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- NC-17

- MP/J -> romance + smut

- 6 out of these 10 "words"

+ handcuffs

+ Cher

+ Dolly Parton 

+ Johnny Cash

+ travesty 

+ whip

+ cuddle

+ snuggle

+ ivory

+ ebony

- more than 2525 words 

Categories: Stories Characters: Jarod, Miss Parker

Yeah...not good at titles...

The challenge is to write a fic with Kyle as the main character with all these things in mind:

1.  Kyle doesn't get killed.
2.  Kyle isn't a complete psycho.  He has some redeeming qualities.
3.  There's a scene of some sort with a brotherly moment between him and Jarod.
4.  A scene showing how out of touch with people Kyle is.
5.  A flashback of some sort revealing how Kyle grew up - that's different in some way to how Sydney raised Jarod.

Categories: Stories Characters: Jarod, Kyle, Mr Raines, Original Character, Sydney
Summary: So everything is back in normal. But it can be very difficult. Write a story about first moments (or days or weeks) of the reversion after IOTH. Write a story as long as you want.
Categories: Post IOTH Characters: Miss Parker
Summary: Write a story that involves Thomas or Catherine Parker still alive and secretly working for the Centre.

Categories: Stories Characters: Jarod
Summary: Advertising the twitter Campaign. Write about possible Jarod's and Miss Parker's conversation on Twitter :-)
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: Jarod, Miss Parker