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The End by 24
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Believing in Rainbows

By: 24

They sat by the beachside and watched as the boys ran into the water. They boys knew how to swim by Jarod taking them to the Y. He told the boys that he had learned how to swim when he was a grown man and they didn’t have to be embarrassed just because they didn’t know how to swim, so they learned and they were glad.

The boys had indeed taken down the Centre with both of the little genius’s there was no limit in what they could do. Jarod was amazed at what they found and they knew where to find it. He had never known that there was all this stuff to be read and he had looked, but he couldn’t find anything like this.

The boys had even found Major Charles, Jeremy, Emily and Margaret. They sat with them and watched the boys play with their Uncle Jeremy. Ethan found them by his mother telling them where they were. He explained why he had to leave so suddenly.

Sydney was back with Michelle and Nicholas. Nicholas finally got to Thank Jarod for what he did and he knew who he was.

Jarod and Miss Parker were married. They got married shortly after Jarod’s family was reunited. Sydney, Broots and Debbie were there. The boys had made sure that there was no evidence of Sydney, Jarod, Miss Parker, Broots and Debbie was in the mainframe of the Centre.

Debbie and Jeremy were getting along great. They had been dating for about a month now and they were in love. Jeremy asked for her hand in marriage and she said yes.

Suddenly a Rainbow shot out of the sky. They all gasped at how pretty it was.

“Did you know that if you follow a Rainbow you would get a pot of gold?” Asked Major Charles.

Jarod smiled and looked at those around him. “We already found the pot of gold, Dad.” He looked around again and Major Charles looked around and nodded “We sure did, son. We sure did. Only because we believed in Rainbows.”

The End.

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