Blue Moon Rising by Haiza Tyri
Story Notes:
I have taken two old "Blue Moon" drabbles and several new ones and put them together into a sequence.

1. Zombie dreams by Haiza Tyri

2. Power by Haiza Tyri

3. Become the monster by Haiza Tyri

4. The Bogeyman's mistake by Haiza Tyri

5. Choose the weak to shame the powerful by Haiza Tyri

Zombie dreams by Haiza Tyri
Author's Notes:
This is the only chapter not from Jarod's or Willard's perspective.

Zombie dreams

            Annie danced around the living room, showing off for Mommy and Daddy, an angel of a child. Annie went out on her first date, like a princess in her new dress. Annie disappeared from her room in the night. Annie flailed beneath the hands of her attacker and died.

            Annie’s daddy woke from his dreams, sobbing, cursing. Not cursing the murderer. Cursing the little boy whose fear had condemned his princess. The vestiges of Raines’ heart died with his little girl, and he walked the Centre as the living dead, and always he cursed the child responsible. Jarod would pay.

Chapter End Notes:
Do you think this should be the last chapter of this sequence instead of the first?
Power by Haiza Tyri
Author's Notes:



          From the beginning, the prisoner had all the power in the conversation. Jarod couldn’t control his tells, his emotions running him. His tormentor leapt into his mind as easily as he leapt into others’. He knew everything. Jarod’s old suffocating fear returned with all the force of a flashback. He was a child again, pushed beyond his endurance, choking in his fear. His opponent was the authority, the adult, the one pushing, the one in control. The one with the badge and the gun was the prisoner. The one in the orange jumpsuit behind bars was the jailer and torturer.

Become the monster by Haiza Tyri
Author's Notes:
This chapter is technically set during "Extreme," in the fourth season.

Become the monster

            Let fear work for you, Zed says. And I’m there again, in Sarah’s bedroom, with a murderer and rapist, becoming the murderer and rapist. He’s pushing me, taunting me, and I’m fighting feeling his emotions as I fought them long ago, as a child. I felt the fear back then, the desperate fear that if I let him in my head, I would never get him out. I would become him. I feel it now, strangling. I feel the intoxication of becoming him.

            And I defeat it. I use it. You don’t have to become a monster to catch one.

The Bogeyman's mistake by Haiza Tyri

The Bogeyman's mistake

            His mistake was underestimating Jarod. Drunk on his power, he had never imagined that Jarod would be able to face his fear. Willard had earwigged a dozen men, uncovering their weaknesses and becoming what they feared. People didn’t face what they really and truly feared, and Jarod feared becoming bad. He feared the seduction of the power evil offered. Jarod would cry and shy away, and Willard would earwig him, just like everyone else. What was the use of intellect if you let your emotions control you? He didn’t realize Jarod had learned to control his…until it was too late.

Choose the weak to shame the powerful by Haiza Tyri

 Choose the weak to shame the powerful

             In the end catching Douglas Willard in the act was easy. It was the set-up that was difficult. Jarod knew from the beginning that he had to play to the man’s need for power. It came down to Jarod grappling with his fear and overcoming it by choosing to use it. Standing there, in the girl’s bedroom, he had already planned for the choking fear, for the weakness, for the horror of being in the monster’s mind. Give the man what he wanted, the triumphant feeling of power. Let him drop his guard. Then come from behind and destroy him.

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