I for Inspiration by Joel Gomes
I for Inspiration by Joel Gomes

I for Inspiration




The night was cold.

No, not cold. It’s Summer time now.

The night was hot.

Well, maybe ‘hot’ isn’t the right word.

The night was—

Why does it have to be night?

There are pretenders among us.

Nah, that won’t work. Besides, there’s only one pretender now and he’s out there.

There’s one pretender out there.

Damn! I can’t get this story started.

Okay, calm down. You’ve only been trying to start this for… what day is this? July, 3rd. That makes it… What? Three weeks? Stop being too hard on yourself! You need to be a little more patient.

Mr. Raines was an evil man.

On second thought, I don’t want to start my story with him. It might bring bad luck. I need something else. Something positive.

Once upon a time, there was a secret organization.

No, no, no. What I need to do is consider my approach. What is my main intention?

Write a story about The Centre?

Yes, but before that?

Getting it started?

But, what do I hope to accomplish with it?

Not getting killed if Mr. Raines reads it.

What’s your MAIN message?

I don’t know yet.

Why are you talking to yourself?

I... Shut up!

I’m starting to lose my mind. I need to focus.

Main character… can’t be me. I prefer to be on the background on a supporting role. How about Jarod? Sounds good to me.

Jarod was a smart guy. Real smart.

Maybe something romantic. People like romances. They sell a lot.

Even after all those years, he could still remember the taste of her lips.

Too sappy for me. Something more violent.

Jarod was a good man, but he could be pretty mean from time to time.

That sounds like a low budget movie. Something else. What time is it? Almost four o’clock. Hmm… I got it!

The ticking of the clock told him he didn’t have enough time to defuse the bomb.

Yes! First sentence is done. Now for the second.

He considered his choices and quickly realized he really didn’t have any.

Oh, yes! I’m the man! No one can stop me now, baby!

Then, the door opened and she came in.

Sam, pack your stuff. We’re going to Michigan.”

Yes, Miss Parker.”

Oh well, I guess the third sentence can wait a few more weeks.

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