Pretender Dictionary – A

AB-Negative Jarod’s blood type. It is quite rare, found once in every 300,000 people.
ACM Mining company who wants Mike Bodie’s land. Hope And Prey
Adella Argyle’s mother. Unsinkable
Aida Sheriff Kunkle’s secretary. Mirage
Albert Williams One of the children that was a potential pretender. Bloodlines
Alden Clark Professor murdered in Murder 101
Alpha Project Project on genetic research on Ellesmere Island Qallupiluit
Anchorage, Alaska Where the pursuit for Jarod begins in 1996 on an old freighter.
Andrew Stess Special DEA Agent assigned to protect a witness. Jarod suspects him at first, but in the end he helps Jarod catch the murderer. Silence
Andy X-ray technician at Queen of Angels. Pilot
Angel Name Mr Parker calls Miss Parker
Angel Manor Estate in Charleston, South Carolina where Timmy was taken, and then Davy. FX Bloodlines
Angela Miles Wife of Tom Miles, pregnant with his child when he died. Mirage
Angela Somerset Producer of the WLMJ talk back radio show PTB
Angela Wiley Pilot on Flight 105, believed herself to be responsible for the crash. She was so guilt ridden, she was prepared to take her own life. Crash
Angus Marin Real name of Daniel Crockett. Mirage
Anna Associate of Mr Lee who helped Jarod escape in return for helping her nephew Mr Lee
Anna Roemer Wife of Jimmy. Indy Show
Annie Young girl kidnapped when Jarod was a child and he failed to save her in time. This obviously haunts him and when a copy-cat crime is committed, he tries to save the girl before it is too late. What Jarod didn’t know was that Annie was Mr Raines’ daughter
Antonio Cruz Texan DEA agent murdered by his own partner Silence
Appalachian Freedom Militia AFM: Terrorist band led by Aldridge Flesh And Blood
Appalachian Hills Nicholas is kidnapped by terrorists and Sydney and Jarod have to save him from Lyle. Flesh and Blood
Area 66 Plot where Miss Parker’s twin is ‘buried’. Bloodlines
Argyle Closest thing that Jarod has to a ‘friend’. Argyle saved his life in Unforgotten, only to then try and sell him back to the
Centre. He advertises for Jarod’s help in the newspapers when he gets involved with the wrong people, and against Jarod’s better judgment, he helps him out. Although Argyle is a bit of a disaster, he is a good person and touches
Jarod deeply with what he tries to do for his father and when he laminates a picture of Jarod’s mother so she will always be protected.
Arkham File containing information about Brigitte’s assassination attempt on Mr Parker. Toy Surprise
Ari Thompson One of the children that was a potential pretender. Bloodlines
Airista Airplane 105 Plane Jarod was supposed to catch that crashed and claimed 11 lives. Crash
Astro Arcade Pinball parlour in Indianapolis where Jarod learnt to drive race cars on a game that he played for 24 straight hours on a single quarter. Indy Show
Aunt Dorothy Catherine’s sister.