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THIS story is for Gena and her Picture Challenge "Opposites Attract". You owe me girl! LOL! I missed Andrea on JAG because I was writing this. The picture that inspired this story is located under "Challenges" at Gena's site: www.angelfire.com/tv/missparker/intro.html

THANKS to Chris Fujioka for editting and the title.

Jarod circled the Centre parking lot in his rental car like a shark. With two of the five parking lots torn up for renovation, parking space was at a premium and so far none was to be found. Knowing that the picture of his mother with Catherine Parker had been sent by someone inside the Centre however kept him circling. He had to get inside and he felt his disguise as David Greene, a corrupt agent for the DEA, so perfect that not even Sydney would recognize him. The thought of fooling his former mentor brought a thin smile to his lips. While the thought of adopting Miss Parker's acid and ice cold personality to complete his disguise made him laugh. He wondered how she would react to someone who mirrored her actions. Of course that wasn't who she really was no more then it was who he was.


Miss Parker unlocked her car door and slid inside. Sitting in the parking lot she reflected on her search for the origin of the picture that she and Jarod had received. Did their mothers really know each other or was the photo of a chance meeting? Perhaps a meeting that had been arranged as a twisted and perverted idea of someone at the Centre such as Rainnes? Distracted she started the car and put it in reverse. The sudden jolt and sound of crunching metal brought her back to the moment. She could see the car that she had hit in her rear view mirror and exited to find a bearded man cursing and yelling at her.

"You stupid fool! Don't you watch where you are going? Idiot! Look at what you've done!" The man paced and continued with his rant. She didn't recognize him but there was something familiar about him she couldn't put her finger on. After watching him swear and rant for several minutes, she slowly walked over and bent down to examine the point of impact.

"Doesn't look like much damage has been done." She said as she stood up. "I suggest we exchange insurance information and let them handle it."

"What? You hit me and now you want my insurance to pay for it?" He exploded.

"No, but I suggest we let them handle it since that is what they are paid for." She returned with her information.

"Yes and then my insurance rates will go up." He complained. She glanced from side to side then held out her hand with a smile.

"I didn't catch your name."

"David...David Greene." He shook her hand briefly and tried to let go but she held firm.

"Hi David. I'm Miss Parker." Her smile widen. "Look...this is both our faults. I'm parked between a minivan and a SUV, I didn't see you coming and you couldn't see me as I backed out. " She kept her grip on his hand firm and continued to smile seductively.

"Miss Parker? You don't have a first name?" He asked.

"I might tell you my first name over lunch while we discuss the damages to my car." She said in a very flirtatious manner. She could see him debate if he should go with her or not. "I'll even pay for lunch." She offered.

"I have a meeting." He replied abruptly as he tried to pull away.

"And that meeting is with...?"

"Mr Lyle."

"My brother won't mind waiting."

Unable to say no, David Greene finally gave in and agreed. "Alright then if you're picking up the tab for lunch and we discuss who will pay for the damages to *my* car."

"Good! I'll drive. Just let me back out and you can park in my spot." She was back in her car before he could refuse.


The ride was short but uncomfortable for Jarod. He wasn't use to this side of Miss Parker. No matter how hard he tried as David Greene to be cold, mean and sarcastic she would smile and change his words around. It was as if they had exchanged personalities.

The restaurant was pleasant, the food delious, but everything stuck in his throat. She answered every question he gave her with enough truth that he couldn't say she was lying but still careful enough to omit any important details, especially about the Centre. He on the other hand lied about everything she asked him...his past, his occupation, his family, even his favorite flavor of ice cream.

"Do you always pick up strange men in the parking lot?" He asked as the waiter placed the check in front of Miss Parker.

"Absolutely not!" She laughed.

"Then why did you ask me to lunch?"

"Hmm, I guess you could say...opposites attract." She slowly answered. "And I think we are the very opposite of each other don't you?"

"You never did tell me your first name?" He hedged looking for a way to change the subject.

"Yes I did." She replied.

"I don't believe so." He knew she hadn't. She leaned forward, crooked her forefinger signaling for him to come closer. He leaned towards her until he could feel her warm moist breath on the side of his face.

"I'm disappointed in you Jarod." She whispered. "Most men remember the name of the girl who gave them their first kiss."

The End!

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