Nia. It would have been just as dramatic.

Reviewer: Chickadee Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 15/08/05 07:57 am

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