Side-by-side by Haiza Tyri

1. Side-by-side by Haiza Tyri

2. It matters to me by Haiza Tyri

Side-by-side by Haiza Tyri


            Working with Jarod had to be the most surreal thing that had ever happened to Broots. Here he spent every waking hour trying to catch the guy, and suddenly they were buddies, hanging together, saving each other’s life? Broots had never even met him before he escaped. He’d known about him, of course, the valuable, brilliant Jarod. But suddenly he’d become the enemy, and Broots had spent the last couple years with fear and admiration warring inside him. Jarod was a combination of the Boogie Man and the Lone Ranger. Now they were working side-by-side. It was kind of neat.

It matters to me by Haiza Tyri

It matters to me

            The expression in Jarod’s eyes when he shot Damon just about killed Broots. He suddenly knew something about Jarod that had only been academic before. He’d known Jarod respected life, that it hurt him to see someone hurt and even more that he’d helped to hurt people. But seeing the horror, and hollow pain in Jarod’s eyes when he shot the man who had betrayed him, murdered his friend, callously wiped people out, and tried to deprive a little girl of her daddy… “It matters to me!” Broots would always remember that. It would always matter to him now, too.

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