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Lasting Bonds by Ambrosia
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Authors Note: Blame this fic on me getting my Psychology book early! lol I'm by no means a trained Psychologist, I have no idea if the bond thingie that I've got Raines talking about is true, but, in a study of Rhesus monkeys
isolation left the primates antisocial, destructive and violent ... maybe that explains Miss P's personality ;o)
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Lasting Bonds

by Ambrosia

27th September, 1969
Sub Level 3, The Centre

Dr Raines stood patiently explaining what, he hoped, his latest experiment would be, to his friend and Chairman of The Centre; "Theoretically, when a bond between two people is made, each individual will do whatever they can to protect the other and keep them close, this has been found in short term relationships with constant contact and limited separation, with the encouragement to maintain the contact from peers and superiors."

Parker nodded, wondering where the man before him was going with this if anywhere, "do you hope to prove this theory?"

Raines looked up, he thought Parker had lost the line of conversation after 'theoretically', it was the third time he had attempted to explain the investigation. "In a sense, there have also been studies of this kind in animals, but in the long term with longer forced separations, in these cases the affection and desire to protect due to the bond was, although still present, mutated into near hatred because each subject blamed the other for leaving. I wish to investigate the transition of this result in humans, over a long term period."

Again the Chairman nodded, "what would be needed for this investigation?"

"Very little sir, simply two subjects, pre-pubescent of course, a male and a female. Both of the subjects must be available for surveillance at anytime and must be unaware that they are subjects. Also, because the method of research is observational, there is almost no cost," Mr Parker lifted his head at these words, cheap yet effective were how you got what you wanted with Mr Parker.

"Have you decided on the subjects?"

"I had hoped for one child to be a permanent resident of The Centre, and the other to be here on a part time basis. A Pretender perhaps, not an empath or a psychic, they would be a risk to the investigation, a Pretender cannot predict the end result for the investigation, an empath or psychic could. Thus, making the results invalid."

"If one child were to be a Pretender, then the child we would have to find must be a girl. Since Jarod is the only non-empath or psychic Pretender it would have to be him," Mr Parker sighed. "Though I don't wish to corrupt the results of Sydney's simulations with him."

William nodded, "yes Sir, though if Sydney is to believe that my investigation is a simulation that he is conducting, for example an experiment into Freud?s Psychosexual theory. After the first meeting there is no need for further arranged meeting, the children will seek each other out without further encouragement. Though each child may be used for the other as a reward system. For example, if Jarod were to be used, and he refused to finish a sim for one reason or another, a meeting with the girl child might persuade him to finish. And vice versa for the female."

"The girl must be available for use at anytime then?"

"Yes, Sir."

Mr Parker glanced up and saw his wife approaching, "well a 'friend' for a Pretender sounds like a wonderful idea, Mr Raines."

Catherine walked towards the pair quietly talking, hearing only the last snippet of the conversation. "I agree," she stated joining the couple, "all children need friends, even geniuses." Catherine looked at the men.

"Mr Raines and I were discussing the outcomes of children here having friends, Mr Raines would like to conduct a trial with one of the Pretenders." Parker explained to his wife.

Catherine nodded, "I believe that the children would work better if they had contact with other children. Robert, our daughter will be on her school break soon, she would be perfect for the trial." She looked at her wrist watch, "oh, if you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have an appointment to get to."

Catherine walked away leaving Parker considering something, "perhaps my daughter would be feasible in the investigation."

"Young Miss Parker would be a workable arrangement, give the child something to do while present here, she would be available at practically anytime."

"Yes," Parker stated with strength. "You have my authority to conduct this experiment using the Pretender Jarod and my daughter, I will be there to supervise the initial meeting and will trust the remaining supervision to you."

"Thank-you Sir, I'll begin the primary research and have Sydney prepare Jarod for a simulation requiring a partner, your daughter, this would act as the first step in my investigation,"

"Good, but leave Sydney to me, I'll explain it to him, leaving your investigation confidential between the two of us. I'll ask him to preform an investigation into Freud's theory as you suggested"

"Yes, Sir,"

"Yes." Mr Parker nodded and walked away.

7th October, 1969
Sim Lab, The Centre

From his position in the shadows, Raines watched Jarod question Sydney inside the Plexi-glass room. Thus far everything was normal, his vital signs showed that he was anxious, but that was to be expected considering the audience that was gathered.

The outside door opened allowing a little light to pour into the room either side of the silhouette there. He saw Mr Parker lean down to instruct his daughter than push her forward gently.

Hesitantly she walked towards the inclosed area, stopping when she reached the light and saw Jarod studying her.

"You're a girl," he stated in surprise.

Border of Montana
24th April 1997

Jarod thrust into his lover one last time, both moaning at the pleasure of it. While still coming inside of her and gasping for breath, Jarod rolled onto his back allowing her to lay on his chest while her muscles contracted around him in orgasm.

Spent, Miss Parker lay her head over his heart and listened to the still quickened beat while Jarod brought his arms tighter around her. Pulling her closer to him and kissing her forehead. He mumbled something against her hair.

"What did you say?" Parker asked.

"I said, I?m glad Raines was wrong about enforced separation," Jarod spoke softly a smile in his voice.

Parker laughed quietly, "me to, I don?t know what I'd be doing now if there had been no you," she said lifting her head. Leaning forward, Miss Parker, softly brushed her lips against Jarod's, closing her eyes and remembering that first kiss, and the many kisses that followed it over the years when the cameras weren?t watching. ?Yep,? she thought to herself,?Raines definitely outdid himself on this one.? Sighing she again lay her head on his chest and smiled in contentment.

***THE END***

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