S for Secrets by Joel Gomes
S for Secrets by Joel Gomes

S forSecrets



I know the truth, the whole truth. But if anyone asks me, I'll swear I don't know any thing. Well, not anyone. There is one person who I'm supposed to tell every thing I've been told, every thing I know. But that will only happen when she's ready. Meanwhile, I'll have to hold on to this secrets for a little while longer and hope I don't die before I have the chance to tell her the truth.

I won't live forever – I'll be glad if die of old age or natural causes – and she needs to know this. She needs to finish what her mother started, but first she needs to learn, she needs to rethink her options.

The moment she heard the Voices for the first time since childhood was the moment I realized she was almost ready. She came to me for help with understanding her gift. Against my better judgment, I helped her just enough for her to find out about Tommy Thompson and Alex. I didn't spend three decades tutoring Jarod without learning a thing or two about pretending. I knew Jarod did not escape alone and I knew that, the moment she discovered this, she would start to question the reasons for not looking for the other pretender as well.

Again, I was wrong. This discovery did nothing to change her resolve to catch Jarod. Quite the contrary. If anything, she's more determined than ever. I don't understand why. With every thing she already knows by now, I expected her to act differently. Not that I don't appreciate the terrible ordeal we all face, she in particular, if we don't bring Jarod back soon. Raines made that clear. Still, I had hoped she would start listening more to the people who care about her. I had hoped she would start listening to her own voice.

I dread not being able to tell her every thing I know. Every she needs to know. But I'll dread it even more if she disregards what I tell her.

As much as it hurts me seeing her on the wrong path, I can't divert her from there. I can only wait and hope that I'll still be here when finally comes to me.

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