Blowing Steam by Nicolette, admin
Blowing Steam by Nicolette
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Author’s note: What should I say..... I wrote this storyabout 2 years ago and for sure NOT as a Pretender story..... so.... anyway.
Thanks to Patricia D for beta and all the other things,it is great to know you! If you see still mistakes, they are mine!!! Andplease never forget, English is not my first language, so be gentle.

Blowing Steam
by Nicolette

The hot water runs steaming in the tub. The hot air turning themirror and window foggy. In the middle of the small room stands awoman dressed only in silk panties, the material soaked from the hot airand her juices. Her nipples are hard and dark. Another lousy day.With a sigh she watches the bath salts turn into big bubbles.

The echo of her voice in the small room makes her look around. No, she is definitely alone. Or not? It is impossible for anyone to watchher, the wooden door closed and the window covered with steam. But theincredible feeling of being watched never leaves her. With a last unsurelook she puts the bath salts away and lets her hand slip into her panties.

Yesss. This is definitely better than the rest of the day. In her mindher hand turns into the hand of her lover. He's not here today, he neverseems to be here when she needs him most and today she needed him.

Thomas, when had he said he would be back.....when...oh hell, she couldnot remember. She let her hand slip a little bit further, maybe not,maybe she could... No, this she could not do. She pulls her hand back andturns off the water.

Slowly she strips the panties from her hips, carelessly tossing themaside. She lifts one leg, lowering it onto the edge of the tub andwith both hands caresses it. Yes, she should shave them.

She grasps a nearby razor and steps into the tub. The hot watermakes her feel like she is being caressed by many strong hands. The thoughtsends goose pimples down her spine and another wave of wetness floods hervagina.

Her skin is flushed from the hot water and feels like satin. Takingthe razor and one leg out of the water she carefully begins to shave itfrom the ankle to the knee in slow motion again and again. The feel ofthe cold razor blade on her hot skin makes her shift in the tub. Her handdances across the leg to make sure that not one hair is left.

Unconsciously her hand drifts higher. With another deep sigh she beginsto caress her inner thighs. If it is possible the skin there seems evenmore sensitive. The soft touch of her pubic hair in the water brings herback to reality. There it is again...the feeling of being watched. A deep red flush covers her cheeks.

For a split second the image of a tall dark man comes up. She closesher eyes, willing the image to become more clear. A all to familiar faceappears, Jarod. Not now....No God please, why him? Always him?

Quickly she begins to shave the other leg. But soon the fantasies sneakback in her mind. The razor turns into the tongue of the stranger. Hotand cool all in one. She slips deeper into the water lifting her hips alittle.

A short hot ache comes from her thigh. She hadn't noticed that her handwith the razor had moved far above her knee. The sharp blade slices herskin. Not much, only a light short dark red welt. She puts the razor awayand takes a closer look at it. Really nothing to worry about. Tenderlyshe strokes the cut with her index finger. Her other hand slowly creepsup to her breasts. Her still hard nipples ache under her touch causinga deep moan of pleasure.

Her other hand drifts lazily between her thighs. With another moan shelifts her hips again to add a little pressure. She doesn't give anotherthought of what she is doing now or if somebody is watching her. She isout of the real world. Somewhere her mind whispers, "You want him to watch...."

Only her desire counts to her. In her mind she is not alone in the tub,her lover forgotten replaced by a familiar stranger. She can not see him,only feel him. His mouth on her breasts. He takes one of her nipples inhis mouth tenderly licking and suddenly he gives it a hard suck, at thesame moment he shoves two fingers deep inside her. The sensation makesher jump and a wave of water swamps over the edge of the tub unnoticed.

The only thing she can think about is the way he makes her feel. Shewishes he would remove his fingers and use his rock hard penis. But hedoes not give in to her fantasies. He shifts away from her, teasingher. A whimper of disappointment escapes her lips. She spreads her legsfurther to give him better access. By now she uses her whole hand to addto the friction. Her clit is swollen and sensitive. The slightest touchmakes her jump. Her legs begin to shake. Her juices seem cool against thewater. She is slick and ready. Taking her hand and some of the juices fromher wet centre to her breasts, wetting her nipples with the slickfluid only animates him to lick her clean. She reaches a little higherto sniff her aroma and it makes her only more ready.

In the imagination of his tongue she let her hand glide down a unbrokentrail between the breasts, across the belly to her throbbing need.As her hand touches her clit she almost jerks again, the touch bringingher hips out of the water. She is close.

He slows down a little, teasing her further. She can feel the pressurebuilding. Her breath comes in short hard gasps. She tries to envelope himwith her thighs. A electric stream shoots through her whole body.Her hips rise up as high as she can lift them, her mouth open, eyes closed.One hand between her thighs, the other slowly caressing her upper body.

She can feel her orgasm build, her body limp, a helpless victim to herown desire. Suddenly her muscles cramp, her belly becomes hard. She canfeel her inner walls squeeze, the milking movements that will make herlover come, spilling his hot seed into her waiting core.

Slowly she comes back. She blinks in the dim light of the bathroom.She is alone, only the wetness between her thighs and the occasional contractionsof her core remain of her desires of a moment ago. A look at the wet bathroomfloor makes her curse.

She feels good, but empty and still not satisfied. A new curse escapesher lips, this time for her lover who is really never there when he isneeded most.

Time to come back to reality, back to the Ice Queen. A smile creepsinto her face, if they only knew.....


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