The Real Experiment by FaithParker
Chapter 1 by FaithParker

Blue Cove, Deleware  2:42 am

The phone rang stirring Miss.Parker from a deep sleep, she was dreaming the same dream had she had for the last few weeks. She was on SL-7 a long corridor was beginning to darken with every step she took. She was too young to see into each room this floor  was not like the other's it had a smell of orange groves. Maybe she was on a botany floor, it was warmer up there too. She heard the sounds of a Sweeper she  walked closer to the wall and there she found Timmy he was waiting.


****************************************** ****************************

"What?" She opeend her eyes reaching for the phone. She could feel him written all over  this rude awakening. Every moment of her life involved him in some form or nother it was making her sick. Not her usual ulcer pain's with his childish behavior. He was making her sick of life.

"Miss. Parker did I wake you?" The caller on the other end seemed to know they had waken her from a rest.

"No I was out walking my dog. What do you want?"

"Just to remind you there are only 19 shopping days left until my birth-day." The line went dead and she let out a breathe she trully hated being disturbed.


   Blue Cove



 Sydney was sitting in his office when he was disturbed by Broots. He had a haggard expression as he burst into his office.


"Raines is...."

"He's what?" Miss. Parker walked in sure that with Techno-dweeb there proably wasn't anything else but fear.

"Raines, just got a delivery."

"Spell it out..."

"He's got a new project. I was listening in on a conversation and this morning briight and early a subject was brought in. "


"I don't know. With him this can't be good."

"Jarod called 19 days until his birth-day. Any clue."

"Hmm, I don't even know his birth-day."

"You raised him for 30 years and you don't know when he was born. How do you define his zodiac?"

"I actually hadn't considered that." Sydey seemed to be pondering the idea of if Jarod could have brought insight to the entire matter.

"I see Laugh-In is right over your head." She sat down for a second before she dulled out her order's.

"Broots, Look into  Wheezy. Syd be a dear and find out exactly when Boy wonder got his wish. "

   She was out the door and in the elevator when she realized he wasn't talking about his birth-day.


   "Jarod people have sex." She was still  explanning this to him from the first time she  had noticed he had an erection. Miss. Parker had grown up into a beautiful young women. She looked like Cathrine Parker and for Jarod this was becomming a factor.

  The door's parted and she was on her way to her office a small smile causing her dimples to show, the idea had been a pleasent thought. Clearing her head she walked down the hall.


   Jarod was involved in another notebook, when he looked up to see something. As he made his way closer the object was gone out of the window. Causing him to walk into the store. This wans't his usual stop but for some reason he decided to take this route for lunch.

  As he walked up to the counter he asked the sales clerk about the object in the window.

"Well Sir we change the sandwich's every week or so."

"I would like to try this one."

"One Crater. 6.75"

"Thank you."

 Jarod eyed the sandwich  for a moment before he looked at everyone else he then picked it up and took a bite.

"Hmm." He was pleased. Another first for the genuious.


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