The Real Experiment by FaithParker

1. Chapter 1 by FaithParker

2. Chapter 2 by FaithParker

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Chapter 1 by FaithParker

Blue Cove, Deleware  2:42 am

The phone rang stirring Miss.Parker from a deep sleep, she was dreaming the same dream had she had for the last few weeks. She was on SL-7 a long corridor was beginning to darken with every step she took. She was too young to see into each room this floor  was not like the other's it had a smell of orange groves. Maybe she was on a botany floor, it was warmer up there too. She heard the sounds of a Sweeper she  walked closer to the wall and there she found Timmy he was waiting.


****************************************** ****************************

"What?" She opeend her eyes reaching for the phone. She could feel him written all over  this rude awakening. Every moment of her life involved him in some form or nother it was making her sick. Not her usual ulcer pain's with his childish behavior. He was making her sick of life.

"Miss. Parker did I wake you?" The caller on the other end seemed to know they had waken her from a rest.

"No I was out walking my dog. What do you want?"

"Just to remind you there are only 19 shopping days left until my birth-day." The line went dead and she let out a breathe she trully hated being disturbed.


   Blue Cove



 Sydney was sitting in his office when he was disturbed by Broots. He had a haggard expression as he burst into his office.


"Raines is...."

"He's what?" Miss. Parker walked in sure that with Techno-dweeb there proably wasn't anything else but fear.

"Raines, just got a delivery."

"Spell it out..."

"He's got a new project. I was listening in on a conversation and this morning briight and early a subject was brought in. "


"I don't know. With him this can't be good."

"Jarod called 19 days until his birth-day. Any clue."

"Hmm, I don't even know his birth-day."

"You raised him for 30 years and you don't know when he was born. How do you define his zodiac?"

"I actually hadn't considered that." Sydey seemed to be pondering the idea of if Jarod could have brought insight to the entire matter.

"I see Laugh-In is right over your head." She sat down for a second before she dulled out her order's.

"Broots, Look into  Wheezy. Syd be a dear and find out exactly when Boy wonder got his wish. "

   She was out the door and in the elevator when she realized he wasn't talking about his birth-day.


   "Jarod people have sex." She was still  explanning this to him from the first time she  had noticed he had an erection. Miss. Parker had grown up into a beautiful young women. She looked like Cathrine Parker and for Jarod this was becomming a factor.

  The door's parted and she was on her way to her office a small smile causing her dimples to show, the idea had been a pleasent thought. Clearing her head she walked down the hall.


   Jarod was involved in another notebook, when he looked up to see something. As he made his way closer the object was gone out of the window. Causing him to walk into the store. This wans't his usual stop but for some reason he decided to take this route for lunch.

  As he walked up to the counter he asked the sales clerk about the object in the window.

"Well Sir we change the sandwich's every week or so."

"I would like to try this one."

"One Crater. 6.75"

"Thank you."

 Jarod eyed the sandwich  for a moment before he looked at everyone else he then picked it up and took a bite.

"Hmm." He was pleased. Another first for the genuious.


Chapter 2 by FaithParker
Author's Notes:

Someone new has come home...

Blue Cove



  Broots fingers typed as he opened a new security feed. He was wastching the new project. He stopped watchig long enough to begin recording the feed. The moment Raines entered he knew Parker and Sydney would want to see this.

"Sydney I've got something."

"Tell Miss. Parker."

The two where sitting in Sydney's office when she made her way up. She could tell this was another creepy day in the office

"What are we watching?"

"Raines new project.

"What's so special about this one." She stopped when she saw the individual. It was uncanny she was looking at her and Jarod. Sydney was calm he he held his breathe in the hope she might need a steady hand.

She was unwavering and for the first time in her life she felt like a small child. Broots still was lost to why they both where silent. She didn't want to see anymore, but her next words couldn't be stopped.

"I want countinous reports. Get me everything."


"Syd I... can't do anything. But I will." She held it together as she left the two to ponder. The time to deal with this was not here, by the end of the day she would have the entire day to view in her home.


   Jarod was now back in his hole for the moment, he had decided to see whatelse was happening when he recived a video e-mail. He knew from the adress it was Angelo. As he played the file he was taken a back by the face that he was viewing.

  "Miss. Parker I have the understanding of why this is happening." His voice seemed so small. He was nearly a man and here he was worried about something so normal.

"You just don't know how to make it stop." She was taking pleasure.

"I'm in pain."

"Why don't you show me." Her eyes narrowed as she wondered if he would submit to her idea.

He began to undo his pants and removed himself, as she watched him she was begining to enjoy his misery as he was unsure of how this was going to help him. She walked over to him and knelt down taking him in  her mouth. He was still as she began to move . He began to feel the pain ebbing as she began to relax him.


  Blue Cove

  Miss. Parker was sitting at her desk as she unzipped the first file she had fixed herself a drink, when she came thru the door. Her gun an holster had been put in the closet as was her usual procedure when comming in from a day of work.

"Mr. Raines what would you like to strt today."

"Emily we can begin with these two photos." Raines layed out a photo of Jarod and Miss. Parker. The young  woman looked at him with wide eyes like his father. Raines was partially irritable.

 She took a drink as she watched the sim contiue. He never asked any question's about the two of them but more about what they where. She answered as only a Pretender three answer's that left no room for deciet.  She was beging to regret her decsion to hand their child over to the monster's that had caused this.


  Jarod had never experienced the act before. Miss. Parker was in a state of sheer content. For a few seconds he almost seemed human. She helped him dress and he was sure that when he was 10 their first kiss was a thought provoking experince. This was however somethingelse.

 She was going to be late if she didn't leave now. He knew she always managed to come and go as she pleased but before she left. She had an idea.

"They are planning on a sweep next week this place will be empty. What if you and I..."

"You wish to have sex?"

"Well we could atleast find out." She knew he wouldn't say no but she also knew he had no idea what she was really asking.

"Angelo showed me how to get back in once they leave so I'll be back."

"Miss. Parker?"


"What was that?"

"French kiss." She said as she hurried off to the tower.


Chapter 3 by FaithParker
Author's Notes:

Somebody knows.....

Blue Cove



  Miss. Parker walked down the hall to her father's office, she never did like this place. The elevator still held the bullet hole where her mother had committed her suicde. This was the only way to reach his office. As she stood in the box the idea of her face was cemented into her mind. She was always considered her image, a horror in her own psyhe that  maybe one day  she would be found here.

When the doors parted she was just a teenager on her way to Daddy's office. She was at his door a few seconds before she pushed the large heavy double doors open. She always opened the doors that way. Instead of just the one.

 He looked up from his chair delighted to see her even if she was late. In his mind she was having a memory of his late wife Cathrine Parker. Mr. Parker's wife had been helping around his office with some of the children. He however never really understood why she killed herself.


"Hi Daddy."

"Are you happy?"

"Daddy seeing you always makes me happy."

"That's my girl." He smiled as he got up from his chair, he had been working all day and wanted to take his daughter out for the evening. Every once and awhile The Centre kept him from being the parent he should have been. If he was honest with himself it was Cathrine he couldn't bring himself to face.


    Jarod was sick he was looking at himself. He began to recall all the nights he had let Miss. Parker  stay with him. She had been comming to him for a very long time until one-day she never came back. He now knew the reason for her absence.

"She was pregnant."


  Miss. Parker wasn't sure if Raines knew what he really had. Knowing wheezy the only way to get to the bottom of this was just to meet Emily. She decided that tommorow that was what Broots was going to do. Now she just had to keep this from Daddy he might actual kill his pet project.


Chapter 4 by FaithParker
Author's Notes:

Reunion or a trap...

Blue Cove


 The sound of heels echoed thru the halls, Miss. Parker was on her way some place and every-one was aware. Broots was proably the idiot responsible for something or other and she was on her way to berate the moron.

  She found him getting his funyons, she had yet to try her pallete in such a strange product but in this place aside from secrects and lies. The personel was always left of center. That aside she pulled him over for more infoormation.

"Broots is Raines out for the day?"

"He.. was called off o something. He's been gone 15 minutes. I've looped the feed and you can go in now."

"Broots call me if he comes back."

"Miss. Parker what is this..."

"You're sweet but this is not where we have a heart to heart about this." She was on her way to meet her daughter.


  Sub-level 7

  Emily had been watching the monitors for the last 15 mintues the camera feed had been looped and she was aware that someone was on there way into her. She was just waiting. When the doors parted Miss.Parker walked in she wasn't expecting for the young woman to be peering back at her.

"I know who you are Miss. Parker." She said as cooly as she herself would sound when she wanted to exude fear.

"Do you know who you are?" She was still cautious, Mr. Raines projects could be deadly especially to her. Kyle left a lasting impression.

"You are my mother and Jarod my father. Unfourtnatly for the both of you you and I are still the only ones who know this fact." She was now running another of his sims. She seemed a bit detached she could see from the look in her eye she hadn't come to learn about the screen.

"Emily ho much have they let you view of his old simulations?"

"Only 947." Miss. Parker's eyes where wide.

"How many are they?"

"Currently he has 999,999,999,456 with each red notebook we find he will add a new total. Ever since he escaped he has been simulating non-stop. He now can Pretend when ever he comes across any one. "

"He's evolving."


"Dose any one else know this, well he dose currently he is now simulating you and I."

"Is he here?"

"No Angel sent him the same feed you where watching he is now up to the minute just as you are. At this rate he will be working on his next sim to get me out of this place."

"Can you?"

"No I can not communicate with him. He isn't interested in speaking just freeing me. He likes you."

 She was now relaxing, for the first time in a long while she hoped he was still there. She knew some of the things that had gone with him. Yet she hoped he hadn't become as cold as she was. This place had been no place for a child to have had to grow up.

"Emily how long before he has a way back in."

"In 5 mintues he will have the plan in place. In 3 hrs and 12 minutes he will be in Blue Cove and by midnight we will be gone. Will you come with us Mommy?"


Chapter 5 by FaithParker
Author's Notes:

The final piece

 Blue Cove 11:37 pm



  The room was empty he had been sitting in the dark for the last hour. He had walked right thru the front door, Miss. Parker was in her office she had checked the clock ten mintues ago. Her mind wasn't really on the idea of what was about to take place but more to the point of being with him.

She and Jarod had been more than any other relationship she had ever encountered but could she really spend her life with the lab-rat. He wasn't exactly the husband she could catch. She did on the other hand want to get to know her daughter. It still wasn't enough.

 He made his way thru the hall-way's he had seen Angelo when he first arrived, the two had decided to take out the power. The grid would be turned off manual causeing for a de-lay in the back up generator. Which would lock The Centre down.  This would cause a stir in the subjects causing Sweeper's to descend from eery Sub-level.

 He had medical supplies on stand-by in the event they where stopped. The two would proceed right out of the ront door. He checked his watch he was right on schedule. As he checked the door again he blew the lock. The smoke from the bomb , set the scene for the power to be turned off.

 Angelo was then to call the fire department, this was only to keep the eyes from seeing who was comming and going. Emily had been sitting in the corner. She was prepared for him when he appeared.


"Emily. "

"My Mother was here."

"She's in her office."

"I want to stay."

"Emily you can always see her, you don't have to be a prisioner."

"With you we will always be running."

"Then if this your choice I will get her for you, but we have to leave now."


   Blue Cove 6:45 am

 The sun was hitting the horizon as she trudged into the house. He managed to sneak back in kidnapp there daughter and was gone. He didn't even say good-bye. She was sad  moving into the room she was suddenly aware she wasn't alone.

"I wouldn't have left with-out you."

"Because she wouldn't let you."

"Because I never can let go." His eye seemed to convey this message more than any words or anything he could learn to create. She wanted to go but they would never stop, before she could protest he shot her with a dart gun.

 He picked her up taking her in his arms he missed the way his life with her could have been. Even now he could feel Cathrine watching over them. The three set off into the night. Where they truth would lead them was still unwritten but for the moment they where togehter.

  The End

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