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Chapter 1 by terri_tpfan
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Chapter one...

“Welcome to Ansett international, this is your Captain speaking. The current weather is a nice sunny 27 degrees Celsius, with a wind speed of 15 kilometres. We are lifting off from San Francisco, making a quick stop in Washington state to pick up a few extra passengers. Then we are heading to Kuala Lumpur for another quick break, there we are picking up some more flight attendants for the remainder of the trip to Melbourne, Australia. I will be making a few more announcements during the flight. Our love ladies, will instruct you on the exit doors and what to do in case of an emergencies, please follow what the flight attendants ask at all times. Behave, but have a lot of fun on our trip, please keep seat belts buckled at all times. Enjoy your flight, this is your Captain signing off.”

The flight attendants showed all the passengers what to do and when to do it. The plane roared to life, and the pilot seamed to take off with complete ease and confidence, perfection. The plane levelled off and, was no doubt, put onto auto pilot. The seatbelt sign turned off and most passengers undid them. The hostess’s started to walk around offering drinks.

In the first class, there was three girls walking around greeting the ten or so customers and offering drinks. They come to one particular lady, who, unlike the rest who ordered champagne, ordered scotch malt, neat on the rocks.

“Not a problem ma’am.”

“Miss Parker, please call me Miss Parker Jamie.” She nodded.

Miss Parker had figured out where Jarod was working, it seamed this time he was doing it purely for fun. So here she was, ready to pick him up and cart his sorry ass back home.

When the plane landed at their first destination, Miss Parker called over Jamie.

“What would you like Miss Parker?”

“I would like to go and see the pilot, he is an old friend of mine.”

“I’m sorry ma’am but we can’t allow that for safety reasons.”

“Please Jamie, I haven’t seen him for a long time, I came to see him. Please!!” Miss Parker put on the best puppy dog look she could manage while resisting the urge to shot the damned blond!

“I will go tell him your here to see him and have him come out.”

“No, no, no. I want it to be a big surprise, I want to walk in there and give him the shock of a life time.” And Parker knew that that was the understatement of the year.

“Ok. Just don't tell him I let you in, go through.”

“Thanks a lot I owe you one.” She said getting up walking through the curtains that led to the cockpit.

She placed her hand behind her back and rested it on her gun which sat in her holster. Slowly opening the door she stepped in to find the man she was hunting for and an old friend she really hadn’t seen in years. The man heard her heal against the metal floor and turned expecting the flight attendant but saw Parker.

“Oh my god, is that you? Parker?!” Jarod heard the name and span around to see Matty giving Miss Parker a huge hug.

She glared at Jarod, a warning not to go anywhere. The look on his face was the same as hers, utter disbelief and shock. She returned the hug hesitantly.

“Jarod meet an old friend of mine from school, Parker.” He said with a goofy smile.

“Hey Matty, how you been?”

“Great, how did you know what I was doing?”

“Well here’s the thing, I didn’t. Jarod and I go back to when we were kids, and I came here to take him home with me.” Only Jarod and Parker knew the true meaning of that statement.

“Oh.” He said a bit disappointed, “So you two know each other?” Matty said with a cheeky grin.

“God, no! You know me better than that. God you have not changed, still sex orientated!!” Parker let out a laugh that Jarod had never heard, even when they were kids. He had to hold back the smile if he didn’t want a bullet through his head.

“Well I will leave you two to catch up and after this flight I expect a drink with you.” He said winking then leaving an incredibly shocked Jarod.

“How?... But?... How?...” He stammered.

“Oh don’t look so shocked. Now do I need to pull out my gun or not?” “No.” he said as he shook his head and looked to the ground.

“Good, have a seat.” As he sat in his seat, it was Parker’s turn to look shocked. “Co-pilot?”

“Yeah, why?” Jarod sounded confused.

“It’s not like you to take a job that requires you to be inferior to the other.”

“I wanted a break.”

“Well that was your fatal floor this time.”

“How did you find me?” He had to know what the mistake he made was. He needed to be aware so it didn’t happen again.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” She hissed.

“I guess that’s a no then. So what’s up with you and Matty?” He asked, his curiosity kicking in even though his head told him to stay well clear from this subject if he wanted to survive this surprise encounter.

Jarod’s head snapped to the side, bringing his hand up to his check. He could feel the heat radiating from the hand print left on his cheek. “What was that for?” he asked.

“Mind your own damned business!”


“Mind your own business!!”

“I will give you two options, one...” Jarod began confidently.

“I really believe that you are not in a position to be giving options.” Miss Parker pointed out.

“One you tell me what’s up with Matty or two I will ask him.” Jarod finished, ignoring her words.

“And when do you propose to do that when your back home?”

“Do you believe that they are going to let you walk out with me in tow with a pair of handcuffs on??”

Miss Parker saw the still amusing look of shock on Jarod’s face when she produced the warrant for his arrest.

“This warrant is for the arrest of Mr. Jarod Russel.” She spat his name at him pronouncing every syllable. “The suspect is wanted for numerous accounts of Fraud, assault, indecent assault and grand theft auto.” Miss Parker read.

“Fraud being someone who makes deceitful pretences; impostor. Fraudulent: using fraud; cheating, dishonest.

Assault; the act of attacking, the stage of close fighting in an attack, an unlawful attempt at bodily attack upon another, with or without a weapon.

Indecent assault: to attempt to attack sexually. Rape: The act of having sexual intercourse with anyone against his or her will.

Grand theft auto; the act of stealing an automobile. Larceny: the wrongful taking and carrying away of personal goods of another.” Miss Parker recited all phrases and big words, from a dictionary she read before getting on the plane, to Jarod.

Jarod, who was still just staring at her, could not understand why she would do this. So he did what Sydney had taught him, he asked, “Why are you doing this?” He sounded so hurt that she would do this, hurt him this way. To use the last name he thought of as his own since he was taken to The Centre was so painful he had to keep the tears inside.

“It’s my job.” She sounded puzzled. Jarod already knew that, that was the only reason why she did this.

“No, why the warrant, why assault, indecent assault and grand theft auto? Fraud, I have committed, but the others you know I would never do that.”

“I had to make you dangerous enough with enough proof, to get a warrant.” She explained simply with a shrug.

“So that’s real?” He asked incredulously.

“Does it look real?” She hissed, “Its not a fake, the recorders are, birth certificate, residence, criminal background. But not the warrant. You have committed assault a lot of times. Hitting those men when those two little, smart boys were taken...”

“How did you kn...” Jarod looked horrified.

“Shut up!” Parker said in a very threatening voice. “Honestly, I had to make up the indecent assault, that, your right about. You never even touched a girl with out her touching you first, be it sex or a simple hug. Grand theft auto. You have stolen cars when you were in the dessert looking for clues to your dad, and you become a bounty hunter, you stole the other bimbo’s car, didn’t you?” Miss Parker arched an eyebrow.

“But how...?”

“Did you or didn’t you?” She scared Jarod with her tone so her answered.

“Yes.” He answered sheepishly.

“Good, now lets go.” Miss Parker slapped a pair of handcuffs onto Jarod’s wrists and threw his pilot’s jacket over them. She may be cruel to him but she didn’t want to alarm the passengers or have Jarod face Matty about why an old friend had handcuffs and a gun on him.

Jarod hung his head low as he was lead out of the plane, he had never felt this humiliated in his whole life!

“Excuse me sir, you know your not allowed to leave the plane while we are picking up passengers.” The flight attendant politely stated.

“He’s leaving.” Miss Parker stated. Jarod was wise enough to step out of the way. He wasn’t sure who would win this one, wait a minute, yes he did. Miss Parker only because she has a gun.

If Miss Parker didn’t have the gun, maybe it would be Beth. She was as mean and tough as any Parker, but showed her sweet side as well.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” Beth said in a blunt sarcastic tone. “But our crew and passengers are not allowed to leave the plane until the end of the flight, or in case of emergencies.” She said with her head held high, shoulder back.

“Well if you want to get technical. Jarod’s not a crew member, he has once again committed fraud.”

“Excuse me?” Beth sounded extremely confused.

“This man is not Mr Jarod Albress. But Mr Jarod Russel. He is wanted on many accounts of fraud, assault, indecent assault, and grand theft auto.”

“Is this correct Jarod?” Beth turned to face Jarod, his eyes were watery and he went to defend himself but Miss Parker stepped in with the warrant for his arrest.

“But Jarod... why?” Beth was shocked, disgusted.

“Beth, it’s not true I didn’t do it, it’s made up.” He begged for her understanding. His face showed his pain and struggle.

“Please Beth you know me, you know that I wouldn’t hurt a fly, please don’t believe her. I didn’t do any of that.” The pretender desperately pleaded. He didn’t want to go back there, he couldn’t.

Beth had to look away from Jarod, the pain and fear in his eyes were so strong that she started doubting whether the warrant was real. “I’m sorry sir, but the lady has a warrant for your arrest. It doesn’t matter whether I believe you or not, its the law. I’m sorry. You can take him. I will tell the pilot that Jarod was called to an emergency.”

“Thank you. And tell Matty sorry about the drink.”

“Not a problem ma’am.”

“Please Beth, I didn’t do it, don’t let her take me. Please, help me, please believe me.” Jarod tried again. He didn’t care if he was begging like a fool, this was his freedom, his life.

“I’m sorry. I believe that you didn’t, it’s not who you are. But I can’t do anything, she has a warrant. If I stop her, I can go to prison and I can’t do that and leave my little girl without a mother because I believed you. I’m sorry.” Beth turned and walked away. Miss Parker led out a resistant Jarod.

Parker felt her heart skip a beat at the flight attendants words. Her mother had left her once to save Jarod. Her own mother. And she was absurdly grateful to this lady for not ‘leaving’ her to save Jarod as well.

Jarod allowed himself to be led quietly to the car. With Miss Parker’s gun, a warrant, security guards and handcuffs. He wouldn’t get far at all.

“Get in the car!” Parker shoved him in so hard that he tripped over the edge and fell, hitting his head on the opposite side door.

This is preciously how Miss Parker had planed it, he would be shocked but knew not to put up a fight in a public area which could result in innocent bystanders being shot. Take him out to the car that would get them to the corporate jet. His falling and being humiliated in front of a plane of passengers and in front of his crew were major bonus.

“Take us to the jet!!”

It was only a very short trip, as they had planed for Jarod’s recapture, the jet was in the same area as the major airport. While they were in transit between planes, no-one spoke a word. Jarod just started out the window, already missing the freedom.

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