Falling Down an Upward Spiral by M Rose, admin
Just An Illusion by M Rose
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Falling Down an Upward Spiral (part 2/8)

by M. Rose


She woke up to warm wet kisses trailing down her exposed back. She was lying on her stomach with her head turned away from him and smiled contentedly. She wanted to see how far he would go in his effort to rouse her from her slumber. He must have detected her conscious state because he halted his actions.


"I know you're awake."

"You must be mistaken. I'm still asleep." She snuggled deeper into her pillow.

She could tell the bastard was smiling as he commented. "Is that right? Well then, you won't respond when I do this." She was fully awake now and prepared for something sensual and mind blowing.

He tickled her instead.

She was mad, but her body betrayed her and began to shake with laughter. She turned onto her back to retaliate, but he didn't give her a chance before leaning in and giving her a deep languid kiss.

"Just for that I should take you back to the Centre."

"Then you'd never be able to take advantage of my *skills*."

"Point taken."

She rubbed her leg against his, "Speaking of skills, I think it would be wise to put yours to practice." She purred in his ear.

And as their bodies melted together in heated passion, no one heard the creak of the floorboards in the living room until it was too late.

They both jumped apart when they heard someone clapping.

"Congratulations, sis." Lyle stood at the bedroom doorway with his sweepers in tow. "You know," as her brother approached the bed, Parker felt under her pillow, but her trusted 9mm wasn't there and she cursed at herself.

"I've often thought you should have done this in the beginning. It's so easy to catch a Pretender when his defenses," he looked down at their sheet covered bodies, "as well as other things, are down."

"I swear, Lyle, I'll --"

"You'll what? Kill me?" Lyle laughed and then pulled her gun from his jacket. "It's going to be hard without this." He walked around the bed towards Parker while two sweepers stood beside Jarod and pointed their guns at him. Lyle leaned towards his sister and said, "It's a good thing dear old dad isn't around to see this because it would kill him to know how you've tarnished the Parker name."

"Oh, and by the way," he stood up straight as he looked up at Jarod, "We found Gemini and he's back to where he belongs, so I'm afraid we won't be needing your services anymore." Lyle aimed his gun at the Pretender and shot him in the chest twice. Miss Parker screamed. The look of shock masked her features. She couldn't believe this was happening as saw Jarod's body fall limply on the bed.


Calmly, he simply stated, "Why, I don't know what you're talking about." he waved the gun in the air for a moment and then aimed it at her head. "I'm afraid it was your gun that shot Jarod."

"WHAT?" She was shaking now.

"You see, you and Jarod have been in on it from the beginning. Pretending to chase your lover. That's why we were never able to catch him. But you had a fight during one of your little *trysts* and in anger you shot him."

"And who is going to believe that fable?" she spat out in disgust.

"Oh, I think it's quite believable." The familiar voice wheezed out as he entered the room.

"Raines." Miss Parker said through clenched teeth.

"You have betrayed me. On the other hand, if it wasn't for your *relationship* we never would have caught him."

She glanced at the blood soaked sheets next to her and tried to keep down the bile creeping up her throat. "If you didn't need him anymore, why kill him? Why not just let him go?"

In a flat tone, Lyle answered. "Because dear sister, he would never have stopped his quest for retribution as long as he was alive. Plus, he was annoying," he rolled his eyes as he completed his thought, "always trying to save the little people." As he looked at Jarod's bloody corpse, Lyle rubbed the nub where his thumb used to be and added, "Trust me, it was long overdue."

The room began to spin as Raines stood next to Lyle and remarked, "As proud as I am of your skills of seduction, I did make a promise for one of you to have a nice long life at the Centre. You led us to Jarod, but Lyle did catch Gemini. And what a fine Pretender he will turn out to be."

He began to walk away as she asked, "And Major Charles?" She knew it was a futile question.

"Well, let's just say, Jarod is finally reunited with his father." Lyle sighed, "These questions are getting tedious." Lyle pointed the gun at her and then took a moment to gaze at her barely covered breasts. "It's a shame you weren't more ... cooperative. We would have made a great team. Oh well, no crying over spilled milk. Nice knowing you sis."

As her eyes jerked open, she could still hear the blast ringing in her ear. Soft light cascaded through the thin white curtains. The brightness of the room ensured her that Lyle and Raines were never there.

That also meant that Jarod was part of her dream turned nightmare as well. She didn't know if she was happy that he was still out there in the world, alive, or sad because the incredible passion they had was simply a result of an overactive imagination.

An imagination that was extreme in its clarity as she thought of his lips burning marks upon her soul. He touched her in ways only lovers for an eternity could. In fact, it felt so real she swore she smelled the remnants of a night full of amazing sex.

She covered her face with her hands in an attempt to erase the memories that flashed through her head.

The gods were playing a cruel joke on her.

She threw the covers off her and realized she was naked. Not that it was all that odd, she often slept in the buff, but she didn't remember taking her clothes off. Instead, she remembered peeling his black turtleneck sweater over his head and hastily unbuckling his jeans as he swiftly removed her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse.

She shook her head to rid her of such thoughts and slipped into her cream colored silk robe.

She needed to get a grip.

*It didn't happen.*

*THEY never happened.*

She was heading towards the bathroom when she heard a noise coming from outside her room. Instinct took over as she hurried over to the bed to remove her gun from under her pillow. It wasn't there. She always kept it there when she slept. A flash of her brother pointing her own gun at her was still fresh in her mind as she looked as she slowly turned towards the doorway.

She quickly snapped out of her gaze and searched for something to use as a weapon.

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