Pas de Deux by icd, admin
Pas de Deux by icd
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Pas de Deux

He’d stopped pacing sometime ago, had instead taken to lying down on the cot and counting stones. He was up to something around 329 – give or take a few. They could at least have given him something to entertain himself with, something to do to keep boredom away. Counting stones wasn’t his idea of fun.

He turned his head towards the metal door when he heard footsteps approaching. The peephole was opened and he could see the shift of light, knew someone was watching. Turning his head, he went back to looking at the ceiling, trying to find where he’d left off.

Obviously this would take more time, though he didn’t know why they couldn’t just hurry up with it.


Counting stones had lost its appeal. Frustration was growing in him as nothing continued to happen. There was only silence echoing through the hallway, every now and then broken by steps of someone patrolling the corridor.

He listened into the silence with his eyes closed, shifting slightly on the uncomfortable cot when the fall of footsteps and something else - a scratching sound - found their way to his ear.

The slide in the door opened and a sliver of light fell through the opening, falling dark again when the slide closed only a few seconds later. He looked at metal plate in dismay, not even bothering to stand up. The glop wasn’t worth moving for. His last meal on the other hand…

She took the offered piece of meat; their eyes locked as she drew it into her mouth and started chewing slowly. He watched her, small shivers racing down his spine.

A smile lingered on his lips, even when he was briefly startled out of his thoughts when someone moved past the door. The scratching sound grew distant again. He shook his head to get back to the memory and closed his eyes.

He’d taken a few bites himself, merely grinning at her question why he wasn’t eating much, had leaned forward and nibbled on her ear. “Because I’ll have my dinner with you later,” he’d whispered seductively. She’d merely giggled.

The words still sent shivers of anticipation down his back.

He remembered shifting so he sat behind her, offering another piece of food with one hand while his other lightly ran over her skin and felt it quiver under his touch. Remembered how she had leaned back against him, started returning the caress. Remembered pushing for more.

Again footsteps approached and stopped in front of the door. He slowly sat up when the door swung open and a man entered, his features hard to discern against the light, yet clearly Asian. Tilting his head to the side, he pursed his lips but didn’t say anything.

“You are free to go, Mr Lyle. We found… evidence backing up your innocence in this,” the man said slowly, each word chosen carefully.

Each memory was vivid up to the last minor detail: Her eyes growing wide in terror when he slowly applied pressure, gradually cutting off her airflow. Her desperate struggles against the bonds he’d charmed her into; her body bucking under his, trying in vain to dislodge him; the taste of her tear on his tongue; the feel of her last exhale against his lips and the rush of ecstasy at it, his mind shutting down afterwards as his body reached completion. He distantly remembered her eyes dulling despite the pulsing of climax.

“Told you so,” Lyle said plainly and stood up from the cot, straightening.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience the investigation caused,” the man went on, bowing his head slightly.

“Whatever,” he shrugged, watching the other man with an air of superiority and impatience afterwards until he took the hint and led the way out of the cell.

He still remembered the slow preparations afterwards, the sweet taste of dinner.

Lyle looked around and nodded towards Mok. “Took you long enough,” he muttered in irritation, seeing Mok shrug carelessly. Lyle bit back any other comment that might have slipped out otherwise. “Well then, let’s go and have dinner,” he said evenly, barely keeping the smile back as the officers around him shifted uncomfortably.


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