Official Data Annexes

Here is a list of some of the known Centre Annexes. Their stated purposes may be a cover for more nefarious plots and schemes. Enter them at your own risk. Divulge nothing of what you learn or you may be placed under a Schedule 7 and ghosted.

tpc Centre Annex Down Under |

Location: Sydney, Australia
Operatives: Jacci & Onisius
Activated: 2005
Archivist of all things Pretender
Host of Missing Pieces fanfiction archive
Centre Annex HQ
Code Expert


refuge Centre Annex Portugal |

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Operatives: Vania @vaniaaraujo
Activated: 2000
Monitors Jarod through all social media
Advertising and social media expert
jsh Centre Annex Safe House |

Location: Georgia, USA
Operatives: Karen @jarodsafehouse
Activated: 1999
Safe House for all Centre employees
Keeper of Jarod’s files

caf Centre Annex France |

Location: France
Operatives: Cobrate
Activated: 2006
Collector of all Centre Personnel news
Information keeper and developer

cologne Centre Annex Cologne |

Location: Cologne, Germany
Operatives: James Barthel
Activated: 1998
Mr Lyle’s office when not in Delaware
German HQ

phq Centre Annex Frogtown | Pretender Headquarters

Location: California
Operatives: Jill aka Mac
Activated: 1996
The fun annex, and the oldest one too
RPG source

moscow Centre Annex Moscow |

Location: Russia
Operatives: Mistra.Vbkesha
Activated: 2006
Russian base for the search of Jarod
Keeps updated log in the forums

wiki Centre Annex Wiki |

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Operatives: Christy & Antoinette @frustratedtpfan
Activated: 2008
Monitoring Jarod’s moves 24/7
Collector of all news about the Pretender
data wiki for all Centre Operatives

ruby Centre Annex Western Australia |

Location: Perth, Australia
Operatives: Ruby Trinity
Activated: 2007
Pretender Fanfiction & Graphics