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Author's note: Ana, Thanks for lending Gar, he had a nice time and said he can't wait for next time ;o). Oh yea, This was thought up in the library while I avoided my Maths CAT1.

The Tortures of Gar

"Ana, I did what you told me to." Gar said on entering the bright throne room of his master. She
sat atop the red velvet covered dais and smiled down at him, admiring his exotic beauty.
"You finished the job?" she asked briskly, her roaming eyes betraying her thoughts.
He blushed slightly under her gaze, "Thomas isn't coming to Thanksgiving dinner."
She smiled, "very good Gar. I'm glad you were able to fix the problem for my friend."
"It was a pleasure," he said assuredly, then, his voice growing stronger, showing clearly that
he disapproved of the Triumvirate's methods. "He should have never been implemented to begin
"I agree, now, my friend and I have just one more duty for you to perform."
He looked to the floor, uneasily, instinctively knowing what his master was going to tell him.
He would do whatever was asked of him though, Ana had saved him from SL27 after the explosion.
He'd lost a hand in the process, but thanks to modern medicine, a new hand had been attached
only hours after the bomb. He owed her his life.
"Don't worry Gar, I told her this time she can't use the collar."
His head snapped up, that friend. Had he known earlier he'd have put a bit more effort and
creativity into killing Thomas. Biting his lip to keep from smiling at the prospect of seeing
her again and to feign fear, Gar looked at Ana. "When will she come to get me?"
Ana's manner had changed completely, she didn't like giving up Gar to anyone, Ambi was a friend,
she trusted her with Gar, but once she had taken him without any warning. Gar had been returned
soon after looking worn, his tie on crooked and used up. Completely sated with a little smile
that took news of NBC pre-empting to wipe off his face.
Gar stood still looking up at her, twisting his hands to contain the excitement, memories of his
'kidnapping' still vivid.
"Ambi said she'd be here when you got back. She's not here yet, perhaps I won't make you go with
her," Ana suggested, not wanting to put her poor Gar through more of Ambi's torture.
"No really, it's all right ma'am," Gar began. "Really a deal's a deal, we can't back out halfway
through can we? It wouldn't be right," he held his breath, hoping her sense of honor would kick
in and she'd drop the subject.
Ana sighed, "I know, backing out now would be stupid, next time she'd just want you for longer
and -" a loud banging interrupted her speech. They turned and looked together as door was thrown
open and Ambi walked through trailing glitter from the party behind her.
She stopped and stared at Gar, shocked once again at just how cute he was. Then, walking over to
him, she took out a set of handcuffs and joined them together at the rists.
Ana was shocked, "Ambi, we had an agreement!"
She smiled slyly, "we agreed no collar, there was nothing specified about cuffs. Isn't that
right Gar." She said taking his chin in her hands and 'Eskimo kissing' him. Ana looked on
flustered, she trusted Ambi sure, but she still didn't like it. "Now Ana, don't go and burst
something, we can't afford to take you to the hospital and have the Centre find you and Gar now
can we? Of course I could always keep Gar safe while you were being treated ... " she trailed
off seeing Ana grip the sides of the throne to refrain from lashing out at her.
Gar, thinking it was time to intervene, spoke up. "Ambi, don't you think we should leave now,
Ana's having company over I believe and we really must be going before it gets too light, as you
say we can't have the Centre finding me."
Without another word, Ambi took Gar's cuffed hand in hers and left the room, waving to Ana at the
door. "Don't worry about him, you know I'll take good care of Snowy."
Wishing she had something to throw, Ana sat steaming on her throne, listening to the pair
giggling as they left the underground lair."
The End.

Author's note: From memory this one was written in ICQ late one night. We laughed a lot :) enjoy

The Tortures of Gar

Ambi walked back into the throne room to confront her queen.
Ana seemed rather demure as she gazed over her court, watching Ambi approach and feeling a smile pull at her lips
"What exactly are you trying to pull on me, Ana?" Ambi demanded, not bothering to kneel in front of her queen
"Whatever do you mean, Ambi?" Ana's voice was innocently sweet, but Ambi knew that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth
Ambi held up a pair of broken hand cuffs wordlessly and glared at Ana.
Ana smiled langouriously, half closing her eyes and leaing back on her throne
"What are those?"
"Don't get coy with me, you tart! You know what you did!"
"And what is that?"
"You taught him how to slip hand cuffs! How could you? I thought you liked me!"
Ana didn't answer. Instead, she gestured with her hand behind the throne and smiled loftily as Gar emerged wearing nothing but a toga and a smile.
"I didn't teach him anything he didn't want to learn, Ambi dear."
"Sure. Yeah, I'll believe that," Ambi snorted, throwing the hand cuffs to the floor and glaring at Gar.
"How could you? I thought you LIKED being with me?"
Gar looked at Ana for encouragement and got a nod in return. "I do, Ambi. I really do. But Ana needed me right then, and Ihad to leave."
"But slipping hand cuffs? Did you *have* to?"
Gar blushed. "Not really. But you wouldn't let me go."
"I would have eventually," Ambi grumbled, flopping down on the steps to the throne and picking at the hem of her skirt
"But I needed him, dear," Ana broke in before Gar could stutter a reply. "It was necessary."
"I hardly think serving you dinner in bed is necessary, Ana, especially considering what we were in the middle of." Ambi's tone was sarcastic, but light.
Ana shrugged. "What can I say? He likes doing it."
Gar raised his hand to speak. "Um, do not."
Ana turned, slowly, to look at him. The olive leaves in his hair seemed to droop along with his face. "What?" The word was slow, and deadly.
"I.....uh.....don't like serving you breakfast in bed." Gar said it in a rush, hardly breathing.
Ambi grinned widely, and stood, holding out her hand to Gar. "Come on, sweet thing, let's finish what we started!"
"Alright!" Gar said, his face lighting up. "I always wanted to finish building....."
"Not now," Ambi said, cutting him off. "Later."
Ambi and Gar walked out of the room, hand in hand, leaving Ana on the throne, her jaw on her chest.
"What the heck just happened?" she wondered.
"Since when does putting together model cars take a front seat to feeding me dinner in bed?"
"Since you started smarting off to the dear boy!" came Ambi's voice as they faded into the night.
"And since I learned to keep my fingers clear of the glue!" yelled Gar, his voice faint in the moonlight. "It's more fun when you don't have to go to the emergency room!"
Finis, and don't laugh at me :-)

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